Deadly Sins: An MC Biker Romance (9 page)

BOOK: Deadly Sins: An MC Biker Romance
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"Can you imagine actually getting hit like that?" asked George, one the stunt men, Hank.


"Shit no," Hank smiled. "I don't want to imagine it either. There's no way you could walk away from that, if she pulled the whole thing on you. You have that split moment, between the scorpion, and the knee, to get out of it, but if the knee connects, you are fucked."


"If Mike sends this out, it's going viral again." George predicted.


Mike was too excited, and so he pushed the scene they were going to work on, to this one. The crews reset for her attack against one of the rival club members, who catches her outside the club, with the intent of raping her.


It took five cuts to get the sequence right for Mike, but once he had it, he did a little happy dance, and ran with the video to the cutting room to splice together a viewing for the producer.


"Welcome back to YouTube Laura," George smiled.


"Thanks George. It's been so long since I was here Where are the bathrooms again?"


George chuckled, "You know your first vid hit a million the other day."


"You're shitting me!"




"That's amazing! I don't think I've ever had a million anything."


"That's going to change, on your next action movie," George said wisely. "You're going to get some serious cash for that one."


Laura suddenly realized he was right. In the next one, she was the primary. Her agent would get her over a million easy for that one. "I think I need something to drink. Anyone have something like tequila or heroin?"


"Got some pot in my desk," George offered.


"Yeah, let's do that," she nodded.


Roman walked up as they were finishing a bowl, and she passed it to him. He took a drag, and then passed it to George.


"I just signed a contract," Roman informed her.


"With who? For what?" she asked excitedly.


"With the studio, for your next film," he smiled.


"You're shitting me!" she squealed.


"1.5 for the screen play, three months from now," he told her.


"Million?" she gasped.




"Holy shit! This is so fucking cool."


"How do you feel about a scorpion tattoo on your neck?"




"Not a real one," he laughed.


"Really playing it up, aren't you," she smiled.


"Don't fuck with success," he said.




Three years later, Butch politely told various paparazzi to leave the drive
way. Which they did. Then he motioned for Laura, and Roman to come from the house to their limo. They were on their way to her latest opening night.


She would have preferred to arrive there on his bike, but her studio man begged her not to. "It was good the first time, and even the second, but please, not for this one."


Since this one was more of a comedy than an action movie, she acquiesced. It was Roman's first attempt at a comedy, so really it was more his night than hers, and she let him know it; fawning on him, and directing the light to him, rather than her.


The movie was funnier than she thought it was while they were shooting it. A lot funnier. She laughed so hard she peed a little. Just a little.


For the first year the tabloids made a big deal about him being the owner of a strip-club, but no one seemed to care. When she was asked about it, during interviews, she said, "Roman owns several businesses," and moved on. His membership in the Ghost Lights, only made him seem notorious, and brought him more offers. Hollywood loved the notorious.


Several times, over the last few years, she came into their living-room, in their new house, to find him on the sofa, reading a book, with his boots off. She would sit down, leaning against him, drinking her coffee. Then Minion would jump up to get in on the action. Her vision of home, complete and secure. All the rest was just stuff they did together. This was what it was all about for her, and she had it, with him.

BOOK: Deadly Sins: An MC Biker Romance
10.05Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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