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He’s Tanek, my boss at
the club.”

And you think mating with
your vampire boss is a good idea?” Monroe put his head on Gretchen
snuggling up to her.

Monroe, it’s not
that; we’re not mating, we had dinner
and he kissed me, that’s it.”

I just don’t understand
you cat-humans. If you’re not in your mating cycle why even
bother?” Monroe started grooming Gretchen, she loved it when he did
that; she started purring uncontrollably.

We’re not like cats, we
require human companionship, we like to have people in our lives we
care about. Why do you think I keep you around?”

I am happy you take care
of me, Gretchen.” Monroe purred.

Let’s head back, I’m
getting tired.” Gretchen and Monroe were running back to the house
when she decided to make a stop at a pond on the way. She changed
back to
human form; she was completely
naked. She jumped in the pond to cool off. She swam around for a
few minutes and
then decided to get out.
She found
Adrian, the hot guy from the
club, standing there. He smiled at her as she tried to cover
herself with only her hands.

What are
you doing here?” she hissed

I’m honestly not sure, I
had this uncontrollable need to walk in the woods and found the
woman of my dreams swimming naked.”

Very funny.”

Gretchen, I’ve been
thinking about you.”

I find that hard to
believe,” she said as she finally decided there
was no use trying to hide her body and just stood there naked,
allowing him the full view. He looked at her body, his cock
becoming instantly hard. He had never had such a strong
before. His whole body tingling
with a need he never felt before. He just fed; this shouldn’t be

I’m having a hard time
concentrating with your exquisite, naked body in front of

Sorry, I don’t have any
clothes.” Adrian slowly walked toward her. She backed up into a

Don’t be afraid of me.” He
whispered into her ear.

Gretchen wasn’t sure why but she didn’t
think he would ever hurt her. He took off his black t-shirt
revealing a wide muscular chest with just a hint of chest hair. His
spicy dark scent invaded her senses making her hunger for him. He
was almost close enough to touch her.

I think a swim sounds like
an excellent idea.” He took off the rest of his clothes. Her
nipples responded, becoming
erect. She tried covering them so he wouldn’t see the effect he was
having on her. She could feel her wildcat side coming out,
hungering to be touched by him. She looked at him fully naked his
cock fully hard and ready for her.

I… I… need to
go home now.” She stammered moments before she
changed back into a cat and ran home.

Adrian watched her
transform into a cat and take off. He thought even as a cat
was still beautiful
You can run Gretchen but soon, you
will be mine.


Adrian walked into his
apartment still
semi-hard. Gretchen had
the most perfect body he had ever seen with curves in all the right

It was almost midnight
someone tried to come through the Fae
glass to speak with him. It was King Kieran. This very unexpected
situation just got more interesting.

Are you enforcer Adrian?”
the king asked.

Yes, I am my King. How
can I be of service?”

Call me
Kieran – this is

As you wish

I’m not in the other realm
but I thought
this way of communicating
would be safest for both of us.”

I’m going to assume you
are contacting me about your mistress.”

I would
rather you not call her that. Cam is the best thing
that has ever happened to me and I want her

And what about the

I have a plan that will
make the Queen quite happy and allow me to live with

What is this brilliant

I think it’s better if you
don’t know that right now, all I want is for you to tell me where
she is if you find her before I do.”

And why exactly should I
do this?” Adrian asked.

Cam hasn’t done anything
wrong except love me, the Queen is jealous and petty, and it’s the
right thing to do.”

I will take time to think
about this and get back to you.”

Kieran nodded his head; the glass smoked
over and became clear again. Adrian had never been in a situation
where he was being pulled in so many different directions. He was
supposed to be a neutral party, but he knew better. If he didn’t
find a way to make everyone happy his life would be in danger. In
times like this he wished he had another enforcer to talk to.


Kieran sat in his New
Orleans home after talking with Adrian. He had a plan but just
hoped he wouldn’t have any issues getting his brother to go along
with it. Kieran had a twin
Cayden, but as far as the Seelie court was concerned, Cayden died
in a hunting accident 400 years ago and no one could ever know he
was alive. Kieran’s father had suspected his brother was a traitor
and planned on executing him. The brothers had come up with a plan
to fake his death and hide him. Kieran had little contact with his
brother since then; it was too risky. He loved his brother too much
to risk anyone ever finding out. The only Fae who knew of his
existence was their loyal servant, Fiona, who had taken
care of them as infants and would never do
anything to hurt them.

Kieran sat in front of
glass. As it fogged up, he saw Fiona
sitting in her living room in her small cabin.

My King!
This is very unexpected, how can I be of service?” Fiona had only
spoken with the king sparingly about his
; Kieran decided long ago
they couldn’t risk it.

You can call me Kieran.
This is a secure portal and you can speak freely.”

Your brother is fine; I
visit twice a week when I bring him supplies. He is lonely but that
is to be expected.” Fiona scowled with her displeasure.

I have a plan to bring him

Kieran are you sure about
this. Will he be protected?” she asked.

Fiona, trust me. I would
never do anything to harm Cayden, have him contact me, and please,
trust me.”

The glass began to fog as Fiona’s image

Chapter 6

Gretchen ran as fast as she
could in cat form back to her house where Monroe was waiting. She
was all dirty from head to toe. She didn’t care and collapsed on
her bed still in cat form. Monroe snuggled with her on the bed, as
the warn night breeze blew into her room from the open window.
Monroe had always been her best friend and he always knew when she
wanted to talk and when she wanted to
with someone but not talking. This was one of those alone times. He
purred against her, lulling her quick
into a deep sleep. As soon as she fell asleep she reverted back to
human form.

Monroe left the bed,
padding quietly into the living room.
he was certain Gretchen was still asleep he summoned his magic and
transformed back into human form. He slowly stretched his long legs
as he walked over to the Fae communication portal. It was a
decorative piece of glass in
a frame.
Gretchen received it in the mail the day before, with a note from
her grandmother instructing her to hang it in her living room for
good luck. Gretchen thought it was beautiful and immediately hung
it up.

Monroe sat in front of the glass as it
fogged up and an image appeared.

Monroe my loyal servant,
I have patiently awaited communication from you.”

the portal just arrived
yesterday.” Monroe stood in front of the glass completely
naked, not feeling the least bit embarrassed. Fae
loved to be naked, and as a
shifter who
stayed in cat form most of the time, he especially loved the
feeling. He was 6’4 and had
blue eyes
long blonde hair that fell to
his waist.

How is my
, Monroe?” Lachlan was short
but had a stern presence and a square bearded jaw. He had blonde
hair and violet eyes the same color as Gretchen. She knew nothing
about her Fae grandfather; her mother didn’t even know of his

She was doing fine, but
we encountered some problems.”

What kind of

forgive me master. She went on
date with a vampire.”

You idiot! You were instructed to watch over her. This

There is more my

Go on.” Lachlan

She came back from her run
in the woods smelling like Fae. Please don’t be angry

Find out who the Fae is. I
have nothing more to say to you.” The glass fogged up and was once
again clear. Monroe reverted back to cat form and walked back into
Gretchen’s bedroom. She was sleeping naked curled up to her pillow.
He had been her watcher for two years now and everyday he loved her
a little more. He knew he could never act on his love, she could
never even know of his true form and her grandfather would never
allow such a thing. He jumped up on the bed and snuggled up against
her naked breasts and fell asleep as he purred.


Adrian was having a beer in
his living room after speaking with the king as another image
appeared on
his glass. It was Queen
Maryebella. She sat on her bed in a pink silk robe with two

Queen. This is such a
wonderful surprise. What can I do for you?”

For starters get off your
ass and tell me what you’ve decided regarding the Seelie

Of course my queen, it has
been a difficult decision but I think I will take your most
generous offer. I have not located her yet but I will keep you
informed on my progress.”

Excellent.” Maryebella
waved over one of the men and he reached under her robe and began
fondling her breast as he kissed her neck. She began moaning as he
teased her nipples pinching them lightly. “As you can see I have
things to do, inform me when you locate her.”

Good tidings and generous
lovers my Queen.”

As the image in the glass became clear once
again Adrian wondered how he was going to manage to make everyone
happy and not get himself killed. Juggling Fae royal courts was a
delicate process; one that he’d managed to do quite well until now.
He feared his luck was running out.


Cayden was reading his favorite Fae romance
book. He hadn’t had the touch of a woman in so long reading about
it was all he could do.

Fiona entered his small cabin in the other
realm’s deep forest. She looked worried, and he was always good at
sensing emotion. She normally came twice a week with a smile and
supplies, but today she had no smile or supplies, this wasn’t a
normal visit.

What has given you the
worried look on your lovely face Fiona?” Cayden asked as he put
down his book to greet her. Fiona looked like a very motherly type.
She was part brownie and pixie with a short stub nose and small
wings folded on her back. She was very short at 4’8 and had a plump
body and silver hair and eyes to match.

I have just spoken to your
brother Kieran.”

Is he doing well?” Cayden
asked as he gave Fiona an affectionate hug.

He says he has a plan to
bring you out. He wants you to contact him.”

Cayden looked at her with a skeptical look
on his face. “I have always had faith in my brother, I knew he
wouldn’t leave me here to rot for eternity. See I told you Fiona he
was just waiting for the right time.”

Cayden you are a wonderful
man, I fear you have more faith in your bother than I do,” she said
with sadness, despite Kieran’s good intentions she knew this would
all be about him.

Call him tomorrow, he has
a secure portal.”

Fiona had dedicated her life to raising the
twins, and now she was the sole caretaker for Cayden. She didn’t
know what she would do if anything ever happened to either one of
them. They were the same as her own children, and she would die for

BOOK: Werecat Avenue
10.31Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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