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“I see.”

“You and Beth have it, too. In fact, it’s the two of you who made me realize that I even
to open up. I was so guarded, so careful. Then I watched her walk down the aisle—watched the way you looked at each other—and I realized that I wanted that.”

“Yeah, I’m a pretty lucky guy.”

“You are. And something tells me you two are going to have a lot of fun over the years. Just keep talking—all the time, always communicating. And don’t be afraid to be a little naughty. Trust, remember?”

“Didn’t I give you this advice yesterday?”

Casey laughed. “Maybe.” We pulled into the train station’s lot. “I made a video to share with him. Want to see?”

“From last night?” My heart skipped a beat.

“Yeah.” She held up her phone. “After you guys went to bed, I joined Amber and Paul. There was one more combo we hadn’t tried.”

Casey was on the screen, on her hands and knees. Paul was positioned behind her.

She hit play, and the image came alive.

Yes! Yes! Fuck me with that giant cock!

Paul slapped her ass, taking her with the same ferocity I’d watched her take Beth. He reached down, grabbed Casey by her loose mane of hair, and yanked her head back.

You like that? You like it rough?!

Casey answered with a spill of moans, an elongated
that ended in a scream that I can’t believe I’d slept through last night.

Casey hit pause and the scene stopped. “That was fun.”

“And your boyfriend is okay with that?”

Casey cracked a smile. “My boyfriend spent his weekend snowed in with our boss, fucking her brains out.”

“I see.” I had to laugh. “You know you’re welcome to stay longer.”

“I bet you’d like that, wouldn’t you?” She winked. “But I’d like to get home, you know?”

“To meet up with your boyfriend and...boss?”

Casey shook her head. “Just him.”

She didn’t need to say that she missed her boyfriend for me to hear it.

She hugged me across the gear shift. “Thanks for inviting me down. And happy birthday, Jason.”

“You’re always welcome.”

“I know. Thanks. But next time you decide to throw a wild, orgy-filled sex party, let me know ahead of time. I’ll make sure to bring a date.”

“Will do. I’d like to meet this guy, Adam, sometime.”

“Oh, you will. Don’t worry. I think you two would get along. And I think you and Beth owe him a few experiences...”

“Bye, Casey. It was really good to see you.”

“You two, Jason. You too.”

And that was our snowed in weekend. A weekend of fantasy fulfillment and adventure. Beth and I relived it in the weeks and months that followed, although we didn’t repeat it with Amber and Paul.

Not at first, anyway. Not until Paul proposed to Amber and Beth arranged a bachelorette party in Vegas.

But that’s a totally different story.


This book, like everything that eventually comes to market from me, has been a long time in coming. It’s evolved over the years since it’s first inception—inspired, naturally, by a blizzard a few years ago that buried me and my wife at home. Too bad we didn’t have friends like Casey, Paul, and Amber to spend it with, but it was a good time, nonetheless. I hope you enjoyed the end result; I certainly enjoyed writing it.

And yes, that was Casey from
. Haven’t read
? If you want more of Casey, check it out. If you want even more, drop me an email: [email protected]

Couldn’t have done any of it without these amazing folks:

Lucy V. Morgan, who not only edited this bad boy, but helped me with my cover when I was coming up blank, she’s a great advisor, image searcher, and best of all, friend;

Stephen, my more-than-a-beta-reader beta reader...also, tax advisor and all around great guy;

The good folks who’ve helped me found
(check out the new site if you’re looking for more quality erotica: Kirsten McCurran, Max Sebastian, and Ben Boswell;

My wife, my wife, forever my wife.

And all of you for buying the book. I say it every time, and every time I mean it more. If I believed in being blessed, I’d say I’m blessed. Instead, I’ll just say I’m lucky to have you. If you liked it, leave a review, tell a friend, or tell me if you want. I love hearing about it.

Stay warm!

About the Author

I’m just a guy who writes what I like to read: steamy, explicit erotica that’s just crazy enough to be true. I write romantic erotica. I write about characters that I like, and endings that feel natural. I write stories where husbands watch their wives get naughty. I write about MILFs and erotic games and loss of innocence. I believe in a world where men read and appreciate erotica, and hope to contribute to it word by word.

Find me online at
, or follow me on Twitter at @kennywriter.


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BOOK: Cool With Her
12.98Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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