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Chapter 8


Lauren heard him
speaking before she opened her eyes.  His voice was barely a soft murmur.  He
was worried about her.  She felt the heat of his hand on her thigh and went
back to sleep.  The room was dim when Lauren finally opened her eyes hours
later.  He was sitting beside her bed.  His head was down and one of his hands
held one of hers gently.  His beard was thicker than usual and his hair was
rumpled.  She watched his back moved with the steady rhythm of sleep.  She
smiled softly.  He was so kissable when he slept.  She wanted to kiss him now
but he looked so peaceful.  “It’s good to see you my dear.”  Victoria whispered
from the other side of the bed.  Lauren turned her head.  Victoria’s eyes
flashed in the dim room.  “I’m so happy that you are okay.”  She whispered
again.  “Convince him to go home and get some proper rest.  He’s been here for

“Days?  How long
have I been here?”  Lauren worried her lip.

“It was four days
a few hours ago.  When Jake killed Devlin, you passed out from shock.  When you
didn’t wake, we brought you here.  We weren’t sure how to attend to a human so
we told them that you saw something traumatic and didn’t wake up.  You were at
the estate half a day first.  The doctors said that you’d lost a lot of blood,
but didn’t know how since you had no wounds.  They’ve been giving you blood and
fluids since.  How do you feel? 

“Okay, I guess.  I
need to pee.”  Victoria laughed.

“The others that
were being held as you were are in the same condition.  The authorities are
blaming an electromagnetic pulse.  That’s what the security team used to
destroy all the equipment at Devlin.  Don’t tell anyone, it’s illegal.”

“How many were there? 
I only went from my room, to the shower to his office.  I was his food so I
never went where the others were.”

“Seventy I think
they said.  They’re at various hospitals in the area.  Most of them are awake
and wondering what happened.  He had them brain washed.  They all think that
they’ve been living their lives as always.  None of them has any idea of what
happened to them or that they’ve been working at Devlin.  He only used most of
them to work and steal from Bryant.”

“Wow.  Okay, I
really have to pee.”  She pulled her hand from Jake’s and he was instantly
awake and on his feet.  His eyes flashing and his body rigid.  “It’s okay
Jake.”  Lauren was sitting up. 

“Oh sweetheart. 
Don’t, you’ll hurt yourself.”  He tried to push her gently back to the bed.

“She needs the
restroom son.  Help her.”  Jake lifted her easily now and carried her to the
small bathroom across the room.

“Okay I got it
from here.”  Lauren tried to pull away.

“You’re still weak
Lauren.”  His eyes were so full of concern it nearly broke her heart but the
urgency that went with a full bladder turned her bitchy.

“Jake I’m going to
wet myself, let me go.”  Her voice was shrill and he released her.  His mother
laughed loudly at the look on his face.

“That’s panic son,
don’t take it personally.  Just think of how bad you would have to go after
four days.”  Victoria got up from her chair and straightened her clothes.  “I’m
going home.  I will get your room ready.  She will probably be released in the morning.” 
He nodded.  The toilet flushed and he could hear her washing her hands.  The
door opened and he looked down into the beautiful hazel eyes that had haunted
his dreams for a year now.

“I’m sorry I
yelled at you.”  She murmured.  Jake scooped her up and held her to him. 
Lauren kissed his neck and cheek.  He put her down on the hospital bed.  “Can I
leave?  I don’t want to stay here.”

“You can yell at
me anytime you want to sweetheart.  The doctor has to release you but I will
get the paperwork started.  You’re coming home with me by the way.”  Lauren
nodded.  “Devlin cleaned out your apartment and we have no idea what he did with
your belongings.  It was the same for every person he stole.  They left your
car though.”  Lauren smiled.  Little red was always waiting and reliable.  “I’m
going to buy out your rental agreement and you’ll live with me from now on.” 
Her brows knitted but she nodded.  “Get dressed and I will find the doctor.” 
Lauren went to the closet and got the Devlin clothes out.  Loose cotton pants
and shirt.  Everyone wore the same thing.  She’d seen them in the dirty clothes
bin in the locker room but she’d never seen the people that wore them. 


Jake carried her
from the car into his private wing at the estate.  “Please put me down.”  She

“You’re still
weak.”  She scoffed.

“I need a shower. 
I feel gross.”  She said when he finally put her down on the bed.  “Please?” 
Jake nodded and shucked his clothes.  “And I never want to see these clothes
again.”  She flung them down.  He studied her naked form.  “I think I lost some
weight.”  She looked her figure over in a mirror.  “He only fed me fish, bran,
and salad, something about keeping my blood thin and sweet.  I wanted a
cheeseburger so bad I could’ve cried.”

“I’ll get you one
but you should work up to it.  The doc said a light diet for the first few
days, okay.”  She looked disappointed.  “You’ll make yourself sick sweetheart. 
Come, we’ll shower.”  He took her by the hand and led her into the shower
room.  Jake adjusted the water and pulled her in with him.  He shampooed her
hair then rubbed shower gel over her skin until she practically glowed.  Lauren
looked around for a razor.  “What do you need sweetheart?” 

“A razor.”  She
looked under her arm at the hair there and made a face.  He laughed.

“I’m a werewolf sweetness,
it doesn’t matter to me.  Have you seen how much hair I can sprout?”  Lauren
worried her lip.  “Okay, I’ll get you one.  Stay here where it’s warm.”  He
walked over to the vanity and got a new one from the drawer.  He brought it to
her.  She waited.  “What?  Now I can’t watch?”  She shook her head, her cheeks
crimson and he laughed again.  “Okay, I’ll turn around, I won’t look while I
bathe, is that okay?”  Jake waited patiently not looking at her like she
wanted.  Lauren watched his hands move over his body and wished they were her
own.  He had a gorgeous backside.  Muscles rippled and moved across his back with
his movements.  Lauren had to turn around or she would never get started let
alone finish.  Jake dried her when she finished then carried her to bed.  He
curled his body protectively around Lauren and held her.

She woke to soft
kisses trailing over her shoulder and across her back.  She smiled without
opening her eyes.  He mouthed a trail down her spine and nipped her hip. 
Lauren turned away from him.  Jake scoffed and pulled her back to where she
was.  “This is mine now.”  He murmured and nipped the roundness of her cheek. 
Lauren scooted away.  Jake pounced on her.  “No you don’t.”

“No.”  She cried
trying to scoot away from him.

“What’s wrong
sweetness?”  He studied her face.  “He bit you.”  She nodded.  “Are you afraid
of me Lauren?  Are you afraid of my bite?”  Lauren worried her bottom lip with
her teeth.  “Do you remember the first time we made love?”  Her face softened
and she nodded.  Jake brought her hand up to his stubble covered cheek.  Her
fingers tested the prickly beard there.  He grew hair so fast.  “Do you
remember how soft my bite was when I tasted you?”  His teeth grazed her
fingertips and she smiled then nodded again.  “You liked that didn’t you?”  Her
face heated.  “I would never hurt you Lauren.  His bite was malevolent while my
bite is only for your pleasure.  Do you agree?”

“Yes.”  She

“My bite will only
bring you closer to climax.”  She nodded.  “I want to claim you Lauren.  I want
to make you mine, my mate.  I will have to bite you sweetheart, right here. 
May I?”  His fingertip grazed the muscle that ran from her neck to her
shoulder.  “You won’t even feel it because you will be in the middle of the
most intense orgasm of your life.” 

“Okay.”  She
breathed.  She wanted the orgasm so much after being a prisoner not only to
Devlin but to her own body.  When Jake gave her an orgasm, it was nearly an out
of body experience and she desperately needed that high after her ordeal.  He
pulled her close and kissed her cheeks.  His mouth left fire in its wake.  Her
skin came alive under his ministrations.  Warm kisses trailed down her throat,
over her breasts down her rib cage.  Lauren quivered.  She wanted him to keep
going, to make her feel like he had the first time.  He climbed between her
legs and lapped at her.  His tongue was inside of her, his mouth covered her
folds, his tongue scraped against her clitoris.  Lauren moaned loudly rocking
against him.  His teeth grazed over the sensitive bundle of nerves and Lauren
screamed his name.  “Wow.”  She said when she could breathe again. 

“Not yet mate.” 
He nipped and mouthed her still sensitive skin.  She trembled with anticipation
while her hands grasped at him, wanting him.  Jake pushed her hands over her
head and suckled her breasts each in turn.  Lauren squirmed beneath him then
wrapped her legs around him.  “Easy sweetheart.”  His teeth grazed her
sensitive rosy nipples and her back bowed.

“Now Jacob.”  She
lifted her hips.  Jake slid all the way into her in one long movement groaning
as she clenched her muscles around him.  “Oh God.”  She called.  “Oh please.” 
Jacob moved slowly in and out of her.  She bucked against him, squeezing him
with her thighs.  Jacob rolled his hips and shifted position.  Her orgasm
detonated and exploded through her.  Her womb squeezing deliciously as she
cried his name over and over.  Jacob’s fangs lengthened and sank into the
muscle he’d shown her. 

He was right, she
never even felt it.  Lauren examined it in the bathroom mirror the next morning. 
She smiled turning one way then the other.  It didn’t hurt but she could see it
would be permanent.  “Admiring my work?”  He came up behind her and kissed her
other shoulder.  She grinned at him.  “Let’s shower, I’m starved.”

“I’ll just bet you
are.”  She laughed and followed him into the water.



Lauren sat at her
desk, the same as she always had, tapping keys frantically.  The Detroit office
opened a week ago and she nearly had the books set.  Within a week, the onsite
manager would be able to do his own books using the program that Jake designed
and she’d perfected.  Her cell that she now kept on her desk instead of in her
purse, chimed.  She glanced at it then smiled and stopped clicking the keys of
her computer. 

Jake:  You are
so damned sexy.  I want to crawl under your desk and spend my day with my head
under your skirt. 

Lauren:  Stop
looking at me and do some work.  I’m tired of sleeping with you and that damned
laptop.  Work while you are here so you can play with me at home. 
grinned and pushed send then looked up at him while he read her reply.  He

Jake:  I was
coming on to you and that’s what you come up with?  Isn’t it time for your
lunch yet?  I’m starving.  Come to my office.

Lauren:  I’m
not done with Detroit.

Jake:  NOW.

Lauren:  Fine. 

Lauren hefted
herself out of her ergonomic chair and slipped her swollen feet into her
shoes.  Jake was at her side in an instant.  His arm supported her around her
swollen waist.  “I love you sweetheart.”  He kissed her temple.  The assistant
at the desk closest to Lauren sighed wishing that a man as sweet as Mister
Bryant would swoon over her like that.  Lauren leaned into him.  “I brought you
soup, a sandwich, a tangerine, some milk, and a cookie.”  He murmured into her
hair helping her into a chair at the small round table he’d had placed in his
office for them to eat their meals together.  He tucked a pillow behind her

“It’s no wonder
that I’m about to explode Jake.”  Lauren complained.

“My boy is hungry,
no girly food.”  Lauren giggled and the baby that would be born any time, kicked. 

“He’ll never come
out of there if you don’t stop feeding him so much.”  Jake grinned.  “I know
how you boys like to eat.”

“What’s that son? 
I know mama’s mean but we love her anyway.”  He teased and Lauren took a bite
of her sandwich while he poured the soup into a bowl.  Jake glanced up into her
eyes now.  “I love you.”  He said seriously.

“I love you too,
so much that I am going to let you name him.”  She sipped the soup trying not
to laugh at his stunned face.  “Because you take such good care of me and
because I know you will take the same good care of him.  I know you will do an
awesome job being his father and in naming him.”  Jake couldn’t be more
pleased.  They’d argued this point for the past eight months.  Neither liked
the other’s picks for names.  For her to let him make the decision on this was
huge.  It meant that she loved him and that she trusted him.  Jake couldn’t
believe he’d spent a year deciding whether or not to trust this human.  Maybe
they weren’t so bad after all.  He smiled at his lovely human with only love
and trust in his eyes.  They would spend their lives together always this
deeply in love.  “And I get to name the rest of them, no matter how many there
are.”  Jake laughed loudly while she nibbled on her sandwich.  “Deal?”

“You are a
ruthless negotiator.  I have no guarantee that there will be any more of them. 
So this is the only chance I have, but there could be dozens couldn’t there?” 
Jake’s eyes narrowed and Lauren leaned back and rubbed her enormous belly.

“No, I can assure
you there will not be dozens, not with the way my back hurts.”  Jake laughed
again and stuck out his hand for her to shake.  She took it and grinned.  “But
there will be more.”  Jake smiled and threw his hands up in surrender.  It
didn’t matter as long as he got to look into this lovely human face forever,
nothing else mattered.

BOOK: Her Boss the Alpha
6.43Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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