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“That’s because we hide ourselves, we’re not free in our own home. He has to die and we expect Samira to take us where he is.” Kazim said firmly. She looked at Kazim and knew, it was pointless talking to him. She was outnumbered by the hunting pack and there was nothing she can do about it. She stormed out of the room. She had to warn Flynn. She ran to the filled as she transformed into a tiger.


The air was full of growling as she raced into the forest. It was clear to her that the hunting pack knew she betrayed them. Too bad for them, she thought to herself, she had no time for them, only for Flynn. She was not about to slow down. She sped in the forest. Flynn was startled with the footsteps and he pointed his rifle ready for whatever was coming. The hunting pack realized she was not stopping. If she couldn’t get to Flynn on time, then she’s as good as dead. She used her forward momentum to speed up. The entire pack was behind her.

“Flynn aimed his rifle and shot the tiger. She fell on the ground with a thump and released her transformation. She changed into her human form. She lay before him, naked and vulnerable.


“Oh, shit.” Flynn said as he approached to help her. “What did I do?” he asked himself. She wondered if he regretted sleeping with a weretiger.


“Why do you blame yourself? You regret sleeping with me?” she struggled to speak.


“Don’t talk; you’ve lost a lot of blood. You should have told me.” He insisted. “I will never regret sleeping with you. I love you.”


“Let’s get out of here now, let’s run away together.” The pack arrived; Samira was in front followed by Kazim. They saw him kiss Sanura. Kazim was filled with rage as he jumped on Flynn.


“No.” Sanura screamed.” The pack joined in attacking Flynn. They tore him into pieces with their teeth. Sanura felt helpless, she was bleeding profusely. There was nothing she could do, Flynn was already dead. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she looked at Samira. She wanted to kill her. She wanted to revenge Flynn’s death.  This was the end of her, she wanted to die.

“Are you ok?” Kazim asked as he touched her wound. She wanted to kill him, but it was pointless. She saw Flynn brutally killed. She stared at him without saying a word. They carried her as they left the forest.



Mike wore his dark suit and shades as he stared at his best friend’s coffin. There were a lot of people at the funeral; it was obvious that Flynn was loved by many. People gathered from different walks of life.


“Death comes to everyone it separates us from our loved ones.” Reverend Luke droned his voice. “We will miss Flynn Jacobs, beloved friend, uncle and member of the community. He paused and looked at the crowd gathered to bid him farewell.


“Flynn would be thrilled to see many of his friends here today.”


He would have taken a look at the cars parked at the gate today, and would have regarded the turnout as less than his due. He was a big man loved by many he loved his position in this community. He was warm and kind to people around him. To the earth we give the body of our brother. Flynn Jacobs…….

Mike listened to the reverend’s voice and looked at Flynn’s sister. The shadows of bereavement appeared on her face. He wasn’t surprised. She reached into her bag and removed her dark shades. A breeze tossed her hair; she pushed her hair behind her ears. Mike blamed himself for his friend’s death. He shouldn’t have told him to go to Masaai Mara. He wondered where the girl he met was. He looked at the crowd but there was no sign of her.


He cursed himself for being an irresponsible friend; he should have gone with him. He wanted to reverse things but couldn’t. It was too late for him now, his only friend was gone.



Sanura looked at herself in the mirror for a long moment; she turned from her bedroom and walked out of her home, which might be the last time. She was dressed in a long flowing dress, her hair adorned with crowned flowers. The white dressed whispered as she walked to join the other weretigers standing in a semi circle. One of her friends came and stood next to her while the others moved to the side. Her friend looked at her, barely unable to control the tears that were about to spill out of her eyes.


“We will miss you.” She said to Sanura. She felt sad leaving a clan she has led for many years. She could not stay with the people who killed Flynn, she had to leave. It was hard forgiving Kazim and Samira for betraying her. The only person she had ever loved was gone and she had nothing left to lose.


“I will always keep your memories in my heart.” She said as she hugged them.


Kazim and Samira watched from far. Tears rolled down Samira’s cheeks as she saw Sanura leave. She blamed herself for losing her. She blamed her jealousy. She couldn’t take it any longer. Kazim looked at her and tried to console her. He was also hurting.


“Everything will be fine,” he said as he put his arms around her shoulder. She could not control her tears. She cried.


“I was a fool to betray her, now I’m hurting too. I can’t take it.” She cried.


“I can’t stand it either.” They both hugged for a while, then watched Sanura leaving the compound.


Sanura’s dress fell to the ground, and the crown of flowers came loose and flew into the breeze. Sanura had become a tigress. She slipped away, to the edge of the forest. Sanura paused to look back one last time, before disappearing into the forest forever.



The End


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BOOK: Along Came a Tiger
13.39Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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