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"Nope, but only because it never came up. I'm not a nice man Laura. I don't have a lot of civic mindedness in my wiring."


She bit her lip, and then said, "I don't care about your wiring. I care about you, and what you are actually doing."




She considered this. "Not to reform you, or change you. I promise that, but I have limits. Most of those limits are around the haven of my home, and I really want, someday, for you to be sitting on my couch, and reading a book. But there's more to consider."


"Such as?"


"Well, I'm not famous right now, but after this movie, I'm going to have more offers. Offers for movies where I don't die, for example. I'll be famous soon. Within the year. Famous enough that paparazzi are going to be interested in me. Once that happens, you are going to be of major interest to them -- if you are coming to my house, or leaving the studio with me, or even if I'm just coming to your hotel room."


"We're pretty good at keeping secrets," he smiled.


She shook her head, "Think about that statement. Really? Paparazzi are like cockroaches. They dig, and infest. They risk beatings, they risk death. Seriously. They have no rules or sense of right and wrong, and absolutely no respect for privacy."


He lost his smile, and gave that some consideration. She waited, kissing his cheek.


"That could be a problem, on several levels," he finally said.


"Skype, I understand, is encrypted, that's why you use it, right?"


"Yes," he nodded.


"Even to tell you something as mundane as, you can stay here, and be a writer for a while," she pointed out. "I know you have a cell-phone, but Brent used Skype. Paparazzi are known for commonly using bugs, and hidden cameras." she pointed out.


He shifted uneasily under her.


She ran her hand through his hair., "I'm sorry, have to know this. It's part of the package. Even if I didn't care what you did at all, they will. And the reason they will care is not because it is wrong, or right, or otherwise, but because it will sell papers."


"You're not very good at pillow talk, are you?" he said, still mulling all this over.


"I'm fantastic at pillow talk. I love it, and I'm quite happy to hear you indulge as well, but baby, this is my world, and I'm not sure our worlds mix well."


"Honestly, I had not considered this issue, when I took an interest in you," he said after a long time.


"Are you being forced to reconsider your interest?" she asked weakly.


He looked her in the eyes. "I'm not willing to give up on you, not that easy."


She lay against him, snuggling and kissing his neck, "That makes me very happy." Then, after a pause, "Now, tell me what I don't want to hear from your side. Let's get this over with tonight, please?"


He took a deep breath and then exhaled. "The Ghost Lights are an outlaw club, and I'm a member of that club. Right now, I'm a strip-club owner, and that takes up most of my time. But, I'm on call if something comes up, and they need me. That could include drug running, or at least helping with a drop. Robbery and other things are below me. I don't do those any more. Prostitution is handled by a group of guys, and I wouldn't be called into that as long as I am the owner of the club. Mostly, I'm insulated, because of the club ownership, from everything else. If I got busted, for anything, it would cost the club hundreds of thousands of dollars with the loss of the liquor license."


She exhaled. "I can handle that the world is going to know that I'm involved with a man who owns a strip club. I can even handle that he's also the member of a known outlaw club." She sat up and kissed his cheek. "I can handle that this could change in some weird future as well, as long as you are honest with me, and let me know what is going on."


"Can you handle that in your house?"


"I'm getting there, and it is a definite possibility that we could be doing this in my bed, sometime soon."


She felt his cock getting hard under her ass, "I see this pleases you," she teased.


"Very much," he said.


"Would you mind if I spent some serious time sucking on you? I would really enjoy that."


"Not right now," he said, setting her to the side, and then she was being spread open, and his face was going between her thighs.


"Oh my gawd!"



On the way out of the hotel, early the next morning, a man stepped up, and shot a series of photos of them holding hands, "Morning Ms. Turner! Mr. Gray! Thank you!" and then he ran off.


Laura watched him run, and then looked up at her lover. "I guess I was wrong about that year. I'm sorry."


Roman looked after the man, his face unreadable. Then he looked down at her, "Let's get to work."


At mid-day, she got a message from Roman saying that he had things to take care of, and asking her to take a cab home. With the message was a hundred dollar bill. "Like I can get change for this," she smiled. She pocketed the money in her skin tight Daisy-Duke shorts, and tossed the note.


The studio had a service that could get her home. She wasn't worried about that, she was worried about Roman. The next scene was starting though, and Julie Storm was only worried about Brick Tanner. She smoothly slipped back into her role, and walked to the set, not thinking about Roman again for the rest of the day.



The next two weeks were grueli
ng. Every other day she was in follow-up training, to keep her body firm and tight. The shooting, during the other days, extended into twelve and fourteen hours.


When she woke, she longed for Roman, but even before she got to the set, Roman was in the back of her mind, and Julie Storm, who currently didn't give a shit about anyone but herself, was at the wheel.


The Friday of the Cast and Crew party, Julie Storm got to use her scorpion-kick for the first time against a biker from the rival club, who was trying to strangle her. The knee came up behind her, and then with a twist of her hip, her leg came over the top of her shoulder and nailed the guy right in the forehead. Of course, he was then pulled back by a wire attached to a hidden harness around his chest, hurtling him away from Julie Storm, and into a wall. He bounced off the wall, and landed at her feet.


"Cut!" Mike shouted, "Fucking amazing! Beautiful! I loved it! Tell me we got that? Please tell me we got that! Shit, it looked like you really kicked him."


"She did," said the stunt man as he got off the cushioned floor mat, rubbing his forehead. "That fucking hurt Laura. You're supposed to pull that kick."


"I'm sorry!" she pleaded. "Oh shit, are you alright?"


"Yeah, I'm fine. Just shocked me really. I didn't think you could get much power out of a kick like that."


"Do you need ice or something? Gawd, I'm sorry. I didn't think it would go that far over my shoulder! Shit!"


"No, really, I'm fine. Hell of a kick though. Son of a bitch, that was weird seeing your foot come flying over your shoulder like that. Your facial expression was perfect too. Looked like you really wanted to kill me." He laughed.


"Um, thanks, you're sure you're alright."


"Fine, fine, let's go see it on the monitor. I'm dying to see this."


The cameras caught three point-of-views of her kick, and they watched all three, four times through. Mike was ecstatic, "I knew that would work!"


"Julie should do more with her legs when she dances," Laura said, "So this isn't such a surprise. I mean, where would Julie learn a kick like that? It's a little too good. Don’t you think?"


Mike calmed down, and they watched it over again. "You're right. We'll have to re-shoot the dancer scene. Have her do the kick, only slower, more seductive. Can you do that? Can you control it that much?"


She thought about it, visualized it in her head, and then lifted her knee up behind her, and brought the kick up, as slow as she could, past her shoulder.


"Yeah, that's it, perfect!" Mike smiled.


A few whistles of appreciation echoed Mike's approval from some of the crew. Laura blushed a little, and lowered her leg. "You'll see more later," she told them with a grin.


"Right!" Mike said, clapping his hands. "Next shot!"


She took a shower in her trailer, and then went home to change for the party. She hadn't seen Roman at all today. She was hoping he would be at the party tonight. She also hoped that the paparazzi shot didn't force him to drop her. He hadn't even called. Well, to be fair, she asked him not to, because she was going to be focused on her character most of the time, and she wanted to be herself with him, not Julie. But still...two weeks?


She wore a black and silver gown to the party, with heels, and a string of pearls her grandmother gave her. The gown showed plenty of cleavage, and her full back. It also had slits up the side to just about the top of her hips, so when she walked, plenty of leg, and just a little ass, was flashed. 


The party was more or less formal. It would include all of the crew, and the cast, with some of the studio people, as well as the producer. It was a chance to network with people in a way you simply didn't have time for on the set. Not showing up wasn't really an option for her. This was her stepping stone production. She wanted all the networking she could get.


The producer came directly over to her as she came into the room, and kissed her cheeks European style as a way of greeting, and offered his arm, which she took, giving him a smile.


"I saw your kick," he started with.




"Mike sent it over by email," he laughed.


"What did you think?"


"I think choking you is a very bad idea," he smiled.


"I'm in a gown now, so you are safe," she grinned.


"What are you doing after this?"


"Looking for work," she said simply.


"I have another project in the works. It's a romance comedy. Interested?"


Her heart did something weird, and then flopped to the side. "Yes."


"I'll send the script to your agent. Can you get back to me before the end of next week? I really want you in this one," he told her.


"Is there kicking involved?" she asked.


"No, nothing like that. It's your presence I'm looking forward to. You have a great presence on the camera. I'm surprised that you have been doing action, and zombies."


"Thank you, that's very nice," she said, still a little thrown by the offer. "I'll look over the script this weekend, and let you know," she continued, not really caring what the script was; she was going to take it.


He took out his cell-phone, and speed-dialed, "Yeah, get that comedy script over to Laura's agent tonight. I want her to have it first thing in the morning. No, I don't know where he is, find him, deliver it, tonight."


He hung up the phone and gave her a smile, "She'll get it to him."


"I bet she will," she agreed. "You could have her simply bring it to me here, if that would work better."


"You wouldn't mind?"


She shook her head slowly, "No. I'll just take it to my car, and come back up."


"Sweet," he said, and pulled out his cell-phone again, and changed the instructions with whoever was being pushed around on the other end of the line. "Mike told me you are very easy to work with, very professional."


"I try to be, yes."


"That's getting rare these days, but I hold that in high regard."


"As do I," she nodded.


"So, I'm not going to ask you to sleep with me or anything like that, alright?"


"I'm good with that," she told him, not surprised at all by the bluntness.


"Good. Besides, I think Raymond would object, and he's a pretty tough guy."


"You mean Roman?"


"Is that his name? I thought they were joking. Roman? And speak of the devil, there he is."


She followed his eyes, and there he was, coming through the door like he owned the place, and was simply there to check on his guests. And he was in a tux!


Fuck Brad Pitt, she thought to herself.


"I need to go see him," she said absently, letting go of Barney’s arm.


"Sure, sure, I'll talk with you soon though, about the script, right?"


"Of course," she said, not looking at him, and drifting away, pulled by Roman's presence.


Roman spotted her, grinned, and came straight toward her, "Damn," he sighed.


"What?" she asked, touching her lip with her tongue.


"Two weeks, and I still haven't scratched the surface of how much I need you."


"Sweet talker," she smiled.


"I wish it was just talk, I really do. It is seriously bothersome to want you so much."


"I'm all yours, if you want. Julie isn't home right now."




"Serious mind wipe, as soon as I saw you in that tux," she ran her hand down his lapel and then across his chest. "This isn't a rental either. It fits you too well."


"No, I bought it two weeks ago for this party," he admitted.


"Money well spent," she nodded. "And I'm sure it will survive, with only minor seam splits, when I tear it off you."




"Don't tempt me, not right now. I'm very open to just about anything. Public displays of sexual ecstasy included in that list," she warned.


"Plenty of dark corners, and that gown looks very accessible, with that high split up your thigh."


She was about to tell him she was running commando, and he was free to do as he pleased, when a young looking man came up to them. "Roman? I'm Jimmy Smith."


Roman forced his eyes away from hers, and shook hands with Jimmy. "How are you?"


"I'm good. Look, I was talking to Frank, the writer you are working with, on the other thing?"


"Yes?" he said, glancing back at her breasts, twice as he said it.


"Well, I'm the head writer on a project that is running right now, and we need some serious re-writes. The script just isn't working on the camera. Can you work with us over the weekend? I can make it worth your time, and you'll get a mention in the credits."


"This weekend?" he said, again glancing at her breasts.


"Say eight hours tomorrow, and six on Sunday?"


"Um, I... hold on a moment, will you?"


"Um, yeah sure."


"We got the weekend? You said something about that, right?" he asked her.


"I have a script to read. I can be busy too, and we can meet up after?" she suggested.


"Say, nine-to-five on the working?" he asked.


"That works for me," she nodded.


"Good," he turned back to Jimmy. "I guess you lucked out; let me get your number.


"Oh! This is great!" Jimmy turned to her, "Thanks so much, really. Sorry if this is cramping something."


"Not at all. Like I said, I have a script to read through for a new film. It works out."


"I saw your kick, by the way. Awesome!" he told her.


"Has everyone seen my kick?" she laughed.


"It's on YouTube, so, yes, probably," he said shyly.


She laughed, when she realized that everyoneprobably had seen it by now. "Oh my!"


"It's gone viral," Jimmy nodded. "I got it posted to my Facebook already from two separate friends, who aren't in the business."

BOOK: Deadly Sins: An MC Biker Romance
8.2Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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