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This book wouldn’t be possible without the support of my friends and family.


CJ—Thank you for all the hug breaks. You make me smile all the time and give me energy to write.

Jake—I wrote my book, twice. Time for you to write yours. Thanks for the inspiration and the endless supply of snacks.

Nick—The comic relief was priceless!

Sally G—You are the best editor I know. Thank you for putting up with my insanity and making this book everything it is.

Dina and Mandy—My Thelma and Louise. If it weren’t for you two…well this probably would have
been done sooner, but thanks for keeping me entertained and inspired in docs.

Lisa Maurer and The Divas—Thanks for all your help with promotion. You went above and beyond.

Bec—Thanks for always being there for me. You inspire me to write.

Honey—Thanks for supporting my dreams. I
the lucky one.

. Franklin - Thank you for the beautiful cover.

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This is a work of fiction. All names, characters, locations and events are fictional and any resemblance to actual events, locales, organizations, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.



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This one is for you.
Wherever you are, I know you’re still dancing.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           ~Noc


Chapter 1


“Happy Birthday, Senator Joseph,” the valet said as he took my keys.

“Thank you,” I replied, heading into the overpriced restaurant. It was the most expensive restaurant in San Francisco, and therefore the location of my party. My mother went all out for this one—my thirty-fifth birthday.  

The hostess led me to a lavishly decorated private room. She’d been eye fucking me the entire way, so I wasn’t surprised when she touched my hand and whispered in my ear. “Happy birthday, Senator. If there is anything I can do to make this day
, please don’t hesitate to let me know.”

Those types of propositions were nothing new to me. Hell, I got them every day. I was attractive, single, and powerful—the trifecta when it came to gaining the attention of women.

I was one of the youngest senators in the country and knew I was good looking. My daily workouts showed in my toned physique. I had the classic all-American boy looks—dark brown hair and “honest eyes”—or so I’d been told. Mirror images of my mother’s, they were a rich shade of brown with flecks of green in them. I wasn’t overly tall, but my six foot two frame gave off a vibe that was powerful, yet not particularly intimidating. I’d learned early on that people were drawn to me and often followed my lead, something I’d learned to use to my advantage. Tonight, though, I wasn’t interested in the attention from the waitress; she wasn’t really my type. Besides, I knew I’d have half a dozen more offers before the night was through.

I stood in the doorway, taking in the scene before me. There was a large table in the center that dominated the entire room. Balloons covered almost every inch of the ceiling, and my friends and family mingled about, making small talk and eating hor d'oeuvres.

For a moment, I considered blowing off the party, pretending I was sick or that there was an emergency, but I knew I couldn’t. As much as the little devil sitting on my shoulder wanted me to leave and go find some
fun, the angel sitting opposite him convinced me otherwise.

The angel didn’t always win out, though. In fact, that little devil won out more often than I’d care to admit. I was relatively sure he would be having his fun later, and that seemed to placate him enough for the time being.

Scanning the crowd again, I saw my three sisters standing together near the bar enjoying a private conversation, and on the other side of the room, my mother and father talking with some guests. Wanting to avoid the barrage of questions I’d be getting from my nosey sisters about my love life, I headed in the direction of my parents.

“Maxwell!” my mother smiled as I walked up to the small group. “Happy birthday.” She gave me a warm hug.

“Happy birthday, Son,” my father said, shaking my hand firmly.

“Well, happy birthday, Mr. Senator,” a hot redhead said, trying her best to do a Marilyn Monroe impression. She was a bit much for me; I couldn’t help but notice her tits that were pressed together and falling out of her emerald green dress.

“Maxwell, this is Tiffany, my niece,” Gary, a local business tycoon, said by way of introduction. “She’s visiting from New York.”

“I thought I’d check out the other coast. Maybe you can take me out and show me a good time while I’m here,” she purred.

The little devil on my shoulder did a happy dance at how whorishly easy this woman was.

“Well, um, it was nice to meet you, Tiffany,” my mother said, though years of living with her told me that she meant the exact opposite.

I agreed with her assessment. The woman was hot, and while in theory I’d love to fuck her, she’d be nothing but trouble. After dismissing her with a promise to check my schedule and get back to her, I made my rounds, thanking all of the local businessmen and politicians who had come to wish me a happy birthday. Finally, I spotted my best friend and political advisor.

“Hey, Carter,” I said, walking up and giving him a genuine smile.

“Happy birthday, Max. Enjoying your party?” he asked with a grin. He knew I hated this shit, though it was sweet of my mother to plan it for me. “I’ll give you your
later,” he added.

The smile on his face left me no doubt as to what the “gift” would be. I was sure it would be some hot girl who knew exactly what I liked. Carter was great for discretely getting me women who enjoyed my “preferences.”

Ha, preferences! You mean to say that you enjoy
women. Tying them up…spanking them

having them submit to your will
, the little devil spoke in my head.

I was distracted from my internal monologue by the presence of a goddess who’d glided over and stood between Carter and myself. A small section of her hair was pulled up into a clip, leaving the rest of the caramel colored locks to cascade down her back in loose curls. She looked familiar, yet I couldn’t place where I’d seen her.

“Oh, there you are, Mackenzie,” Carter said.

Mackenzie! Fuck! Was she really Carter’s daughter?
, had she grown up.

“Happy Birthday, Senator Joseph,” she said softly. She was a vision staring up at me with the most amazing blue eyes I’d ever seen, causing my dick to stir. Before I could even let my thoughts get away from me, I reminded myself she was far too young. While the dress she wore was sophisticated and showed off her cleavage, indicating she was
an adult, her face looked innocent. That, and the fact that she was Carter’s daughter made me guess her age to be around sixteen.

“I left your present upstairs, too, Senator,” she said, distracting me from my thoughts once again.

Carter looked at her with a confused expression, and then just shrugged his shoulders. “I got a suite upstairs because I didn’t want to be driving home after the party. I got you one, too. I’ll be delivering your present later.”

“Thank you.” I wanted to stay and continue my conversation, but the wait staff indicated that it was time for dinner. I didn’t get a chance to speak with either Mackenzie or Carter again during the meal, as they were seated on the opposite end of the table from me. When I looked for them afterward, they were both gone. I said my goodbyes to everyone, thanked my mother for the party, and headed up to my room so I could get ready for my “gift.”

I guessed that Carter had already escorted Mackenzie to their suite and was getting my present. I hoped it was some little firecracker I’d never met before; breaking in a brand new pussy was one of my favorite hobbies. I needed some stress relief, and a hot fresh body would be perfect.

Opening the door to the suite, I found a beautiful creature in my bed with the hottest body I’d ever seen. She was wearing white thigh highs, a short plaid skirt, and a white top. It was a classic
schoolgirl outfit and I loved it. Everything about her was perfect, but everything about her was wrong.

“Mackenzie! What the hell are you doing?”

“I’m giving you your birthday present, Senator Joseph.”

The way she said my name made my dick rock hard again.

“Mackenzie, this is completely inappropriate.”

“Who gives a fuck if it’s appropriate or not,” she said, rubbing her thighs together. “And I know you want me. I saw how you were looking at me earlier. I even know what you’re into.”

My stomach dropped. Could she mean she knew about my sexual preferences? “What are you talking about?”

“Oh, I know. I overheard my father talking once.” She got off the bed and walked over to me, her eyes never leaving mine as she crossed the room. She grabbed hold of my tie and began running her fingers over it. “I know
what you are into, Senator Joseph.”

“Mackenzie, you’re what…sixteen years old?” I questioned, grabbing her wrist and removing her hand from my tie.

“Sixteen? You sent me a graduation present last year,” she laughed. “I’m nineteen. My birthday was just last week.”

She was legal. I’m sure she said more, but all I heard was that she was nineteen. I had also caught something else she said a moment ago.
She’d mentioned that she knew what I was “into,” and I needed to know what she meant.

“What is it you think I’m into?” I asked with more authority than I felt at that moment.

“You like to tie up little girls and fuck them. Isn’t that right, Senator?”

Her words made my dick twitch. The summary wasn’t exactly accurate; I didn’t like
little girls, just women in their early twenties who were willing to dress up for my fantasies. What I gathered from her statement, though, was that she wasn’t repulsed; she sounded excited at the thought.

There were a million reasons I shouldn’t do this. She was barely legal. She was the daughter of my top advisor…
best friend. I wasn’t prepared. We didn’t have any sort of contract. I had no clue what her limits were. It just seemed wrong, yet all of that flew out the window when she looked up at me and licked her lips.

“Don’t you wanna tie me up and fuck me, Senator Joseph?”

Consequences be damned. I wasn’t thinking with my head, I was thinking with my dick. And my dick wanted her. “On your knees, little girl,” I commanded harshly.

She dropped to the floor instantly; when she did, I walked around her and pulled her hands behind her back. “So you want to be tied up? To offer yourself to me? To please me?”

“Yes,” she panted.

“Yes, what?” I asked, removing my tie.

“Yes, Sir,” she moaned.

“Yes, Daddy,” I corrected.

“Yes, Daddy.”

“So, little girl, how eager are you to

“Very,” she said.

I held her wrists and bound them together behind her back using my tie. After walking slowly back around her, I leaned down again and whispered in her ear. “Have you ever given a blow job, little girl?”

She nodded. “Yes, a few times.”

“And were these blow jobs given to high school boys?” I asked with a chuckle.

“Yes,” she said while looking down, apparently ashamed of her inexperience. I liked it.

“This is going to be different. Those were just boys. They probably came within a minute. Daddy is going to fuck that pretty little mouth of yours for as long as he wants.” I unzipped my fly and my cock sprang out.

“Oh, God,” she groaned.

“Quiet!” I commanded. “Are you ready to suck Daddy’s cock?”

She nodded and looked up at me.

“Now open your mouth wide, little girl. Daddy is going to fuck your face.”

She parted her puffy lips and stared up at me, almost daring me to do what I said I was going to…as if I wouldn’t.

I’d fuck the cocky look right off her face. My dick was already weeping when I rubbed it on her lips. Her tongue darted out to taste the tip, and she never broke eye contact as I pressed into her mouth. I was surprised by how much she could take in. She hollowed out her cheeks and began to suck earnestly. Unable to control myself any longer, I grabbed fistfuls of her hair and began to slowly fuck her face.

I’m not sure how many
blowjobs she had given, but from how good she was, it was more than I would have wanted it to be. It wasn’t just the way her mouth worked me over, or that she could take in a hell of a lot of me, but it was also the way she moaned while she was doing it.

The amount of suction that she was using and the way her tongue seemed to press just the right
places, had me fucking her face hard and fast. It seemed that I wasn’t going to last much longer than the high school boys I’d mentioned.

“Are you ready to drink Daddy’s come?” I asked when I was near release.

She nodded, still looking at me. Again with the fucking eyes. I lost it and shot my load down the back of her throat. She kept my dick in her mouth afterward—something I had to train even the professionals to do. Most women immediately pulled back as if they were done. A good little girl waited for her Daddy to let her know when he was finished.

I removed my now semi erect cock from her mouth and zipped up my fly, then
looked down at her. She was still staring at me, as if waiting for more. I began to wonder how
much more
she was willing to take.

Pulling her to her feet, I stared down at her white shirt, which she had tied into a knot at her navel. My cock became rock hard again instantly. I ran my finger over the school’s crest, which was embroidered onto her shirt just over her left breast, and felt her quiver beneath my fingertips. To my pleasure, I realized that it wasn’t a costume, but her authentic school uniform.

I spun her around and bent her forward so she was facedown on the bed, her ass cheeks peeking out from the bottom of her skirt. I flipped it up to reveal plain white panties—you know, the kind that weren’t supposed to be at all sexy, but were the hottest fucking thing on the planet.

“Did anyone give you your birthday spankings?” I asked sternly.

“No, Daddy,” she groaned.

“Daddy is going to give you ten warm-ups and then nine spankings—one for each year. You will count them out to me. Do you understand, little girl?”

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