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“I’m glad that you
are so attentive to your work.  You know our image is very important.  I
wouldn’t want to bill incorrectly and upset a client.”  He glanced at her
again.  Did his eyes just change color?  No, she imagined that.

“No sir.”  Lauren
tucked a stray hair behind her ear.

“You seem
uncomfortable Lauren, are you okay?”  He turned the laser beams on her again.

“Fine sir.”  Her
jaw clenched.

“Are you sure?  I
can take you back if you like.  I thought that you would rather have a nice
dinner instead of a sandwich.  I know you must be hungry, you only had a salad
and an apple for lunch.”  Lauren gasped.  “I saw you eating alone at your desk
again.  You really should join your coworkers and socialize at lunch.  It’s not
good to isolate yourself.”  She shook her head.  “You prefer to be alone?  Or
you don’t like their company?”  Her hands knotted in her lap.

“Both sir.  I
didn’t consider the socializing requirement when I applied for the job.  I
didn’t know it was a prerequisite.”  Why was he so damned nosey about what she
did, what she had for lunch, and if she was making friends?  He wasn’t her

“No need to be
snippy Lauren, I was only suggesting that it may help you fit in.  It may make
work more fun if you had friends around you instead of coworkers.”  He pulled
into Ramon’s parking lot.

“Why do you care? 
And why do you stare at me all of the time?  It’s nerve wracking.”  Lauren
folded her arms across her chest.  Why was he picking on her anyway?  They were
not getting along and she was probably going to lose her job now anyway so she
continued her rant.  “And why did you promote Zoe?  She screws up all of the
time, her spreadsheets are full of mistakes, and she is sleeping her way
through the staff.  Or has she gotten to you too?  I’ll bet that’s it, she’s
already spread her legs for you and that’s how she got promoted.”  The car was now
parked in front of Ramon’s, he turned it off.  Why wasn’t she born with a
filter?  Everyone else had a filter between their brain and their mouth, but no,
not Lauren.  Like so many other things that she’d been denied, height, shape,
beauty, orgasms, and she didn’t get a filter either.  “You can take me back to
my car and I’ll clean out my desk.”  Lauren exhaled sharply.

“Feel better?”  He
asked chuckling.

“What?”  She
looked up at him.  Those blue lasers were intent on her.  He leaned over and cupped
her head in his hand.  He pulled her closer and kissed her, hard.  Lauren
melted.  All the anxiety, stress, worry, and anger just melted away.  His teeth
nipped at her bottom lip and his tongue traced the seam of her mouth until she gave
him access.  His tongue moved masterfully over her tongue and teeth.  He
plundered and explored, inhaling her scent.  Her heart was pounding, her tummy
somersaulting and her core soaking.  This man was setting every nerve and cell
on fire.  It raced through her and her body wanted, no craved more of him.  He
pulled the clip from her dark brown hair and let it fall around her shoulders.

“Just like I
thought it would be.  Beautiful.”  He smiled at her.  “I’ve wanted to do that
since the day you came in for your interview.  I stare at you because I like
looking at you.  I like to watch you work because you’re a demon with the
keys.  I didn’t promote Zoe but I will look into it and into her work.  If she
is as bad as you say, I will rescind the promotion.  Now, they have some very
nice food in here and I want you to enjoy yourself.  Promise me that you will
try to enjoy the meal and the company.”  She still hadn’t gotten over his
kiss.  He’d kissed her and she’d gone all gooey.  No man had ever made her
gooey.  She’d always figured it was just one more thing that she didn’t get. 

“Yes sir.”  She
whispered.  She waited while he got out and came around to open her door.  Her
mind was still buzzing from his touch.

“Call me Jake away
from the office sweetheart.”  He said helping her out of the car.  “Say it.” 
She looked up at him through her lashes.  “Say Jake.”

“Jake.”  He
watched her mouth move.  As soon as the word was past her lips, he kissed her
again.  This time he dragged her body against him.  One hand pressed into the
small of her back the other was in her hair.  Lauren’s hands were flat on his
chest.  Her fingers skimmed over the hard planes of muscle under his suit jacket. 
He was exquisite.  His tongue sought entrance into her mouth again and she
opened willingly.  It was delicious, the way it moved over hers, the way it
tangled and mastered hers.  Oh, she wanted more of this man.  This man with the
penetrating eyes had taken control of her body and made her want.  No man ever
set her on fire like this, made her stomach quiver or her knees tremble.  Her
heart pounded and the breath she drew was not satisfying.  Her core clenched
and wept for him.  Her fingers curled against his chest when his mouth left

“Let me feed you
and when we finish, if you want to, I’ll take care of your other needs.”  His
forehead was against hers and those blue laser beams focused on her glazed
unfocused hazel eyes.  She nodded and let him lead her inside.

Ramon’s was very
elegant and a man in a tuxedo showed them to a small private table.  The waiter
brought out a tray of cantaloupe wrapped in prosciutto and a bottle of white
wine.  Lauren tasted both and liked them.  “What do you think?”  He asked
putting a bite of fruit in his mouth.

“It’s lovely.” 
She sipped her wine and smiled at him.  He’d said that he wanted to sleep with
her before they came in here.  She had not misunderstood him, it was what he
meant.  ‘I’ll take care of your other needs.’  He wanted her.  She wondered how
many of his employees had come out with him then slept with him.  He was studying
her again. 

“You’re the first
woman I’ve been out with in over a year.  My fiancé passed away, she had
cancer.  You’re the first woman to interest me at all since.  I don’t usually
make it a practice to bring people home from work.  I try to keep that separate
but you sparked my interest from the first Moment I saw you.”  Lauren folded
her hands in her lap.  “I’m making you nervous aren’t I?”  He watched her and
she dropped her eyes.  “I don’t mean to come on so strong Lauren.  I know that
this new to you but I’ve been waiting for a year to…”

“Why?”  She broke
in.  “Why did you wait?  If you really wanted to take me out, why did you wait
a year to ask?”  He smiled wolfishly.  “Was your fiancé one of your employees?”

“She wasn’t, no. 
I met her at a charity function.  I waited a year because you are my employee
and I know that I am breaking some serious rules here.  I thought that you may
have a boyfriend since you never go out with the group.  You don’t though, do
you?”  She shook her head.  The waiter brought two orders of Chicken Parmesan
and grated cheese all over the top of the cheese already there.  Lauren
mentally counted the calories and shook inside.  No popcorn this weekend, or
anything else if she ate this.  “What’s wrong?”  He asked cutting into his
chicken.  “You aren’t a vegan, you ate the prosciutto.  Lauren gave him a
tremulous smile and cut into her chicken.  It was so good that she didn’t care
if she ever ate again.  Her eyes slid closed and she chewed.  He swallowed,
watching her was almost as good as what would follow this meal if things went
as planned.  Jake wanted that look on her face when he slid into her hot and
hard.  He shifted in his seat.  No woman since Claire made him feel this way,
this alive.  Lauren was right about Zoe, she had propositioned him, and he
turned the little tramp down flat.  Lauren took three more bites and said that
she was full.  Had he misinterpreted her liking the chicken parm?  No, she
liked it because no woman had that look on her face when she disliked
something.  No way was she full.  He cut a large bite of chicken from his plate
and held it up to her mouth.  “Open.”  She shook her head.

“No really, I’m
stuffed.”  Lauren patted her mouth with a napkin and gave him her biggest smile.

“Bullshit.  Open.”

“No, I said I’m
full.”  Lauren clenched her teeth, fight or flight was kicking in.

“Three more bites
and I’ll pretend that I believe you.  You had one slice of cantaloupe and three
tiny bites of chicken with the cheese scraped off Lauren.  I don’t know if you
are trying to starve yourself or if you always look like you are about to
orgasm when you hate the taste of something, but you are not full.”  Her face
flushed crimson.

“I promise I’m…” 
His head was shaking.  Oh what an arrogant ass!  “Why are you counting the
bites that I take anyway?  Why do you care what I eat?”  She felt like a
petulant child and crossed her arms to prove that she was acting like one.

“You’ll soon
realize that I notice everything about you and I care about every little detail. 
I also do not want to be lied to so don’t do it again.  Are you on some stupid
diet?  Claire used to do that.”  His eyes narrowed into the laser beams that
she was so familiar with.  “My fiancé.”  He said at Lauren’s confused
expression.  “Claire was always on a diet because she was convinced that she
needed to weigh less than one twenty.  If that’s your aim Lauren, you’re going
to look like shit at one twenty.  She told me toward the end when she had to get
liquid nutrition through a feeding tube, that the only regret she had were all
of the desserts that she’d skipped.  Don’t have those same regrets Lauren.  You
are perfect just the way you are.  You do not need to be a stick figure.  Now
open.”  Her mouth popped open and she chewed with tears in her eyes.  That
poor, poor woman and this poor, poor man!  It must’ve been awful watching
someone you loved die.  “She was ninety eight pounds of skin and bones when the
cancer finished with her.”  His eyes welled now too.  Lauren reached for his
hand and squeezed it.  He pulled her toward him and she went willingly.  Lauren
curled up in his lap feeling safer than ever before in her life.  This man was
special.  Not many men would’ve stuck around watching a woman waste away until
there was nothing left.  He fed her three more large bites then kissed her
temple.  “I’ll take you back to your car and you can decide if you’d like to
follow me home or not.”

“Okay.”  She
whispered.  He ordered two tiramisus to go and led her outside.  Jake kissed
her cheek softly once she’d settled in his car.  Lauren’s mind was a blur on
the way back to the office. 

Chapter 2


Lauren backed her
little red car out of her parking place.  Her dessert box was on the seat
beside her.  He told her which way he lived and they would be going in the same
direction until they reached her apartment building.  Jake lived another ten
minutes down the highway in Colonial Terrace.  It was an exclusive condo
building and you had to be a millionaire to live there, she’d heard.  He
probably was a millionaire.  The business recently expanded and there were offices
opening in three more cities.  Lauren did the books for two of them already and
would soon get the third when it was closer to opening its doors.  Should she
follow him?  Her turn was coming up soon and her car was starting to slow on
its own.  He was her boss!  Lauren was torn between knowing what was right and
what her body wanted.  Would she have the same problems that she always had? 
Sex was difficult for her.  She never climaxed, it was just one more thing she
didn’t get.  Her last boyfriend accused her of being frigid, and maybe she
was.  She’d always faked it and she had a feeling that this man was not going
to fall for that.  Not only could he read her mind, he was a damned walking lie
detector.  If she didn’t go, what would happen then?  Would he continue to
stare at her through the glass wall until she burst into flames?  He said that
he was breaking rules by asking her out in the first place.  It would only get
worse rules wise.  She put her blinker on and he slammed on the brakes whipping
his car into her parking lot.  Crap.  Now what should she do?  He was parking
and getting out.  Lauren parked in her numbered spot and turned the car off. 
An angry Jake was at her door.  “Did you change your mind?”  He asked opening
her car door.  She swallowed hard and got out.  “Lauren?” 

“I…I’m sorry.  I
just can’t.”  She turned and ran to the building.  He followed her up the
stairs to her door.  “Please.  Just let me go.”

“What’s wrong?” 
His finger tipped her chin up until her wet eyes met his.  “Lauren if you don’t
want to, then say that.  If you aren’t interested in me, then say that but
sweetheart tell me something.

“Everything okay
sweetie?”  The elderly lady that everyone called Grams stuck her head out of
her door.  “Oh Lauren, you’ve brought a friend home, he’s very handsome.”  She
pulled her glasses down and looked him up and down.  Jake laughed.  “If she’s
not interested, you come see me sweetie.”  She winked her hazy blue eyes at him
and he laughed again. 

“Yes ma’am, I’ll
do that.”  He smiled broadly at her and she patted her hair then closed the
door quietly.  “Lauren?”

“I’m not
interested.”  Lauren said and turned to unlock the door. 

“I told you not to
lie to me.  Now tell me what’s wrong.”  He sounded really pissed.

“I just can’t,
that’s all.”  Lauren bit down hard on her lip to stifle the feeling choking

“Uh huh.”  The
lock clicked and she stepped inside.  Jake pushed in behind her when she tried
to close the door.  “Truth.”  He threw his suit jacket over the arm of her
grandmother’s rocking chair.  Lauren put the dessert box inside the
refrigerator.  Jake made himself comfortable on her couch.  “Come here.”  He
patted the seat beside him.  Lauren perched nervously on the seat beside him. 
He’d sat in the middle giving her little choice of how close to sit.  “Now tell
me what the problem is.”

“Look, you’re
really nice and very attractive but you’re my boss.  You said yourself that we
were breaking the rules and I don’t like to do that.”  Lauren knotted her hands
in her lap.

“And?”  She looked
up at him, wasn’t that enough?  “That’s not the reason we aren’t in my bed
right now.  So tell me why we aren’t.  You said that you aren’t interested but
that was a lie.  There is a reason and I think that I’m entitled to it.”  The
pulse point at the base of her neck danced frantically and he wanted to kiss
her there.  Lauren shifted in her seat.  “Just be honest with me.  I’ll
understand, I promise.  No repercussions and no hard feelings but I won’t leave
until you tell me the truth.”  Lauren was getting mad again.  This man was
infuriating, and damned nosey.  She was ready to explode or at the very least
to scratch his eyes out.

“You want the
truth?”  She was on her feet with her hands on her hips.  Her heart was
pounding loudly in her ears.  “Okay here it is.  I can’t have sex, okay?  I
don’t enjoy it.  I don’t climax and it’s disappointing for everyone involved. 
There is a long list of things that I was not gifted when I was born.  That’s just
one of them.  I can’t have enjoyable sex, I don’t get to be tall and willowy,
or blonde, or have the gift of gab.  I don’t have a filter between my brain and
mouth either.  So now, you know.  Sex with me is going to suck so you may as
well start staring at someone else!”  She stomped her foot for emphasis and he
laughed.  Loudly.  “What is so damned funny?”

“You are
sweetheart.”  Jake grabbed her around the middle and hoisted her over his
shoulder then carried her to her bedroom.

“What are you
doing?  Put me down!  I said no.”  She pounded at his back.

“No you didn’t. 
You never said no, you never even said that you don’t want to.  You gave me a
story about inept men.  I am not inept.  You will climax, I promise you Lauren
if it takes me all night.”  He set her on her feet.  Her knees were rubbery. 
“Do you want to?”  He cradled her face in his big hands and she nodded.  “Are
you sure?  Not because you feel like you have to or because I’m your boss but
because you want to?  Do you want me to make you come Lauren?”  His voice was
thick and gravely.  So sexy, she thought.

“I’m sure.”  She
whispered.  “But I am going to say I told you so when you fail.”  He let go of
a breath that he’d been holding and chuckled.  Jake unfastened the buttons down
the front of her white blouse and she quivered when his fingers brushed against
her skin.  He was kissing her again and making her want like he had in the
car.  Her body wanted this, so much.

“So very
beautiful.”  His lips found hers once he’d pulled her blouse over her shoulders
and he unzipped her skirt then dropped it to pool at her feet.  Jake unbuttoned
his own shirt quickly while she watched not knowing what to do with her hands. 
Jeez she was bad at this.  She’d bet that Zoe knew what to do with her hands. 
Could he give her what no man before could?  There were only two men before
this one.  The first she dated six months and slept with once.  He told her
that she was frigid.  The second always wanted oral sex but he never wanted to
give it.  Lauren wanted that someday, for someone to kiss her there.  Would
Jake?  Did she dare hope?  He stepped from his suit trousers.  She saw the
length and girth of him through the black boxer briefs.  He was certainly
larger than the previous two men she’d let inside of her.  Nibbling her lip,
she watched him.  He took her hand and put it against the rigid erection and
she gasped.  He unfastened the clasp of her bra and let it slip from her
shoulders.  “Still okay?”  She nodded.  “Then don’t look so panicked.  If you
change your mind say so and I’ll stop.  I want this but I want you to be
comfortable with it Lauren.  I need you to be because I don’t want this to be
the only time this happens.  I’ve wanted you for so long.”  Her eyes widened
and he chuckled then kissed her again.  Jake scooped her up and laid her across
the bed climbing in after her.  He carefully pulled her hose and plain white
cotton panties down her legs.  “Dear God you’re more beautiful than I dreamt
you would be.”  Jake lifted her foot and bit the pad of her big toe.  She
gasped at the zing of electricity that shot through her and into her core.  He
left warm soft kisses from her ankle up to her knee before he lifted the other
foot to do the same.  Lauren nearly climaxed when his teeth sank into the ball
of her other foot.  She watched him with her breath coming in shallow unsatisfying
gasps and her heart pounding.  He pushed her thighs apart and kissed the soft
flesh of her inner thighs, she watched him down the length of her body, her
fingers knotted in the sheet beneath her.  “I want to taste you, I’ve wanted to
taste you since the Moment I first saw you.”  His blue eyes were intent on hers
as his tongue worked slowly from the well of her vagina up to the sensitive
bundle of nerves.  Lauren nearly came off the bed.  Oh God she screamed inside
her head, he’s doing it!  He chuckled again.  He knew exactly what he was doing
and how it was affecting her.  Thank God!  A man that may know what he’s doing. 
His warm breath heated her flesh, the warmth working its way through her veins. 
His tongue curled around her nub and he sucked on her clitoris, Lauren’s back
bowed.  “I can’t wait to watch you come sweetheart.”  His tongue invaded her
opening and Lauren whimpered.  He stroked her labia and bit down gently on her
clitoris.  Every muscle in Lauren’s body seized as pleasure washed over her in
warm waves again and again.  Jake kissed his way to her navel and dipped his
tongue inside.  Her belly quivered and she moaned.  “That’s right sweetheart,
climax, and you will over and over.  I promise.”  Oh yes, she
wanted that.  A lot.

“Please…”  She
begged unashamedly.  “Please Jake.” 

“Oh baby, in here
I’m Jacob.  You are going to know me biblically.  You should call me by my
given name.”  He got off the bed to get a condom from his trousers and ripped
the package open with his teeth.  Sliding it down his length as he crawled
toward her again, Jake placed his erection at her entrance.  “Are you still
okay with this?”  Her whole body vibrated with anticipation.  Lauren had never
been this excited in bed because no man had ever brought her to climax like
this man did so easily.  Her legs were shaking.  She felt like a teenaged
virgin.  But she couldn’t help it, the adrenalin coursed through her veins.

“Yes Jacob. 
Please.”  His mouth lowered to hers and he kissed her deeply.  She could taste
herself on his lips.  Lauren nearly came again at the memory of  how wonderful it
felt when his tongue curled around her.  Every woman should feel that good at
least once a day.  She lifted her hips and Jake eased into her.  She whimpered
at the feeling of being stretched and filled.  This was new.  The other two
didn’t give her this feeling of fullness and neither made her feel like she was
going to burst.  She knew she wouldn’t but he was large and it felt incredible.
 It felt like her body swelled with pleasure, like it grew to accept him, to
accommodate and hold onto him.

“Easy sweetheart,
just relax.”  He trailed kisses along her jaw and neck.  She jerked when his
teeth sank into her earlobe.  “Ready?”  She nodded and he eased further into
her.  His length nudged the end of her tunnel and she gasped.  Lauren’s hands
explored his chest and arms.  She lifted her legs and let them rest on his
haunches.  The sensation of him inside of her in this position was like no
other feeling before.  It was amazing.  Jake’s tongue wrapped around one of her
nipples and she arched up for him offering more.  “Oh God sweetheart you feel
so good.  I knew you would feel good but I never imagined this good.”  He
rolled his hips and Lauren cried out.  Her brain was buzzing with pleasure. 
Everywhere he touched her was on fire.  Everywhere his tongue tasted sparked
new flames.  Everywhere his teeth grazed her skin it bloomed alive.  She was
not frigid.  She was on fire for him.  Lightning was racing through her veins
and electric tingles crackled over her skin.  Something was tightening and
quickening in her womb.  The heaviness circled and hung, crested at a precipice
waiting.  This felt stronger than the last one.  This felt like an impending
detonation.  Then he pulled out of her.

“No!”  She cried. 
Crap.  It was right there, mere nanoseconds to her first orgasm from
penetrative sex, and he’d stopped.  Lauren nearly wailed with frustration, and
then he turned her over pushing her down to the mattress.  His arm  braced
across her pelvis under her hips lifting her rear up.  Jake entered her, his
body covering her now, his fingers working her clitoris.  He was so much larger
than her.  His skin was slick against her back and he was so warm.  This felt
so good, so right, and so perfect.  Lauren didn’t want this to ever end.  She
wanted this man to stay inside of her forever, for him to make her feel this
alive, forever.

“Don’t come yet. 
I don’t want to stop yet.  If you come, I will.  This sweet pussy milking my
cock will be more than I can take.”  His lips touched her ear when he spoke,
his deep voice vibrated over her nerves and into her core.

“Don’t?  I want…” 
She was trembling with anticipation, with need, with excitement.

“I know sweetness,
just wait.  I promise it’ll be worth it.”  He was stroking inside her again. 
Oh God, he wanted her to wait?  Not possible.  She’d waited years to come like
this and he wanted her to wait.  He’s crazy.  She thought.  His lips were against
her ear.  “Wait.”  He murmured, his voice humming across her nerves again, his
lips tasting her skin.  She trembled and bit her lip trying to think of
anything else so she could give him what he asked.  He pulled her up to her
knees and shifted direction again.  That was it.  She couldn’t stop it, no
way.  The orgasm crashed over her like a tidal wave.  It detonated and consumed
her.  Her whole body rode the pleasure, shaking and trembling.  A million white
lights burst behind her eyes and her heart tried to pound its way out of her
chest.  His name was a cry for salvation.  “Christ Lauren!”  Jake shouted his
climax pumping into her furiously, endlessly.  “Sweetheart.”  He finally
murmured after roaring his climax he pulled her down onto the mattress.  His
length still buried deep inside of her pulsing as he curled his body
protectively around hers.  His mouth still moving over her skin.

BOOK: Her Boss the Alpha
8.78Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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