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Peering out the porthole, Preston spied a
tiny, purplish orb floating in the dark sky ahead of the silver
prow of the ship. The little purple globe was slowly growing larger
as the ship silently sped through the darkness surrounding it. It
must be Erotica, Preston told himself as he watched the small,
purple ball slowly revolving. Erotica was the first planet they
were supposed to encounter on their way to Thrillica. They were
supposed to overnight on Erotica and then continue on to Thrillica
the next day. Once on Thrillica, they were going to spend three
days there in the universe’s biggest adult theme park. The trip was
his gift from his father for his eighteenth birthday which had
passed a couple of weeks ago. He was with his step-mother, Gwen.
His father, Clarence was going to join them on Thrillica day after
tomorrow after he finished up a business deal he was working

While the big ship drew closer and closer to
the planet, Preston heard a quiet murmur spread out from the
passengers as he felt the first tug of gravity clutch at his body.
Although the pull was gentle at first, it grew stronger and began
to settle him back down against his seat. During the trip, the seat
belt had been the only thing holding him in his seat and now he
could see the other passengers slowly settling back down into their

“I think I see Erotica,” Preston said,
turning in his seat and looking over at his step-mother, Gwen.

“I can feel it,” she laughed, brushing her
hand across her massive bosom as it gradually settled, sagging back
down against her chest. “They’re getting heavy again...”

“I’ll bet...” he grinned, glancing down at
the swell of her mountainous breasts.

“Felt kind of nice, didn’t it girls...” she
snickered, cupping her breasts through her blouse, moving them
round and trying to properly resettle them back down in the giant
brassiere that restrained them. As she did, Preston blushed and
quickly looked away.

“Jeez, Mom,” he complained while the blush
reddening his cheeks grew brighter and brighter as he looked back
out through the porthole once again.

“Can’t help it, just trying to get them back
where they belong,” she snickered.

The size and volume of his step-mother’s
breasts never ceased to amaze Preston. Their voluminous size turned
heads every time she walked into a room. Although he had never seen
them in their entire naked splendor, it wasn’t because he hadn’t
tried. And the way his mother treated them was scandalous. And
sometimes it was downright embarrassing. She was forever cupping
them, repositioning them, asking them if that felt better. It was
like they were her kids, the way she was always poking, prodding
and fooling with them, Preston thought as the ship drew nearer to
the planet and the pull of gravity became stronger and

Wonder how much they weigh, he wondered,
glancing back over at them as they drooped lower and lower on his
step-mother’s chest? Ten, fifteen pounds apiece, at least, I bet.
The way she was always fooling around with them, she probably
wouldn’t even notice if he reached over and lifted one up to see
for himself, he sickly thought.

Looking back out the porthole, Preston let
his mind wander over the trip. His father, Clarence had married
Gwen about ten years ago a couple of years after his real mother
had died in the car accident. His father owned his own construction
firm and had amassed quite a tidy sum of money allowing Gwen to be
a stay home house wife and gave the plenty of opportunity to travel
to all sorts of exotic destinations, when he had the time. Some of
the time though, it was just Preston and his mom. They had the time
and the finances to do just about anything they wanted. So they
did. Hence the trip to Thrillica.

Glancing back over at his step-mother, he saw
that she was still poking and prodding at her mammoth tits as they
drooped lower and lower on her chest.

Preston had always thought that his
relationship with his step-mother was an odd one. Since Clarence
was busy all the time, they spent a lot of time together and had
really grown close over the years. So close, she almost seemed more
like his big sister than his mom.

His step-mother was an odd bird and hard to
figure out sometimes, but he knew that she was overly proud of her
amazing body. For that reason, Preston assumed that she would never
have consented to anything that would disfigure it. Even something
as temporary as a pregnancy! So consequently, he was an only child
and it certainly looked like it was going to remain that way.

His step-mother was a very young, very
attractive thirty-six-year old. Clarence had spoiled his new wife
and in some ways, his step-mother seemed almost as spoiled,
childish and immature as he was himself. Sometimes it almost felt
like she was his older sister or just an acquaintance instead of
his step-mother. She, too, had come from a wealthy family and had
gotten her way all the time. And when she married Clarence, he
treated her like the spoiled brat she was, giving her everything
she wanted and giving in to her every wish.

Looking back over at her, Preston studied her
as she sat flipping through one of the complimentary magazines
furnished by the space line. Her long, auburn hair hung down over
her shoulders, framing her sultry face, setting off the green of
her big, sexy eyes. Her lips, full and pouty, were painted with
soft pink lip gloss making them glisten wetly in the bright glare
of the reading lamp. As he slowly ran his eyes down over her blouse
and the mountainous thrust of her breasts, he saw that the upper
portion of her hour-glass figure was grossly out of proportion with
the rest of her body. Her tiny, almost wasp-like waist just
accentuated her breasts and made them seem even larger than they
already were, if that were possible. When he was finally able to
tear his eyes away from her enormous rack, he swept them down her
legs. Long, statuesque creations that arched and curved down out
from under her short skirt, tapering down to her tiny feet that
were encased in a pair of five-hundred dollar, four inch high,
jewel-encrusted high heeled pumps.

What a body, Preston sickly thought. If she
wasn’t my mother, I’d be hitting on her, that’s for sure. Then his
eyes paused down at the V of her flat belly as it hid under her
short skirt. What would “IT” look like, he giddily wondered? Was it
shaved... or au natural? Shaved, he guessed, as she ran around in a
bikini most of the time to show off her wondrous tits and gorgeous

Preston was not immune to his mother’s good
looks and had always had a difficult time thinking of her as his
mother. On more than a few occasions, he had wondered what she
would be like in bed. Would she just lay there and take it, or
would she turn into a wild cat, he loathsomely wondered? Most of
the time, he just looked on her as another woman. But not just any
other woman, though. She was a beautiful, hot, sexy woman that he
would love to...

There was a faint fragrance of jasmine
hanging in Erotica’s muggy air as they strolled down the gangplank.
And the humid air had a wispy, pinkish-purple cast to it.

Erotica! The name of the planet certainly fit
the place, he woozily thought. Bizarrely, the pinkish cast gave
everything a soft, sensual appearance. Even down to the statues
that were enough to make a grown man blush. It seemed evident why
the planet was called Erotica as he ran his eyes over the statues
of men and women in various stages of undress that circled the
courtyard in front of them. This was no place to take your mother,
that was for sure, he embarrassingly thought, studying one of the
many statues.

“My, my...” Gwen murmured, running her eyes
over one of the statues of a man chasing a young maiden. The couple
in the sculpture were both naked. And the extremely well endowed
man was in a heightened state of arousal which was plainly obvious
as his endowment jutted out in front of him stiff and fully

Just then the group was greeted by an older,
rotund gentleman with a striking black handlebar mustache. Greeting
each guest, he slowly worked his way down to where Preston and his
step-mother stood waiting.

“Buenas Tardes, Senor, Senora Adkins,”
Preston heard the man say as the man stepped up in front of his
mother and appreciably ran his eyes down over her voluptuous
figure. “I am Eduardo, and it is my honor and privilege to welcome
you to Erotica...”

Then, with a flourish and a bow, he held out
the room card to Gwen.

“Here is your key. Room six-sixty-nine. If
there is anything... anything at all, I can do for you... don’t
hesitate to call on me,” he told her, leeringly running his eyes
back down her body once again as he twisted the tips of his looped
mustache. “And may the gods of Erotica be kind to you and grant you
your every wish.”

Then as he stood back up, he looked over at
Preston and gave him an obvious, suggestive wink.

“Uh, my, my son, my step-son and I are just
here to spend the night,” Preston heard his mother stammer as he
saw her rouged cheeks blush even darker. “We’re going to, to

“Yes... I know... I know,” Eduardo smiled
knowingly and slowly walked down to the next couple waiting in

Grabbing up their overnight bags, Preston and
Gwen made their way across the courtyard toward the group of
cabanas under the softly swaying palm trees. As they did, Preston
saw another sculpture sitting in the very center of the courtyard.
It was embarrassingly clear what the sculptor had in his mind when
he made it. Preston felt a warm flush spread over his face as he
stopped to look at it. His eyes quickly traveled up from the slit
at the bottom of the sculpture, across the spread lips and on up to
the big ball jutting up out of a large marble sheath.

“Oh, my...” Gwen gasped, staring at the
sculpture. “They’re certainly graphic with their sculptures, aren’t

“Uh, uh, yeah,” Preston choked out, tearing
his eyes away from the sculpted vagina.

Looking over at his mother, he saw that her
cheeks had blossomed into an even ruddier red.

“Uh, come on, Mom, let’s go...” David
muttered, grabbing her hand and tugging her away from the obscene

They stumbled across to their cottage and
Gwen quickly swiped their room card through the lock. As she did,
the little green light came on and she twisted the knob. Giving the
door a shove, she stepped inside and Preston followed her into the
stuffy cabana.

“Why don’t you turn the temperature down a
little,” Gwen told him, dropping her overnighter on the floor as
she headed straight for the bottle of champagne that sat in the ice
bucket on the island in the middle of the kitchen.

Dropping his bag on the floor, Preston
strolled over to the thermostat. Looking at it, he saw that the
temperature was a warm and toasty eighty degree. He also saw that
there were two dials on the thermostat instead of the traditional
one. One dial was labeled AC and the other was labeled AD.

“This thing has two dials on it, Mom,”
Preston, said, turning the dial under the AC label with numbers on
it, thinking that it was obviously the temperature control of the
air conditioner. As he did, they were greeted with a quiet,
thrumming hum as the AC kicked on.

BOOK: Erotica
8.66Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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