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Breathless Series -

BOOK: Breathless Series -
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Copyright © 2013 by Katelyn Skye

This book is a work of fiction. The names, characters, places and incidents are products of the writer’s imagination or have been used fictitiously and are not to be constructed as real. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, actual events, locales or organizations is entirely coincidental.


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Table Of Contents

Breathless Book 1: Edge Of Submission

Breathless Book 2: Edge Of Surrender

Breathless Book 3: Edge Of Reason

Breathless Book 4: Edge Of Eternity

Breathless Book 1: Edge Of Submission


Chapter One

The night she met Lucas Edge, everything changed.

Alyssa Fox had written endless chapters about passion and its sharp, spicy whip. She was loved for her adventurous heroines, women who would stand on the brink of the world to face their deepest, darkest desires.

In reality, Alyssa never hoped to be anything like those women. That was until Luke came into her life.

“Look at me.”

His voice, deep and stirring, broke her out of her reverie. Her eyes popped open to meet the piercing orbs of his grey gaze. He was so beautiful. Everything about him…was beautiful.

Dark hair as black as coal that was thick and cut in stylish waves. A square face, all angles and handsomely carved. A nose like a blade, and lips like sin itself: curvy with a manly clip to them. Damnably kissable and very hard to resist. He only had to kiss her with those lips once and she would do anything he wanted.

His body was trim and hard-packed in the shoulders and chest, and he had a tall, proportionate frame. Greek god in the flesh, it was hard to believe any woman could ever say ‘no’ to a man like him. Alyssa certainly had never been able to. Not from the very beginning.

Alyssa’s arms strained against her cuffs, and she whimpered, wishing she could break free and wrap her arms around him. Even her ankles were in restraints. Naked and spread out before him, all she really could do was gaze into his arrestingly handsome face.

He was still fully dressed, his white dress shirt opened at the throat and in sharp contrast to his deeply tanned skin. His
snug-fitting black pants stretched on his powerful looking hips as he settled down on his side next to her.

His head was propped on one hand while the other reached to cup her left breast with a possessive, warm and tingling touch. Alyssa felt even more vulnerable with him still in his clothes while she was nude and bound hand and foot to the bed – his bed.

She would never have thought this moment possible. That a man like him – powerful, beautiful and sexually thrilling, would want a woman like her.

“Tonight, Alyssa, you will give your body to me in the way you’ve never given another man,” he told her factually, while his fingers toyed with a nipple and caused it to become a beady, hungry peak. Alyssa was panting, her breath soft and short. Deep within her apex, she dripped. Soon she would be nothing but a puddle and a mass of quivers, she knew.

In his hand, her breast grew heavy and proud with passion. She wanted this man so much. Wanted to be claimed in totality by him. To give herself fully; whatever he asked was his. Every inch of her, in every way she could give him pleasure, Alyssa would do so.

“No part of you should be denied me,” he continued, his eyes casting down to follow the path of his fingers which now shifted from her breast to her concave stomach and then to rest on her smooth-shaven mound, the soft petals already budding and glistening with heat and moisture. He cupped her sex and Alyssa let out a long, whispery whimper. Just one touch, and her pussy plumped and pulsed, each muscle within beginning to throb as that large, knowing hand pressed over her aching core.

He spoke again and his voice was like silk, stroking her senses and making her purr from the inside out.

“Here, in my bed and completely in my power. This is how I dreamed it since the first time we met,” he murmured, his tone somewhat raspy. Alyssa could feel his thumb flick over her clit, and she jerked. A flash of white-hot lust shafted through her as he thumbed her clitoris with light, even teasing strokes. Her lips parted in a soundless gasp as she found herself staring into the fathomless pools of his beautiful grey eyes.

“Alyssa, my exquisite pet. Now that I have you where I want you, meek, willing and wet…I can only speculate on one last thing. I need to know if you can handle this. I need to be sure you know exactly what you’re letting yourself in for tonight. Because once it begins, sweet pet, there’s no going back.”

Oh heavens yes, Alyssa thought as her spine arched, her whole body straining against her cuffs as she pushed her eager sex into his stroking, warm and expert hand. Almost like a dream, he slipped two of the longest fingers into her pussy. With a purposeful thrust, they were buried deep. They hooked unerringly into her g-spot and slid in and out repeatedly, demandingly. Ten seconds of this, and Alyssa had the sudden urge to scream out his name and cum all over his hand. Instead, she edged her imminent orgasm as far back as she was able, telling herself:
not now
Too soon

And instead, she licked on her suddenly parched lips, her eyes pinned to his as she told him softly but clearly, “I’m ready.”

* * * *

The night she met Lucas Edge had a hint of magic in it.

People who really knew Alyssa were well aware she wasn’t a fan of crowds, or social engagements. She was quite the private soul and would be quite happy cloistered at home, with family or close friends. She was far from a boring individual or a loner, but she was never comfortable among strangers especially if she was to be the center of attention.

It was some kind of awards slash charity party playing host to several notable movie stars, corporate moguls and other big industry players. It was the most glamorous event Alyssa had ever been present at and she owed it to her recent rise to fame.

Alyssa had always been a writer but it had been nothing more than a hobby. Last year, she’d been working in advertising as a well-paid copywriter. In her spare time, she took herself to another plane and wrote racy stories that could only come from her imagination and certainly not from experience. At age twenty seven, Alyssa was still very much a retiring flower when it came to the matters of men. A couple of long-term relationships in the past had been nothing to write home about. They had provided stability and emotional comfort at the time but were never anything adventurous or memorable enough in the sex department.

Now that she was single, in her stories her body could fly away, swept on the clouds by a handsome stranger. She’d always secretly hoped to be published but had never dreamed of the success that followed her first offering.

She’d sent it to the publishers after months of procrastination. To her utter amazement and delight, her work was on sale within the two months that followed. And since then there was no going back.

Now a popular and favorite author of women’s erotic fiction, Alyssa had written a handful of explicitly sensual tales of dashing, dominant males and the wildly desirable and inspirational heroines. From young women just exploring their sexuality, to working moms and housewives, Alyssa’s work appealed to all types, and yes, she even had a number of male fans as well. Never would she ever have dreamed one such fan would be the likes of Lucas Edge, enigmatic and darkly handsome bad boy billionaire entrepreneur.

Not that seeing him in the light of a ‘fan’ was strictly accurate. It went beyond that to something far more intricately evolved. Alyssa would learn much later that he’d heard of her work within his circle of friends and inquisitiveness had found him taking up a tome to discover what the fuss was about. A few chapters in, he told her, and he was compelled to consider the possibility of somehow meeting the mysterious writer behind the spicy contents.

At first it was mere curiosity, he told her soon after. But once they met; once he’d looked into her eyes and they’d spoken for the first time, Lucas Edge wanted only one thing from Alyssa Fox.

And that one thing was…everything.


“Oh dear me, who’s that handsome devil?”

Alyssa had a small tilted smile on her lips as her sister’s voice became hushed and breathless. But then Alyssa felt the ground tilt when she turned in the direction her sister Pam indicated with her eyes, and saw

Alyssa barely heard Janice laugh as she too, glanced round and viewed the tall, distinguishably dressed man who walked in with an equally eye-catching woman on his arm. His tux was impeccably cut, and his looks were arresting enough to warrant a second and third look. To be honest, Alyssa couldn’t help but stare. He was fucking gorgeous.

Alyssa wrote about leading men all the time. Excruciatingly handsome, pussy-drenching men who walked into a room and made everything else fade into the mist. Alyssa created such perfections on a regular basis but never believed she’d ever see one in person. A man who could steal your breath and make you wish you had a genie to magic him in moments to your bed, ready to ravish you to your heart’s content.

“Oh my God,” Alyssa whispered.

“Indeed,” Janice Potter, her agent, murmured with humor still lacing her voice. “Lucas Edge, sought after yet highly unattainable. A billionaire entrepreneur and corporate takeover mastermind. I’m surprised you’ve never heard of him, Pam.”

Lucas Edge and his companion were already flanked by other important-looking guests
, and it was smiles all round as these people of power conversed, drank and mingled. Alyssa wanted to look away but couldn’t. The way he held his head, his presence and just everything about him struck her from afar. How come she’d never heard of him, either? Well, maybe it was no surprise since Alyssa was never interested in much outside her own tight circle. She was regretting that more and more in the past several months and especially now. There was a whole world out there and she’d sheltered herself from it for so long. And now it was affecting even her work.

For the past two months, Alyssa had been struggling with her latest offering. Well behind schedule, she was finding it harder to create the dreamy and dark stories that were now so popular in its genre. In the beginning, it had been so easy to churn out the needed titles. Now a year since her rise to fame began, Alyssa had reached her dry spell. There was a time when meeting publishers’ deadlines had been no problem at all. Now, inspiration was wearing thin and it was making even Janice, her agent jittery. She advised Alyssa that it was vital to stay in season, as she put it. Alyssa was doing her best but the truth remained that stimulation in any form was lacking in her current attempts at a new book.

Well, she had her stimulation right here.

There he was, right across the room. Seemingly unaware of her gaze, yet making her feel that he had to somehow sense what she was feeling, even with so much distance between them. How could he not have an inkling of their kinetic relativity? Her whole body
for him, and it seemed to Alyssa that if he could just look her way, he would feel it too.

Janice went on providing more details about the man in question, and Alyssa could tell her sister was glowing with interest. Pam was barely twenty-three, fresh out of college and working on an internship in her chosen field of Microbiology. Like Alyssa, she wasn’t the social butterfly but knew how to have fun when needful. Both sisters were brunettes, though Pam was just that much taller and thinner. They could easily be taken for twin sisters because even with hardly any make up on, Alyssa looked pretty younger than her twenty-seven years.

Tonight, the glamor of the event had called for more effort with her attire and she’d taken Janice’s advice to splurge on a fashionable outfit, stylish hair and some killer heels. Alyssa felt immensely glad now that she’d taken the effort. Already, there’d been so many photos taken of her and she’d given a few interviews for articles discussing her most popular books and the prospect of a new title soon. It had all been exciting, seeing so many celebs around and being recognized herself. And yet all that paled next to the thrill of being in the same room with Lucas Edge, being able to look at him and just drink in the sight of such masculine beauty incarnated.

Janice tapped her arm to draw her attention back to them and Alyssa had to snap out of it, turning to Janice quizzically. “Lucas Edge hardly enjoys such engagements, but tonight he’s made an exception. As it happens, I’ve been expecting him to arrive all evening. I’m sure you’d be interested in knowing the reason.”

Janice had that wicked smile on her face that made her dyed red hair give her somewhat of a devilish look. “He wishes to meet you, Alyssa.”

Chapter Two

Alyssa could hardly believe Janice’s words, but it turned out to be fact. It seemed almost like a mirage to see him making his way through the crowd right to where she stood with Pam, who looked ready to swoon. Moments later he was there, his companion hitched to him like she wished to be conjoined to his arm. She was the proverbial trophy-type girlfriend, down to the blonde hair and model figure. She smiled graciously as they were introduced and informed Alyssa that she had all her books.

Much of the conversation went in a blur for Alyssa. From the moment she shook his hand and he smiled a charming, yet almost ironic smile, Alyssa hadn’t heard or seen much else. Up close he was far more lethal and it was all Alyssa could do to form coherent replies.

Janice thankfully did most of the talking and it became clear that Mr. Edge had a more business-like interest in Alyssa than she’d have preferred.

He’d recently acquired one of the big names in the publishing industry and he wanted to discuss the opportunity for a publishing contract with Alyssa and his company. He was intending that they deliberate it at some future date.

“I’m sure that can be arranged as soon as possible, Mr. Edge,” Janice said with a friendly smile. His nod was approving.

BOOK: Breathless Series -
11.75Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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