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Oh god, he’s even deeper.  I’ve never been fucked this hard before, and it’s incredible.  I’m panting and trying to ride my way through this.  I feel like I’m going to explode. 


Out of nowhere he smacks my ass.  As impossible as it seems, I am immediately wetter.   I yell out “Fuck! Yes!” 


He’s fucking me harder and harder and I can feel that he’s definitely at the end of his rope as his cock swells even fuller inside me. 


He smacks my ass again and I scream as I collapse in orgasm.  I can’t even continue to push back in to him. I’ve literally been fucked stupid.


Grabbing my hips in his hands he lifts me back up so that my knees are no longer touching the couch.   With a heady growl he starts slamming in to me with such force that I wonder if I will split in two.  Turning, I look over my shoulder at him, needing to watch him as he comes apart.


His eyes are locked on his dick as he slams in and out of me, but he must feel that I’m looking at him, because his eyes snap up to mine, glazed and intense.


The mid fuck look really works on him and I feel my slit get even wetter.  I imagine that this is what being in heat would feel like.  I’m almost out of my mind as I try to assimilate all of the new feelings that are exploding in my body.


Eyes still locked with mine, he starts to talk.  “Rina baby, this is so fucking good.  I’ve never felt this… fuck baby.  I’m so deep inside of you.  I love watching my cock slide in and out of you, seeing your juices all over my dick.  I can actually see your pussy clenching me right now.  It’s so fucking hot baby.” 


The look on his face and the sound of his voice has brought me back.  I’m so damn wet for him it’s crazy.


“Oh fuck Dante. Fill me with your cum.  I want it so bad.”  He gives a loud growl and grips my hips harder.  I’m probably going to have the imprint of his hands on me for days, but I couldn’t care less.  I
him to mark me.


He’s literally lifting me up and pulling me on to his cock with each hammered thrust.  I hold on to the couch cushion for dear life, my anchor in the storm. 


“Cum again Sabrina.  Let me feel you sweetheart.  I need this so much.”  He moves on hand under my body and rubs my clit, sliding and circling all around, my arousal continuing to slide out of me.  He pinches my clit with his fingers and that’s it, I splinter apart again, cumming so hard I damn near pass out.


I’m gasping for air, seeing stars, and my entire body is covered in goose bumps. Dante’s thrusting is less measured and more frantic now and suddenly he shouts “Yes! Fuck yes baby!” and then I feel his release blast in to my womb. 






We collapse spent on the couch, neither of us able to move.  We spend a few minutes in silence, both of us panting and trying to catch our breath.  When we both can finally breathe normally, he slides out of me and helps me sit up. 


Completely naked, we both sit back on the couch.  The area around us is a disaster.  There are ripped clothes and buttons everywhere.  Holy hell, that was intense.


I’m wondering what’s going to happen now.  What do I say? I’m saved from speaking when Dante stands and lifts me in to his arms. 


Carrying me as though I am weightless he walks up the stairs to his bedroom and then enters the master bathroom.  Setting me down on the vanity, he walks over to the shower and turns all the jets on. 

I sit back and enjoy the show.  His body is amazing, all muscle and beauty.  I’ve just cum more in one night than I ever have, and still the sight of him walking toward me from the shower has me aroused.


He smirks at me, almost as though he can hear my thoughts.  “Oh wow Sabrina.  Who knew?  You’re a naughty, insatiable, sex machine. What a revelation.” 


He stands in front of me at the vanity and kisses me.  Mmm.  Dante could teach kissing classes.  My sex is clenching in time with the gentle glide of his mouth.  Minutes pass as the bathroom mirrors steam up, the two of us locked in an embrace as we kiss and kiss.


Dante pulls back and leans his head on to my forehead.  “Rina, wrap your legs around my waist.  It’s time to get in the shower.” 


I comply without have to be asked again, rubbing suggestively against his erection as he walks us across the bathroom in to the shower. The water is heavenly and I groan in appreciation.


I move to take my legs from around his waist but he stops me. “Oh no you don't sweetheart.  I was going to wait, but that pretty pussy of yours is leaking our cum on to my cock and I need to be inside you again.”


He talks so dirty, it’s blowing my mind.  I’ve never been with someone who talks or fucks like he does and I love it. 

Positioning me against the wall, he lifts me up and then glides me down so that the tip of my sex is resting on his cock.  He stares in to my eyes as he starts sinking in to me very slowly, the moment stretching out between us, heavy and deep.  The expression on his face is so serious and intense, but I can't even pretend to analyze it just now because I'm too far gone. 


Like before, it takes the most work to get the head in, and my breath is coming in little gasps as he finally works his way in to me and impales me to the hilt very, very slowly. 


It’s so decadent.  My head rolls back as I revel in the feeling of him deep inside of me, my sex clenching and trying to adjust to the feeling of being overly full. If I’d known it would feel like this, I’d have jumped in to his lap the first day I met him.


Dante trails his right hand down to my soaking cleft as he works his cock in and out of me.  The touch of his fingers and the in and out movements of his dick are about to put me over the edge.


Tilting me so that he can thrust in to me at a different angle, he starts thrusting again, the penetration shallower but so intense as he hits a spot at the front of my vagina over and over, making me feel faint with sensation.


I need to see, so I look down and watch as his cock slides in and out of me, loving the sight of his fingers on me as he slowly slides in and out.  I can feel myself building again, and it’s like heaven.


I look up at him, and we are eye to eye.  I watch as his head descends to mine and we start to kiss again.  It's slower this time, and there isn't a corner of my mouth that he hasn't explored by the time he raises his head.


Each slow pump forward is getting me closer and closer to another huge orgasm. I’m so close. I can’t help it; I claw my nails down his back.  I have to, it’s so intense.  I want to mark him. “Fuck!” Dante yells.  “Do that again Rina. It feels so good!"  I hardly need to be asked, and I do it again.  “Rina! Yes baby, yes! Yes!"


His mouth returns to mine, our tongues tangling in time with his increasingly frantic thrusts.  Each forward thrust is hitting the spot faster and with more force.


I break off the kiss because I can’t catch my breath. I slide my finger down to where his hand is touching my clit and I start to rub it with him.  “Oh fuck Dante…  I’m going to cum again.” 


He nods his head and picks up a little speed, “yes baby.  I want it.  When you cum I feel it everywhere, as your tiny pussy squeezes so fucking hard on me honey.” With each thrust he is impaling me on his incredibly thick cock, my back rubbing against the hard tiles.


I see that he is trying to maintain control, but I want him as wild as I am.  I take my hand from between my legs, and put two fingers in his mouth, loving that his green eyes are almost black as he sucks my fingers and his control snaps. 


He slams in to me a dozen more times and just like that he starts to cum, filling me again.  I detonate around him as I feel the jets of his orgasm shooting inside me.


I am completely done in by this last orgasm.  I can only groan in appreciation as he pulls out of me and sets me down on the shower bench. 


Thank god he’s here, because I have no energy left to wash myself.  He gently rubs soap all over my body, and then helps me stand to wash my hair and face before sitting me back down on the bench where I sit back and enjoy watching him as he washes himself.


When he's finished, he dries my body before carrying me to his bed.  Without any further comment, he lies down and pulls me to him, my back to his front, and wraps his arm around me.  Even as tired as I am, my nipples pucker and I shiver at how good his nakedness feels against my back.  I consider turning over, but exhaustion starts to claim me.


The last thing I remember is him kissing the top of my head and whispering something that sounded like, “That was a dream come true baby.  Thank you." I’m too drained to think or speak anymore, and I pass out within seconds. 


I wake up sore and a little disoriented.  The room is dark, save for the glow from a bathroom light. There are arms wrapped around me, and I feel someone’s chin on my shoulder.  What the hell is…?


Oh!  It all comes back to me in a moment.  Holy shit.  I had sex with Dante.  Hmm.  That’s a massive understatement.   It wasn’t just sex.  It was the best sex I’ve ever had.  


Well.  That explains the soreness.  It’s not uncomfortable, comparable to how I felt when I started dancing and muscles that weren’t utilized often started being used… and used hard. 


I need to use the bathroom, which means I need to make my way out of the bed without waking Dante up.  I’m so not ready to deal with him yet.  I quietly work my way out of his grip and slither out of the bed, stealthily making my way to the bathroom. 


I’m stunned when I see myself in the mirror.  Holy hell!  My lips are swollen, my hair is a mess, and I’ve got faint love bite marks on my neck.  There is no mistaking the fact that I’ve just been well and truly fucked.


I touch my reflection in the mirror in surprise.  Even with messed up hair and being half asleep, I have a glow about me and I shake my head in wonder. 


Sex with Dante was so much better than even my best fantasy had ever been.  Given the chance, I’d easily become addicted.


I take care of business and then use Dante’s brush to deal with the mop that’s on my head.  It’s too much of a mess from going to bed without brushing to fix, so I decide to jump in and out of the shower again.  I’m
because I don’t want to wake him up and I feel much better when I get out.


I rub my hair and get it as dry as I can, then brush it for a few minutes.  Best I can do without a hair dryer, but at least it’s straight again and doesn’t resemble a bird’s nest. 


A quick check of Dante’s bathroom drawers produces a brand new toothbrush, and I’m delighted to brush my teeth.


It occurs to me that I need to make some kind of plan.  I won’t just go back out there and climb back in to his bed, because I don’t relish waking up tomorrow and dealing with his morning after regrets. 


Oh crap.  I stomp my foot and run my fingers through my hair.  What the hell have I done?  I shouldn’t have put my feet in my lap, and I damn sure should not have moaned. 

BOOK: Broken Hart (The Hart Family)
3.89Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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