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She was holding his hand when they stepped into his hotel room. Her body was excite
d, thrilled. The day at the park, and the ride back, had her shivering with nervousness. She wanted to strip as soon as they were inside, and then strip him.


As soon as the door was closed, however, she was embraced, and kissed so passionately that her toes curled. His kisses at the park were sometimes as exciting as the rides, but this one was serious business, and she knew that getting naked was about to be taken care of for her.


As predicted he pulled her shirt off, and then swept her up, and carried her to the bed. There he undid her pants, and pulled off her shoes. She giggled when he took hold of her jeans, and began to work them past her hips.


As soon as her jeans were off though, she scooted quickly to the middle of the king-sized bed, and lay on her side, with her hand propping up her head, "Your turn big-boy. Let's see some skin," she laughed.


Roman smiled, and then stripped off his tee, tossing it aside. His bare chest was just as impressive as she remembered it to be, and she bit her lip looking at him.


He made quick work of his boots, and then took down his jeans.


Laura felt that a cock was a cock. And she had seen a few. Not many, but she thought she was, at least, experienced. Roman's was like a cock-and-a-half, or maybe two. She quivered looking at it, and it quivered back at her.


"Holy shit!" she whispered.


"Not used to that, huh?" he said with a teasing voice.


"Honey, I assure you, no one is used to that. I will be fifty, and still surprised by that. There is no getting used to that," she informed him.


"I really like your bra and panties, but you need to take them off now. I might rip them," he told her.


"Alright," she smiled, unsnapping her bra, "but I get you first. So, get in here, and lie back. It's my turn."


"You're kind of bossy," he said with a smile, climbing into the bed next to her, as she slipped her panties down her long legs, and tossed them at her bra.


"I get like that when I'm nervous," she admitted, sliding over to him, and taking his cock into her hand as she kissed his chest.




"Baby, this thing is a monster, and you are about to use it on me. So, just hush up, and let me get that idea into my head for a while."


"Take your time," he laughed.


"Thank you," she smirked, and then looked back at his cock in her hand. Her hand couldn't get more than halfway around the thing. She had small hands, but still... "Is this thing even legal?"


"Never checked," he admitted.


She kissed her way down his abs, stroking his cock, and eying it as she got closer. Its hardness amazed her. It was surprising that he could still think with the amount of blood rushing through it right now.


Sliding it into her mouth, she tongued the head, and felt a surge of pleasure rush through her. Years of actress girl-talk told her that most women didn't enjoy giving-head, but she loved it. She moved down so that she was lying down his left leg, her legs spread across, his thigh between her breasts. Rubbing her body against his leg, she stroked and sucked him, getting into a seductive and arousing rhythm.


After working him like that for several minutes, and rubbing her clit against his leg, she climbed up, and straddled his hips. Using her hand she put the head to her aroused opening, and began pushing down, trying to get it inside her.


"Dear gawd!" she moaned as the head slipped in and stretched her open.


Roman put his hands on her thighs, and rubbed her, "Got all night, baby," he said with a soothing voice.


She looked at him, and saw lust in his eyes. More lust than she had ever experienced before, "You don't look patient."


He smiled, "You are the hottest woman I've ever been with. I can wait all night, and all day tomorrow."


His lust, though, said otherwise, and she wanted to fulfill his lust, not his words. Rolling her abs, and rocking her hips, she worked him inside of her, feeling every blissful inch stretch her as she did. She was only half way down, from what she could discern with her hand, when her first climax began.


"No," she moaned, "That's not fair."


Her climax didn't care about fair or foul. It rose, and took over her hips, urging her to move faster. The urge turned into a compulsion when she fought against it, and then she had no say in the matter at all.


"Oh shit, baby, I'm going to come. Fuck! Shit! I'm sorry. I wanted you to be first!" she whimpered.


She felt him rubbing her thighs, and she opened her eyes, and looked deep into his again. The intense craving she found inside his shadowed dark eyes, dangerous eyes, set her off. "Fuck!"


Her hips and abs pushed her down on him with such vigor, she arched, and threw her head back with a scream of passion. Then she started fucking him with her whole body, coming back forward to grip his chest muscles with her clenching hands. The lewd rotations of her hips were beyond her control as she fucked herself up and down his cock.


"Gawd! Roman! Shit! I can't stop!"


The climax rolled over her like a wave, taking her completely. She felt her clit rubbing against the base of his cock, he was completely inside of her now, and that sent her into a cluster of climaxes that convulsed her with madness. Her mind brought up the scene of her bent over her car, while he pounded this monster into her. The added detail wrung from her a climax that overshadowed the others.


Roman sat up, using just his abs, and wrapped her in his arms. She humped him, and thrashed in his arms.


"Please! Shit! It is so much!" she begged.


Then he was whipping her around to land her on her back, with him between her thighs, "Oh dear gawd!" she was able to say before he began thrusting inside of her, ramming his hips into her.


Wild, inside a frenzy of desire, her hips thrust back at him, matching his fervor with equal energy. Her climax came with such force this time, she was sure she was going to black out, but the world turned white instead, and her body increased its madness. Clutching and wrapping around him with legs and arms, she bit his chest and shoulder, screaming things she wasn't sure should ever come out of her mouth under the circumstances. Things like harder, and more, and faster.


When he climaxed she went savage, thrusting at him, squeezing his cock with the muscles of her pussy, milking him, prolonging his climax, and setting off another inside herself. 


He was motionless on top of her, while she continued to fuck, and thrust her hips around his weakening cock.


"Oh Jesus, Laura!" he moaned.


When he rolled off her, she rolled with him, coming to rest with her head on his chest, her body heaving for breath. Her hands gripping, and pulling at his chest and shoulders, "Fuck, that was... I have no words. What was that?" she panted.


"Worth a lot of details," he told her, his voice low, relaxed, and satisfied.


"Yeah, that's what that was," she nodded against his chest.


He wrapped his arms around her, and then started rubbing her over-excited body down. Soothing her, petting her, like she was a great cat. She purred, and snuggled her body into his, pressing against him, not being able to get close enough.


After nearly thirty minutes she was calm, and soothed, and feeling amazing.


An alarm of some type toned in the air, and she lifted off of him, looking for the source.


"Shit," he said, "I have to get this." He brushed her off gently, but firmly, and climbed out of the bed.


"What is that?"


"Skype call," he told her.


"That's where I've heard that before," she nodded.


He sat down at a table by the window, where his laptop was set up, and moved his microphone in front of him, then clicked with his mouse. "Hey Brent. I'm not alone."


"No problem. I'm calling about that thing you asked about." Brent's voice said out of the speakers.


"Alright, so what's up?" Roman asked.


"You really want this?"


"Yeah, I do. It... it would be important to me."


"You're thinking six months, six months after this project, right?"


"Yeah," Roman sighed, "That's about right."


"Think you can work out some visits during that time? Say, three or four a month? For appearances?"


Roman sat back. "Uh, yeah. I don't think that would be a problem. Sure. I'm sure of it."


"Done then. Have a good time. Can you get down here this Saturday? I have some other things to discuss with you. Nothing big, just bar stuff. But you're the manager, so..."


"Right," Roman nodded, "I can do that. Say, noon? At the club?"


"Perfect, see you then."


The Skype call ended with its hang-up tone.


She tried to compose herself, even posing in a sexy way as she lay on her side, but by the time he made it back to the bed she was crawling toward him with excitement, "Was that...was that his answer? For the writing?"


"Yeah," he smiled, scooping her up and sitting down against the head board with her in his arms. He settled her into his lap, and kissed her.


Wrapping her arms around his neck she kissed him back.


"So," she said, a little breathless. "You are going to be here, for a while then? Almost a year?"


He nodded. "Barring a few runs to San Diego, yes."


She composed herself as his outlaw status reared up in her mind again.


He seemed to feel the change, and waited.


"Alright," she started, "I'm like, seriously into you, and the sex for me was... shit...I still don't have words for that. Good, is not enough. Great, sounds like a commercial for some breakfast cereal. Outstanding, is obvious..."


"It was like that for me too," he nodded.


She shivered, feeling his sincerity. "I'm so very happy to hear that, because I really want it again... tonight."


He smiled. "I can do that."


She wiggled with a happy shiver, and then composed herself again. "But... before that... I need to know... I need to know what you can tell me. About what you do. The real stuff. I won't go running screaming down the hall. I promise, but I can't promise I'll stay either, because there are a lot of things in my head that I'm really not comfortable with."


She bit her lip. "Brent mentioned a bar?"


Roman nodded. "Pacers. It's a strip club. I manage it for the club. On paper, I'm the owner."


"Strip club?" she wondered. "Prostitutes?"


"No, not there. I don't deal with that. The reason I'm the paper-owner is because of the liquor license. I'm not a felon. Got a clean record, and good credit. Liquor licenses are a major expense, and with a strip club, really easy to lose. So, in fact, one of my responsibilities is to make sure the girls aren't selling their ass on the side."


"Is that a big problem?"


"Oh yeah. Those girls really want to fuck, and make money doing it, so it is a constant management issue."


Laura stored that away, since Julie Storm was a dancer in the biker club. "So, no drug running?"


"I have done that, yes, but not anymore."

BOOK: Deadly Sins: An MC Biker Romance
8.38Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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