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Chapter 3


When Lauren woke,
it was dark outside.  Jake was holding her against his chest.  She looked up at
him in the dark.  Soft light filtered through the blinds from the street lights
outside.  His face was different.  Softer.  She wanted to kiss him.  She
considered it nibbling her lip.  Would he wake up?  She didn’t want to disturb
him but she really wanted to nibble on
lips for a change.  They were
sculpted and perfect.  His mouth twitched and she looked up expecting to see
the laser beams boring into her soul again but his eyes were still closed.  She
was jealous of the thick black lashes.  The pendant that usually rested at the
base of his throat was lying on his collar bone now.  It was round with stars
circling the edge.  A moon sat in the center.  You wouldn’t be able to see the
design unless you were this close.  It looked old and she wondered what it meant. 
Lauren looked at his tempting lips again.  What the hell.  For all she knew,
everything he’d said was BS and this was a one night conquest.  She didn’t want
this to be the dessert she regretted not having.  Lauren shifted and placed a
warm gentle kiss on his mouth.  His eyes cracked open and he smiled down at
her.  “Hi love.”  He pulled her tighter against him and buried his face in her
neck tasting her.  It made her squeal.  “I’m starved, are you ready for
dessert?”  She wasn’t sure if he meant the tiramisu or if he was ready for
round two, so she nodded.  Either was okay with her.

Jake padded naked
to her fridge and brought the box with her dessert in it and a spoon.  “Hey
that’s mine!”  She struggled to sit up trying to keep the sheet over her nude
body.  He dipped his spoon in and shoved it in his mouth. 

“Mmm….It tastes
almost as good as you do.”  The corner of his mouth lifted.  She took a deep
breath and let it out slowly.  Could he be any sexier?  She doubted it.  He
dipped the spoon in again and held the bite up to her mouth.  Lauren opened and
took the creamy dessert that he offered her.  Her eyes slid closed
involuntarily.  “See, you should never skip dessert for a stupid diet, indulge once
in awhile, sweetheart.”  Another bite was at her lips as he sat down on the bed
beside her.  “You are so beautiful Lauren, do you know that?”  Her eyes slid
open as her cheeks flushed.  “I want to take you home with me, pack a bag.”  He
finished the dessert and she peered over the side of the box.  “I still have
mine in the car, if you come with me I’ll share.”  She smiled and nodded.  “Ah,
if I’d only known I could have you for the price of a Tiramisu, I would’ve
bought the factory.”  Lauren rolled her eyes and went to the bathroom with the
sheet wrapped around her. 

He was dressed
when she came out from freshening up and was talking to someone on his cell.  He
looked perfectly fresh and neat.  She was jealous.  Men had it so easy.  Lauren
got dressed in the closet where he couldn’t watch her, she was still bashful. 
When she turned around, he was leaning in the doorway watching her.  She gasped. 
“I came in here for privacy.”  She grinned at him.

“Those days are
over sweetheart.  You know how much I like to watch you while you are working. 
Just imagine how much I like to watch you when you are naked.”  He kissed her
cheek as she exited the walk-in.  Lauren got a duffle from under the bed that
was left over from college.  She always carried the bag back and forth when she
commuted on weekends.  Gathering her toiletries, underwear, and a couple of
outfits, she placed them neatly in the bag.  “Where are your work clothes?” 
Lauren was confused and looked at him stupidly.  She didn’t work on Saturday or
Sunday, why would she need work clothes.

“I want you to
stay the weekend.  Bring your work clothes with you and we’ll go to work
together on Monday.”  Lauren stilled.  This was getting serious, too fast. 
“Don’t panic sweetheart, it’s just a weekend.  I have a function tomorrow
night.  Do you have a dress?”  She considered it, and then went to the closet,
her black cocktail dress still hung there, but she had no idea if it would fit

“I have to try it
on.  I haven’t worn it since college.”  She held it up.

“Leave it.  I’ll
get you a new one.  My treat since it’s my function and besides that one is
hideous.”  She started to object but he put a finger to her lips.  “Please let
me?”  Lauren looked the dress over.  It was hideous, he was right.  It had a
lace collar that was slightly shabby and the same lace was on the cuffs.  It
was okay for a college kid but she was an adult now and should wear something

“Okay, this once. 
Don’t make it a habit.  I like to pay my own way.”  She put a finger to his
lips and smiled up at him.  “I know you’re a rich but I went to college so that
I could get a good job and support myself.  It’s the first time in my life I’ve
been independent, let me be.”  He nodded then leaned close and kissed her

“Shall we?”  He
held out and elbow for her to hang onto.  She giggled and took it.  Lauren
locked her door while he waited holding her duffle then followed him down the
stairs.  Jake let her in the passenger side of the fancy sedan.  She’d seen
these on the road and thought they were beautiful cars but never thought she
would get to ride in one, let alone twice.  She ran her hands over the leather
seat admiring the softness.  “We are going to the estate.  It belongs to my
family and it’s where the function is tomorrow.  My grandfather is turning
ninety seven.  It’s actually his house but I have my own wing, they added it on
hoping I would spend more time there but I only use it for occasions like this
one.”  What did that mean?  Occasions like this.  Like what?  Like when he
brought home women for the weekend?  Women he had sex with?  Or did he mean for
family functions?  Lauren shook her head to clear the jealousy that threatened. 
Either way, it was none of her business.  Sure, she’d worked for him for a year
but they’d really only met a few hours ago.  Her mind was running away with her
and she blew out a breath.  She’d slept with her boss.  She slept with her boss
on their first date.  A date by the way that he didn’t ask her out on and plan
for, but a date that he coerced her into for changing a tire.  Jeez.  Did that
make her a tramp like Zoe?  Her mama would say so.  Lauren bit the inside of
her cheek to keep from laughing out loud.  Her mama wouldn’t have waited a year
for him to make a move.  She would’ve been bribing him with brownies and
would’ve climbed into his lap by the end of the second week.  He was driving
down the deserted highway, it was nearly three.  She was comfortable, relaxed,
and happy for the first time in years it seemed.  “My parents, four brothers,
and two sisters will be there with their families but don’t feel intimidated. 
They are a fun and rowdy group.  You will like them and they are going to love
you.  All of my siblings are married so don’t be surprised if that question
gets asked.”  He grinned at her and her eyes widened.  “Don’t worry, I’ll tell
them we just recently started dating.”  Lauren yawned and he chuckled.  “We’re
almost there, stay with me.”  Lauren drifted off unable to help herself.  She
was terrible in cars, always falling asleep if it was a semi-long trip.  She
woke in his arms as he let himself inside a heavy wooden door.

“Oh, I fell asleep.
 I can walk, let me down.”  She struggled to get free.

“Nonsense.”  His
arms tightened around her and he carried her through a small living room then into
a bedroom.  He placed her gently on the navy blue silk duvet that covered the
massive bed.  It wouldn’t fit in her bedroom at the apartment.  No wonder he
wanted to come home.  “Get undressed.  I’ll go and get your bag.”  Lauren
hopped off the side of the bed.  It was high and she wondered how she would get
back in then spied the steps on the other side.  Walking around while she
unbuttoned her blouse, she looked at the pictures on the dresser and shelves. 
Someone was fascinated with wolves.  Maybe photography was his hobby.  Lauren
folded her blouse and pants then placed them on a chair beside the bed.  They
were beautiful photographs and she wondered who’d taken them.  These photos
should be enlarged and displayed.  Lauren picked one up and held it under a
lamp for a better look.  The wolf in it was black, his eyes were blue, and even
though he was just an animal, he seemed intelligent.  Was it possible for a
wild animal to be intelligent?  This one stared back at her from the photo and
she wanted to meet him for some reason.  A wolf with blue eyes?  That was not
something you ever saw on nature shows.  He was magnificent.  She wanted to pet
him.  Lauren felt drawn to him somehow, but surely, this wasn’t taken around
here.  She studied the background.  Tall pines towered over a manicured lawn
and she felt it in her gut that this photo was taken in the yard of this estate. 
“Do you like wolves?”  He was behind her now wrapping his arms around her

“I’ve never really
thought about them one way or the other but he’s so beautiful.  I don’t think
I’ve seen a black wolf before and I know I’ve never seen one with blue eyes. 
Aren’t they usually grey and white?  And wolves, they have yellow eyes, don’t

“Sometimes they
are, sometimes they are red, white, sandy or brown.  That one is actually dark
brown, not black.  His father’s black and you see his blue eyes, the photograph
wasn’t doctored.  I promise.”

“There are wolves
around here?  This close to the city?”  She stared up at him.

“We aren’t in the
city anymore sweetheart, this estate is thirty miles out and the land backs up
to a state park.  That wolf was photographed in the back yard in the summer
about fifteen years ago.”  Lauren’s face fell.  “What’s wrong?”  He had a
consolatory smile on his face.

“Nothing, I
just…it’s stupid.”  She put the picture frame back on the shelf. 

“Tell me.”  He
unclasped her bra and placed it on top of the pile of clothes then pulled a tee
shirt out of a dresser drawer and lowered it over her head. 

“I don’t know…I
kind of wanted to meet him, you know.”  She scrunched her face up and shook her
head.  “Never mind.”

“You wanted to
meet him?  Why?”  He unbuttoned his shirt and dropped his trousers then laid
them on a hamper.  “You do like wolves then?”

“I’ve never met
one, but that one, it was something about his eyes.  He seemed to know things,
like he was intelligent, like he had something to say.  It’s silly, I know.” 
She yawned.

“Come, let’s go to
bed, we can get in a few hours before breakfast.”

“I don’t eat
breakfast, so no worries.”  Lauren scooted toward the middle of the massive bed
closer to him. 

Lauren giggled and he pulled her against him.  “You don’t want to miss the
weekend breakfast buffet at the Bryant estate.  It is better than a five star
resort.  Pancakes, croissants, biscuits, waffles…”

“All carbohydrates,
my enemies.”  She nuzzled his chest and he chuckled.

“No, there’s
steak, sausage, links and patties, ham, bacon, scrambled eggs, poached eggs…” 
She groaned.

“Okay, okay,
breakfast.  What time?”  He smiled softly.

“Seven.”  Lauren
shifted closer and rested her hand against his chest over his heart.

“I know just how I
want to wake up.”  She murmured and shifted closer still. 

“How’s that
sweetheart?  Your wish is my command.”  She was fading fast unable to keep her
eyes open.

“With you inside
of me.”  Lauren whispered.  “Seven…”  She mumbled and drifted off.  Jake tucked
her under his chin and held her close.

.”  He
murmured against her hair.  She answered with a murmured mmm…

Chapter 4


Jake pulled her
tightly against him.  He skimmed the white panties down her thighs and pushed
inside of her.  Whatever his mate wanted, she would have.  Jake kissed her neck
then sucked on her earlobe.  She moaned in her sleep and he moved against her. 
He heard his bedroom door open and turned his head to see his mother.

“Son.”  A strong
hand touched his shoulder.  “Breakfast in ten minutes.”  Jake nodded.  “Who’s
the girl?  Is this her?  The one?”  Jake nodded again.  “Let me see.”  He
tucked her hair behind her ear.  His mother looked into Lauren’s face as he
leaned away from her warm body.  “Beautiful.  She looks strong.”  Jake smiled. 
That was a huge compliment from his mother.  “Bring her to breakfast and shower
first.  You smell like coitus.”  Jake chuckled.

“So do you.”  She
smiled at him.

“And I’m mated. 
But there are little ones in the house so shower before breakfast.”  She left
the room as quietly as she’d entered. 

“Were we just
busted by your Mom?”  Jake laughed. 

“Yes.  The good
news is she thinks you’re beautiful.”

“And strong.” 
Lauren opened her eyes and turned to look up into his.  “You’re different here
than at work, you aren’t so hostile looking.”

“Hostile?  Well,
maybe that’s because I am about to be very satisfied right now.”  Jake buried
his face in her neck and nibbled.  His hips rolled against her and she moaned. 
“This was a great idea.”  His fingers slipped into her folds and Lauren’s hips
moved of their own accord.  “I want to wake you up everyday this way.”  They
moved together.  Jake pulled her knee up and shifted her onto her belly.  He
felt so deep this way and Lauren’s orgasm seized all of her muscles with
pleasure as her womb clenched around him, milking him.  Jake roared his
climax.  His breath hot and moist on her neck. 

Once they
recovered, Jake rolled out of the bed and headed off to the bathroom.  She
heard the water come on.  Not sure of what she should do, she made the bed and
sorted through the duffel bag for breakfast appropriate clothes.  The blue eyed
wolf on the shelf caught her eye again.  He seemed to be watching her. 

“Lauren?”  Jake
called from the shower.  “Are you coming?”  Lauren smiled.  This would be her
first shower with a man.  She flung her tee shirt onto the end of the bed and
her used underwear toward the duffle bag then hurried into the bathroom.  She
stopped and looked around.  This had to be the biggest bathroom she’d ever been
in.  “Come on.”  He was under the water with a hand out to her.  The shower was
not enclosed.  The walls and floor looked like beige stucco but the walls had various
colored granite tiles in a geometric pattern decorating them.  There was a
drain in the center of the shower area floor.  The floor seemed to tilt toward
it to direct the water.  Multiple shower heads sprayed him but seemed to be
contained to the area where he stood.  “What took you so long?  “It’s a wet
room.”  He said at her wondering look.  She still wondered why you wouldn’t put
up one of those fancy glass walls like in his office.  She smirked but turned her
head so he wouldn’t see.  A roman bath tub sat in a corner and was big enough
for a few people.  Candles and flowers sat along the edge.  She would like to
try that out sometime.  Her apartment only had a vinyl shower stall that she
never seemed to be able to keep the mildew out of.  The granite vanity matched
the wall tiles and was set on expensive looking wood.  It had two sinks and she
wondered why he would need two if this wing was just for him.  Of course, the
bed was big enough for several people too, so maybe this was his bachelor party

“I didn’t know if
I was supposed to wait or come in with you?  She stepped into the shower area
with him.  Jake set her under the water gently.  She got her hair and face
wet.  He poured shampoo into his hands and lathered her long hair. 

“Don’t ever
question if I want you with me Lauren just accept it as fact that I do.”  He
tipped her head under the water to rinse her hair.  

“You didn’t say.” 
Lauren nibbled her lip.  He spread shower gel that smelled of lilacs over her
skin kissing her shoulders and neck as he went.  It was so intimate.  They’d
been intimate last night, he’d put his mouth down there!  She shivered and Jake
turned the knob to increase the water temperature.  But this was more intimate
in a way, his hands were everywhere, exploring and slicking over every inch of
her.  Wow.  She inhaled sharply when his fingers dipped into her backside.  Ok
that was a little beyond intimate.  Lauren stepped away and thought that she
heard him growl.  It had to be the shower making noise. 

“You’re always
welcome with me sweetheart.”  Lauren couldn’t keep from smiling.  It kept
spreading over her face.  This man was so not, what she expected.  He was not
only kind but loving.  She’d expected mean and domineering from all of the laser
beam looks he’d given her over the last year.  If she wasn’t careful, she was
going to fall hard for him.  Lauren had never been head over heels before,
never so in love that nothing else mattered.  This man though could be the
cause of that and that could be incredibly painful if she wasn’t careful.  “What’s
going through here?”  He tapped her forehead with his finger gently.  “I can
see the wheels turning.  Remember I’ve been studying you for quite some time.”

“Nothing.”  She
grinned and ducked her head under the water again.  He rinsed her and turned
the water off.  Handing her a towel, he dried himself. 

“Did you bring a
toothbrush?”  She nodded and dried herself then wrapped the towel around her
middle covering all of her naughty bits.  She walked into the bedroom to grab
her toiletry bag.  Jake brushed his teeth but watched her as she crossed the

Lauren walked to the
bag and was startled when a small skinny red wolf jumped from the opposite side
and up onto the bed facing her.  It watched her with its head tipped and its
ears up.  Lauren gasped.  “Jake?”  She cried tremulously He came out of the
bathroom and saw the wolf.

“Go on, get out.” 
He said gently pointing at the door.  “Don’t be frightened.  My grandfather
takes care of them sometimes.  If you see any in the house, they are harmless,
that one was a just a pup.”

“I’m not scared
just surprised.  I’ve never seen a wolf up close and certainly not one in a
bedroom.  It didn’t seem violent, just curious.  That one was kind of small,
wasn’t it?”  Lauren craned her neck to look down the long hallway through the
open bedroom door to see it loping away.

“She, yes, she’s small. 
She isn’t yet fully grown.”  Lauren looked disappointed.  “What’s wrong?”

“I should’ve pet
her.  I want to feel what their fur is like, it looks so soft.”

“I will make sure
that you get to pet one before we leave.”  He chuckled and pulled a pair of
jeans and a sweater on.  “Hurry, there won’t be any breakfast left for us.”  He
pointed at her clothes.  Lauren pulled jeans and a blouse on then twisted her
hair up in the knot that she always wore.  He liked it down but there was no
time to argue, he was starving.  She brushed her teeth quickly and Jake took
her hand then led her to through the long hallways to the dining room.  All
heads turned to look at them when they entered the dining room.  “Everyone,
this is my friend Lauren.”  There were so many faces and the room was huge like
a ballroom in a hotel.  A maid stood against a wall out of the way but she
looked Lauren over like everyone else.

“Welcome my dear.” 
A man that had to be Jake’s grandfather said from his seat at the head of the
long table.  He looked older than everyone here but he did not look ninety
seven.  He was not small and frail like you would expect.  He was slim but tall
with a head full of wavy gray hair.  “Fix yourself a plate then you can sit
here beside me.”  He patted the table next to him.  This man wasn’t weak at all
like she would expect a man of his age to be.  His hand was heavy and hard on
the table.

“Come, we’ll get
our breakfast then I will introduce you to everyone.”  Lauren smiled
tentatively at them and went with Jake to the long side table filled with
platters covered with every pastry, bread, and muffin imaginable.  Platters
loaded with the most beautiful berries and melon caught her eye, Lauren loved
fruit.  Domed lids covered more platters that she would soon find were full of
meats and eggs.  Jake filled his plate and put extras on her plate.  He grinned
when he added bacon and she made a face.  “Maybe you like ham better.”  He put
a slice of that on top of the bacon.

“Stop.  I can’t
eat all of this.”  Lauren whispered. 

“Don’t worry about
that honey, he plans on stealing those back later.”  Jake’s mother laughed and
sipped her coffee. 

“Oh!  Is that your
plan?”  Lauren laughed and elbowed him away.  “I’m not sharing.”  He reached
into her plate and stole the bacon back.  “Hey!”

“My plate is never
big enough because I only get out here once in awhile so I have to make the
trip worth it.  “Do you like coffee?”  Lauren nodded and the maid immediately
set a cup of rich black coffee in an antique cup at her place.  “Cream? 

“Cream.”  The
creamer appeared beside the cup for her to add.  The maid stepped back from the
table.  Lauren noticed the children around the table watching her with curious
eyes of every color.  There were twelve she counted, seven boys and five
girls.  They sat between adults that they resembled. 

“Where are Geoff
and the crew?”  Jake asked when he sat down.  “It won’t be the same without his
nonsense.”  Lauren was between him and his grandfather.  No way was this guy
ninety seven.  She studied him when he wasn’t looking. 

“They are coming
later.  He had some things to attend to before making the trip, but they’ll be
along.  Don’t worry.”  The man she assumed was his father answered.  He looked
like an older version of Jake and a couple of others at the table.  Jake

“Okay Lauren.  In
front of you there, is my mother, Victoria.”  She nodded.  “My grandfather,
Louis, is mother’s father.”  He patted her hand and she smiled.  “My father
there is George.”

“Lovely to meet
you dear.”  He reached across to shake her hand. 

“That’s my
youngest brother Michael, his wife Corrine, their children, Corey, Cadence, Mickey,
Nicholas, and Mathew.”  They all waved.  “Then my second youngest brother
Charles and his wife Anne, their daughters, Julie and Elise.”  Lauren nodded as
he went and they waved but she was never going to remember all of this.  My
oldest sister Elizabeth and her husband Rick, their sons Frankie, Donny, and
Eddie.  My youngest sister Bea and her, husband John.  My oldest brother
Darrell is next and his wife Dorothy with their daughters Donna and Dora.” 
Lauren smiled at the theme with the letter ‘D’.  Something was familiar about
the littlest one Dora.  She was a red head and her eyes amber.  Lauren was sure
she’d never seen this child before but still there was something so haunting
about her.  “Now do you remember all of their names?  Consider it a pop quiz.” 
Lauren’s brows furrowed and she bit her lip.  Everyone laughed and went back to
their plates.  Lauren cleared her throat and began.

“Louis, Victoria,
George, Michael, Corrine, Corey, Cadence, Mickey, Nicholas, Mathew, Charles,
Anne, Julie, Elise, Elizabeth, uh Rick?”  Rick nodded grinning at her.  “Frankie,
Donny, Eddie, Bea, John, Darrell, Dorothy, Donna, Dora, and your brother Geoff
is missing.  Are you the oldest?”  Jake was smiling down at her pride shining
in his eyes.  He leaned over and kissed her lips.  Lauren flushed crimson.  

“Yes, I am the
oldest and the wisest.”  Someone threw a wadded napkin at him and he laughed.

“Are you gonna
mate with Uncle Jake?”  The little red haired girl asked from Jake’s other side. 
She was wearing a pink tee shirt with a sequined star on it.  Lauren nearly
choked on her coffee.  The little girl’s mother whispered something in her ear
and she looked back at Lauren.  Her mouth was in the shape of an ‘O’.  Jake
patted her back and laughed.  “Are you gonna marry Uncle Jake?”

“I told you that
it would get asked.”  He turned to Dora.  “Lauren and I are still getting to
know each other, but we’ll see.  Okay?”  She nodded and stuffed a powdered
doughnut in her mouth trying not to giggle.

“How long before
you know?”  The teenager named Eddie at the other end of the table asked.  He
wore ear buds but the music was apparently not on.  His older brother Donny
elbowed him.  “What?  It’s a legitimate question.  They spent the night in his
room, so they slept together, only married people sleep together.  Right Mom? 
That’s what you said.”  His mother leaned over and said something that he
didn’t like.  “Sorry, that’s none of my business Miss Lauren.  I apologize for
my bluntness.”  His mother nodded and he stuck his ear buds back in his ears. 

“Sorry.”  Jake murmured
against her ear and she trembled.  His mother gave her an approving glance. 
Wow, his Mom was pro sex before marriage.  Go Mom!  Lauren ate her fruit while
he stole the bacon, ham and poached egg from her plate that he’d put there. 
She giggled then sipped her coffee.  This had to be the best coffee she’d ever
tasted.  Even the fancy coffee boutique coffee wasn’t this good.  Lauren let
the maid refill her cup.  It was no wonder that everyone was enjoying second
and third cups.

“So tell me
Lauren, what do you do for a living?”  Jake’s grandfather asked.  “Do you work
for Jake?” 

“Yes sir.  I work
in the accounting office.”  Lauren answered.

“Don’t let her
fool you Pops.  This woman can key numbers faster than I can.  She is yet to
make an error and she handles more accounts than anyone else in the office. 
That includes supervisors.”  Lauren’s face heated.  “Don’t be embarrassed.  I
haven’t said anything that isn’t true.”

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