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Authors: Pet Torres

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Valkyrie - the Vampire Princess 2 (2 page)

BOOK: Valkyrie - the Vampire Princess 2
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My journey to the planet Neptune was
very long, due to its extensive long distance. I arrived at the strange territory in Eros's arms. However, I was unconscious.

I had no energy
, not enough to take my trip from end to end even though I was completely awake. I closed my eyes from the beginning of my travel and I opened them towards the end.

After all, I was still human.

We were in an enormous living-room that could accommodate hundreds of families. That living room was dark. Clarity was possible only through lit torches on the walls. These walls were made of rocks.

Eros walked slowly with me in his arms, as if he was taking a trophy,
one which he would deliver to my father. He did not need to make any kind of effort for me to remain in his comfortable arms.

Besides Eros, there were two more people in the hall and they
stood, watching Eros approaching them.

They were my father's servants
. Their names were Valeska and Bizak.


I had been carefully put on a smooth stone. The stone was dark gray and it looked like an antique marble. I remained there until I had woken up completely.

“You managed!” Valeska said
to Eros as she looked at him in surprise.

“She wil
l stay this way for a few hours,” Eros said and stared cautiously at my face.

“She is beautiful!” Bizak said as he was enchanted at my beauty.

Eros stared at Bizak with his narrowed eyes. He thought that was no time for stupidity.

“She barely arrived he
re and you're coveting the girl,” Valeska alleged with a twinge of jealousy.

“Well, I think he forgot who
se daughter she is,” Eros said. His voice was insensitive and then he turned his back to them and stepped out of the living room, leaving me under the curious stares of two eccentric figures.


Chapter 3


 Eros walked slowly into the huge corridor. He was going toward my father’s extensive bedroom. He looked excited to communicate to Vincent about my presence in the interior of his castle and prove to his master he had not failed in his mission.


He stopped walking in front of a huge wooden door and knocked on the door announcing his arrival to his master.

“Come in!”
a voice coming from inside the room ordered him.

Then Eros opened the door and entered the room
. He closed the door behind him.

Taking a quick look, he
saw Vincent sitting on his armchair. His armchair had been sculptured especially in favor of him. This armchair had been made of stones.

You’re back!” Vincent said as he looked at his loyal servant.

stopped, standing still in the middle of the bedroom, seeing him sitting still on his usual seat.


 My father was in his rough-cloth robe, in a wine color. It was huge and when he walked his robe’s fabric would drag on the ground.

“I just arrived now
,” Eros informed his master.

“My daughter?” Vincent asked inquisitive.

“I brought her with me,” Eros answered.

Vincent rose from his armchair and he looked vibrant at the news.

“I always knew you wouldn't disappoint me! It was not by chance I chose you for this. No one would do it as well as you.” Vincent praised him.

“She is still unconscious, but soon she will return to herself
,” Eros supposed.

“Where did you put her?” his master asked.

“I put her in the great hall. Valeska and Bizak are with her,” he explained.

“I'll wear appropriate clothing to receive her
,” Vincent said, walking forward.

“I'll rest. It has
been a long time that I have not done this,  Eros said and exited his master’s bedroom.

Chapter 4


When I opened my eyes, I saw two bizarre creatures looking at me with their curious eyes, as if they had never seen a human being in their lives.

A young girl approached me first. She was the owner of an explicit sensuality. She was in her provocative tight dress, in an intense red color and her make-up was as heavy as her dress. Her appearance made me remember my friend Mirta.

Her fire-red hair flowed down her neck
. Her huge eyes were gray and her mouth was fleshy. Her skin was pale. In fact, she was a beautiful vampire.

The boy beside her, I confess he also had his charm
. He was strong and tall, his pale face was attractive as was his brown hair.

irls would definitely look at him. His eyes had the same characteristic, similar to Valeska’s eyes. They were gray too.

I looked at all the corners of that living room and I missed something. Then I frowned at them as I was trying to find definitively what I was looking for, with my impatient eyes.

“How are you?” Valeska asked me.

My brain did not assimilate her question yet. I was still lying down. Then I
lifted my head slightly and pronounced slowly...




“Keep calm! He came with you,” she said in a friendly voice.

“Where’s he?” I asked
feeling a discomfort that would not leave me unless Eros was there next to me.

“He is talking to Vincent
,” the boy answered.

I slowly got up as I was a little dizzy. It seemed my body was out of my control.

I realized I was barefoot and dirty, wearing the same dress from last night at the rock and roll concert. I just thought I was dreaming.

“She looks dizzy
,” the boy said, looking at his companion.

“It is normal
for her to look like this,” a voice coming from the corridor said behind them.


An eccentric man came to where we were. As soon as I looked at him, I felt like I already knew him. He was the man from my childhood dreams. Although I did not see him clearly in those dreams, I knew it was him.

He was very well dressed
. He was in his wine-colored tunic and he also had rings on his fingers. His nails were extensive, his long hair was black as night and fell to the middle of his back. His pale skin and his gaze was stunning.

My father was a handsome man
. Now I knew why my mother had not resisted him that night. I thought I would come across an old man. He looked like a man of about thirty-five years. A man in his prime.  

Almost twenty years later he
looked the same way. My mother on the other hand, had some smile lines and a few wrinkles, not to mention a few gray hairs that were lost in her scalp, those which she tried to hide from view with hair dye.

I waited for this day
for so long. That is, I wanted to be face to face with my father. I just thought this day would not be like this, in this place, on another planet.

He was distant from me and looking at me.

“My daughter!” He said, motioned and stretched his arms for me to come between them. I hesitated to do so. I had not got used to the idea that he really was my father.

“Come on and give me a hug!” he insisted.

I walked toward him. My steps were slow and it seemed I would never reach him. Before I realized it, I was surrounded by a paternal hug.

“You’re part of me, Valkyrie
,” he said to me.

I continued
hugging him for many minutes, until he let me go and looked intently at my face.

“You look like me
,” he said.

I smiled at him without thinking of anything.

“Your mother also helped you to be beautiful,” he said, still looking at me.

“Won’t you
say anything to your father?” Valeska asked.

“Leave her!” my father ordered. “I'll have all time in Neptune to
hear her,” Vincent said, upset.

Valeska remained silent. Her
mistake seemed like it was an offence to Vincent’s ears.

“ ... My father ...” I said and my eyes were troubled because of the accumulation of my tears.

“What a soft voice!” my father exclaimed as he was enchanted at it.

My father introduced me to his two servants.



My father was very pleased to point out that they were part of our family and they were there to serve me too.

“Everything you need, Valeska and Bizak will be around to serve you
,” he said and put his hand on my shoulder.

“Valeska, take my daughter to have a bath!” he ordered.

“Yes ... master.” She did what her master had ordered her.


Valeska took me to a place I would call a type of bathroom.

All castle rooms were extremely exaggerated, even the bathroom. It was approximately the size of the house where I lived with my mother
on the planet Earth. There were no showers, taps or toilet. I was surprised at everything.

BOOK: Valkyrie - the Vampire Princess 2
3.19Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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