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Just then, as if she were attempting to
clinch the title, her ass began to pitter-patter up and down on the
bed as she groaned and gurgled out around Eduardo’s gargantuan
penis. As she came and came, Preston glanced at his watch and saw
that they had been going for another thirty minutes as he felt his
own juices begin to bubble and boil. He was going to fill her up
again. Fill up her hot, hungry cunt with another load of his, hot,
creamy cum. There had to be more than a billion little sperm
already swimming around inside her pussy, and now he was going to
give them some more company. About to send another division into
the battle to find and attack her egg. But all it would take was
one lucky sperm to find her ovum and fling itself at it hoping to
penetrate it and fertilize its fertile core.

The perverted thought of impregnating his
step-mother brought on his massive eruption as gobs and gobs of
hot, potent semen began to spurt and spew out of his bucking cock.
Making his step-mother pregnant with his child was just about the
most perverted, depraved thing he had ever thought of. Fucking her
was bad enough, but knocking her up! That was so far off the scale,
he couldn’t believe he had actually thought of it. And the funny
thing, he laughed to himself, his cuckolded father, Clarence would
probably think of himself as the progenitor of the kid.

Just think, he sickly thought. His
step-mother walking around with her big, fat belly carrying his
kid! That was so totally sick he told himself as his peter pumped
out more and more lethal, noxious cum into the ravenous hole down
between Gwen’s splayed-out legs.

Maybe it had already happened. Had he done
it? Had one of his sperm already done its job and inflicted its way
on her? Or maybe Eduardo had beaten him to the punch and
infiltrated her defenses to impregnate her. They had shot so much
stuff into her, it would be a wonder if one of them hadn’t
succeeded. And Preston doubted that his mother was using any
protection as he had heard her and Clarence discussing the
possibility of having kid. So it was a distinct possibility.

Preston slowly backed his cum-coated cock
back out of his mother’s pussy as she continued to suck and pull on
Eduardo’s giant prick. But once he was clear of her, she jerked her
mouth off Eduardo’s cock and quickly pushed up onto her hands and
knees. Then she roughly shoved Eduardo down onto his back and
straddled him. With her big, succulent melons dangling down below
her, she shoved a hand back down between her legs and grabbed hold
of Eduardo’s stiff, hard penis. Brusquely jerking it up into the
air, she slowly sank her oozing pussy down onto its tapered

Then, with a little snort, she let go of his
cock and dropped her hips consuming his giant prod all the way up
to its hairy hilt in one swift gulp.

“Ahhhhhh... Mommy’s little pussy loves
Eduardo’s big, old cock...” she sighed, grinding herself down
against him and twirling his big cock round and round inside the
tight confines of her clutching pussy.

“What about Preston’s cock?” Preston angrily
snorted. “Doesn’t Mommy like it anymore?”

“Oh, don’t be a crybaby. Yes, Mommy loves
Preston’s cock, too,” she cooed. “Put it in me, too. Mommy will
take you both. Take you both at the same time in her little

“They’ll never fit, Mom,” Preston complained,
not believing he had just heard her tell him to put his cock into
her while she was fucking Eduardo. He couldn’t even believe that
Eduardo had gotten his giant penis inside her and now she wanted
both of them in her! Un-fucking-believable!

“Put it in me,” she purred, still grinding
herself against Eduardo while he toyed and clutched at her dangling
tits. “Be a good little boy and put your cock in my pussy,

Still not thinking it possible, Preston
crawled over Eduardo’s hairy leg and moved up behind his mother’s
upturned ass. Looking down, he watched Eduardo’s giant of a cock
slowly slithering in and out of his step-mother’s pussy. Taking
hold of his own jutting penis, he slowly bent it down until its
tapered tip was just brushing along the ridged underside of
Eduardo’s gigantic cock. Then, holding onto its shaft, Preston
began to lean forward and force the head of his cock down into the
tight opening. The little ring of flesh at the bottom of her pussy
began to stretch and dilate as Preston forced the head of his cock
into her. It was the strangest feeling, Preston giddily thought.
The soft clutch of her pussy wrapped around the top of his cock
while the underside of his penis rubbed along the unyielding
hardness of Eduardo’s giant penis.

Deeper and deeper he went, his cock plowing
into the tight muck of Gwen’s pussy as Eduardo continued to pump
his cock into her at the same time. Then, at last, Preston had all
eight inches of his penis buried down inside his mother’s
overstuffed pussy and his big balls dangled down resting atop
Eduardo’s even bigger balls. He hadn’t believed it possible, but
she had taken both of the giant pricks inside her pussy at the same

How? How could she do it? How could she take
both of the cocks at the same time, Preston dizzily wondered,
staring down at her gaping pussy?

“Fuck Mommy... fuck Mommy with your big, hard
cocks,” Preston heard his step-mother groan out as she stood on her
hands and knees with over a foot and a half of stiff, rock-hard
cock shoved up her pussy.

Leaning down over his mother’s sweaty back,
Preston reached up and curled his hands around her shoulders. Then
he began to jerk her back and forth on their embedded peters at the
same time she lurched back and forth, impaling herself on the
jutting giants.

In and out, in and out, the two cocks slashed
as she humped herself back at them. Grunts and groans filled the
air and melded with the other coarse, vulgar sounds of fucking.
Then all at once, his mother’s head flew back, slinging her sweaty,
long blond hair onto her back and Preston saw that the muscles in
her back were tightly clenched and quivering as she shook her way
through yet another orgasm.

Unbelievably, Preston felt the tight clutch
of her pussy grow even tighter as it began to clutch and squeeze
down around the pistoning cocks.

While Gwen writhed and groveled her way
through her orgasm, he and Eduardo continued to pump their big
cocks in and out of her spasming pussy as her hot juices poured out
around their embedded penises and flowed down onto Eduardo’s balls
like a waterfall.

Finally, the spasms stopped working their way
through her pussy and began to weaken as the two giant cocks
continued to slash in and out of it.

“Preston, Baby, put it in my ass...” Preston
heard Gwen whisper. “Put your cock in Mommy’s ass and fuck her
there, too...”

Preston nearly lost it as the thought of
taking her in her beautiful, hot ass sizzled through his fevered
brain. She wanted him to fuck her in the ass? Just how fucking
crazy was that? Coming in her mouth, fucking her pussy, fucking her
pussy at the same time Eduardo was fucking it was all crazy enough,
but fucking her in the ass. Beyond belief! And doing it while
Eduardo was fucking her pussy? Out of the box! Over the top!

“You want me to fuck you in the ass?” he
mumbled, wanting to make sure he had heard her right.

“Yes—yes—yes—“ she hissed at him. “Mommy
wants her Baby to stick his big cock in her ass and fuck her with

Slowly backing, he pulled his goo-covered
cock back out of his mother’s pussy. As he did, he watched the
muscles around her pussy contract back down around Eduardo’s big
prick as it continued to tirelessly slosh in and out of her.

Holding onto his slippery, juice-slathered
cock, he moved it up to the fluted circle of darkened flesh peeking
out from the crack of his step-mother’s fabulous ass. Placing the
rounded tip of his cockhead in the very center of the puckered pout
of her asshole, he spread one cheek of her ass out and slowly began
to force the head of his prick down into the tight, clenched
constriction of her anus. Then the darkened circle of furrowed
flesh began to stretch and the opening in its center began widen to
allow the tapered head of his penis to ease down inside it.

Preston watched on with fevered excitement as
the opening stretched wider and wider and more and more of his
cockhead disappeared down inside it. Then all at once, with a wet,
little squish, the head of his penis slithered into her ass and
Preston felt the tight ring of muscles encircling her asshole
collapse down around the shaft of his cock.

“Unhhhhhh...” he heard Gwen murmur out as he
slowly eased more and more of his cock down into the strangling
tightness of her ass. His penis slithered deeper and deeper up her
rectum until at last, his belly bumped up against the soft, giving
cheeks of her beautiful ass.

He was in her ass. He was in her beautiful
ass. He had all eight inches of his cock shoved up inside her hot
ass. Holding himself motionless, Preston fought against the urge to
dump his load of cum into her ass until he at last had it under
control. Then, wrapping his hands around her tiny waist, Preston
eased his cock back down her rectum. As he did, the ring of
darkened flesh reappeared as it tightly clung to his retreating
penis. He kept backing his peter out of her until he felt the
flared rim of its head nudge up against the tight stricture of her
anal sphincter. As it did, he leaned back into her and slid his
cock back inside the clutching heat of her bowels.

“Yes—fuck Mommy’s ass with Baby’s big,
fucking cock,” Gwen groaned out as Preston began to slowly rock
back and forth and stroke his big cock in and out of her tight

Preston had never felt anything so tight, so
hot wrapped around his cock. Fucking her pussy had been fantastic.
But her ass was in a league all by itself. Hell, it was a sport to
itself. The fact that she had given herself up and let him fuck her
pussy had been incredible, but letting him fuck her in the ass was
totally off the scale. The Perversion of perversions, he sickly
thought as he watched the thick shaft of his penis sliding in and
out of the tight clutch of her anus. At the deepest penetration,
Preston felt his step-mother’s ass clamp down around the head of
his penis. And every time it did, it elicited a soft murmur from
her lips.

Watching the cheeks of his mother’s ass
ripple from the force of his thrusts, he humped harder, trying to
send his penis even deeper into the hot, clutching depths of her

As he fucked his mother’s ass, Preston could
feel his big, dangling balls scraping along the slippery underside
of Eduardo’s pistoning penis as it sloshed in and out of his
step-mother’s pussy at the same time.

On and on into the purple night went the
fucking with one giant peter filling her pussy while the other
slashed in and out of her ass.

Another five orgasms for Gwen and another
hour drug by before Preston felt the stirrings of another fireball
begin to gather itself down inside his flopping balls as the men
continued to bang away at Gwen’s accommodating pussy and ass.
Preston was so tired he could hardly stand up, but that didn’t stop
his ravaging attack on his mother’s ass. He wouldn’t stop until he
filled his mother’s hot ass with a load of his creamy cum. Humping
away at her ass, Preston felt the tremors portending the massive
eruption drawing closer and closer together as he rushed headlong
toward it.

Then, all at once, he felt an electrifying
spasm of pleasure rip through his cock making it jerk and spurt out
a massive wad of scalding hot semen into his mother’s ass.

“Ohhhhhh—sooooo hottttt—“ she gasped as her
head flew back, her back arched and she thrust herself back against
him, impaling herself on both of the giant organs thrust up inside

As Preston’s cock continued to twitch and
spew down inside the hot muck of her ass, he heard Eduardo give out
a loud, groaning grunt. Fucking unbelievable, Preston giddily
thought. All three of them were coming at the same time as more and
more thick, hot cum poured out into his mother’s pussy and
ass...He’d heard of simultaneous orgasms before, so was this a
trimultaneous orgasm? That was the last thought he had before he
fell to the bed in total exhaustion…




Preston found himself waking to the sound of
creaking bed springs and something hot and wet clutching at his
cock. Groggily opening his eyes, he saw that his mother was
astraddle him franticly humping her hot pussy up and down his big,
stiff penis while her giant, dangling breasts wildly slashed the
air above him.

“Mother...” Preston groaned, glancing down at
his wrist watch to see that it was twelve o’clock.

“Oh, goody, you’re awake,” she giggled. “I
was getting a little tired...”

“But...” he muttered, watching her lean
forward and let his big, stiff, goo-slathered cock slither out of
her big, oozing pussy. “I thought we were going on to Thrillica

“I changed my mind,” she laughed, crawling
off him and flopping down onto her back beside him. “We’re going to
spend another day here on Erotica, then we can go to

“Uh, that sounds good to me,” he grinned,
reaching over and tweaking one of her big, hard nipples. “It’s not
every day that a son gets to spend some real quality time with his
Mom...uh, step-mom…”

“Isn’t that the truth,” she giggled,
clutching at his penis, trying to pull him on top of her.

“Where’s Eduardo?” Preston asked, pushing up
to his hands and knees.

“He said something about reporting something
to the maintenance people. He’s out in the living room. Why don’t
you go see what’s keeping him. Tell him, Mommy is still horny,” she
cackled, throwing her legs apart and slowly rubbing her finger back
and forth across her clit as Preston crawled out of bed.

BOOK: Erotica
6.6Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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