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Authors: Pet Torres

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Valkyrie - the Vampire Princess 2 (9 page)

BOOK: Valkyrie - the Vampire Princess 2
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I did not answer her question. I put down my face as I realized everything had gone wrong.

“You cannot die ...You are ‘immortal’!” She asserted.

There must be a way...” I declared, staring at her face.


“Why do you want to die?” she asked.

“My life makes no sense ...” I confessed.

“You're like this because of him?” She faced my unhappy demeanor. “Did you talk to him?”

“Yes, it was even worse than I thought
,” I said.

“What did you tell to him?”

“All I feel for him.”

“What did he
say to you?” She asked, curious.

“He told me I must forget him
,” I responded and my eyes met the ground.

“So you do it!” she said, rose from my bed and walked across my room.

“He does not deserve your love. He does not deserve anyone's love,” she declared coldly.

“Why do you
say that? You encouraged me to go talk to him...”


I was confused at the change of Valeska’s behavior, with her assumptions involving Eros. The day before, she seemed to want to join Eros and me.

“I thought it would be different with you...” she finally said.

“Different! What?” I asked, perplexed.

“He would be attracted to you, even
though you are a vampire.”

“Why didn’t you tell me

“I didn’t want to discourage you
,” she sat on my bed again and held my hands. “You've fallen in love with him. I had no courage to tell you all that I knew.”

are only humans attracted to him?” I asked in agony.

“Didn’t you ask him this?"

“I had no chance, he flew away.”

“I also don’t know, he never said why.”


“I should have declared my love
for him when I was human. Maybe everything would be different now,” I murmured.

r not,” she challenged. “You don’t know for sure if he was attracted to you when you were still human.”

“You’re right. If I was human I would not have the assurance of his love
,” I agreed.

Chapter 18


We shared dinner without the presence of Eros. It was the first time that his chair was empty after my arrival at that castle.

Inside me, I knew  why he didn’t appear at dinner. He didn’t want to face me. Probably Eros thought I was being a

burden in his life. Those
thoughts made me feel worse. I had lost not only his love but his friendship.

The zeal he had for me when we were
on Earth. All his approaches had always been very important in my life.

Perhaps I wouldn't have them any longer.


Chapter 19


Vincent requested my presence in the main room of his castle. When I arrived, my eyes widened in surprise in the direction of the wild animals that were in his company.

My father was sitting on his armchair and on his lap was a white tiger
. Between his feet was a huge snake wrapped around them and on his right shoulder was an owl.


Well, the snake I knew it was Bizak. The owl also, it was the unmistakable Eros. But the white tiger, which was white in name only, because all the wild animals in the castle were as dark as night, who was it?

They took
a human form, so I approached my father.

Valeska was the white tiger.

It was as I had imagined.

The three servants of my father remained standing at his side.

“You have called for me?” I said.

“Yes!” my father said. “D
o you like my collection of wild animals?”

“That's why you call
ed for me?”

on't you like what you see?” He shook his hand.

“Can you g
et straight to the point?”

“I want to see what you can become.”


“How can I do this?” I asked.

“Think of an animal that you wish to be.”

“Uh ... what
should I do now?” I asked,.thinking quickly.

“Did you think of
one?” he asked.

“Yes!” I responded rapidly.

Vincent got up and stood in front of me.

He held my arms gently.

“Close your eyes and control the strength of your mind, with the purpose of your desire to be accomplished.”

I did everything my master - father ordered me.

Then I narrowed my eyes and focused on what I wished to be.

Seconds later
, my body became a dark image, an animal with fur and yellow eyes.

I had turned into a black panther.


My father and master exclaimed, pleased with my choice. I was an extraordinary animal.

Everybody in there was watching my performance.

I walked from one side to other, rapidly, my claws held firmly
onto the ceiling wall. I only stopped making my acrobatics when I felt tired.

Then I stopped walking in the middle of the great room and came back into my human form.

It required an extraordinary amount of energy and I had little left.




Chapter 20


I walked toward the halls of the castle. The silence was a constant presence there. I locked my steps and put my hand on the wall, trying to keep my body up. I felt weakness. I needed blood. I needed to consume the blood of the ‘pre- vampires’.


My thirst for blood was such that I was having mirages of blood everywhere, on the wall, the ceiling and on the floor.

After that I decided to go through the door that separated my father’s castle from the ‘pre- vampires’ town.

I disobeyed my father’s orders. He told me I should always be accompanied by someone and I should never walk alone there.


I paced through the deserted streets of the place and saw no creature walking by me. In that case I continued my journey. I was attentive to everything around me, and then I looked from one side to another as I still was apprehensive at my surroundings.

I saw a nightclub, a kind of club.

There were several of them. I did not think I would be running a risk of going in there. I thought only of blood. I stopped walking at the nightclub door and put my black hood over my head to hide my face. My eyes had changed color and my teeth grew out so I easily sensed the smell of blood.

I closed my eyes and breathed deeply to better feel the irresistible aroma of blood.

I finally plucked up the courage and entered the site through the main door.

It was a dark and narrow place. It was packed with pre- vampires. They would gather there to dance and drink. They had the same human needs. I slowly infiltrated the crowd
, looking straight, so they would not notice my face. Further along there was a female pre- vampire doing acrobatics on a swing fixed to the ceiling. She was in little clothing. It was part of her show to let her coveted body be seen.

Several creatures paid attention to her show. I continued walking and stopped in an aisle where there were only two creatures talking to
gether. I thought that was a suitable place to satisfy my appetite for blood. I remained standing in the corner waiting for the right moment to strike.

I was waiting for my prey to be alone. I had no practice in hunting the animals
. When I did it the first time I was in the company of my father.

Everything had been perfect.

BOOK: Valkyrie - the Vampire Princess 2
6.02Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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