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No wonder I am starving! I haven’t eaten since dinner last night, and lord knows I got a hard workout. 


“You’re right.  Give me twenty minutes and let’s get our grub on!”


He laughs and gives me a quick kiss and smacks my behind as he retreats out the bathroom door.  “Twenty minutes.  I’m holding you to that!”


I’m hungry enough that I really haul ass, and I’m out of the shower with my hair damp dried and in a ponytail ten minutes later.  Five minutes after that I’m ready to go.  I’m wearing my favorite light blue halter maxi dress with a pair of Ralph Lauren firama espadrilles in white.  With a spritz of J’adore, I’m good to go.


We decide to go to Michael’s in Santa Monica so that after we eat I can explore the shops of Third Street Promenade.  Dante says he’ll be happy to tag along during the shopping portion of the day and we head off.


By the time we get to Michael’s I am positively ravenous.  We are both so hungry we each order starters and main courses.


There is a brief moment where I wonder if this will be awkward, the two of us sitting at this table trying to figure out what to say to each other.  Certainly that would be understandable- it’s overwhelming that sixteen hours ago we were just friends, and now we’ve had mind blowing sex three times. 


Amazingly, it’s not awkward at all.  We chat and laugh about a variety of subjects.  We’re definitely still enjoying each other’s company, just like we always do.  Only now, there is something deeper, which gives me a warm feeling inside.  We share the starters, which are phenomenal, and we each enjoy a glass of the Chardonnay.


As we finish our starters and are waiting for our main courses, it seems the most natural thing in the world when Dante reaches across the table and takes my hand. 


We spend the next few minutes like that, our fingers intertwined on the table, his thumb running across my knuckles in an absent motion while we talk.


The main courses come and we both dig in.  It’s safe to say that we had both worked up quite an appetite.  I eat every bite of my Michael’s burger and Dante does the same with his prime hangar steak. 


After Dante pays the bill, we head out and start walking.  He reaches out and grabs my hand and we wander comfortably to Banana Republic. 


I know exactly what I want, so I don’t meander through the store.  I grab three pairs of the pleated shorts in several different colors and then grab three timeless tanks in coordinating colors and I’m done.


Dante stares at me in disbelief as we make our way to the register.  I’m confused as to why.  “What’s the look for?”


He smiles down at me, and chuckles in amusement.  “I guess I shouldn’t be surprised because this is how you do everything else, but I love that you didn’t wander through the store and look at every single thing and hem and haw about what you wanted.”


I laugh in agreement.  “It’s true.  I’m a lot more decisive than that.  I know what I want and I don’t relish wasting time.  I’ve always been like this.”


We leave Banana Republic and Dante asks where I want to go next.  I decide I’m not really in the mood to shop.  I’ve got more than enough clothes and I just feel like having fun.

We decide to head down to the Santa Monica pier and go on some rides.  We spend the next few hours going on the pacific wheel, the air lifter, and the scrambler.  We play games and giggle, completely relaxed and enjoying the day.  It’s a blast. 


At three-thirty we leave the pier and head to Dante’s car for the ride to his house.  Today he’s driving his brand new convertible black Camaro.  I love this car.  The top is down and the sun is shining, and the drive is fun.


He drives with his right hand on my knee, and I feel the tingling sensation of his hand on my body.  It really is like a physical charge.


Suddenly, I have an idea. At the next red light I lift his hand from my leg and pull it to my lips and kiss each of his fingertips and then the center of palm.  Licking my way back up, I pull his index finger in to my mouth and suck.


He’s staring at my mouth while I do this, so he completely misses me pulling the hem of my dress up.  When the light changes, I pull his finger from my mouth and place his hand at the juncture of my thighs. 


His intake of breath is swift and immediate.  “Oh fuck Rina.  You weren’t wearing any panties under the dress!”


I shake my head and laugh.  “Nope, I’ve been bare the entire day, just waiting for the right time to let you know.”


His throaty growl leaves me with no doubt that this is a major turn on.  He’s the one who catches me off guard when he starts rubbing my already wet cleft.  My head flops back on to the headrest and I moan.


Dante chuckles and gives and makes a tsk-tsk-tsk sound. 
“Oh baby, you’re not going to want to do that unless you want everyone around us to know that I’ve got my fingers on you.”


My head snaps up and I look around.  There are cars in front of us and cars behind us, but no cars immediately on either side of us right now.  Two can play at this game.


I turn and smile at him as his fingers continue the slow slide back and forth over my super sensitized clit, enjoying the sensation for a minute. 


“Actually Dante, I think it’s you who’s going to want to keep it down so that the other drivers don’t know what I’m doing to you.”


He just has time to shoot a confused look at me before my hand descends in to his lap.  Oh yeah, he’s already hard.  I unzip his jeans and pull his cock out. 


He gasps and looks around in a panic as his dick throbs in my hand, but I’m more in control than he realizes.  I wouldn’t have pulled him out if there was anyone on either side of us. 


“Put the top up Dante, because I’m going down.”


He doesn’t need to be told twice.  He hits the control for the convertible roof to come back up and I flick the air conditioner on as he closes the tinted windows. 


Before the windows are all the way up I’ve got him in my mouth.  He’s so hard and delicious and I love having him split my mouth wide with his dick.


Each pass of my tongue over him is like heaven, and the taste of his pre cum is making my own arousal drip on to my thighs. 


The car comes to a stop at the next red light, and I look up to see that it is the last one before we get in to his neighborhood.  He looks down at me with an amazed expression on his face as I return to bobbing up and down and sucking him.  “Fuck Sabrina, what are you doing to me?”


I start humming and shaking my head back and forth on his cock, palming his balls with my hand as I do so.  Suddenly the car lurches forward and I hear the squeal of tires as he takes the turn. 


Within a minute we’re through his gate and pulling in to the garage.  His breath is coming in pants as he slams the car in to park. 


Once the car is stopped I do what I’ve wanted to do since I took him in my mouth at the light.  I get to work on swallowing the tip of his cock. 


It’s not easy but after a few tries, I do it. I’ve got more than several inches of him fully in my mouth now, some of that down my throat. 


He yells his approval and slaps the convertible top with his left hand as his right hand fists in to my hair.  With a final wild thrust in to my mouth, he cums.  I milk him for all he’s worth and lick him entirely clean when he’s done. 


His head is thrown back on to the headrest, his breath still coming in pants and gasps.  It takes him a few minutes to pull himself together, and I smile. I love seeing him out of control, knowing that I made him this way.


Finally he turns to me and says, “I don’t know where the fuck you learned to do that, but if I had known it would be this hot between us, I’d have bent you over my desk that first morning and fucked you senseless.  God knows I wanted to.”


I smile, big.  He’s so amazing.  “Well.  I didn’t ‘learn’ to do that on anyone.  Truth is, before today I’ve only given a handful, and I didn’t enjoy it.  But I do watch adult movies when I masturbate and I picked ideas up from there.  I do always enjoy sucking my vibrator before I use it, but blowjobs just weren’t my area of expertise.  I’ve never gotten as turned on with anyone else as I do with you.  It makes it so easy to be naughty.”


His jaw drops as I say all that.  “Sabrina… you completely amaze me.  You’re so open.  I love that you just told me that.  If you knew how many nights I fucked my fist over and over again thinking of being inside of you… well, suffice it to say, it’s been almost every night this year.  Regardless of what I’d done that night.  I’ve never gotten as turned on as I do with you either.”


It’s my turn to be breathing heavy now.  The idea of him stroking his cock sends a shiver through my body.  Fuck that would be hot to watch.  “Well, right back at you.  Every time I fucked myself this year, I’ve been thinking of you, crying out your name and wishing you were inside of me as I came.”


He’s out of the car like a shot and two seconds later the passenger door flies open as he yanks me out and throws me over his shoulder. 


He fumbles a bit with the key in the garage door lock and I giggle when he finally gets the key to work and almost kicks the door off the hinges as he opens it.


We make it as far as the kitchen. 
Putting me down so that my feet are on the ground, he spins me around so that I am facing the table. 


Raising my dress to my waist he says, “Grab the edge baby and hold the fuck on.”


I have about ten seconds to comply before he starts pumping the tip of his cock inside of me. I’m so wet that he gets inside me quicker than before, and I hold on to the edge of the table as he pounds in and out of me, the rhythm punishing and perfect. 


“God I fucking love watching while my cock goes in and out of your pussy baby.”  He’s barely finished the sentence before I splinter apart, gasping and moaning through my orgasm.


He pulls out of me and turns me around so that I am facing him, then he pushes me back against the table. My legs are like jelly and I need the stability of something at my back. 


Eyes glazed with arousal, he lays me on the table and removes my dress. Within seconds he is back inside of me, his cock hot and hard. I revel in the sensation, enjoying it thoroughly.  I love being full of him.  Even just thinking that it's
cock inside of me makes me quiver.  I’ve just cum but I feel like that didn’t even take the edge off.


Our mouths fuse together, kissing and licking.  His hands hold my hips steady as he saws in and out.  I’m so hot, I need to cum fast.  I slide my fingers between us and start rubbing my clit and quickly drive myself in to another orgasm. 


He rips his mouth from mine and growls down at me, “god baby, I fucking love the feeling of you cumming on my cock. So good. Fuck!”


BOOK: Broken Hart (The Hart Family)
7.78Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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