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“Well, one of them is obviously the air
conditioner,” she laughed and Preston heard a loud pop as she
uncorked the champagne.

“Wonder what the other one is,” he muttered,
seeing that the little silver band of silver encircling the knob
had the words “Off, Low, Medium, and High” inscribed on it.

“It doesn’t have a warning label on it, does
it?” his mother asked, tipping up the bottle of champagne and
filling the two flutes that were sitting beside the ice bucket.

“No,” he grunted.

“Well try it,” she said, strolling across the
room toward him with the two champagne glasses in her hands. “It
can’t be anything harmful or they surely wouldn’t put it out in
plain sight like that...”

“What the hell, nothing to lose, I suppose,”
he laughed, reaching out and twisting the knob from Off to Low.

Taking the glass of champagne from his
mother, Preston took a sip and waited, expecting to hear or feel
something. But nothing happened.

“Nothing’s happening. Do you feel anything?”
he asked her, looking around the room.

“Nope,” she laughed, stepping out of her high
heels and kicking them over by her overnighter. “Nothing. Maybe you
need to turn it up higher...”

“You told me to...” he grinned, twisting the
knob up to the Medium mark.

“Still nothing...” he snickered. “Let’s go
all the way.”

“Why not, nothing has happened so far,” she
giggled, tripping back across the room to the champagne.

Well, maybe it will, Preston told himself,
watching his mother’s cute, little ass twitching from side to side
as she strutted across the room. I’m feeling hornier—even hornier
than usual.

When his mother reached the island, Preston
turned back to the thermostat and twisted the knob up to the High

“I’m going to change into something a little
more comfortable,” he heard his mother say as she grabbed up her
overnighter and headed off to her room.

Once again, Preston watched the seductive
sway of her ass as she swished out of the room.

Damn, I’m definitely feeling something, he
muttered to himself as he reached down to reposition his rapidly
hardening cock. I’m hornier than a three-dicked billy goat, he
complained to himself walking over to the island and refilling his
glass. Glass in hand, he strolled over to the window looking out
onto the courtyard. Studying the statues, he saw that a strange,
purplish dusk was slowly settling down on the planet. Looking down
at his watch, he saw that it was only four o’clock.

Then, his mother came walking back out of her
room with a brightly colored sarong clutched in front of her.

“Complimentary sarong,” she giggled, holding
the sarong up in front of her. “Think it will fit?”

Although she was holding the sarong up in
front of her, Preston could see that she was no longer wearing her
blouse and could conceivably be naked behind the sarong as he
gawked at her with lustful yearning.

“Don’t know... it might be a little tight
around the top with your big hooters...” he snickered.

What had gotten into him, he deliriously
wondered? He had never said anything like that to his step-mother

“Oh, you think so,” she tipsily giggled.

Then, as he helplessly watched on, his
step-mother spread the sarong out and like a bullfighter, twirled
it around behind her back.

Preston’s eyes bugged out as he gawked at her
naked body! There they were in all their naked splendor and
majesty, he muttered to himself. Her tits! Her gorgeous, naked,
jiggling tits. He couldn’t take his eyes off them!

“God, all mighty...” Preston gasped, ogling
her dangling, bobbling breasts as she lazily pulled the edges of
the sarong together and leisurely tied a big knot in it.

“What?” she laughed, pulling the edges of her
sarong together and giving him a mischievous, flirty smile.

“They’re fucking gorgeous...” he groaned,
finally able to lift his eyes back up to her smiling face.

“So, you like them...” she flirtaceously

“Yeah, yeah, but I gotta get some fresh air,”
he groaned. Afraid of what he might do if he didn’t leave, he
staggered over to the front door and stepped out into the purpling
dusk. Slamming the door shut behind him, he took in a deep breath
of the jasmine-scented air.

As he did, he felt a strange calming effect
wash over him. The fiery, raging feeling of lust that had possessed
him inside was tempered with each deep, cleansing breath he

“Is something wrong, Senor?” he heard Eduardo
ask as the little man stepped up to where Preston stood gasping for

“Uh, uh, I don’t know...” Preston mumbled.
“Everything was all mixed up. My mother... she, she was acting
funny, and, and I... I don’t know... everything was just all
jumbled up...”

“Did you perhaps turn the Aphrodisia
dispenser on?” Eduardo asked, smiling and twisting the tip of one
of the handlebars of his black mustache.

“Aphrodisia dispenser?” Preston muttered,
remembering that one of the dials on the thermostat had been
labeled AD.

“Yes. The thermostats in the rooms control
the air conditioner and the Aphrodisia dispenser. Aphrodisia is a
gaseous aphrodisiac that is dispensed into the room through the air
conditioning ducts. It helps our guests get, uh, shall we say, in
the mood, and it gives a man remarkable staying power, if you know
what I mean. So if you wish things to return to normal in your
room, simply turn the dispenser off,” Eduardo said with a
mischievous smile as he gave Preston a big, conspiratorial wink and
turned to walk away. “Or not...”

His mind whirling with the possibilities,
Preston watched little, rotund man casually strolling across the
courtyard toward the reception lobby.

Turn it off, he smiled to himself? And pass
up the opportunity of a life time? I think not! Smiling, he turned
back to the door, reached down and slowly turned the knob.

“Oh, you’re back... where did you go?” Gwen
asked him as he stepped back into the room.

“Just out to get a breath of fresh air,” he
grinned, running his eyes down to the swell of her giant tits as
they jutted out against the material of her sarong.

“Do you like my sarong?” she asked him with a
mischievous smile on her pretty lips as she slowly pirouetted
around in a circle.

“Just like I said, it’s a little tight around
the top, isn’t it?” he laughed.

“I thought that was the way you liked it...”
she purred, slowly reaching down and giving her sarong a little
flip. As she did, the opening running down the front of the sarong
flared open giving Preston a glimpse underneath it.

A searing jolt of electric excitement ripped
through his hardening cock when he saw nothing but bare skin under
the sarong. When she had first exposed herself to him, he had been
so engrossed in her wondrous tits, he hadn’t even noticed if she
had panties on or not. Now it was plainly evident that she didn’t
and he had been right about her pussy. In the brief instant she had
flashed him, he saw that her pussy was indeed smooth and hairless
as a billiard ball.

“There’s a loincloth on your bed,” she
murmured, stepping over to the couch and reaching down for the
remote lying on the coffee table. “Why don’t you put it on and we
can be twins...”

“Uh, yeah, okay, uh, sure,” he stammered,
grabbing up his overnighter and stumbling toward his room while his
mother flicked the TV on.

Dropping his overnighter on the floor by his
bed, he quickly unbuttoned his pants and let them fall to the

“My—oh—my—“ Preston heard his mother exclaim
from the living room as he raced to undress and get back out with

“What’s wrong?” he hollered, toeing his socks
off and reaching for the brightly colored loin cloth lying on his

“Uh, you’ll see... you’ll see when you come
back,” he heard his mother answer him as he wrapped the loin cloth
around his hips and quickly tied a knot in it.

Looking down, he saw that there was no way he
could hide the rock-hard erection that was tenting the loin cloth.
But the way he felt at the moment, he didn’t really care. He was
prepared to let nature take its course. If she saw that he had a
hard on, so be it. Maybe it might even give her an idea...

Taking a deep breath, he steeled himself and
brazenly walked back out into the living room.

His step-mother was still sitting on the
couch staring at the TV as Preston looked over to see what she was
watching. Preston did a double take when he saw what she was
watching. There on the screen, plain as day, was a boy about his
age up between an older woman’s legs, fucking the hell out of her
with his big cock.

Quietly padding across the room in his bare
feet, Preston stepped up beside his mother who was totally
engrossed in watching the copulating couple on the screen.

“Oh, you’re back,” Gwen murmured, turning
toward him, her eyes immediately sweeping down to his tented
loincloth. “You look nice...”

“Uh, what are you watching...” he mumbled,
staring at the television.

“That’s all that’s on the TV... see,” she
told him, turning back to the TV, pointing the remote at it and
stabbing the channel button. As she did another naked couple
flashed onto the screen, but this time the woman was on her knees
in front of the man and had her lips wrapped around his big, stiff

Then, as his mother punched the channel
button again, another couple appeared on the screen. This time the
woman was lying on her back and the man had his face buried down
between her legs. The woman was apparently enjoying his efforts the
way she was groaning and writhing around on the bed.

Another flick and a new couple filled the
screen. Preston was stunned that his mother was just sitting there
flicking through couple after couple as if there was nothing out of
the ordinary about the two of them watching other couples fucking.
It was then that Preston saw that his mother had her other hand
down under her sarong. And from the position of her arm, it was
obvious where her hand was.

“I have the oddest feeling,” she mumbled,
punching back to the boy and woman then setting the remote down on
the coffee table in front of her.

“Uh, what do you mean?” he asked her as she
turned back to face him and her eyes once again swept down to his
tented loin cloth.

“I don’t know how to explain it,” she softly
murmured, reaching out and tickling the tip of a long fingernail
over the knot in his loin cloth. “I just feel all hot and tingly
down inside. The same way I feel when I want to... you know...”

“You mean... you mean,” Preston gasped,
unable to even say the word.

“Yes... I mean,” she whispered and he felt
her fingers plucking at the knot in his loin cloth.

As he stared down at his mother in stunned
disbelief, he felt the knot unravel and his loincloth drop away
from his hips. It would have dropped farther, but it caught on his
big, jutting cock. Gwen smiled, looking at his loincloth draped
across his stiff cock. Then she reached over and lifted the cloth
off his cock. As she did, his big, hard penis immediately sprang
out into the open.

“Oh... so big... so hard...” she whispered,
running the tips of her fingers along the thick, swollen shaft of
his cock.

“Mom,” Preston groaned as she curled her hand
around his cock and at the same time leaned toward him.

Preston fought to keep from losing it as he
felt his step-mother’s soft, full lips close down around the shaft
of his twitching penis.

Enveloping the head of his cock in the moist
warmth of her mouth, she began to gently suck on it. Then as she
began to slowly rock back and forth, Preston reached down between
her breasts and began to franticly pull and pluck on the big knot
holding her sarong together.

As Gwen continued to slowly work her lips
back and forth on his cock, Preston could feel the suction growing
as the knot finally unraveled and her sarong went slithering down
her body. Gently pushing his mother back as her mouth lifted off
his jutting, spit-coated cock, Preston reached down and gently
grasped her by the hands.

Pulling her to her feet, he wrapped his arms
around her and gently, but forcefully pulled her to him. Their lips
touched, gently at first and her breasts were flattened against his
hairless chest. Preston could feel the warm knots of her big, puffy
nipples digging into his belly a little above his belly button. His
mother’s giant tits were so large they dangled almost down to her
own navel. They were so soft, so warm and squishy, Preston giddily
thought as their kiss became more insistent and passionate.

As they kissed, Preston felt his mother’s
long, sharp fingernails digging into the skin of his ass as she
pulled him against her. As she did, Preston ground his big, hard
penis into her hairless mons. His big cock was so long, its round,
swollen head was jutting up almost brushing against the bottoms of
her huge, drooping tits as they franticly kissed.

Then, keeping his lips crushed against hers
and his body pressed against her soft, warm body, Preston turned
her and began to slowly guide them back toward her bedroom. Guiding
her as she backed her way across the room, he held onto her tightly
as their tongues warred and sparred inside their open mouths.

At last, the rounded curve of her calves
bumped up against her bed. As they did, Preston slowly broke the
kiss and gently pushed her down onto her back. Her tiny, bare feet
were resting on the floor and the backs of her knees were resting
on the edge of the bed as she lay looking up at him with her big,
green eyes. Then Preston reached down and gently spread her legs
apart baring the fleshy, pink rift between them.

“So beautiful,” he murmured, reaching down
and lovingly running his fingertips over the soft, limp folds of
pink flesh that lay flat against the smooth skin, wetly clinging to
her labia as the secrecy of her femininity gaped open, oozing out a
stream of her succulent juices.

BOOK: Erotica
7.56Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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