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“If she’s that
good why is she just working in accounting?  Why haven’t you promoted her?  You
know Devlin is trying to steal your best help and with it your secrets.  She
would be a real find.”  His grandfather advised.  Lauren bit down on her bottom
lip.  The people from Devlin had approached her a week ago and she was supposed
to give them an answer by Tuesday.  They were offering a much better package. 
Zoe gave them Lauren’s name when they’d asked her.  At least that was the story
that Zoe gave her, Lauren suspected that it wasn’t the whole truth.  Zoe was
currently sucking the life out of one of the higher ups.  If she left, she’d
lose access to him, his money, and her quick promotions.  Lauren wasn’t sure
which manager it was but she had her suspicions.  Devlin was closer to her
apartment, offered profit sharing, flex hours and more pay.  Lauren should’ve
jumped on it but something felt weird about it besides that Zoe was ‘doing her
a favor.’

“They’ve made you
an offer haven’t they?”  Jake murmured in her ear and she nodded.  “Why didn’t
you tell me?”  She thought about it now, why hadn’t she? 

“Because I have no
intention of accepting their offer.  Something feels wrong about it.  Zoe
referred me and I don’t trust her.  Also because I haven’t thought about much
since I had that flat.”  Jake smiled wolfishly and she elbowed him, he laughed. 

“What did they
offer you?”  He asked watching her from over his coffee cup.

“Well, more pay,
profit sharing, flexible hours, stuff like that.”  He nodded.

“Are those things
important to you?  He sipped his coffee nonchalantly.

“Sure they are.  The
more perks there are, the better it feels to go to work.”  He nodded again.

“So do you think
if those things were offered at our office, people would stay?”  Lauren nodded.

“I know that
salary is negotiated during the hiring process but it can be reviewed can’t
it?  If an employee is a hard worker and is highly productive, that should be
rewarded.  Why don’t you offer flexible work hours?  I mean if I am more of a
morning person and my best work is done from five am till one, what difference
would it make when I did my work?  Or if my work load is heavy at the beginning
of the week but slow at the end, why not let me work twelve hours on Monday and
four on Friday, if I want to?  If your employees are happy, they are loyal.  If
they are happy, they are productive.  If they are loyal and productive, it can
only benefit the company.  If I share in the profits, I’m working harder for
you.  If I can get free coffee in the office, I won’t make trips to the corner
for a half an hour.  That’s more quality time I spend in the office.  There are
lots of things that you could do to make people happier, more comfortable, and
loyal.  You have to be the best company to work for or people will go where
they get a better deal.”  Jake nodded and watched her through narrowed eyes. 
“What?”  His grandfather laughed.

“I’ve told him the
same things young lady but he dismisses my advice because I’ve been out of the
game for years.  He’s sitting there now wondering if I’ve put you up to saying
that and when I had the opportunity.”  Jake grinned.

“You always were
good at reading my mind Pops.”  The old man laughed heartily.

“Well it’s true. 
If I trusted Zoe just a smidge, I would’ve been gone already.”  Her eyebrows
rose.  “That’s something else that you can check into.  She’s their top

“What do you
mean?”  Jake was starting to look angry.

“Zoe put them in
touch with me.  I know she spoke also to Pete, Mike, Carrie, and Lexi too.” 
Lauren grabbed strawberry that she’d neglected earlier.

“So she is
singlehandedly trying to ruin me.”  Jake exhaled.

“Why not?  I don’t
know if she’s making anything off of the people that she sends over to Devlin
but knowing Zoe she’s probably getting paid on the side.”  Jake nodded.

“I am going for a
run.  Would anyone care to join me?”  Louis asked surveying the table and
several grandchildren stood as well as Jake’s Dad.  “Patio, ten minutes
youngsters.”  Jake and Lauren went back to his room hand in hand. 

“Thank you for
your candor Lauren, about the goings on at the office.” 

“I wouldn’t
usually say anything, it’s not my business what you do, but I like my job and
your company.  I don’t want to see it fail because of someone like Zoe.”  He
nodded and closed the bedroom door.  “What are we going to do now?”  Lauren
tried to contain the smile on her face but she was hopeful that they would go
back to bed. 

“Hmm.”  Jake
pulled his sweater over his head and her heart sped up.  He was gorgeous.  Her
fingers ached to explore the corded muscles of his abdomen, the hills, and the
valleys under the warm silken skin that she remembered from last night.  Her
midsection tightened deliciously.  How was he so fit when he worked longer
hours than she did?  When did he have time to go to the gym?  She couldn’t find
the time to watch the shows on her DVR and when she did, she usually fell
asleep before they were over.  He went to the dresser and got a sweat shirt out
then pulled it over his head.  She was disappointed.  “I want to show you the
grounds.  The estate is lovely this time of year with the leaves changing. 
Also, we may see one of those wolves that you wanted to pet.”

“Outside, in the
wild?”  Her eyes were round. 

“It’s just the
backyard and why not?  If it approaches us, let it sniff your hand like you
would with a strange dog.  If it doesn’t run away you can pet it.  Come on.” 
He headed for the door.  Sure just let it sniff me then it will be close enough
to bite me, she thought.  Lauren followed him outside and took his offered
hand.  Jake led her down a stone path that ended at the patio and pool.  “Do
you swim?”

“I can when it’s
warmer outside.  It’s a little cold to swim right now, don’t you think?”

“It’s a heated
pool sweetheart.”  He gave her a ‘you’re so silly,’ grin.

“But you still
have to get out of the water.  You can’t stay there until June.”  Lauren

“I’ll keep you
warm.”  He winked at her and pulled her passed the pool.  She saw them then, a
pack of wolves.  She counted seven of them.  They came in all colors and her
hands went to her mouth. 

“Oh my God they’re
right here in the yard.  They’re so beautiful.  They won’t bite me will they?” 
She hid behind Jake.  The largest of them was silver and white.  He came
forward slowly.  The others trailed behind flanking him.  He sat at Jake’s

“Hello there
boy.”  The wolf lifted its paw and Jake shook it laughing.  “Come say hello
Lauren.”  He pulled her out from behind him.  She was shaking.  “Don’t be
afraid sweetheart.  He’s very friendly, shake his paw.”  Lauren shook her head
and backed up against him.  “You wanted to pet a wolf, here’s your chance.” 
Lauren took a deep breath and reached her shaking hand toward the beast.  It
dropped its head and let her pat him.  “You can do better than that.  Scratch
his ears, he likes it.”

“How do you
know?”  She hissed.

“I’ve known him a
very long time.  He’s the alpha of this pack and has been for years.”  Lauren
reached down to scratch him behind the ears.  His fur was thick and soft
there.  The wolf’s eyes glazed at her scratching and he stretched his neck back
and forth.  Lauren laughed.  “You’ve made a new friend I think.”  Jake watched
her.  Lauren knelt to get a better angle and two more wolves approached.  The
small red one from earlier came close and nudged Lauren’s arm with her nose. 
“Apparently they all like to be scratched.”  Jake looked at them all with a
quirked eyebrow and the silver one yipped at them.  The pack turned to follow
him away from Lauren. 

“Did I do
something wrong?”  She worried.

“Nah, the silver
one never hangs around long, but he likes to visit often.  He’s off to hunt. 
Don’t worry about it.  You may see them again later but right now, we should go
back inside, you’re cold.”  He rubbed her arms.  She nodded and let him pull
her close.  They went back to his private entrance with his arm around her
waist.  “I’ve thought about your demands.”

“My what?  When
did I make a demand?”

“About the
office.  I am going to offer flexible hours starting on Monday and I will look
into getting the new coffee bar installed on each floor.  I will have to get a
consultant for the profit sharing, that will take some time but the salary
reviews can start immediately.  You are absolutely right about everything.  Is
there anything else that you think would make our company more attractive?”

thought about her answer, not giving herself time to consider ‘
He’d only meant the company where they both worked, nothing more.  “A leave
package.  Instead of the standard two weeks of vacation and one week of sick. 
Why not let people earn leave and save it up?  Like six hours a check and then
when we retire, you can pay us for any that we haven’t used.  That’s incentive
to show up every day.”  Jake nodded. 

“Okay.  I’ll think
about it.  Have you considered a career as a union rep?”  Lauren laughed and
went inside when he opened the door.  It clicked closed and his arms were
around her, his mouth on her neck. 

“Finally.”  She
melted into him.

“Mmm hmm.”  His
fingers were working on her buttons while she worked on her jeans.  “I love it
when you’re helpful.”  He pulled his sweat shirt over his head while she
unbuttoned his jeans.  He lifted her while he walked out of the denims and
carried her to his bed.  “I want you so much Lauren.”  Her hands twined in his
hair.  “I need you.”  He mouthed her belly and ribs then pushed her bra out of
his way.  His teeth grazed her nipple and she gasped.  Jake smiled looking up
into her eyes and did it again.  Her fingers knotted in his hair and he
chuckled.  Caressing her areola with his tongue his deft fingers unclasped her
bra and threw it aside.  Jake’s hardness rested against her softness and she
moved her hips hoping he would hurry.  “Not yet baby.”  His mouth caressed her
throat as he spoke.  “I want to bury myself so deep inside you that you won’t
know where I end and you begin.  But I want to enjoy you first.”  Lauren gasped
then moaned.  Someone pounded on his bedroom door and Jake groaned.  “Go away!”

“Uncle Jake,
there’s been an accident.  You have to come now!”  Jake jumped from the bed and
into his pants.  He pulled a tee shirt over his head and shoved his feet into
his shoes.

“Get dressed and
find me.”  Jake hurried out of the door that led into the house slamming it behind
him.  Wondering what could be wrong Lauren dressed quickly and pinned her hair back
up in the constrictive knot.  She wandered through the halls until she heard
voices and followed them.  When she got to the living room at the other end of
the house, she nearly screamed.  Louis lay in pool of blood not moving, a
bullet wound in his chest, and his skin ashen.  The family was crowded around a
black wolf that had been shot twice and was bleeding out quickly.  It struggled
to breathe, its breaths a gurgle.  The black wolf’s blue eyes focused on Lauren
then went blank and closed.  Its hair receded, its paws changed to feet and
hands.  The body lengthened and paled.  The wolf was Jake’s father George,
Lauren suddenly realized.  Victoria let out a loud wail collapsing over him
then sobbing.  Jake’s head turned at Lauren’s whimper.  Tear streamed down her
face and she dropped to her knees.  He’d been so focused on his father he had
no idea how much she’d seen.  Jake went to her and pulled her to her feet.  He
wrapped her in his arms while she sobbed into his chest.

“Who did this? 
How did this happen?”  Her voice was muffled against him.

“We don’t know
anything yet.”  He tightened his arms around her.

“Where are the
rest of the children?”  Lauren asked looking around.  “There are only eight
here, I counted twelve earlier.”  He could feel her panic rising.

“I’m here.  Eddie
said coming around a corner.  “Frankie and Donnie are in the game room.  Donna
and Dora are missing.  I’ll check the rest of the house.”  Eddie ran in the
opposite direction he came from. 

“They were outside
with Dad.”  Darrell said standing.  He went to the back door to look outside
for his missing children.  Lauren heard him whimper and the realization hit
home.  These people were the wolves.  His father changed from a wolf into a
man.  How was that possible?  She must be hallucinating. 

“Go and find my
precious babies!”  Victoria shouted to Jake a gravel quality to her voice. 
“Now!”  She snarled and Lauren backed away frightened of the growl in her voice. 

“Go, find them.” 
Lauren said to him.  He hesitated.  How much had she seen?  Lauren went to the
patio doors and flung them open.  “Go!”  Jake and Darrell dropped to all fours
shifting as they went.  A black streak followed by a red one raced across the
yard.  He was a wolf.  He could turn into a wolf.  Lauren’s jaw clenched.  He
was the wolf in the picture, the one that followed her with its eyes.  She
should’ve known.  He was always watching her.  Her heart raced. 

“Sit down before
you collapse.”  Victoria led her to a chair, handing her a tea cup and knelt in
front of her.  “He loves you.”  Lauren sipped the brew, it was warm and full of
herbs and honey.  “He’s chosen you to mate with Lauren.  Can you accept that he
is different?”  Lauren nodded numbly.  “I mean really accept it?  When wolves
mate, it’s for life.  You can’t change your mind in a year when some other man
catches your eye.  Jake would have to kill him.  Do you understand?”  She
nodded again.

“Will I?”  Lauren
was panic stricken again.  Her emotions were on a rollercoaster.  She sipped
more of her tea.

“No.  You will
always be a human, but your children will be wolves.  You will have a lot to
deal with as the alpha’s mate though.”

BOOK: Her Boss the Alpha
6.1Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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