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“Mother—“ Preston complained, jealously
wondering how Eduardo would ever get his colossal cock down inside
his step-mother’s hot, little pussy.

“I’m sorry, Baby,” she whimpered. “But Mommy
needs more cock and her little baby’s too tired to give it to her.
You rest up now, and when Eduardo is through with Mommy’s pussy,
you can have some more of it.”

Preston couldn’t believe that his step-mother
would let Eduardo fuck her. But then again, hadn’t she let him fuck
her, too, he dizzily thought. It was all so bizarre and confusing.
The aphrodisiac was making everything seem unreal like some kind of
wacko porn movie or something. The stuff was really, really

Preston watched as Eduardo slowly shuffled
across the room. Eduardo’s giant organ was so hard, its shaft was
arched like a big, pink banana. The way it was bent, it molded
itself to the curve of Eduardo’s fat, little belly as the ogre’s
big, purple head glistened wetly with a film of the clear goo
seeping out of the big hole in its tip.

“Mother, don’t...” Preston jealously whined
as Eduardo placed a fat knee up on the bed and slowly crawled up
onto it.

Gwen was out of control. She wanted cock and
Eduardo had just what she wanted. She didn’t even bother to answer
his futile complaint as Eduardo crawled up between her outstretched

Balancing on his chubby knees and one pudgy
hand, Eduardo grabbed hold of his giant cock and bent it down
toward the oozing gash between Gwen’s legs as Preston watched on in
an envious daze. Preston watched his step-mother run her hands down
between her legs and quickly spread the fleshy lips of her pussy
apart as the swollen head of Eduardo’s oversized penis dipped down
between them.

It would never fit, Preston sickly thought as
he watched the tip of the round, bloated cockhead ease down into
the juice-smeared opening of Gwen’s cunt.

“Yes—yes—yes—“ Gwen whispered as the gorged
lips of her cunt closed down around the giant, purple head of
Eduardo’s massive peter.

Preston watched on in stunned disbelief as
the enormous cockhead slowly stretched the opening and began to
disappear down between the fleshy lips of her pussy. Then, moments
later, he saw that it was gone, consumed by the hot, clutching gash
as more and more of the gigantic penis eased down into the hungry
hole between his step-mother’s legs.

“Yes—give Mommy all of it—give Mommy all of
your big, nasty cock,” Gwen groaned out as Eduardo continued to
slowly force more and more of his gigantic penis into her hot,
tight pussy.

With the patience of Job, Eduardo moved
slowly, letting her forgiving pussy become accustomed to the size
of the enormous organ being thrust down into it. Deeper and deeper
the slab of hard meat went as more of the thick, vein-encrusted
shaft disappeared down inside her.

Time slowed to a standstill in Preston’s
fevered mind as he continued to stare down at the obscene
defilement of his step-mother’s cunt. Eduardo’s gigantic penis had
the opening of her poor, little pussy stretched wide open as the
organ slithered deeper and deeper into the hot muck of her

At last, Preston jealously thought when he
saw Eduardo’s big, hairy balls slap up against Gwen’s tight, little
ass. Preston still couldn’t believe Eduardo had gotten the whole
thing inside her, as he stared down at the fleshy sac that held
Eduardo’s big balls brushing against his mother’s perfect, round

“Ah, the Senora’s pussy is such a tight
one...” Eduardo murmured softly as he ground himself against her
hairless mons. “Such a nice, hot, tight one. I can see why your son
would want to fuck it.”

“He’s my step-son—“ Gwen argued as if that
fact made what they had done acceptable.

“Whatever you say, Senora,” Eduardo

Preston watched Eduardo’s big, hairy ass
slowly rise into the air while the little, fat man eased his
massive penis back down the channel of Gwen’s pussy. As Eduardo’s
fat ass rose into the air, it stopped when only the bloated head of
his prick remained inside Gwen’s widely stretched pussy. Then with
a soft, little grunt, Eduardo dipped his hips and slid his cock
back into the tight clutch of her pussy.

“Ah, Senora... so tight... so warm...”
Eduardo sighed as his ass began to slowly rock back and forth and
his giant cock began to slide in and out of her pussy.

“Ah, Eduardo... such a gentleman... taking
your time to let Mommy get used to your big cock...” Gwen cooed,
lifting her long legs up into the air and wrapping them around his
fat waist.

Preston watched on in jealous disgust as his
step-mother locked her ankles together and began pounding Eduardo’s
fat, bounding ass with her heels.

“Harder, little man, harder... fuck Mommy
harder,” Gwen panted, clawing at his back, urging him to fuck her

It was bad enough watching his step-mother
get fucked, Preston sickly thought. But the way she was begging for
it was disgusting.

Having had enough for the moment, Preston
rolled over to the edge of the bed and dropped his feet to the
floor. Sitting up, he saw that his cock was still sticking straight
out, hard and stiff as he pushed up to his feet and tiredly padded
out into the living room with it bobbing up and down in front of

He could still hear the sick, wet slap of
their bodies slamming together and the creak of the bedsprings as
he poured himself a glass of champagne. Then, glass in hand, he
walked back over to the doorway leading into the bedroom. Leaning
against the door frame, he stood sipping on the champagne as he
watched Eduardo fuck his step-mother. He could see that Eduardo’s
giant penis was already covered with a creamy, white froth that it
had churned up inside Gwen’s cunt as it pistoned in and out of her.
And her inner thighs were plastered with more of the frothy, white
goo as Eduardo’s big, dangling balls slapped up against her ass,
splattering the gooey substance everywhere every time they smacked
up against her. And Preston could see even more of the gummy goo
seeping out around Eduardo’s giant penis and running down into the
crack of his mother’s ass.

Thirty minutes and three glasses of champagne
later, Preston saw that Eduardo’s big, hairy ass was covered with
sweat as it tirelessly bounded up and down above his mother like a
beat up old car with a broken spring. He had watched his mother
suffer through three more orgasms as he watched but Eduardo showed
no signs of letting up his relentless attack on her battered

Feeling strangely reinvigorated even after
his two hour fuck, Preston was amazed to see that his own cock was
still sticking out straight and hard. The aphrodisiac was really
doing its job, he sickly thought, feeling another stirring of
excitement as he watched Eduardo’s big cock effortlessly plowing in
and out of his step-mother’s foam-slathered pussy. Staring at his
mother’s pussy, he saw that her fat, fleshy cunt-lips would cling
to the fat shaft of Eduardo’s cock as it came sliding back out of
her and then the lips would disappear down inside her pussy when
Eduardo shoved this cock back inside her.

Appalled with himself, he wondered if his
mother would let him go another round after Eduardo had finished
with her. Glancing down at his watch, he saw that an hour had
passed since he had finished and Eduardo had taken his place
between her legs. Three hours, he told himself. Between the two of
them, he and Eduardo had been fucking Gwen for three long, sweaty
hours. But she mother showed no indication of letting up as she
continued to pound her heels into Eduardo’s bounding ass. What the
fuck was in that Aphrodisia stuff?

“Oh—oh—oh—yesssssss...” he heard Eduardo
finally hiss out.

Then, all of a sudden, Preston saw Eduardo
ram his cock down into Gwen’s pussy as deep as it would go as
Eduardo gave out a loud grunt and the muscles in his fat ass began
to clench and relax. Eduardo strained to hump his cock deeper and
deeper into the tight clutch of Gwen’s pussy. Even as he did, Gwen
continued to pound away at his fat, quivering ass with her heels
while a river of thick, gooey cream began to ooze out around the
shaft of Eduardo’s embedded penis.

Preston watched on with sick fascination as
the muscles in Eduardo’s ass finally began to soften and relax.

“Don’t stop—please—don’t stop fucking Mommy,”
Preston heard Gwen plead. “Mommy wants more...”

“Sorry, Senora, but unfortunately, you have
just about worn poor Eduardo and his friend out. He must take a
short break... perhaps your son...your step-son—“ Eduardo wheezed,
slowly backing his giant, cum-smeared penis out of the oozing gash
between her legs. As the big, cummy head of his cock popped out of
his mother’s pussy, Preston saw a gusher of creamy, white cum come
pouring out of her.

“Don’t go, please, don’t go,” Preston heard
his mother whine as she clawed at Eduardo trying to keep him from

Then, as Eduardo backed out from between her
widely splayed legs, Preston saw her turn and look over at him. Her
eyes immediately shot down to his stiff, jutting cock and a big,
happy smile split her pretty face.

“Preston, Preston, Baby, come to Mommy...”
she grinned, extending her arms out to him as she invited him back
down between her legs. “Come to Mommy and give Mommy some more
cock... give her some more cock and make her happy...”

Smiling back at her, Preston slowly shuffled
back over to the bed as Eduardo backed off it and stood up. Setting
his empty glass down on the nightstand by the bed, Preston slowly
crawled onto the bed. The macabre scene had the surrealistic
quality of a tag team wrestling match, he sickly thought. And
Eduardo had just tagged him and now it was his turn to try and pin
his mother to the bed.

The aphrodisiac was distorting everything and
making it all seem unreal, he tipsily thought as he looked down at
the beautiful woman lying on the bed below him. The woman was his
step-mother and of course he loved her, but now it had all changed.
Gwen had changed into a slut. A slut who couldn’t get enough cock.
And she didn’t seem to care where the cock came from as long as it
was filling her pussy. Well, she was his step-mother and he had to
obey her, didn’t he? His father had once told him as much. And how
could he let his father down? So he would gladly give her what she
wanted, he sickly thought.

As Preston crawled up between Gwen’s legs,
her hands flew down to his jutting cock and quickly pushed it down
toward the goo-smeared opening of her pussy. The fleshy, pink gash
was still gaping wide open, spread and stretched that way by
Eduardo’s massive organ as Preston easily eased his stiff penis
down into the frothy pit.

“Ahhhhhhh... Mommy’s little Baby is back
where he belongs...” she sighed as Preston began to slowly fuck her
with deep, penetrating strokes. “Back inside Mommy where he

Preston watched the happiness spread across
her pretty face as she thrust herself up at him, taking him to the
hilt on every bone-jarring stroke. Watching her giant tits
floundering up and down as she moved with him, he saw that they
were so big they slapped up against her chin as they fucked. And
the big, puffy nipples sticking up out of their darkened tips
looked so swollen and hard, they looked like they might burst at
any second.

Then Preston felt his mother’s thighs wrap
themselves around his waist as her soft, round heels began to beat
a tattoo on his bounding ass. Three hours and she wanted more, he
sickly thought as she clutched and clenched her goo-filled cunt
down around his penis while it slowly, methodically pistoned in and
out of her.

The bed sheets between her legs were covered
with a thick coating of expended semen and juice as the frothy
white excretion continued to ooze and seep out around Preston’s
peter. Preston could feel her slippery, juice-smeared thighs
rubbing against his skin as he rocked back and forth and pumped his
penis into her. She was literally covered from the waist down with
the gummy outpouring of cum and juice. And the room reeked with the
smell of her musky sex.

Preston was amazed by the recuperative powers
of the aphrodisiac as he tirelessly humped his mother. Once again,
he felt like he could go all night long and that seemed to be what
his mother wanted, too.

Then Eduardo came strolling back into the
room. He had a glass of champagne in his hand and his rock-hard
cock was sticking straight out in front of him, bobbing up and down
as he walked. Then Preston felt the bed lurch as Eduardo crawled up
beside him. Preston watched as Eduardo walked across the bed on his
knees, until his big, stiff peter was jutting out pulsating up and
down above Gwen’s pretty face.

“Perhaps the Senora would like to sample some
of our planet’s exotic dining cuisine,” Eduardo grinned, wrapping
his hand around his cock and bending it down toward her full, pink

Smiling lustily, Gwen opened her mouth and
eased her little, pink tongue out. Turning her head to the side,
she slowly twirled her tongue around the giant, purple head of
Eduardo’s prick. Then, Preston watched on with sick fascination as
she opened her mouth wider and let Eduardo push his cock into her
mouth. Looking on, Preston saw his mother’s lips clamp down around
the shaft of Eduardo’s penis just below the flared lip of his
cockhead. Then he saw her cheeks hollow as she began to suck on the
head of Eduardo’s oversized organ.

“Oh, such lips...” Eduardo murmured as he
began to slowly rock his hips back and forth while he gently fucked
her mouth.

Feeling Gwen’s hot cunt tightening around his
cock, Preston knew that it was a precursor to another orgasm for
his step-mother as both cocks continue to slide in and out of

He had lost track of how many orgasms she had
agonized through, but knew that it was somewhere around fifteen or
twenty. And she was still going strong... it had to some kind of
record or something, he sickly thought. That would be something
wouldn’t it? His mother, in Guinness’s book of world records as the
holder of the envious honor of having the most orgasms in one
night. And maybe he would win an Oscar for his role as best
supporting actor, he tipsily thought.

BOOK: Erotica
6.93Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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