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Authors: Pet Torres

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Valkyrie - the Vampire Princess 2 (4 page)

BOOK: Valkyrie - the Vampire Princess 2
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“I took a magic potion. What a pity! It lasts...only some s
econds,” he answered with humor. His attitude that morning made me see him as a new friend.

Every vampire had their exploits, charms and uses and what Bizak had just done was one of them. We extended our conversation while we walked to the main room. Bizak laughed at his own humorous comments.

We became quiet as we were met by Eros’ presence. He was leaning against his seat. He was rigidly observing our behavior. Then he knew we came from a fun situation.

I lowered my head and didn’t face those
accusing eyes again. Bizak looked at my face and he realised I was taken aback by Eros’ disapproval. He noted Eros had influenced me in some way. Eros exerted a power over me.

Only one enigmatic gaze on me and it was enough for me to change my behavior
. Then I closed myself to everyone who was around me. I was wordless.

Why are you up at a time like this?” Bizak asked him as he was surprised to see Eros out of his bed so early.

“My body got accustomed to the routine schedule from Earth
,” he joked at him. “You also aren't accustomed to staying up at this time, having fun and floating on snow.”

At that moment it had became clear
to me. Eros had seen everything that happened between me and Bizak from the outside of the castle.

I felt a fatigue at his words.

Irony did not blend well with Eros and it made him frightening.


“Valkyrie’s feet were frozen,” Bizak justified, proving to be helpful.

“You have practiced the day’s best action!” Eros reinforced his satirical joke.

“I think you're the one and only here that deserves applause for everything you do,” Bizak protested, enraged at him. “You’re the only number one!”

Then Bizak walked away from there before a discussion could be formed between them.
This meant that I was alone with Eros in that huge living room. Then I could clearly hear my footsteps while I approached him.

Is it just my impression or do you two hate each other?” I asked him as I was staring at his obscure face.

“The word ‘hate’ is a compliment
,” he said ironically.

“What's wrong with him?”
I insisted.

“What's wrong with them?” he pronounced my question
again changing the pronouns.

I shook my head at him as I was confused at his many insinuations. Eros noticed I showed no interest in his frivolous comments. He got up from his seat and held my arm firmly, bringing me to him. At that moment I could see his face up close. His expression looked arduous.

“I don't know why. But I do not trust them yet
,” he answered and looked away.

“Them?” I stared at him, requiring a
clearer response from him.

“Bizak and… Valeska… I think there’s something confusing
about them ...” he said seriously as he looked back into my eyes.

seem ok,” I said softly.

“That's the problem. They do not look like
what they really are,” he alleged.

’re making me confused...” I said and looked around him. Eros made me believe I was lost in a nest of snakes.

“Stay away from them and principally you must stay away from Valeska
,” he said and freed my arm. Then he walked to another room.

Eros seemed to be sorry after he had said those things to me, after he had seen
the great fear in my eyes.  I tried to say something to him and tried to get details about all he said to me. However, I was interrupted by his absence, because he wasn't there. Eros had vanished like smoke into the air.

Valeska almost immediately appeared in the living room.

”You're here,
” she said with her dull smile. Then I stared at her face in a different manner from other times. I was looking for some detail, something that could resemble things assumed by Eros just moments ago. I always trusted him, but his suspicions were unacceptable. I saw Bizak and Valeska like candidates to be my good friends.

Maybe this
was the problem  Eros had, he was jealous of my friendship with Bizak and Valeska. Possibly he would be afraid they could take his place in my life.

“Vincent asked me to take care of you
. Today is a big day!” she said and grabbed my arm, leading me to another room.

“Come with me, I need to
dress you.”

Chapter 7


I spent hours
in the care of Valeska. It was all recommended by my father. We were locked in my bedroom.

While she was choosing a perfect dress for me to be dressed in during the night, all I knew
was that there would be a celebration in my honor. It was a kind of welcome at my father’s castle.


Valeska took care of all the arrangements for the ceremony. Minutes before the event, she came back to my bedroom and helped me put on my dress and she also helped me finish my makeup. As soon as she completed her task, she came out of my bedroom.


After that I stood for a moment, walking from one side to other with so much mystery hovering around me.

Suddenly I remembered the blood on the lake.

I thought that mirage could be a warning in relation to what was to happen later. That thought helped to make me even more nervous. I should not be afraid. After all, I was inside my father’s castle … I also was with my friends. What harm would they do to me?  I thought about it and began to feel more relaxed.

After a half hour
, I left my bedroom. My intention was to go to the main room where the event would happen. I had difficulty in walking with my dress dragging on the floor. My feet stumbled on the fabric.

When I arrived at the main room, everyone was there, except my father. I stopped at the
front of the huge hall.


As soon as I entered, I noticed everyone looking at me, that is, Valeska, Bizak and Eros,  I immediately lowered my head.

, with her friendly manner, offered me her hand, so I walked to her.

“I have never
said this before, but you look beautiful in this dress!” she said as I approached her.

I put my face down again as I was
embarrassed at her praise. I also knew Bizak and Eros had heard her praise too.

, I did not want to be in the spotlight that night. Throughout my life I had always passed unnoticed before people and even though it seemed that history would pivot at this time, it was something out of the question for me.

“This red dress suits you
,” Bizak said, gazing at me from head to toe.

But Eros said nothing since I arrived there and
his silence made me feel ridiculous in my clothes.

I was in my red dress and I was
wearing heavy makeup on my face. Valeska used strong colors, making me look like a female dancer in a nightclub, not to mention anything about my red lipstick and dark shadows around my eyes.

My blood-red dress was beautiful and in my opinion, it was outrageous. I had never dressed like this. But
there is a first time for everything...

My father came into the main room. His eyes came
over me as I was standing next to Valeska.

“My child
, you look beautiful!” he said, holding my delicate hands.

Then he kissed them in a
n affectionate manner.


Despite the fact that he was a monster, it was just moments before he seemed so human, so distinct. I forgot completely I was now living with a vampire.

“Today is your big day!” he said, looking in
the direction of my neck.

Hearing those words, I glanced at everyone around me. At that moment I could see in their expressions they knew what would happen to me that night.
They were not allowed to speak about it, not allowed to spoil the surprise.

My father let my hands go and then he walked to a huge dining table
. There was food and drink. He held some cups and filled them with a red liquid.

This liquid had been made by vampires. It was a mixture of blood and alcohol.

He handed the cups to everyone, except me.

“You still cannot drink it
,” my father said and raised his glass, making an invitation to toast the occasion. “Let's make a toast!”

One and all
stood holding their glasses.

“We’ll make a toast to celebrate my daughter’s new world!”

He stared at me. He was satisfied at my presence in his castle.


“VALKYRIE, THE VAMPIRE PRINCESS!” he exclaimed and everyone then touched his cup on theirs.

I stayed in the same place, watching everything, since I was not allowed to share that toast and that drink with them.

Valeska went to the dining table and walked back to bring me a cup with an unknown liquid.

“This you can drink
,” she said and smiled at me. “It’s a red fruit juice.”

I tasted it and frowned as I
sensed its strange taste. It was nothing like anything I had tasted before.

Do you like it?” she asked me.

“It's different ...” I answered and I could not describe my sensation.

My father was standing next to Eros and Bizak as they was sipping their drinks and chatting. I could not hear the theme of their conversations. Their talk seemed interesting and it was stamped on their faces.  

Valeska stole my attention as she started a conversation with me.

“After you become one of us, you will know how exceptional it is,” she said.

I could see on her face a pretentious gaze, with intent to convince me
that mortality was no fun.

“You can have everything you wish for ... You can realize everything you want to
,” she continued with a gentle voice. “What have you wished for?” She asked me as she was supposing what would be my answer.

I did not answer her. I just stared
at Eros with his glass in hand as he was listening to my father all the time. My eyes devoured him and this answered her question.

Valeska knew perfectly what Eros represented to me. After all she was a lady and every lady knew when another lady was in love
. She just wanted to confirm her suspicions, those which should be affirmed by my lips.

She gazed at me and then she gazed at him and again her astute gaze came on my face.

“Eros is your big wish
,” she declared.

At that moment I expelled the juice from my mouth, which
I had choked on. It was a shock to hear this coming from her, to hear such claims from her lips. Everyone looked at me and they frowned.

BOOK: Valkyrie - the Vampire Princess 2
4.21Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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