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              The next week she and Bly flew to Los Angeles and appeared before Brady’s father, Judge Sutton, for the preliminary hearing. Everything went as she’d hoped and the Huang jet would be burning a lot of fuel traveling from Hong Kong to L.A. for hearings.

As they were leaving the courthouse Jamey Huang stopped her. He was surrounded by young men in expensive suits who she was sure were his body guards.

“Hello, Charlotte, it’s been a while.” His voice was smooth as silk and he was scarily handsome. He was tall and lean, with jet-black hair that hung to his shoulders, and his eyes were a luminous green. He had a classic nose that was long and straight, his lips were full and sensual. His looks were exotic, half Chinese and half Caucasian and he was, without a doubt, movie star handsome.

“You’re even more beautiful than you were in college, Charlotte. If I recall you gave me a rain-check on dinner some years ago when I was just a boy with a huge crush on you. As you can see I’m all grown up now.”

Jamey moved quickly and kissed her mouth, then let his fingers brush her breasts before he turned and walked away.

Bly moved to follow him, but Charlotte stopped him and said, “Let it go, please, we’ll deal him soon enough.”

In the cab, Bly was livid. “That sleazy little fuck better watch his step. I know I’m only supposed to be your
, but if he pulls that shit again it’s all over. I have to be in Europe on the next court date, I’m sending West with you to L.A. for that hearing. It’s the only way I’ll be able to be away from you and have any peace of mind.”

“You worry about me too much, he’s just trying to unnerve us,” she leaned toward him and unbuckled his belt, nuzzled his neck.

“Why did we take a cab instead of a limo?” he asked and groaned. He tried to ignore her as he called West and told him to run a full security check on Jamey Huang.

“Do you really think the cabdriver cares if I go for a ride while I’m riding in his cab?”              

She breathed against his ear and pulled off her panties, she sat on his lap facing him.

“Charlotte, please,” he begged, “the driver can see us, and my mind is occupied now.”

She laughed and freed his straining cock from his suit pants, “not all of you is preoccupied,” and she eased herself onto it. Her pussy was soaking wet and he tried to remain perfectly still as she slowly rocked against him. She looked in his brilliant, blue-green eyes and ran her hand over his pristine shirt and tie. She could see he was fighting to control his desire but she wasn’t. She needed his cock and they both knew it. Arguing a case in court always made her hot as hell. She let herself settle more deeply onto the hard length, with its ropey, pulsing veins. She could feel the head hitting that spot deep inside that caused her pain but slowly built into wicked pleasure. Her pussy suddenly seized and clenched hard, she was flooding his cock as she climaxed around him.

He couldn’t hold back as her tight little pussy milked him and his cock shot it’s thick cum inside her. He devoured her mouth as they both rocked and moaned and finally lay back against the seat, spent.

The cab driver’s eyes danced as he turned around to face them and said, “Los Angeles Airport, sir. The fare is fifty four dollars.”


              West was waiting for them in the hangar as they boarded the Bly International jet.

Charlotte could tell Bly wasn’t happy about her little stunt in the cab, but he had roused a need in her that she’d denied for too long. She let him cool down while she went into the jet’s marble surfaced restroom to straighten her clothes and hair. She was wildly in love and with Alexander Bly, there was no denying it. She loved his heart-stoppingly handsome face and haunting, sea-glass colored eyes, his hard muscled body and his huge, rock hard cock.

She also loved the fierce, powerful man that he was and she knew he had a heart of gold and would do anything to protect her. At first his possessiveness had threatened to push her away but he had used his sex to woo her and she had come to crave his amazing cock. Now she craved him, as well, but it had all happened so fast, she wanted to be sure the fire between them wouldn’t burn itself out.

Bly and West were deep in conversation and she sat across from them catching bits of what they were saying. West quietly told him that Jamey Huang was definitely into trading illegal arms to clients in the middle-east and only used the clubs in L.A. as a front. They stopped talking as they realized she had joined them and Bly told West to increase security around Charlotte.

She stayed with him in his house that night; JP and Finn were out of the country and would be gone for more than a month. Jamey Huang’s smooth manner and piercing, cold eyes left her feeling off balance and she told herself it was best to be with Bly. Once she moved a few of her things in the mansion Bly seemed to relax and they had fun together as well as kick-ass sex.

When she arrived from her office in the evenings she wandered around the enormous house and couldn’t keep track of all the rooms. Sometimes he walked with her and she asked about his ancestors in the family portraits. Like her, he was an only child and lately he’d begun to hope for children someday.

“This will be a great house to raise kids with all its secret hiding places and that staircase handrail is long enough to really slide down. I imagine you have wonderful holidays here,” Charlotte said.

“I don’t, I usually ski in Switzerland at Christmas and my mother lives in Paris so if she’s in a holiday mood I visit her there. But your right, it’s a house that’s meant to have a family and kids,” he said quietly, “three would be nice. What do you think, Charlotte?”

“About Switzerland or Paris or kids?” she asked, settling into a cushy, chenille sofa in the sun room.

He settled next to her and they looked out across the manicured lawn to the Pacific crashing against the cliffs below. Almost immediately a maid appeared with a tray of lemonade and an assortment of tiny cakes.

Charlotte thanked her and sipped the cold drink, took a bite of a petit four.

“I want to take you around the world, I want you with me for every adventure and yes, I want to know if you’re going to want children.” Bly said, taking his glass and moving to the other end of the sofa so he could watch her face.

“Yes to travel and adventure, and absolutely to having babies,” she said. “By the time I’m thirty I hope, but I have to find a suitable sperm donor,” she gave him a wicked smile and brushed the front of his pants with her bare foot.

“I love having you here, I don’t want to be without you any longer, I want…” he whispered as he stood and pulled her into his arms.

“Shhh,” she said as he started to protest, she stood on tiptoe and kissed his eager mouth, then she called to the maid and told her the staff could have the night off and to please close the French doors behind her.

He didn’t protest when she pushed him back down on the sofa, unzipped his pants and settled herself, moaning onto his straining cock.

“Where are your panties?” he asked. His hands cupped her perfectly round ass and his voice was filled with wonder and lust.

“Why do I need panties? They just get in the way of what I want, I’m not going to wear them anymore,” she held his eyes with her own as she rode him so he could witness the look of ecstasy as the first orgasm engulfed her.             


              They were flying to Las Vegas together for the weekend to attend a fund raiser that Bly International was hosting. Bly wanted her with him all the time; he couldn’t imagine her being too far away from him. He was excited to show her Las Vegas, although they would have to be careful not to let his board members know he was sleeping with the corporate attorney. Bly didn’t care who knew, but Charlotte was still clinging to the illusion that the affair was their secret.

Sheppard and Sheridan either didn’t know what was going on, or they looked the other way for their billionaire client and for Charlotte.

Charlotte made a list and Bly sent West and the maids to her loft for her clothes and personal items. She was deep in to the lawsuit with Huang Worldwide, it was a tougher fight than she’d expected, but she relished the challenge. It kept her at the office for long hours most days and Bly urged her to settle out of court and be done with it. But she needed to win; she wanted to wipe the smug look off Jamey Huang’s face. In truth, she worried that Jamey was more psychotic than anyone imagined, but she had her ‘
never lose a case,
’ reputation to uphold, so she kept him tied up in court.

She had never returned to the loft, she and Bly lived together, although she wouldn’t admit it and no one other than West and the house staff knew. She felt safe with him, Finn and JP had been gone for nearly two months, so it was easy to let Bly’s opulent world enfold her. She’d begun to lose herself in him as she’d feared, but it felt wonderful to be his alone, so she didn’t care.

Finn and JP had never left her for so long without any contact, she missed them, but she also dreaded telling them how serious she was about Bly. She knew they would wish her well, but she thought Finn might say she was jumping in too deep and too fast. He worried about her and she loved him for it. He’d told her he would probably never have a wife or a child or a normal life, his work was as important to him as hers was to her.

Charlotte looked forward to a break from the office and the constant unease over Jamey Huang that had settled in her mind. She’d only been to Vegas once before and she was looking forward to going back. Maybe she would try her hand at gambling.

She wore a Dior gown to the fund-raiser and Bly was entranced by the sight of her in the sapphire silk. The low, scooped neckline was barely held in place by tiny ribbon ties at her shoulders.  The dress was fitted around her narrow waist and beautifully sculpted ass before flowing softly to the floor.

He stood looking at her with such desire in his eyes that she wanted to sink to her knees and pleasure him right there in the hotel suite. He gave her a boyish grin and produced a box from behind his back.

She was stunned as she opened it. It was the most amazing sapphire and diamond necklace she had ever seen.

“The sapphires are the color of your eyes, Charlotte, and I love your eyes.” He said and she was speechless as he clasped it around her neck then turned her to face him. “I want you more each day. I think you’ve bewitched me. I want to tell you everything I’m feeling and what my hopes are for us, but I don’t want to scare you away…”

There was a knock at the door and West was telling them it was time to go downstairs.

Charlotte was light-headed from the jewels and the look in his eyes, the sound of his voice was so earnest and loving. Her all-important law career seemed less of an obsession for her as he became more of one. She’d sacrificed so much to rise above her dirt-poor upbringing and make something of her life. Now she was consumed by the look and smell and taste of Alexander Bly. She loved the spicy taste of his cum in her mouth, how she would lick the first hot drops from the slit as he groaned. Then she would lick and suck until he roared her name and exploded and she drank him down, then he’d clasp his mouth to hers and they shared the thick, luscious fluid. She had truly surrendered her body to him. She was ready to follow his lead down any sexual road he chose.

“Charlotte, we need to hurry, I’m giving the opening speech. Are you ready? You look like a princess,
my princess
, and only mine, do you hear?” He lifted her hair to his nose and inhaled, his eyes turned smoky with lust. “I know you’re wet for me now and I wish I had time to taste you and push my cock into you. I intend to always keep you sore and only wanting me.”

“You do and you know it,” she said, pressing against him, wanting that magnificently huge cock in her that very moment.


              Bly gave his speech and introduced the head of his charitable organization, Sylvie Moore. He kissed her cheek as he turned the podium over to her and she began to speak.

She was exquisitely beautiful, tall and willow-thin, with pale blonde hair that twisted to her shoulders. She wore an ice-blue sheath of a dress that fell over her small breasts and she seemed proud of the fact that her nipples were blatantly erect.

After the formalities Sylvie Moore made a beeline for Bly and Charlotte.

“Alex,” she crooned, “is this the lovely creature that’s been keeping you from your real life? She
fresh and enchanting but we all miss you so, hurry back, won’t you, and play with the grown-ups?” Her eyes were icy as she stared at Charlotte and rubbed Bly’s arm as if he belonged to her.

“Sylvie, I’d like you to meet Charlotte Christiansen, my attorney.” Bly said removing Sylvie’s hand from his arm.

Charlotte felt like she’d been punched in the stomach when he introduced her as his attorney. Of course it had been her rule that while she handled his case no one know they were lovers, but she needed Sylvie to know. She pulled herself together and realized her professional reputation was at stake.

She offered her hand and said, “Pleased to meet you, Ms. Moore, sounds like you do a bang up job for the foundation.”

“Oh, I certainly do,” she smiled coldly and looked directly at Bly. “I’m sure Alex will attest to that. Now, let me see if I remember correctly. Why, yes, you’re the naughty cheerleader that Alex made famous. I never forget a face, of course you’re dress covers more of you than that yummy quarterback did. Tell me, you two looked so feral in those pictures, did you go home and fuck like wildcats?”

“Alright Sylvie, put your claws away, that’s enough.” Bly said, his voice harder than she’d ever heard it. His face was a mask of fury as he reached for Charlotte’s hand to lead her away from the gloating woman.

Sylvie’s voice sounded desperate as she stared at Charlotte and said, “I’ve watched the quarterback in action, I can always see his cock outlined in those tight football pants. Did you enjoy it as much as you’re enjoying Alex’s?”

Charlotte forced herself to smile and meet the evil stare, “You know, Sylvie, I’ve found that women who must imagine the sex lives of others are generally frustrated over the lack of sex in their own.”

Charlotte turned and walked out of the party and into the noisy casino.

Bly followed her, demanding that she slow down, but she was seething and worse, tears flowed down her cheeks. He caught up to her and crushed her to him, murmuring how sorry he was.

“Let me go, Bly. You could have at least warned me about that seething witch. How on earth can you employ such a woman much less have fucked her? The rational part of me knows there are going to be women you’ve been with around every corner, but I hope they’re not all that venomous.” She shook his hand off and stepped in the elevator.

He started to get in and West called to him and said it was important. He ran his hand through his hair, brushing the strands that had fallen across his forehead. “Wait for me in the suite, Charlotte. She’s done in my company, she’s history, her behavior is completely unacceptable. Don’t give her or any woman another thought. Do you doubt that you’re the only woman for me? I haven’t been able to keep my cock out of you since you came back into my life. ” He brushed the tears from her cheeks, gave her a scalding kiss then walked toward West.

Charlotte stepped out of her gown as soon as she walked in the suite. She took a tiny bottle of tequila from the mini-bar and drank it fast, then coughed as it burned her throat. She stood before the wall of windows and took in the multitude of lights on the Vegas Strip below. Her raging jealousy was foreign to her and it hurt like hell. He’d slept with untold numbers of women. Maybe he’d given them jewels and made sure they stayed sore with his mesmerizing cock. She couldn’t handle the feeling of being out of control, she’d let down her guard and he was consuming her. She had to end it and he wouldn’t be easy to dissuade. Only if he thought she wanted another man could she drive him away.

She dressed in a tiny silver mini-dress. It was sleeveless with a high rounded neckline and it swept from her shoulders in an A-line. It flared into a swingy hem that was so short it barely covered her butt cheeks. She was feeling the tequila drive her cares away and she changed into a tiny pair of black, silk ‘boy short’ panties just in case her skirt swirled up by accident. She laughed at the thought, how it would make Bly furious.
Too bad
, she thought,
fuck him if he can’t take a joke
. She slipped into a strappy pair of heels and was out the door.

Charlotte walked into the casino and men stopped gambling to stare at her. She asked for directions to the most happening bar and was told it was on the top floor. A line of people waited outside the bar but she walked right up and said she was with Alexander Bly and they welcomed her in. The music was loud and pumping and a DJ was shouting, “Welcome to the Skye Lounge!” She went to the bar and ordered a vodka martini and she could hear her cell phone ringing in her purse. She answered it and before Bly could get two words out she said, “Forget me, Bly. I’ve moved on.” She turned the phone off.

The bartender was yelling over the din, saying that he still had her pictures on his wall. Two men moved closer to her as she leaned against the bar and drank the martini quickly.

She knew Bly would find her, he’d surely heard the pumping music. Two arms appeared from behind and encircled her as they rested on the bar, pinning her.

“Your beautiful round ass is showing,” a man’s voice whispered hotly in her ear, it was vaguely familiar.

She twisted to face him, ready for a fight and met crystal blue eyes in a sexy Nordic face, blonde hair sweeping to his chin. She smiled and their arms went around each other as he lifted her against him.

“Jorgen, where did you come from? I thought you were someone else, no fair sneaking up on me.”

They laughed as people buzzed around them whispering, but they didn’t care, they were happy to see each other. They moved to a round booth tucked in a corner, sat close together and talked of what their lives had once been and what they had become. He said they should start over, that he was wrong to have been such an ass about her career; he knew she was excellent at her work and he was proud of her. She said she kept a special place in her heart for him and the innocent love they had shared, but she was not the same person any longer. More than that, she confessed, with the liquor coursing in her veins, she’d fallen in love. He asked why she was in Vegas all alone, looking like a Goddess, drinking martinis in a night club.

“I don’t know if it can work out,” she said, “one minute I think he loves me and then I’m not sure. It all happened so fast, I want to be with him more than anything, but what if it’s just the heat of the moment? He doesn’t have a great track record when it comes to love and I need to feel secure before I give my heart away.”

“Charlotte,” Bly stood looking down at them. They were too close together for his liking. He’d watched them from across the room, leaning in close, whispering and laughing; Charlotte’s hand brushed Jorgen’s hair off his face with too much familiarity.

Jorgen stood up, offered his hand, “Alexander Bly, it’s been a while, nice to see you. What are the odds, running into my little Chari and you in the same night? I was just telling her I’m playing in San Francisco tomorrow, the Forty-Niners, and she might want to come along.” He noticed that Bly’s gaze never left Charlotte.

“I’m going with him Bly, go fuck the wicked witch, I’m sure she’s hot to keep her job.”

“Charlotte, you’re drunk let’s go to the room, please.” He stepped closer to Jorgen, they stood face to face, his was a mask of fury and his voice made her cringe, “Jorgen, she’s with me, do you understand? She’s not going anywhere with you ever again.”

BOOK: Legal Action (Surrendering Charlotte Chronicles)
10.61Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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