Alien Romance: Fall for a Cyborg (Sci-Fi Futuristic Alien Abduction Fantasy Space Warrior Romance) (Science Fiction Mystery Paranormal Urban Short Stories)

BOOK: Alien Romance: Fall for a Cyborg (Sci-Fi Futuristic Alien Abduction Fantasy Space Warrior Romance) (Science Fiction Mystery Paranormal Urban Short Stories)
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By: Emma Taylor

Fall For A Cyborg



25-year-old Carrie Cox sat thoughtfully on the front steps of her dormitory building within the Space Academy campus, lost in dreams of fighting the biggest battle of her life and somehow winning some justice for her father’s demise a few years back. 

With her long black hair pulled back in a clean, tight ponytail, her thin pink lips pursed in a straight line, and a look of determination in her dark brown eyes, she seemed the perfect candidate for the next space clash against the evil alien clan Sphunkon. The well-defined muscles in her arms and legs, along with the way she carried herself with strength and resolve, were apparent evidence of how hard she’d worked to achieve her status of top student in the academy since enrolling in it in two and a half years ago. She was definitely itching to get off Earth and start seeking revenge for her beloved Daddy. However, she still had one remaining semester to complete before she could graduate and become a full-fledged space fighter.

A female voice cut through her thoughts. “Hey, Carrie.”

Carrie turned around to see her best friend and roommate Lyca Bennett sit down beside her on the steps. Lyca’s blonde curls and very feminine features were a stark contrast to Carrie’s strong, serious look and somehow womanly yet powerful physique.

“I’m really excited for our Space Combat 301 class!” Lyca gushed, her blue eyes twinkling with eagerness. “I heard there’s a new instructor taking over old, boring Gray…”

“His name’s Mike Gomez,” Carrie interrupted.

“You mean
Mike Gomez?!” Lyca asked in bewilderment. “Oh, my gosh! He’s like the best space fighter ever and the most gorgeous cyborg alive on this planet!”

Carrie laughed at her boy-crazy friend who never seemed to take her classes seriously and yet always managed to pass everything.

“This is going to be an amazing, unforgettable last semester!” Lyca exclaimed. “I wonder if he’d take interest in a student, even if just for a one-night stand?”

“Lyca!” Carrie said in disbelief. “First of all, I don’t think he came here for his love life or even to make out with young, wild female students. Second, you’ve got a boyfriend. Remember? Oh, and third, romantic relationships with instructors are not allowed.”

“Bummer…” Lyca said, her face falling.

Carrie laughed again. “You are too much!” she exclaimed, giggling despite her shock. “What about Dan?”

“What about him?” Lyca asked, frowning.             

“Didn’t you just tell me last night that you two are officially going steady already and that you believe you’re actually in love for the first time?” Carrie reminded her.

“Well… yes…” Lyca answered slowly. “But that doesn’t mean I can’t still have my fun, right?”

“Wrong,” Carried replied firmly.

“Okay, fine,” Lyca gave in, throwing her hands up in the air. “I’ll be a good girl.”

“You better be,” Carrie said. “Poor Dan has been in love with you since we all met each other on our first day here. He deserves a break. And don’t forget that he’s a very good friend of ours.”

“Okay, okay…” Lyca finally said. Then a mischievous glint appeared in her eye as she stared straight at her best friend. “On the other hand, you have never been in any relationship since coming here. And I can count the number of times you’ve dated with just one hand!”


“So… I’ll just have my fun by setting you up with a gorgeous hunk on campus!” Lyca declared, looking as if she’d just come up with a brilliant idea. “Yes, you ought to have some fun before graduating or your Space Academy experience won’t be complete.”

Carrie was about to protest when Lyca held up her hand to silence her. “I promise I’ll be the best girlfriend to Dan if you promise to go out with all the great guys I pick out for you.”

“What? Are you crazy?” Carrie gave her an incredulous look.

“Okay, just pick out a few who are your type,” Lyca said. “Please?”

Carrie sighed and nodded, which made Lyca jump up and cheer loudly. Then her friend grabbed her by the hand and excitedly dragged her to their class with the famous Mike Gomez.

The Space Academy Dome was a huge covered arena utilized mostly for space simulation and training activities and for major school events. For introductory purposes of the class, the twenty graduating students had been assigned to sit in one section of the bleachers that were usually concealed in the dark but were now clearly illuminated with a spotlight.

Everybody was so engrossed in their conversations with their classmates that they hardly noticed the dimming of lights.

“Is it true that we might actually be sent to outer space for this class?” Carrie heard a guy nearby ask his friend. Her heart skipped a beat as she listened in. The two guys were busy discussing this possibility with great excitement.

Then a hush suddenly fell on the group when the dome suddenly went pitch-black. After a few seconds, the entire arena seemed to have transformed into the cosmos, with planets and stars barely visible in the background. A small space ship seemed to be coming toward them, moving at a snail’s pace, as the students held their breath. It halted just right in front of the students. The white surface began to open with a humming sound, revealing a gorgeous man with military-style cropped dark blonde hair and intense gray eyes. He was extremely well-built, with bulging muscles still evident through his all-white space suit.

“Good afternoon, future space fighters,” he greeted without any expression on his face. He snapped his fingers and the space ship behind him vanished into thin air. “Welcome to your last space combat class. My name is Mike Gomez and I’ll be your instructor for this remaining quarter of your academy training.”

Carrie’s mouth dropped open as she stared at the stunningly attractive teacher. She felt Lyca squeezing her arm beside her, but she could not tear her eyes away from the celebrated space fighter whom many students had idolized for so many years. He looked quite young in person and much better-looking than in the photos she had seen of him. For the first time since coming to the academy, she felt her heartbeat racing and heat escalating within her body.

BOOK: Alien Romance: Fall for a Cyborg (Sci-Fi Futuristic Alien Abduction Fantasy Space Warrior Romance) (Science Fiction Mystery Paranormal Urban Short Stories)
6.92Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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