Werewolf Romance: Wolfess’s Desire (Paranormal Invasion Abduction Contemporary Werewolf Shifter Romance) (Fantasy First Bad Boy Billionaire Comedy Mystery Seduced by Alpha Shapeshifter Short Stories)

BOOK: Werewolf Romance: Wolfess’s Desire (Paranormal Invasion Abduction Contemporary Werewolf Shifter Romance) (Fantasy First Bad Boy Billionaire Comedy Mystery Seduced by Alpha Shapeshifter Short Stories)
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Wolfess’s Desire



Werewolf Romance




By: Ethel Venters



Wolfess’s Desire
Chapter 1

              “Don’t forget to come back in time for the meeting, okay Jane?” Pulling her hood closer around her face, Sarah didn’t acknowledge the reminder on her way out of the house in which she now lived. As soon as the front door opened, the sound of hard, heavy rain slapping against the pavement hit her ears, but it didn’t deter her. Instead, the smell billowed welcomingly into her lungs and her hoodie became saturated with a comfortable kind of weight. It was hot enough outside that she didn’t need such a heavy thing or her thick sweat pants- but it wasn’t the weather she was afraid of.

              Absently glancing around, she made sure no one else was around before making her way to the sidewalk.

              Ever since she’d been liberated from the prison that held her hostage for too many years to count, Sarah often found herself trying to get away from the family that took her in. She could hear every sound they made, and it caused her stomach to flip dangerously. Each word, every chuckle- even the silence that spoke of affectionate gazes made her physically ill. Six months she’d been subjected to a new kind of torture and sometimes she wished she’d never been rescued. At least then she wouldn’t know there was something more.

              Wandering down the street, the sound of rain slapping against pavement was her only distraction from the thoughts that swirled in Sarah’s head. Life now was so vastly different from her existence before and she didn’t like the complexities. Instead of a small cell, she had a rather large room and Julia had told her she could decorate it. The questions, the options, the thinking that it took were all too much though. On that same note, she’d gone from eating one small meal a day to being asked what she wanted to eat. Julia was a good cook, but she just didn’t understand how hard it was to make such a small decision.

              It had taken Sarah a long time to figure out that the meal her foster mother prepared for everyone else also extended to her. Still, that didn’t stop her from picking at the leftovers from the trash when she thought she could get away with it only to hide the scraps under her pillow to eat later.

              Her existence, according to the people she’d heard gossiping, was sad and pitiful.  And that was why she never associated with the pack. No one even knew her name, which was why everyone called her Jane.

              Coming closer to the little park where she liked to slide down the slide and swing on the swings, Sarah pulled her small hands out of her hoodie pocket to unhook the latch on the gate. Despite the fact that it was later in the afternoon, the sun was blocked by thick, dark clouds and made it hard to see because of the deluge pouring down on her. Once inside the secure area, surrounded by chain link, she felt safer than most other places. In this playground no one could come near her without rattling something. She sat down on a wet swing that was painted a bright red color and lifted her sneakered feet off the ground to watch as the world began to sway.

              In the past six months Sarah had learned things. She’d always known certain truths like the fact that she was a werewolf and that everyone around her were also werewolves. She knew she didn’t have a ‘typical’ childhood, and from her years inside her cage that she was lucky to be alive; although that depended on perspective. Now, after being in this place, she came to understand some more truths. One of those happened to be a thing called a mate. While she didn’t really know the specifics, she knew it’d be a man and that he would ‘love’ her.  Whatever that was.

              Frowning as the ground scurried away only to come flying back at her, Sarah couldn’t really help herself from thinking about the other people in this pack. They didn’t like her and thought of her as being odd. Sometimes she’d hear them talking about her, using words like ‘illiterate’ and ‘stupid’. Eventually she’d been able to understand that those were words to describe that she couldn’t read or write and the misguided notion that she couldn’t talk. Really, though, they were the ones being stupid. She didn’t talk because there wasn’t a point.  No one cared about her, not even Julia despite how nice she was. In her cell she’d been silent, and just because the torture changed didn’t mean she had.

              Thinking back to those times that sometimes seemed brighter than the present, Sarah felt her frown deepen slightly. Over the years there had been countless other people in those cages so close to hers, but still so far away. There were hundreds of them, constantly used, abused and discarded only to be replaced. The only reason she hadn’t ended up like that was because one of the little boys liked her. He’d been scrawny when they first met, and she soon came to learn that his uncle was someone higher up. The first time they’d spoken, he told her he liked her hair, and every since then she’d gotten her hair cleaned at least twice a week.

              The boy came down into her cage almost every day to touch her hair, twirling it and running his thin, bony fingers from scalp to tip. His interest didn’t mean she was treated any better, but it was a major reason she hadn’t been raped and thrown away when she hit puberty. After a while, even when the boy stopped coming to see her entirely, she washed her hair whenever she could. It was like her lifeline and he was her vision of freedom. It was one of her most depressing times because he was the only person that knew her real name.

              When she first came here, she looked for him but he was gone like smoke, living only in her memory.

              Slowing down the swing enough to pull her honey blonde hair out a bit, Sarah watched it get darker as raindrop after raindrop hit the strands. Held in place by a large tie, the mass was always curlier than it used to be because she didn’t brush it anymore. She’d gotten some of it cut off when she first came here at the insistence of Julia, who’d informed her it was dead, but it was still very long. At nearly five foot four inches, the curls tickled the butt of her sweat pants and if she brushed it they’d probably reach her thighs.

              Sighing softly, she slid off the swing to make her way to the playscape nearby. The entire metal contraption was painted bright colors but in the rain it looked dull. Under her feet the panels that made up steps avoided flooding with small holes that mimicked the fence around her despite being a bright green color.

              It was only when she reached the top did Sarah pause to look back at the road as the sound of an oncoming car reached her. She’d spent too long thinking and the dark SUV that rolled past told her it was almost time for the meeting. Truthfully she didn’t care, but she didn’t want anyone to think she was being disrespectful.

              Oh, she’d been on that end of the ruler- and it left her with broken fingers.

              Once again breaking the threshold of the house, Sarah pulled her hood off her head to rub her face on her way down the hall. Julia owned a two story home, but the upper level was just too far from the ground for Sarah’s liking. Upstairs she could hear the older woman bustling around and working to get her own children in order. It didn’t make much sense, though, because pack meetings weren’t something to dress up for. She certainly didn’t, but maybe that was because she only owned sweat pants and hoodies. No matter the weather she wouldn’t wear anything else.

              She’d been mostly naked for more years than she could count on both hands, so the weight of her clothes made her feel less vulnerable.

              “Jane! It’s time to go!” Julia’s call made Sarah cringe outwardly before reaching for the door that led out of her bland, peach colored room. She stuffed a crust of garlic bread from the night before past her teeth and chewed as fast as she could before swallowing, but it was still hard to get down. Leaving her space, she rubbed her mouth and wiped her hands on her dark gray hoodie before making her way down the hall.

              Sarah first saw Julia’s oldest son, Jacob. He was younger than her and every time he so much as looked at her she could almost see distaste seeping from his skin. Unfortunately, it was pretty much the same with Julia’s other four children, two of which were girls.

              When she first arrived, the differences between herself and them were startling; however, Sarah had long ago decided they didn’t know anything about real horrors. Her theory was only proven when Elena went on a rampage because her ‘cell phone’ had been shut off.

              “Alright, everybody ready? Good. Let’s hurry up, grab an umbrella.”

              By the time Sarah made it to the recreational center that also served as the pack’s ‘town hall’, her nerves were making her sick. Being around so many people didn’t sit well with her at all, and there was nothing to hold her in or them out. The smells bombarding her nostrils were acute, causing her eyes to water, and even though there were a few pairs of doors and hallways separating them, she could hear the buzz of countless mouths. She didn’t even have anything to help ground her and was forced to clutch the inside of her hoodie pocket hard enough to make her hands cramp.

              “Just stick with me and you’ll be fine, Jane. It’s not a long meeting.” Julia’s voice was soft and soothing but it only added to Sarah’s distress. The older woman only pretended to care, causing a harsh lump to form in her throat. It didn’t help that there were five pairs of eyes glaring at her, and trying to ignore them never worked. Somehow they thought she was being treated in a special way and they hated her for it. She’d never asked for this, though, and oftentimes she wished they’d never been forced together. Maybe she would’ve been better off on her own, but now she’d never know.

              Wandering down the halls filled with pictures and drawings from small children and murals she didn’t really look at, Sarah felt her inner beast stir in agitation. It wasn’t often the beast made itself known, but she had to guess it was because of being confined and denied social contact. She’d never shifted, as she knew werewolves did, but no one seemed to realize her inner animal was active. When she first met with a doctor, he’d made the decision and everyone accepted it. Supposedly a wolf went insane if it was kept locked up too long, or that was the explanation she was given.

              Sometimes Sarah would wonder if being insane was easier. Her wolf just didn’t appear to be all that concerned. If she did shift, it would only add another layer of pain and defeat. No one would be happy for her, and the reality of the situation was that she might even be annexed. People would assume she was okay and further push her away.

              “What are we having a meeting about, Mom?” Pulled from her thoughts by a higher pitched voice, Sarah blinked rapidly to clear her eyes before glancing around. Pack members milled around waiting for something to happen, and the doors to the auditorium were wide open. It made her kind of antsy. Open doors weren’t safe.

              “I don’t really know, Jayda. If there’s another Beta here it can’t be the usual.” Furrowing her eyebrows, Sarah couldn’t help but wonder about that. Packs had ranks, of course, but titles didn’t seem useful. Alpha, Beta, Theta, Armsman- it was confusing. She remembered meeting them, those males that made her shake with fear whenever they were within distance, but unless she saw them, she didn’t know who was who.

              Sarah reached up to twirl her hair as it lay plastered to her neck and back and anxiety swam thick in her veins. The doors were coming up on her quickly and all she wanted to do was run and hide somewhere. One time Julia caught her sleeping in a closet, and ever since she’d overheard that conversation she’d never done it again. The older woman’s voice had been so bereft, she didn’t know how to feel about it. Really Sarah didn’t know which was worse, that she was feeling more than one kind of emotion about the whole incident or that she wasn’t.

              “Let’s sit here.” Seating herself at the very edge of the bleachers, Julia patted the spot next to her while her children dispersed to sit with their friends. Sarah knew they would be talking about her, but as she lowered herself she couldn’t concentrate. It was something in the air, maybe or the bright lights that illuminated everything and made her eyes water more.

              “Alright everyone! Settle down! We’re going to start the meeting and I’ll get right to business. As some of you may know we’ve been considering exchanging members with a few other packs that aren’t in the area. A decision has finally been made about the terms.” Drawn towards the authoritative voice, Sarah’s ocean blue eyes widened as she took in the line. The Alpha she recognized stood in the middle, his face clean shaven and his shoulders relaxed. Next to him was Julia’s husband Johnathan, standing to the left. On the right was a man she’d never seen before, and next to him was yet another man.

              He was lean, wearing a casual suit with the top buttons undone and no tie. Sarah had seen the look before on Johnathan. Unlike him, though, the man wore a sleek pair of glasses that covered his brown eyes and moderately long hair that flowed in the same direction. Tanned skin stretched over his lean face, and even from so far away she could see his lips were chapped.

              All in all, he looked smart, and she couldn’t help but think he was familiar. She was so busy thinking about it she didn’t even hear what was being discussed.

BOOK: Werewolf Romance: Wolfess’s Desire (Paranormal Invasion Abduction Contemporary Werewolf Shifter Romance) (Fantasy First Bad Boy Billionaire Comedy Mystery Seduced by Alpha Shapeshifter Short Stories)
13.45Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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