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Her animal instincts were gone, and she was thinking and feeling like human. She closed her eyes for a moment then opened them again; the most handsome man she has ever seen was still standing right in front of her. All her rage was one and she felt clueless. Upon the first glance, he appeared to be sexy and divine. The color in his cheeks, and the structure of his bones led to the conclusion that he was of high society.


“What was that?” asked Flynn as he moved closer to where she was. She was suddenly afraid and turned to human. He pointed his light to her direction and saw a woman. She was so beautiful.


“What’s a beautiful woman like you doing here all alone?” he asked as he helped her up.


“The same thing you’re doing,” she answered as she wiped dirt from her dress. She stood up and he held her by the waist and drew her close to his chest. Their nose brushed and for a moment, there was silence between them.


“My name is Flynn Jacobs.” He finally said. She wondered what to do next, she was weak and speechless.


“I am Sanura Merchant.” She looked at his eyes, he had the best features and she felt like she wanted him. She had to have this man, but she could not betray her clan. She managed to let go and moved three steps backward.

“You look terrified, I’ll not hurt you,” he said as he moved closer. She wanted to leave, but she wanted to feel him.


“Why would I be terrified, I want to go home.” She answered.


“Okay then, let me take you home, this forest is not safe at all.”


“No, I’m fine, I know my way back.” She insisted.


“Wow, on top of being the most beautiful lady I’ve ever seen, you are also stubborn.” He smiled. She felt him come closer, his scent overpowering her. She forgot all her promises to Kazim not to mate with a human. She was powerless and could not think straight.


“I have to go, it was nice meeting you.” She stormed into the forest. She’s a good runner, observed Flynn. He had no idea where she went, and this was strange, but she was so gorgeous.




Flynn woke up to the sound of the phone. “Who could it be at this time?” he mumbled. He hadn’t slept last night and he was trying to get some rest. He had a long night, trying to think of the mysterious lady he saw. He felt like it was just like a dream and he had to confirm it tonight. He couldn’t get her off his mind.

He received the phone on the last ring. “Hello,” it was Mike.


“How did the hunt go last night? From your voice, I can tell it was tedious.” He said with sarcasm in his voice. “Were you able to kill any tigers?”


“No, I didn’t.” he grunted.


“I told ya bro, those tigers aren’t friendly at all. Are you still coming tomorrow?” he asked curiously


“No, I think I’m going to stay a little longer than I expected.” This drew his attention.


“I thought you were only going for one night and come back to win yourself some ladies.”


He kept silent for a minute then answered. “I already found the woman of my dreams.”


“So you’re saying you’re getting married to a Tiger, as I recall I don’t think there are humans there.” He laughed at his own comment.


“No, apparently there are some humans, I also thought otherwise.”


“Tell me more about this love of yours. You always call them that until you get bored of them. I know it’s just a whim then you’ll snap out of it.”

“Her name is Sanura Merchant, that’s all I know about her. I met her last night. I’ve never felt like this before in my life. I think she’s the one.”


“All the best, keep me posted on everything.” He put the phone back on its cradle. He wanted to see her again and feel her warm body next to him. It felt like eternity waiting to see her and not knowing where she came from.



Kazim stared at the window, he watched as Sanura and Samira chat. He wanted her again but could not say anything. He has never fell in love like this before. He wanted her for himself and would kill any other tiger for having her. He couldn’t stand seeing her with another man making love. He didn’t hear the knock on the door. It was his friend, Tasumi, and he let him in.


“Hmm,” he cleared his throat to grab his attention which was focused on Sanura.


“Sorry, I didn’t hear you come in,” he apologized as he moved away from the window.


“You should tell her how you feel,” he said as he poured himself a glass of wine.


“What are you talking about?” he pretended not to like Sanura.

“I’ve always seen how you look at her, You like Sanura and you can’t deny yourself this kind of chance. Go tell her how you feel, maybe she feels the same way.” He sipped the wine.


“I don’t know how to do so; she hasn’t told me anything after that day we made love. I don’t want to pressure her.”


“I think she likes you that’s why she chose you to pleasure her. She’s waiting for your next meeting to tell you that.” He assured him.


“Right now I want to protect her and my clan from that hunter, who wants to kill us. I don’t want to focus on anything right now. We have to set up a meeting on how to do this, he might not be alone. We are in danger.” He stared once more out the window.


“So far we haven’t heard of anything, we have to take precautions and stay indoors at night for a while.” They both looked at Sanura and Samira who were chatting and laughing.



As the evening proceeded, Sanura imagine making love to Flynn. She touched herself while licking her lips. She lay down on the bed and closed her eyes to imagine him on top of her. She was thinking of Flynn as she undressed herself. He will be mine, she thought as she slid her hands to her thighs.

She opened her
thick thighs to feel her pussy. She slid her hands softy up to her breast, her nipples were swollen and tight. She stroked all them gently. Her finger swirled around them as she bit her lower lip. She slowly brought her hands to her pussy, opening her labia with two fingers of her left hand. Her clit looked swollen and juicy.


She rubbed two fingers along the inner and the outer part of her drooling pussy. She moaned with pleasure as she rubbed her pussy then gradually to the clitoral hood. Her nipples and breast peeked through the air. She rubbed in a circular motion. “That’s it,” she said to herself. She moaned loudly as the pleasure increased. It was intense.


She thought of Flynn as she moved her curvy hips up and down. She couldn’t take the pleasure any longer, she was about to come. “Oh shit,” she screamed as she let go of her pussy, she felt satisfied as she thought of Flynn. She closed her eyes to savor the moment.



Samira left in a hurry to find a mate after watching Sanura please herself. She’s had feelings for her for a long time now and could not tell her about it. Everybody wondered why she’s never had a mate, there was only one lady who understood her, she was her only mate but she always loved Sanura. She knew where to hide and watch her sleep, she longed for having her to herself.

The knowledge of knowing that Sanura made love to Kazim, made her sick to the stomach. She wanted her for herself. She hated Kazim and knew Sanura had a soft spot for him. She wondered why Sanura seemed happy, she’s never her so happy like that. She had to find out why. She approached her lover’s door and knocked once.

The door opened and she sneaked in.


“How are you today,” her lover asked.


“I’m not in the mood to chat today, you know what brings me here.” She said as she removed her clothes.


“It’s about her again, always about Sanura.” She commented as she stood to help her remove her clothes.

“If you have a problem with it then I think we should stop this.” Samira suggested.


“I’m tired of you talking about her all the time, can you not talk about her for one second.”


“You’ll have to deal with it.”


“Don’t make irrational decisions; I’m always okay with you loving her.” She said as she approached her. Gentle warmth began to creep across her body. The heat was excellent as she stretched, then spread her legs while arching her spine slightly. A faint aroma came from her moist pussy.


She could feel her hands on her, sliding slowly up her open thighs to her chest.


“Uhhh,” Samira moaned.


“Is it ok?” her voice startled her not waiting for an answer.

Her hands slid over Samira’s belly, flirting along the sides of her breast, stroking her way to her nipples. Samira closed her mouth to every sucking and she released it with a soft snap. Her lover wanted to speak but she controlled herself not to provoke her. Her hands felt nice and arousing. She stroked her cheeks, brushing soft fingertips over her jaw. Leaning down, she brushed her lips over Samira’s breathing hard on her.


She tangled her hands in Samira’s long hair, Samira pulled her mouth down to her locking their lips together.

“You’re so sweet,” she whispered on her ears. Samira ignored her comment and continued to caress her. Her hand slid between Samira’s legs and she opened them wider. Her other senses were on high alert. Her breath grew higher by the minute. Her lover’s bracelets jing jangling as she thrust her fingers in and out of her pussy.


“Uhh,” she moaned softly.


She needed to touch her, to cup that round ass and to drink the warmth of her body. The memory of Sanura motivated her. As soon as her fingers found her breast, Samira broke free and moaned slightly.

“For you I can do anything,” she panted, removing and inserting her dripping fingers over her quivering pussy, other hand played with her nipple. “Need this?” she murmured, lost in a whirl of desire. Her body trembled with want. It was overwhelming.


Her lover climbed on the bed beside her, folding Sanura into her arms as they pressed their bodies together. Their mouths closed over one another. She pressed her nose into the soft valley of Samira’s breast, inhaling her sweet scent.


The words rushed before she could stop them, “fuck me, fuck me. She held her hands against her clit as they circled fingers and pleasured one another.


She leaned back on her haunches, still squeezing Sanura’s clit. She slid a dildo slowly between the creamy folds as Sanura moaned loudly and bucked into her. She fucked the dildo hungrily, cursing words came from her mouth.

“Harder, give it to me harder.” Sanura growled, her voice was low and throaty. Wild with desire, she writhed on the bed, cupping her breasts. She slowly slid her fingers to her lover’s belly and she noticed why she was furiously moaning. She was fucking herself as she used the other hand to thrust the dildo in and out of Sanura. The dildo filled her pussy.

Her lover inserted the dual ended dildo in her pussy, Samira was beyond coherence. She wasn’t being polite anymore. They slammed their bodies together; they fucked each other with punishing intensity before arching her back and letting out a scream.


She collapsed in a heap across Samira’s body. Samira shivered, aftershocks rocking both of them. She kissed her softly on the cheeks as she stroked her hair.


“I’ll always love you no matter what the consequences.” Her lover said. Samira ignored and turned to face the other side. She felt like she was being unfair to her lover. Samira only loved one woman and she knew that before they started seeing each other. She knew Sanura was the love of her life and nothing would change that. At first, they agreed that there was no feelings to be involved in their relationship. They were like hungry weretigers satisfying their needs but as time went by; her lover became more and more attached to her. She had fallen in love with Samira. She felt jealous of Sanura but there was nothing she could do about it. She confessed her love to her many times but she ignored them. She wanted her to start seeing her as a lover not a mate to fulfill her urges and desires. But this was it, she reached her breaking point.




Flynn Jacob
sighed happily as he crunched through the sand. It was a perfect summer evening for a hunt in the woods. He had looked for Sanura for two days but to no avail. He wanted to give up but had the feeling that she will show up. He was going to wait for her where they met.

BOOK: Along Came a Tiger
3.47Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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