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He looks so young and happy, like he doesn’t have a care in the world.   I tuck the memory of his reaction in to my heart, never wanting to forget him like this.


I wiggle a little bit on his lap and I hear him gasp, and just like that, I’m desperate for him to be inside of me again.


He smiles at me and shakes his head in the negative.  “No honey.  This time we’re going to do this slowly.  I want to enjoy every inch of you.” 


I give a groan and a chuckle.  “There’s nothing wrong with fast and furious.  Last night was amazing.  We can get to slow later.””


He gives me the sexiest smirk as he rolls us so that I’m under him.  “Last night was amazing.  We will
be doing that again.   But I’ve wanted to do this for a year and I need to take this all in, to savor you.” 


Wow.  That’s a revelation!  So he felt it too.  I never knew.  In no time at all, he has me naked again.  Of course, there wasn’t much to take off considering that I was only wearing his t-shirt and briefs. 


Our lips meet and we start kissing again. The smell and the taste of him is like a drug that turns me in to a pile of pure need.


The speed with which I am fully aroused around him is alarming.  That’s never happened before.  In fact, with the two other guys I had sex with, I’d been barely lukewarm.  Until last night, I’d never had an orgasm with somebody else in the room.


I run my fingers through his hair, holding him to my mouth and I shift my hips up so that my core brushes the front of his jeans.  I shiver at the sensation. 


Dante pulls the holder out of my hair and spreads my hair out on the bed.  “I love your hair loose, like it's just for me.”


He runs his hands gently up my torso.  It feels delightful.  Next he does the unexpected, pushing my hair back and licking my ear. 


Ooh!  I’ve never had my ears nibbled on before, but turns out it’s an erogenous zone because it kicks my arousal higher.  Kissing his way across my throat he gets to the other ear.  I moan.  “Mmm.  That feels good!”


Eventually he moves from my ears and starts kissing, licking and sucking his way down my throat and chest, until he reaches my breasts.  My nipples are hard and tight and it feels so good when he starts alternating back and forth, licking and sucking both of my breasts. He ignores my pleas to hurry and takes his time suckling them both.


I’m finding it harder and harder to stay still and it only gets tougher as he starts licking his way down my body.


By the time he gets to my belly button and starts making circles around it with his tongue I am panting.  I get what he’s saying about going slow, but I need to be touching him too.


I put my hands in to his hair and pull his mouth back up to mine so we can kiss.  As our tongues duel, I start pulling his shirt off, breaking the kiss to pull it over his head.


“Take the pants off Dante.  You’re ridiculously overdressed for this.”


Standing, he quickly shucks his shoes and jeans.  Impossibly I get even hotter when I realize that he wasn’t wearing underwear.  His cock juts out, long and thick. 


I pull him down on top of me so that we can kiss again, and then I catch him off guard and roll him over so that I am back on top.  “It's my turn now.  I hope you like it slow.”  I give him a smirk as I lean over and mimic the things he just did to me, starting with his ears. 


Rubbing my breasts against his chest, I start kissing my way down to his neck, where I give him a few gentle nips, sucks and licks.


I continue licking and kissing my way down his chest.  Arriving at his nipples I do exactly what he did to me.  I take first one, then the other in my mouth, and then alternate between the two. His heavy breathing and the moan he gives when I gently bite his left nipple tells me that he is more than enjoying this.


I go back to licking my way down his chest, stopping when I get to his belly button so that I can swirl my tongue around the outside.  “Fuck Rina! That feels amazing.”


I murmur my agreement as I continue my journey lower.  I smile at him when I reach my destination, and I reach out to grip the base of his shaft in my hand. 


His eyes bore in to mine as I bend forward.  I never break eye contact as I lick the tip of his cock. 


I’ve given less than a dozen blow jobs in my life, always avoiding it because I didn’t really enjoy doing it.  That’s not the case with Dante.  I’m impossibly turned on by how hard he is, by the sight, texture and flavor of him.  I could do this for hours.


I lick his cock from base to tip, learning every inch of his shaft before I finally wrap my mouth around him.  Adjusting to his size, I start bobbing my head up and down, my tongue continuing to lick the vein that runs along the underside of his dick as I suck. 


He’s watching me with such an intense look, a mixture of awe, appreciation and arousal.  His hands tangle in my hair as I start to pick up speed.  I’m working the bottom half of his dick with my hand and sucking all of him that I can take, my mouth stretched to capacity.


Suddenly he sits straight up.  “Oh fuck! You have to stop baby or I’m going to cum in your mouth.”  I shake my head and moan with him in my mouth, which causes him to gasp for air.  “Fuck! That’s intense baby.”


My mouth pops off his dick and I give the tip a few more wet licks.  Without breaking eye contact I say, “I
you to cum in my mouth.”


He gives me the hottest look ever.  “If I’m cumming in your mouth, then you’re cumming in mine too.” 

Maneuvering us, he places me so that I am straddling his face, giving him the ability to lick me while I suck him.


Wrapping his arms around my waist, he pulls me in to his mouth.  It feels so, so good.  He gives an appreciative moan before he breaks away for a moment and says “Sweetheart, you get so fucking wet.  You don’t know what that does to me.” 


“I think I have an idea because you just got even harder,” I say as I return to his cock, taking as much of him in to my mouth as I can.  I lick my fingers and run my hand down to his balls, cupping first one and then the other in my hand, gentling massaging them.  I know he likes it because he starts licking me harder which encourages me to start sucking him faster and faster. I gasp and yelp as he thrusts two fingers inside and starts working them in and out of me. Dante can do things with his tongue and fingers that should be illegal. 


I’m on the razors edge, the feeling of his fingers and tongue doing things to me that I’ve never felt.

I can feel myself building, and I know I’m going to cum any second.  When he latches on to my clit and sucks, it's too much for me to withstand.  I lose it, popping my mouth off his dick and shouting out my release as I ride his tongue, moaning and pinching my nipples as it goes on and on. 


As my orgasm starts to come to an end, I go back to his cock with force.  I love the sound of his moans and gasps as I take him deeper and deeper in to my mouth.  Suddenly he stops me and lifts me up, turning me to face him.


“I want to cum in your mouth Sabrina, but I need to be in you first. Climb up and put me inside of you.”

I don’t need to be asked twice.  I align his shaft with my entrance and start working the head inside of me.  Once I get the tip in, I start sliding down.  I’m very, very wet and it makes the entrance easier. He lets me set the pace and I ride him, loving the feeling of his dick filling and stretching me beyond anything I’ve ever experienced.


Within a few minutes I have him all the way in, and just like last night he is hitting a spot at the bottom of my womb that is the most incredible sensation, too much and not enough all at once. 


I love having him inside of me like this, especially as he grabs my hips and helps me move up and down.  He works his finger between my legs and starts rubbing my clit in a circular motion.


My head rolls back and I start moving faster.  I massage my breasts and pull at my nipples, which intensifies what’s happening to my body. “Fuck Dante! It’s so good!” 


“Oh baby… it’s so much better than good” he says.  He picks up the pace a bit more and then bucks his hips up in to me, hard, and it sends me over the edge.  I continue riding him through my orgasm, bucking and grinding and moaning with each thrust.


I’m just on the other side my orgasm when he pulls me off his lap.  “Suck me baby.  I’m going to cum.”

I quickly make my way down his body and take him back in to my mouth.  The taste of the two of us is wildly erotic and I love it.


I alternate flicking my tongue over the head fast and sucking as much of him as I can in to my mouth.  His hands tangle in my hair and he moves my head up and down as he moans and thrashes uncontrollably.


I know when he reaches his limit because he holds my head still and starts fucking my mouth in wild abandon.  He gives a guttural cry as he starts cumming.  I’ve never liked the taste of cum before, but I gather every drop in my mouth, savoring his flavor. 


He looks down at me as he releases my head and I open my mouth to show him that I’ve collected his cum on my tongue.  His jaw drops open and I wink at him as I swallow.


“Holy hell Rina, that was so fucking hot. You’re going to give me a heart attack!”  Reaching his hands down he pulls me back up his body and gently kisses me before settling me in the crook of his arm.


We lay in tangled silence for a few minutes as we come back to earth.  I’m quite enjoying listening to the beat of his heart as I lay on his chest, our legs intertwined.  


God he smells delicious.  I’d never thought of sweat as an aphrodisiac, but with Dante it definitely is.  He’s absently running his hands up and down my arm and my back and it’s so relaxing, I doze off.




I wake up to Dante standing over me, pinching me gently on the ass.  “Ah!” I yelp.  “What the heck are you doing?”


“I’m finally getting your attention woman!  You really are the devil to wake up babe.  Come on.  The shower is running for you.  Get ready and let’s go get some food.”


I pout at him. “I barely dozed off.  I’m totally awake.”  I hold my hands up to him so he can pull me off the bed.  I’m disappointed that he’s fully clothed.  “Don’t you need to shower too?”


He hugs me and chuckles as he leads me in to the bathroom.  “No honey.  You were ‘barely dozing’ for the last forty five minutes, so I already took one.  Besides, if I get in there with you we won’t be going to lunch for a long time, and we haven’t eaten since dinner.  I could eat a zebra.  Aren’t you hungry yet?”


I laugh.  “A zebra huh?  I’ll alert the zoo to be on the lookout for you.”


I’m surprised when I look behind me at the clock on the nightstand.  It’s almost noon. 


BOOK: Broken Hart (The Hart Family)
4.13Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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