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Unfamiliar hands gently pushed her knees apart. Slowly he came to her. She felt fingers along the inside of her thighs, a warm palm on her stomach, a twitchy tongue on one nipple and a tugging mouth on the other.

“Ohhhh just the way I like it.” She moaned. “Give it to me.”


No one talked, she could only hear heavy breathing, wordless expressions.


She was the center of attention on the chair. These men got down to business with pleasuring her. Her pussy burned to be filled, but she was left to ache with want. Even though hands brushed across her clit, they intentionally avoided penetrating in her first.


“Como estas, linda?” asked the Spanish guy.


“Bien,” she didn’t know where that answer came from.


She always considered herself not to know Spanish.

Hands slid under her thighs, strong arms stroked her back. Her feet got cramped and she weightlessly rode to the bed. She didn’t know which one of the men carried her or whose thrilling touch set her on fire.


The sheets were divine on her back; it was silky as she moved in response to the unfamiliar hands and their work. Her feet were being massaged by the Spanish man as his thumbs ran along her arches. Her inner mouths were visited by exploring mouths. Kazim crept at an agonizing pace.

“Oh God, I need to feel you guys.” She whispered. For a moment, they stopped. Kazim tried to stop thinking about Sanura. He wanted to know who he was and he would do anything to find out. He tried multitasking. The hot mouths reached within an inch of her want and then returned to her thighs. She twisted from side to side while thrusting her hips.


“C’mon, I wanna feel you inside of me.”


“Are you ready, to get it?” Kazim asked. Kazim was at her ears with savage hunger. Their excitement hummed through her body like adrenaline. Without composure, she reached out for Kazim’s head and pulled him to her mouth and kissed him.


“Do you want us to give it to you hard?” Kazim asked while the Spanish guy caressed her firm boobs.


“Yeah, give it to me hard.” Surrounded by strangers, finger lengths away from her pussy, she felt the bond between her and these men. They were partners in this sexual voyage. Whatever she wanted is the same things they wanted.

“I want to be spoiled,” she panted. She grabbed both their dicks with her hands. Their cocks sprung out and wavered from side to side, like a javelin waiting for her attention. She was not a kind of girl to get straight to business like this. She would make her way slowly to the final goal, giving him a trail of kisses before gently teasing his head with her tongue. But not now, her desire to please both men distracted her. She worked her head hungrily down until she engulfed half their hefty shaft in her mouth one by one.


They both let out an ‘Ah’ a mixture of surprise and pleasure as she worked the head of their dicks one person at a time combined with a motion from her hand. The Spanish guy moved behind her, she felt his fingers inside her, working in and out with a twisting motion. He introduced his tongue where his fingers were, she worked Kazim’s dick with renewed vigor.


She clasped Kazim’s balls as she accommodated extra inches with her furious sucking. With each motion, as she absorbed a little more of his dick, it seemed like his size grew. The Spanish man, whose name was Mateo, moved up to her swollen clit. She moved away from Kazim and flipped over onto her back. Mateo took the cue and continued to lick her pussy with his tongue.

She took Kazim’s balls in her mouth as she stroked his shaft. She watched her hand work up and down. She pulled the Mateo’s head down so his mouth met her boobs. He sucked her nipples. She was about to have another orgasm. His intense licking with his mouth and hands was bringing her even closer to climax. She gave a muffled moan of pleasure, her mouth tightened around Kazim’s cock as he sucked her. As the train of pleasure rose from her lower and upper part of the body and met in the middle, her back arched uncontrollably. Mateo sensed this and increased his pace and within seconds, she came.


Her mouth grew slack at Kazim’s hard dick. Mateo lifted his head a little and looked at her as to  say it was his turn. She felt Kazim’s cock brush against the soft skin of her cheekbone. She felt she was ready to go again. She jumped onto her haunches and grabbed the Mateo’s crotch and led him up towards her as she turned to face Kazim.

She pushed him on his back and straddles him, lowering her lips onto him. She angled her hips forward so Kazim’s shaft rubbed against her clit. She felt the passion renewed within her, even more powerful than the first and second time. She used the same tactics Mateo used on her. She turned around to face his feet, Kazim moved to face her so can still blow him while she rode Mateo. She grabbed his hands lying at the side, their fingers interlocking as his strong arm assisted her up and down during the fucking.

They continued like this until she heard his breathing become ragged. She felt Kazim’s pre cum thick in her mouth and she knew it won’t be long before he popped.

They were still strong, their breathing strong and steady as a rock. She released her hands and fondled his dangling balls with one as she worked her clit with the other hand. She wanted to time her orgasm with his. Kazim struggled visibly to hold on as she continued to suck him. Kazim moved to her ass and thrust in her asshole, exposing his ass to the Mateo’s ass. The fat cock pushed its way into her and she moaned with the sweet ache of its power.


Gently they moved within her sending tides of ecstasy up and down her body. She moved her hands around Kazim’s waist and let him settle on the hard rise of her ass. Greedily, she widened her legs in search for more. She could hear the Mateo’s breath quickened.


“Come inside me,” she said.


“Oh yeah,” he responded.


For what felt like hours she fucked these men, she took them on a sensual sequence of position and numbers. She squatted over huge cocks and rode them.


Her hands roamed over muscles and dense beefy strength. Held up with only her shoulders on the bed, one man crazed her pussy while the other worked her ass. She was taken from behind with animal-like pounding. It was intense.

“Oh yeah, give it to me babe.” She moaned. Over and over, her body shuddered to exquisite climax until she was shaky and complete. They all came with a loud scream. It was electrifying.



Sanura walked through the dark forest. Her soft claws made no noise as she moved. She was invisible in the darkness; nothing or no one could see her or know she was moving through the forest. She was nearing where she met Flynn. She slowed down and changed to human. She could not risk him seeing her in her tiger form. He was already there waiting for her.


She moved slowly from behind him, he turned around and saw her. He was thrilled to see her again.


“I missed you so much, it felt like eternity.” He said. He moved close to her. The heat between them was intense. He placed his lips on her mouth and kissed her. She forgot about her real world for a moment. Everything went dark and invisible, she wanted to enjoy this moment. She responded positively to his kisses. She had never felt a man like she did with Flynn, everything was spontaneous.


“I want you, right now here.” said Flynn.


“I want you too,” she responded.

She quickly undid the buttons on his jeans and pulled his pants down to his feet. She licked her lips when she saw his dick. She removed his underwear to reveal his engorged delicious dick. She took him into her mouth and drew him down her throat. His dick was huge and firm; she gagged but felt she had to have it. She kept swallowing until his balls slapped her chin. She sucked him, gently at first, then harder pressing him against the top of her mouth. He grabbed her hair by the roots and pushed her head with her sucking motions.


Her nose was buried in his pubic hair. She could feel his muscles flex and she prepared herself for his cum. She got lost in giving him pleasure, and she was consumed in the moment. Primal feelings ran through her body as he pumped into her mouth.


He pulled her out and dragged her to her feet and threw her on the grass. The coldness on the grass sent shock waves through her body, as he worked her legs. He thrust in her brutally, holding her down, she could feel the grass in her mouth. She slid up and down on the grass with each thrust.


She could feel the urge building in her, heavy balls hitting her skin. He moaned fiercely, granting deep in his throat.


“Oh yes.” He closed his eyes to savor the moment.

She felt his cock twitch as it slid in and out, harder each time. She braced herself to take his load of cum, and then he suddenly withdrew again pulling her in the soft grass. He flipped her around into the classic position and buried his head in her swollen pussy. She took his dick in her lips, sucking the head with slow motions. They sucked and licked in the cool grass until they filled their mouths with sweet, salty cum. They both lay down speechless; it took them time to regain their sense.


“What do you do in this forest?” she finally broke the silence.


“I came to hunt tigers, but it seems I ran out of luck. I haven’t been able to kill even one.” He confessed.


“There are no tigers in this forest, maybe you can stop doing so and go back. Since you came, have you seen any?”


“No, it’s because you’ve distracted me all this time.” He laughed at his comment.


“I love you and want to go with you to the end of the world. I’ve never loved any man like this and I’m ready to abandon my life and start afresh with you.”


“I promise to leave with you but before that, I have to kill a tiger. Then we can leave.”


“What do you mean kill a tiger? This relationship is more important than a tiger.”


“You’re right. But let’s wait for a couple of days, if I don’t see any tigers I swear we’ll leave as soon as possible.” He kissed her. She was happy to hear that and knew the only solution to that was to talk to the hunting pack to stop looking for the killer and they resume their lives as long as they leave the forest.


“You truly want me to go back?” he turned to face her.


“I definitely want you to stay but maybe you are risking you life doing this.” She said defensively. She felt uneasy knowing that he was in danger. She had to stop the hunting pack, but she didn’t know how after rejecting Kazim, the pack leader.


“I have to go.” She said as she dressed.


“Why, I still need to talk to you.”


“Later,” she said as she disappeared in the forest.




Samira paced up and down as she waited for Kazim. She couldn’t handle rejection from her friend. She wanted to end this, kill Flynn once and for all. A few members of the hunting pack had arrived in the cabin. They were the most senior in the clan. The pack had no alpha female, Sanura was not there. Everyone wondered where she went.


Samira waited patiently until all the pack members settled, arranging themselves to wait for their leader. Kazim arrived and the pack rose to welcome him.


“Thank you all for coming.” He sat down on his chair. “The reason for this meeting is because Samira said she knew something about the hunter.” There were whispers from across the room. Everyone turned to look at the door when Sanura arrived. She struggled her way to the front. They could smell betrayal. She walked slowly to her seat.


“Welcome to the meeting, we were discussing about the hunter.” Said Kazim.


“What about him?” she asked innocently.


Kazim looked at Samira. She looked at Sanura with guilt but it was too late. She loved her too much and didn’t want to betray her. Sanura was filled with rage. She tried to signal her not to say a word.


“I know where the hunter hides,” she said as she stared Sanura in the eyes.” The pack gave her an appreciative whistle.

“You have to stop this nonsense.” Sanura stood up. Everyone stared at her with shock; they didn’t understand why she would oppose their mission. She was the one who wanted this hunter dead in the beginning, now she wants him to live. The pack wondered.


“Why would we stop?” asked Kazim.


“He’s done nothing wrong; he’s not killed a single tiger since he came.”

BOOK: Along Came a Tiger
12.03Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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