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He was sure she would come. He waited impatiently. He heard something in the wood then moved straight to it. The sight of Sanura made him feel good. He never thought he would see her again.


“Where were you the last couple of days?” he asked politely.


“I was busy, I don’t have to explain anything to you.” She answered. He moved closer and held her hand as he looked her in the eye. They were silent for a while just staring into each other’s eyes.


“I thought I’d never see you again. Tell me more about yourself?” he asked excitedly. He stroked her hair with his fingers and smiled.


“I also thought so, I’ve been thinking about you all the time. I can’t get you out of my head.” She held him by the waist. Time passed by so quickly, and Sanura knew that some tigers might go hunting despite being told there was a hunter. He wanted to keep this a secret. Being the leader of the pack, she never wanted to fail her clan for falling in love with a human.

It was not acceptable. She must stop seeing him.


Samira watched carefully while they kissed. She had followed Sanura to the forest. She knew how she was and followed her in case she was attacked. She was filled with jealousy and wanted to confront her for betraying the clan. “No no Samira you have to control yourself.” She told herself. She felt like she was the one who only deserved her. She was hurt by her sleeping with Kazim. I’ll not stomach this, she thought. She was the one who introduced her to Kazim and felt she was the one to have her.


She watched her friend kiss him and left. She had to think of what to do or convince her friend to leave him. She weighed her options. The hunter was not only her enemy for killing tigers but also for taking the love of her life. She knew and could feel that Sanura loved him. This made her angrier. S he wanted to transform into a tiger and tear him apart but he had a rifle. That was risky considering she was only alone. She moved swiftly in the forest then back home.



Flynn woke up feeling lazy. The knock on the door was strange; he was not expecting any visitor. He staggered to the door, as he yawned. He hadn’t slept well but it was worth it. He opened the door, it was Mike. He looked surprised to see Mike.


“You didn’t tell me you were coming,” he said as he showed him in.


“I wanted to see by myself this woman who has swept you over your feet.” He removed his coat.


“I’m not joking, I’m seriously in love with this Sanura, she’s perfect.” He smiled as he sat on the bed.


“Why don’t you invite her for lunch or dinner, that way I can meet her.” He suggested.


“I’ll have to tell her when we meet at night,”


“Call her now, tell her to come over and eat with us.” Flynn looked at him with concern in his eyes. He just realized he didn’t know Sanura well enough. He didn’t have her number or any information about her family. He raised an eyebrow.


“I’ve just realized that I don’t know her that well.” He said in a low voice.


“I think you are getting a taste of your own medicine.”

“What do you mean?” he asked.


“Maybe she’s just playing you, she doesn’t love you. Or she’s a married woman.” He chuckled. “I can’t believe it, you are the other guy.”


“Don’t say that, it’s because we’ve never found the time to talk.” He looked at his friend with a questionable look.


“What do you mean time? Make sure you invite her today. I have a better idea. Let’s have a small party; you bring her here tonight so we can drink. If she agrees to that, then she’s not married.


“I’ll try convincing her tonight, but I’m sure she’s the one.”



The drums pounded as the dancers moved gracefully in the Maasai Mara field. All the alphas of different clans and the tigers had gathered there to discuss the hunter issue.


From the vantage point along the walls, the other weretigers looked over the proceedings. Sanura watched as the dancers spun around her, their body moved in time to the rhythmic beat of the drums. She loved watching the dancers, the elegance of their bodies and the swiftness of their movements. They threw the most acrobatic performer into the air by their counterparts. They tumbled and spun and picked up the rhythm of the dance again. Sanura was delighted. How good does it feel to be able to spin and whirl in the air. Sanura thought. She wondered if she would be able to see Flynn tonight.


Sanura sat there wondering what time she’ll meet Flynn. Samira watched her closely, she didn’t want her to find out she knew but the jealousy was killing her.


“Your mind seems so occupied?” asked Samira.


“It’s nothing.” She responded with a smile.


“I want you to help me out with something tonight, will you be available?” asked Samira.


“I’ll not be available. She answered avoiding eye contact. Samira has known her for a very long time.


“You can say hi to the hunter,” she finally said. Samira looked at her without words; she wondered how she knew about this. She was scared that maybe she found out from someone else. “Don’t play dumb with me. I know everything.” Sanura stared blankly at her; she could not risk her saying anything about it to anyone. She would do anything to protect the hunter.


The music ended and the dancers finally finished. The crowd applauded appreciatively, but the noise soon died to a murmur. The sight of the weretigers gathering around her had become a familiar thing over the years. They wanted her green light to kill the hunter. She was confused, she never wanted to betray her clan and also felt madly in love with Flynn.


“How did you find out about this?” she whispered.


“It doesn’t matter how I found out,” Samira replied.


“Can I trust you on this?” she asked.

Samira kept quiet for a while then answered. “I can’t keep calm while you betray us. There are many people you could have fallen in love with but you chose our enemy.”


“What do you mean? We’ve been friends for a long time, you can’t betray me now.” Sanura defended herself.


“You’re the last person who should talk about betrayal. It’s always about you; you don’t care how I always feel.” Sanura was confused by what her friend said; she stood up and held her by the hand. They moved away from the crowd. Everyone sensed tension between them.


“I’ll keep your secret under one condition.” She suggested.


“What’s the condition?”


“That you make love to me.”


“What? Are you out of your mind?” she never knew her best friend was a lesbian. It was shocking to her. She never wanted anyone to find out, but she will never give in to her friend’s demands. She felt confused, this was absurd.


“You’re a traitor.” She yelled.

“Call it what you want, but think about it. It’s a fair deal, nobody loses.” She moved back to her seat. Sanura was confused; she had to protect Flynn at all cost. Kazim kept on watching her, he wanted her. He had to tell her how he felt, the feeling was overwhelming and he couldn’t keep quiet anymore. He was waiting for the best chance to do so. Sanura was furious, she looked confused as memories came flooding her mind. She was aware of her friends intentions.


“Thanks for inviting me to play with you in your house.” Sanura said. She thought their friendship was built with trust, she now realized she was wrong. She felt betrayed.

“You’re welcomed,” she said as she showed her in. the glow from the heater touched her face as she looked around. The house was warm and beautiful. She offered her something to drink. Her parents were out teaching the young kids how to hunt.


“These are my friends; they normally come to play with me.” She pointed them with love full in her eyes. And this is Kazim, also a friend of mine.” She continued.

“Pleased to meet you all.” She shook hands and sat down facing Samira. Samira got attracted to her immediately. “I wonder what it feels like to have a girlfriend.” Samira thought. Samira was drop dead gorgeous. She stole glances at her each time she was not looking at her. She felt the urge to want her more. Upon the first encounter, she appeared to be sassy. Her sexy figure made Samira love her more. She knew they were perfect together and were meant for each other. She was classy, the color in her eyes and cheeks, her bone structure and the way she talked concluded she was elegant. Everything about her impressed Samira, and she wanted to be her best friend. She noticed Samira had been watching her.


“You look beautiful.” She said to avoid suspicions.


“Thank you.” She responded.
Her thoughts were interrupted by the people clapping. She clicked at the thought of that. She couldn’t believe she was too blind to notice her friend was a lesbian. I’m so stupid.” She cursed herself.


The crowd applauded as she moved to the front row to address the crowd. Sanura was scared and Kazim felt it and so did the members from her clan. They’ve known her for a while.



Kazim approached Sanura as the others dispersed. He was worried about her; she stopped as he shouted her name.

“I’ve noticed that something is bothering you,” he held her by the hand.


“It’s nothing of importance, I have to go.” She pulled her hand away from him.


“Wait,” he stopped her. “I need to tell you something.


“Now is not the right time.” She tried to walk away but he held her by the arm.


“I love you, from the first day; I would love to be by your side always, taking care of you.” He looked her in the eye. She stood and stared at him without words.


“I love you too, but like a brother, I’m sorry to say this but I’m in love with someone else.” She started walking away and he hurriedly followed her.


“Who is he?”


“That’s not important,” she answered. Kazim let go of her hand, he wondered who it was. He must find out. He wanted her today.



Kazim stopped at the door. He wondered whether to knock or not. The brothel was for only sophisticated men. He wanted to forget about Sanura for a moment. He was a premium member at this brothel. It looked like someone’s home from far and nobody knew what was inside only the members. He swiped his key card and went straight to the bar.


The bartender never asked him any question, he handed him a key then he headed to the locker room. He undressed and took the mask that was in the locker. He wore the mask and was completely naked. He headed for a secret door. The place was dim and everyone wore a mask. There was a platform with a dancing pole on it. He looked around and noticed some people fucking at the corner and there were lesbians kissing on the other corner. They French kissed and squeezed each other’s tits. Everyone was having sex. There was a wide screen on the wall with pornographic movie. The place smelled like sex.


He stared at the group sex which happened at the center of the room. A lady approached him. She was sexy and looked young. She traced her finger tips on his chest then pulled him by his hand. He took him to a room with other people. They were having sex but there was a gentleman standing alone at the corner. They went to his corner and the lady winked at him. Kazim didn’t know what to do next.


“I want a double penetration,” she finally said. Kazim looked at the other guy and held the lady by the waist.

“Your wish is our command.” He answered.


There was an empty bed beside them. He turned her back to him, then put her hands on the bed and stuck her ass out. He took minutes tracing his fingers over her hips, she flared in response and his tongue took up the job. His pace was slow, methodical. He was a step ahead her patience.


The other man kept quiet. He was Spanish and didn’t speak English. In that moment, the language barrier was not a problem. She was naked in front of men. The effect was the same in any language. She embraced the situation and so did Kazim.


“Uhhhhhh,” she moaned softly as Kazim worked on her pussy. She tried to take a breath, her breast lifted as she released somewhat raggedly and sigh. She sat on the chair. Kazim laughed at first, then the Spanish guy. It felt good. She felt Kazim’s hand under her chin and then his lips covered her mouth.  He tasted like champagne and chocolate. His tongue slid over her teeth as his hands stroked her throat. She could hear his heart beat increase. She didn’t want it to stop neither did she want to calm down.

BOOK: Along Came a Tiger
7.4Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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