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Authors: Baron LeSade

Tags: #threesome, #anal, #step mother

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He would have to talk to Eduardo and see if
he could buy some of the Aphrodisia the dispenser was pumping out
into the room.

Stopping in the doorway leading out into the
living room, Preston saw that Eduardo was standing by the table
talking into the cell phone he had pressed against his ear.

“Yes, room six-sixty-nine, the Aphrodisia
dispenser is broke…” he heard Eduardo say into the phone.

So that was it, Preston grinned to himself.
It must be pumping out too much of the stuff. How else could he
have maintained an erection for, for,” he muttered, looking down at
his watch, “eight—EIGHT fucking hours? No way, man, that was

“No, it is broke,” Eduardo reiterated. “There
is nothing coming out of the dispenser—“

Preston’s chin bounced off the floor as he
stood gawking at Eduardo in stunned shock! No Aphrodisia? What the
fuck? What was going on?

Just then, out of the bedroom, he heard Gwen
call out.

“Preston…Eduardo…come back to Mommy. Mommy is
horny and needs more cock….”



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BOOK: Erotica
11.88Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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