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JP thrust a hand toward Alexander Bly and said, “I’m JP Thomas and that idiot is Finnegan Hale, we live in the other two lofts, nice to meet you…”

“Alexander Bly,” he said flatly, grudgingly offering his hand.

“Ah the man to whom the world owes a great debt for outstanding literary achievement,” JP said and then kissed Charlotte on the cheek and said goodnight.


              She picked up the drink Finn made for her, took a huge swallow, coughed and said, “I’m not gonna ask how you found me, you’re a billionaire, your ‘
’ know everything. I do want to say that I’ve been up since dawn, I’ve worked for months on the case I won today, you’ve appeared like a ghost from my past and I’m beyond exhaustion.”

He stood with his arms folded as she talked and even as weary as she was, the volcano erupted in her stomach as she looked at him. He wore a perfectly cut tuxedo, his hair was smoothed back except for those disobedient strands that fell across his high forehead and a few lose waves. The tosseled hair made him look as if he’d just risen from bed and although his eyes were cold and his mouth was set in a hard line, he still looked like the fuck of the decade.

She really did just want to lead him up to her all white bed and let him turn her every way but loose. She sighed and motioned to the little bar set up in the dining room, told him to help himself as she walked to the sofa and curled up.

“I intend to help myself.” He said, following her and removing his jacket and bow tie, he hadn’t fixed himself a drink. He didn’t look at her as he loosened the top two buttons of his tuxedo shirt and picked up the remote to turn off the mindless racket. He sat at the other end of the sofa looking like living, breathing sex in his white shirt and suspenders. He dropped his cufflinks on the coffee table and rolled up his sleeves. He leaned toward her and pried the glass of vodka from her hand, took a drink and sat it down. He pulled her toward him and simply held her to him as he sat back. Her head was against his chest and his heart thumped against her cheek.

She could feel his huge erection but he made no move other than to smooth her hair and let her rest against him. She didn’t look up at him, but she said quietly, “I’m happy with my life, I don’t have room for complications.”

He said, “I believe we want variations of the same thing, I want to make you cum and watch your face while you do. I’ve pictured it in my head for years, your voice painted quite a picture when I called you that day after the photo shoot. It was the sexiest thing I’ve ever heard. You’ll please me, too, and once we start fucking you’ll beg me not to stop. Believe me Charlotte, I’m a man who gets what he wants.” 

She stood and looked down at him. It caused a swell of desire in her that made her dizzy. She wanted to lift his hand to her dampening panties so he would know what his presence did to her. She wanted him more than she’d ever wanted any man. Her young heat for Jorgen had been nothing compared with this. The pulsing between her legs from the nearness of him was indecent. She just wanted to place his fingers on her pussy and cum quickly then let him push his huge cock into her. Just once, then she wanted him out of her life. Her career was all that mattered to her. Bly would be her first and only one night stand, period.

She handed him the glass of vodka and said, “Drink.” He took a swallow and she said firmly, “all of it.”

His eyes narrowed angrily for a minute, but he finished the glass and set it down. He pressed his face against her, reaching around to cup her ass in his hands. He inhaled her through her t-shirt for a moment then sat back, tried to arrange his erection, but there was no way he could get comfortable.

“Whatever this is, Bly, it’s not about tenderness and cuddling. It’s raw and animalistic, like you said in the museum.”

“You really don’t know me Charlotte. I’m thirty four now, not twenty eight. I want certain things, I want you.”

She stopped him, “Please Bly, save it. I want the same thing you want, you inside me. But, I haven’t had sex in a while, I’m not on birth control and I don’t have any condoms.”

He looked shocked at her words.

Before he could say anything she moved his hand between her legs and his fingers went to her soaking wet panties.

His moan was a low rumble in his throat and he leaned forward, his head against her flat stomach.

Her legs were shaking as she moved them apart.

He moved his other hand under her shirt, grasped the panties and tore them off with a single jerk.

She ran her hands through his hair and tried to slow her breathing. She’d imagined him for so long and suddenly she was nervous. He threatened her self-control and that she couldn’t tolerate.

His fingers slid over the lips of her pussy, her wetness letting them glide easily. “My God, are you always this wet? Fuck, you are so ready.” His voice was hoarse. His thumb massaged her clit as he tried to slip a finger inside her. His fingers were large and she was clenched so tightly as her fear began to mount that he couldn’t penetrate her easily and he didn’t want to hurt her. He moved his fingers away.

“I’m sorry,” she said. “I thought I could do this, you should leave.”

“Listen Charlotte, relax now and don’t fight me. Come here.” He leaned back against the sofa and pulled her against him. He held her between his legs facing away from him. She could feel his hard cock against her back and she began to squirm. His arms where around her and one hand moved between her legs and the other went under her t-shirt to cup her breasts. He said very calmly, “Spread your legs, Charlotte, and let me in. You’ve wanted this, now you’re fighting me because you think I’m in control of you. But we’re here because we want to be, you’re not giving in to me, you’re using me for your own pleasure.” He felt her begin to quiver and gasp as he circled her clit and pushed hard with his middle finger, it slid inside her as she shuddered and her pussy pulsed hard around his finger. “That’s it, baby,” he said as she writhed and cried out for long moments, then sank back against him.

Her breathing was ragged and she was limp as he gently removed his finger. He was shocked at how tight she was and how wet, his body was aching for release but he continued to hold her.

As much as she’d preached about not wanting tenderness, she turned and curled into his lap, her arms around his neck. Her breathing became even and he knew she was asleep.

He stood and laid her gently on the sofa, her t-shirt rode up and he had to fight not to run his hands over her beautiful ass. He covered her with the throw that lay across one end of the sofa and leaned down to kiss her mouth.

She stirred as he did and whispered, “Bly.”

He would teach her body to crave only him. He smiled as he picked up his jacket and left.


              “Looks like someone bought out the flower shop.”

Charlotte opened her eyes and JP was standing over her holding an armful of roses. She checked to make sure her naked butt was covered, and thank God, it was.

Brilliant light poured in the floor to ceiling windows of her spacious living room. The light flooded the high-ceilinged room and seemed to infuse the beautiful, mid-century furniture and paintings with life.

Finn walked in with Starbucks for all of them and said, “I’ll wager those are from the grumpy billionaire.”

She sat up as JP handed her the roses and there were so many she could barely hold them, they smelled heavenly.

She laid them on the coffee table and sipped the coffee. She held the little envelope with the card but didn’t open it. “What time is it and what do you mean grumpy?”

“Well, he wasn’t very happy about us being here, my love. I believe it pissed him off, to be honest,” Finn said.

“I won’t lecture you, but I hope you used a condom, young lady,” JP said, smirking, “It’s a scary world out there!”

Just then a young woman wearing nothing but a Marine Corps t-shirt wandered through the open front door.

“Finn? JP?” she called out.

Charlotte rolled her eyes and said, “they’re over here, dear,” as the men tried to shush her.

She was a very pretty girl, but wild looking, with black rimmed eyes and tattoos running down both arms.

“Hey, did you get me some coffee, too? Why don’t we go back to bed for a while?” the girl purred.

“They’ll be right with you, honey. I’m sure they’ve got some lethal weapons to show you!” Charlotte said.

The girl smiled and left the loft and JP and Finn laughed at Charlotte’s little joke.

“You two are just nasty, you know that? Did you both sleep with her?”

They got up to leave and JP said over his shoulder, “I wore a condom.”

Finn said, “So did I, several times.”


              Charlotte opened the card after she’d showered and dried her hair. She lay on her feminine, pillow strewn bed and looked out at San Diego beyond her windows; it was a city she truly loved. It was bright and exciting, it pulsed with life and the weather was fabulous almost every day.  She would never go back to Mississippi, it had meant poverty and welfare and foster homes. Her phone was ringing again, she’d missed five calls so far, one from Witt and four from Alexander Bly. She knew she owed Witt an apology and she should call him.

She read the card that had come with the roses, “
Don’t cum without me ever again, A.B.”
The words made her face hot and the thought of him made her want to do exactly what he’d just told her not to. She was sick of her vibrator and her own hands, she’d felt that rock hard cock of his and it was what she needed. She looked at the ringing phone and she was afraid of what his voice could do to her. She clicked the phone on but didn’t speak.

“Charlotte, why haven’t you been answering?”

“Thank you for the roses, Bly, and thank you for… last night.”

“You’re welcome, is the card perfectly clear?”

“Look Bly, what you did for me last night was all I ever wanted from you. I want to take care of you in return and I’ll do it… gladly. However, beginning Monday I’m your attorney and attorney client privilege doesn’t include sex. In fact it could get me disbarred.”

“Charlotte, why don’t you have a prescription for birth control pills?”

“Did you just hear what I told you? I’m representing you and even if I had a contraceptive and swallowed it right this minute it wouldn’t be effective for a few days.
A few days
, Bly, that’s
at least a day or two
past Monday.”

“I can hire a different attorney, Charlotte. I want you as my lover.”

“So you’ll call Sheppard and Sheridan and say you’d rather fuck me than work with me? If that’s it just get over here now, we’ll do it and I’ll see you at the office on Monday.”

“Charlotte, calm down. That’s not what I’m saying at all, the case can be postponed for a while. Fuck, I’ll settle it out of court if that’s what it takes to have you. Now, there are things we need to discuss, I’m downstairs in my car right now, come down here, we’re going for a drive.”

The phone went dead and she wanted to throw it across the room. He was the same self-centered arrogant bastard he’d been when she’d first met him. He wanted what he wanted, well he could forget it. She wasn’t a damned call girl.

She had the feeling he wasn’t going to leave, not without a confrontation. So she pulled her hair into a high, sleek ponytail, applied mascara and lip gloss, slipped into a sundress and sandals and went downstairs. She was mad as hell and intended to let him know it, but then,
there he was.

He was leaning against a black Mercedes SUV, he wore faded jeans, a black t-shirt, and Ray bans. His wavy hair was lose and wild, and with his arms crossed his biceps bulged, she wanted to run her hands over his body suddenly, feel the hard chest she’d fallen asleep against last night. Linger on the rippling stomach muscles she’d only touched for a moment before she’d fallen asleep. Then she’d let her hands move lower, unfasten the button on his jeans. His head was back as if he were he were deep in thought as she walked toward him.

She noticed the outline of his cock through the fabric of his jeans. It wasn’t erect, it was just
. It lay against his left leg and it hung
. She realized that not only had she stopped in her tracks to stare at it, but it was growing. She jerked her eyes to his face and he was watching her, he’d seen her standing in the street studying his cock like a common slut. Her face grew so hot that she turned to go back inside but he caught her, pulled her against him.

“It’s alright, we’ll figure it out,” he whispered.

She couldn’t stop herself from turning her face up to him and he ran his hand across her cheek, her smooth jaw line.

He let his fingers linger on her lips and she caught them and kissed the tips. He kissed her eyes and forehead then led her to the SUV and opened the door for her. 

“Do you get sea sick?” he asked.

“No,” she said.

“Good, I have things I want to talk to you about, Charlotte. This is exhilarating and frightening for both of us, I believe. But we’ll make sense of it, if we both set our doubts aside and listen to each other. I realize that being a lawyer is the most important thing to you and I get it. You’re a year younger than I was when I met you and back then work was everything to me. Of course I fucked every woman I found the least bit attractive, as well, but I was careful, always. We’ll talk more about that on the boat. I’m just saying don’t turn away from us and be sorry later that you did.”

“Boat,” she said, “what boat?”

“My boat, we’re going out on it, we’ll spend the night on the ocean, it’s the best sleep you’ll ever have. The rocking of the boat is hypnotic. It’ll be just us in our own little world.”

“I didn’t bring any clothes. I don’t have a swim suit.”

He pointed to the back seat which was covered with bags from Saks and Neiman Marcus.

“You went shopping?”

“Well, I was lucky, I knew a busy lawyer would have a personal shopper at Saks or Neiman’s, and of course you do.”

Charlotte smiled in spite of herself,
clever man

The ‘boat’ was huge of course, a yacht without question, but why should that have surprised her?

He told her there’d only be a crew of five so they would have more privacy and she laughed at that.

“Five people to wait on two people, isn’t that more than enough?” She asked.

There was the captain, the cook, the valet, a maid and a security guard. That was roughing it as far as Alexander Bly was concerned.

They were served Blue Crab bisque and lobster rolls and champagne at an elegantly set table on deck as the boat cut through the water toward the open sea.

She felt relaxed and content with the wind on her face and they sat under a large canvas canopy to protect her ‘porcelain skin’ as he called it. She was tipsy right away and she knelt beside him and pulled his cheek to hers and whispered in his ear that she wanted him to make love to her only once, and she wanted him to do it right that minute.

He led her into the main salon, sat her down, moved to the other end of the butter-soft leather sofa and said they needed to discuss some things. The valet brought them ice water to clear her head and Bly told him they needed complete privacy for a while. He asked Charlotte to please not freak out as he handed her a prescription bottle. It was a refill of her birth control pills.

“What, where, how?” Was all she could manage.

“Charlotte many things are possible for a man in my position, I’m sure you know that. We need these because I’m not going to make love to you with a condom and I think we should use birth control in the beginning, at least.”

Charlotte looked at him as if he were speaking another language, what did that mean? They might want to use birth control
in the beginning
? Was he kidnapping her and she wasn’t aware of it? Did he expect to keep her barefoot and pregnant on that opulent boat for the rest of her life?

She stood up and began to pace the room, “you’re right, I’m a little freaked out right now, hurry, Bly. Help me understand before I jump overboard.”

“I will,” he said, “but take one of the pills first, the pharmacist explained that they could be started on any day and would be completely effective by day three. Please don’t look at me like that, hear me out but swallow the pill, what can it hurt?”

It really pissed her off that he had taken control over her reproductive cycle but, she did need sex. In fact, the only reason she’d stopped taking the pills was because there was no one she’d wanted to sleep with. Now here he was, looking out for her, desirable as hell and with a cock that made her mouth water. She had to admit, she’d never been into giving blow jobs, but she was dying to taste his cock and explore its massive size with her tongue. She blushed and looked away from him, she felt her mind had calmed but her body was heating up. She knew it, things were already getting complicated. She took one of the pills and swallowed it with some water.

“That’s my girl,” he said, and crossed to where she sat. Before he could lift her to him she pressed her face against his jeans then turned her mouth to where she felt the outline of his cock and nuzzled, then nipped at it with her teeth.

He groaned as it instantly filled and she moved her hands to it, lifting her eyes to his to let him see the wonder on her face. He forced himself away from her, walked to the far side of the room and said, “Charlotte, don’t test me, I’m not that strong right now. I need to finish explaining some things to you. I’ve never wanted a woman the way I want you, maybe it’s chemistry, pheromones or something. I really don’t understand it but I want to just fuck you, I want to make love and do things to make you as hot for me as I am for you and I don’t want it to just be for a month. I want to have an affair, a love affair… with you, and who knows how long it will last? No one can be sure, and it’s all new to me, I’ve never been in a relationship. Don’t look at me like that, it’s true. I’ve dated, I’ve escorted women to important events and I’ve had sex with a lot of women, but none of them meant anything. It’s a pretty sorry track record if you think about it, no woman has ever gotten to me or moved me. I’ve never fucked a woman without a condom, not even when I was young. Is that fucked up or what? I was concerned about pregnancy and diseases and maybe I just wanted a barrier between myself and true intimacy. So, I just feel certain that you’re not ready to have a baby and I intend to fuck you, make love to you, over and over. And I want to feel my skin against yours without a condom between us.”

BOOK: Legal Action (Surrendering Charlotte Chronicles)
8.24Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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