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Her Boss the Alpha

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Her Boss the Alpha


K.S. Martin



















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Chapter 1


She’s working at
her desk in the wood surround cubicle.  Papers are scattered everywhere and
even though it looked like chaos it was a totally organized disaster.  Her head
is down and she’s tapping keys frantically as she enters figures on a
spreadsheet from the paperwork.  He can watch her progress on his monitor, his
reflecting the desktop that she sees.  She’s a work horse and he’s pleased that
he recommended her hiring.  Recommended is not really a fair word, he owns the
company so he gets what he wants.  He wants her, his mate.  Wearing an extreme
black suit and a starched white cotton blouse with her hair up in an
uncomfortable looking knot, she stood ramrod straight at the receptionist’s
desk when he’d walked by that day.  She’d noticed him with a nod but that was
all.  He couldn’t help the feeling that shot through him at the sight and scent
of her.  All he wanted right then was to lay her down on the sea blue carpet
and muss her up.  It was the same every day since.  The urge was strong to storm
over to her desk, bend her over on all of the paperwork, and take her.  To lay
her out like a buffet before him and gorge himself on her, explore her, claim
her.  He fought it with everything in him but his eyes flashed dangerously. 
This woman, Lauren Edwards, according to her personnel file she was twenty
four, had a double degree in accounting slash finance and this was her first
job.  She didn’t seem to be a typical twenty four year old woman.  Most women
of that description were on their way to a bar or party at this time of day on
a Friday but not Lauren.  She was still tapping frantically on the keyboard,
she was relentless and his top producer.  She seemed inapproachable in the same
inapproachable black suit and fussy knot in her hair today.  He wanted to muss
her up and it was increasingly difficult to refrain from it.  He saw her go to
lunch with the other workers once in awhile but most days it was a salad, an
apple and a bottle of water at her desk.  She was disciplined and he liked
that, discipline.  He wondered if she would like physical discipline.  He wondered
how she would feel draped over his lap while he spanked her.  He bit the inside
of his cheek to quell the desire blooming for the fourth time today.  It was bordering
on ridiculous.  He was unsure of how much longer this could go on before she realized
that he was stalking her.  He sized up his prey.  He would have her, there was
no doubt.  Weekends were the worst, he drove by her apartment, but she never
came out so that he could accidentally run into her somewhere.  Once in awhile
though she would sit in the window and read.  He’d park and watch while he
shifted in his seat.  He should just tell her, take her home, and claim her but
she was human.  Humans were weak, frightened and always a threat to his kind. 
They could never find out, never know of his existence.  This mating would
require much care, precise planning, and she must earn his complete trust.  His
family had stayed out of packs for a hundred years to avoid discovery.  To
avert threats and danger, his grandfather had spent his life ensuring their
anonymity from humans and other wolves.  It was lonely but freedom was worth
it.  No human had ever mated to a wolf in his family and until now, it wasn’t
an issue.  True she would be the first if he could ever trust his safety with a
human.  She would be the first but only because he couldn’t change biology or
fate.  If he could, he would never have chosen her, not because she wasn’t
beautiful or enticing but because humans were not trustworthy.  Too many wolves
had not only suffered but had been killed because of them.  Lauren looked over
her shoulder at him.  Jake stilled concentrating only on her.  But so
Come to me
.  He thought. 

“What is that guy’s
problem?”  She muttered to herself.  “Why is he always staring, leering even at

“Maybe he thinks
you’re cute.”  Zoe chuckled sarcastically as she stopped at Lauren’s desk. 
“I’m on my way down, are you ready to leave?  You don’t want to stay here with
him alone do you?  And you’re making the rest of us look bad.”  Lauren nodded
and gathered her things while the computer powered off, she glanced at him once
more and her core clenched.  Why did he have this effect on her?  His stare
made her uneasy and anxious but also aroused.  “Don’t pay him any attention
Laurie.  If he isn’t satisfied with your output, you’ll know it.”  Lauren
smiled at Zoe.  Some women had it all.  Zoe was tall, lithe, toned, tan, and
blonde.  Every man’s wet dream.  Lauren felt intimidated by her every time they
crossed paths.  Lauren was her polar opposite, short, pasty, and brunette.  She
was a hard worker though and her mother said that would win out over looks. 
Somehow, she doubted it.  Zoe started the same day that Lauren did, they had
the same degrees, but Zoe earned a promotion with more pay within weeks.  The
only thing that made sense was her looks because Lauren put in more hours than
anyone in the office.  Lauren produced more work and she never got anything
sent back for error corrections.  Zoe had corrections all of the time, in fact
she joked about how many she had.  It could be because Zoe was a total slut who
slept with everyone.  Lauren blew her bangs off of her forehead with a long
sigh.  “I’m going to Ryan’s.  Do you want to come with?  Some of the boys are
going to be there and I heard that Michael thinks you are too cute!”  Zoe
cooed.  Lauren highly doubted that Michael thought she was ‘too cute.’  More
than likely Michael thought that she was the only female in the office that he
hadn’t nailed yet, including Zoe.  Besides, Zoe was too damn perky to put up
with for that long. 

“No thanks.  I
have some errands to run so…maybe next time.”  Lauren pasted a smile on and
watched the floors count down.  “What is the guy’s name in the glass office with
the staring problem?”  She asked Zoe changing the subject.

“That’s Mr.
Bryant.”  Lauren’s eyes widened.  “Yeah, that Mr. Bryant.  He’s a real tyrant
from what I’ve heard, no nonsense, and all that.  You’d better watch yourself
Laurie.  If he’s staring at you, you must have done something wrong.  Maybe you
should look for a job, you know?  Before he can fire you, you should really
consider the offer with Devlin, what have you got to lose?  You’ve only been
here a year it’s not like your vested.”  Lauren shrugged.

“I thought he
would be much older.”  Zoe shook her head as she pulled her cell out and texted
someone.  Lauren thought that maybe she should go somewhere else because she
felt him watching her all of the time.  Whenever she looked, there he was with
those piercing blue laser beam eyes.  He wasn’t one of these young beautiful
CEO’s that every woman is trying to get into bed.  Well, maybe they were, but
Laurie didn’t spend her day watching him so who knew.  Mr. Bryant was youngish,
perhaps thirty, Lauren surmised.  He had blue black short hair, a longish nose,
and sharp cheekbones.  He looked to be more predatory than pretty most days
with his permanent five o’clock shadow.  He was an attractive man but he seemed
hard in some way, in a way that never knew softness.  Those eyes were like
laser beams cutting her to pieces all of the time.  Lauren didn’t like his
staring at her and now that she knew who he was, it was even worse.  How had
that tidbit of information gotten past her anyway?  She really needed to look
up from her work once in awhile.  She admonished herself.  The elevator doors
opened on the garage level and Zoe trotted out with her phone to ear chirping
to someone already at the bar.  Her too high heels clacked noisily on the
cement floor.  Lauren rolled her head from shoulder to shoulder and trudged out
into the darkened garage to find her car.  She walked slowly.  She was always
bone tired when she left work, probably because she worked long hours.  It
would pay off someday.  Her red compact, Little Red that was her constant
companion since high school was waiting.  It may not be pretty with its primer
gray fender but it was reliable.  Lauren put her lunch bag and purse in the
back seat then noticed the flat tire. 

“Damn it.”  She
hissed.  “At least it’s Friday because this may take all night.  Damn Red,
really?  I’m beat here.”  Lauren said to the car as she opened the trunk and
got the spare tire and the jack out.  She placed them on the concrete floor next
to the flat tire.  Once she found the tire iron, she set about loosening the
lug nuts.  They were tight and she had trouble budging them but worked hard at
it.  Lauren took her suit jacket off and threw it into the back seat, her high
heels followed.  Hair was escaping the tight knot she always wore and she was
sweaty.  She hated being sweaty.  The tire iron slipped.  The back of her hand
smacked against part of the fender cutting and bruising her knuckles.  Tears leaked
from her eyes at the sharp sting of pain and she cried out.  Lauren held her
hurt hand with the other and doubled over.  At this point, she did not care
that she was probably bleeding all over her skirt and blouse.  Pain and her
heartbeat throbbed through her knuckles.

“Are you okay?” 
The deep male voice inquired.

“Perfect.”  She
snapped.  “I always sit on the garage floor while I bleed to death.”  She
didn’t look up but heard him walk away.  “Charming and such a gentleman.” 
Lauren muttered and flexed her aching hand then went back to work on the tire. 
A rivulet of blood ran down the back of her hand.  She heard the footsteps
returning and knew that he was behind her.  Crap.  Did he hear her? 

“Let me see your
hand.”  He was squatting beside her.  It was Mr. Bryant.  Crap.  Crap.  Crap!

“I’m fine really. 
No need to trouble yourself.”  She said without looking up at him.

“Let me see your
hand.”  He said again.  This time it wasn’t as gentle as the first time he made
the request.  This time it was a command and one that she dare not ignore.  His
large strong looking hand was out waiting and she put her small achy delicate
one in it.  She glanced up at his face through her lashes.  Lauren nibbled her
lip while he tended to her with a first aid kit.  He was very big up close,
even bigger than he seemed while he spent his day staring at her in the office
through his glass walls.  “You’re Lauren right?”  She nodded.  He looked up. 

“Yes sir.”  Lauren
said and swallowed.  This man was not a pretty boy.  He was large, dominating,
and intense.  Even more so, up close.  He was a man, not a boy in a man suit. 
An imposing and dominating man that could crush her without giving it a
second’s worth of thought.

“Where are your
shoes Lauren?”  She looked down at her bare feet in the nude pantyhose.  Her
bright pink toenails looked silly right now.  She smirked at them.

“In the car sir. 
It was hard to squat and I didn’t want to scuff them.”  He nodded and finished
dressing her hand. 

“Put them on.  You
could step on something in here that would be detrimental to your health.”  He
closed the first aid kit and set it aside.  Within Moments, he had the lugs and
tire off.  Lauren watched not knowing what to say while she put her sensible
black leather pumps back on.  “Where are you off to Lauren?”  He asked as he
tightened the lug nuts. 

“Um…home, sir.” 
Her hands knotted together at her waist, they always knotted when she was

“No plans on a
Friday night?  I think a bunch of people went to Ryan’s Pub why don’t you go
there?”  Lauren nibbled her lip.

“No, thank you
sir.  I don’t really fit in with them.”  She clenched her jaw, the second stage
of nervousness, her jaw clenched when she felt near to fight or flight.

“No?”  She shook
her head.  “Not your crowd huh?”  She shook her head again.  “What’s for dinner
then?”  Her brows furrowed.  She wished he would hurry up and fix the damn tire
so she could leave.  Why all of the damn questions?  He was beyond nosey.

“I’m not sure
yet.  Probably a sandwich.”  She tried to smile.  He nodded.

“All done.” 
Lauren exhaled thankful that was over.  “I expect payment.”

“Oh.”  Lauren
stared at him wide eyed and surprised.  “Um, how much do I owe you?”  She
reached into the car for her purse and dug in to it to find her wallet while he
put her flat tire and tools in her trunk.

“No Lauren.  I do
not want your money.”  The corner of his mouth lifted.  God that was sexy.  She
thought.  “I was on my way to dinner and I don’t have a companion tonight.  As
payment, I would like you to join me for dinner.”  Her brows furrowed again as
she locked the car.  How was she supposed to sit across a table from this super
intimidating man with the laser beam eyes?  “Come.”  He took her hand and led
her away from her car and over to his.  When he had her belted safely in the
passenger seat he walked around to the driver’s side and got into the expensive
sedan.  “I was on my way to Ramon’s, is that okay with you?”  Lauren nibbled
her lip.  “Lauren?”

“Um, yes sir,
that’s fine.”  Oh what a mess this was.  How did she end up in his car going to
an expensive restaurant like Ramon’s?  She was tired, sweaty, and now trapped
by this gorgeous overbearing man.  This was bound to be a disaster.  She
should’ve said no.  Should have but he was not the kind of man that you said no

“Tell me Lauren,
do you like working for Bryant IT?  I’ve noticed that you seem to work a lot of
long hours.  Is the work too difficult?”  He glanced over at her and at her
bare knee.  She uncrossed her legs and tugged at the hem of the skirt as they
sped down the darkened highway.  There wasn’t much traffic this time of
evening, the soldiers of rush hour were already home.    

“I like working
for you sir.  I want to make sure that my work is correct so sometimes it takes
a long time.  Some of my accounts are large and I don’t want to make a
mistake.”  Her hands knotted in her lap.  How far was Ramon’s?  It never seemed
like it was this far when she was driving home. 

BOOK: Her Boss the Alpha
7.63Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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