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              She was speechless, partly about the love affair and mostly about the condom part and what did that mean about her not being ready to have baby? Did that mean he was? It didn’t matter right now, she decided, he’d picked up her birth control pills so it wasn’t like she was going to be his sacred vessel. She knew she was going to start her period in a couple of days so she couldn’t get pregnant now even without the pill.

“Say something, please,” he said. He was nervous, she could see that, he sat across from her and ran a hand through his hair. He was fidgeting. He certainly wasn’t the calm, cool billionaire the rest of the world knew.              

“Where’s the bedroom?” she asked.

“We need to wait three days,” he said, but his voice betrayed his weakening resolve.

“No,” she said, “I won’t get pregnant now. It’s too near my period. I have to tell you, I feel like I’m losing my mind, I want you in me but it also scares me, how intense it could get. I don’t back down from fear, I face it. Is there a bed or do you want me right here?”

She stood and pushed the straps of the dress off her shoulders. Let it fall to the floor where she’d kicked off her sandals.

“Charlotte, Charlotte.” He sighed and then he was next to her, his mouth devouring hers, his hands on her body. He forced himself away from her and led her into his bedroom. It was all gleaming wood and granite surfaces with white and navy blue drapes and monogramed linens.

She stopped at the foot of the bed and he stood behind her, his hands on her waste. They were anxious and nervous, as well.

“How many women have you had in here? It doesn’t matter, but I want to know.”

“None,” he said. “You can believe that or not, but this boat is my sanctuary. You’re the only one.”

He stood watching her as she took off her lacy bra and stepped out of her silk panties.             

She climbed onto the bed like a cat, lay on her side and smiled at him as he began to undress. Her breath drew in sharply when he slipped out of his boxer briefs and she saw the size of him.

He lay beside her and drew her to him. She pulled him closer with her legs and rubbed against him. His hand went to her pussy and a shock went through him as he discovered it, hot, soft, and so wet. He slid his fingers over it and she moaned and pushed toward his hand. He found her little slit and tested it with his finger and as it had been the night before, it was clinched tightly against him.

She had her hand on his cock and was moaning as she felt the pulsing veins and big, silky head. “I want this in me,” she cried, “please, just give it to me now and we’ll go slower next time, I need it.”

He was working to open her but she was writhing with need and he realized he had to calm her and himself or he would simply plunge into her and cause her pain. He turned her away from him and she thrust her firm, round ass against him. Finally, he said, “Charlotte, I need to work into you slowly or you’ll be torn up. Do you hear me? We have to go at this slowly. I’m going to open you up a bit. Can you work with me?”

She turned onto her back and there were tears of frustration in her eyes, “alright,” she said, but she couldn’t stop shaking.

He pulled the duvet up around them, turned on his side and drew close to her. His leg went between hers and nudged them apart. His cock was throbbing and he was acutely aware of it, but he willed himself to think about her and open her easily. He said, “Take my hand and use it, you’re in control.”

Her shaking was almost violent now and he put his big hand in hers and let her guide it to her pussy.

“Show me,” he said and she stroked his fingers against the lips and ground her clit against them. She came fast and hard and as she lifted her hips against his hand he worked a finger into her. He left it in her as she shuddered and calmed, her pussy clinching hard on his finger.

She turned toward him and hid her face in his neck, kissing and licking his sensitive skin. It drove him crazy, her lips on him, one minute she was the rational lawyer and then suddenly she was a wild sex kitten.

“Wrap this leg around me,” he said, as they lay face to face. She moved her leg over his hip and because he didn’t want to remove his finger he said, “Bend your knee and move it higher.”

She did and he covered her mouth with his own, their tongues exploring and she seemed to stop thinking and he could slide his finger in and out.

He felt her stiffen as he worked another finger into her. “Relax baby, I need to make some room if you want me in you,” he said and she tried not to fight him. She was so wet that he managed it and she breathed hard against him, her little pussy tightened as if to push him out. He worked her clit with his thumb and she sucked harder at his mouth. “Cum for me, Charlotte, let go again and I can really fuck you.”

She was whimpering and her pussy was pulsing around his fingers as if it were sucking them.

He folded her hand around his pulsing cock, fighting the urge to cum right then but he needed her to fall over the edge of reason.

As her hand explored the length of his cock and felt the ropey, pulsing veins she was seized with spasms and he felt her juices flow down his fingers.

He pulled his fingers out and mounted her quickly, before she could recover. He pushed the head into her hot little slit. He felt her silky, wet skin against his cock and he thought he would lose his mind from the feeling of skin against skin. It was like nothing he’d ever felt before and he fought the urge to fuck her hard right then.

She raised her bent legs and pushed against him so that his enormous cock penetrated a few more inches. She thrust against him and he wanted to tell her to wait but he couldn’t, they were both lost in the exquisite feeling.

He thrust deeper into her as she cried out and then clung to him as they found their rhythm and began to move together. He was deep in her but he was trying not to bury his cock completely, then he felt her sweet little pussy begin to seize around him.

She was cumming again and it pushed him beyond reason, he fucked hard, unable to stop himself. She cried out his name and they shuddered violently and it seemed it would never end until at last they lay spent. His cock was still in her, it had softened only slightly and her body refused to let it go. They stayed that way, breathing hard, feeling their juices flow onto the linen sheets beneath them.

Bly slowly pulled out of her and looked in her eyes and kissed her, exploring her mouth again. His craving for her was worse now than before, she was so luscious. The feel of her silky, hot sex, her intoxicating smell, her skin and hair, all made him crazy. He’d never been so drawn to a woman before, and he couldn’t imagine he would ever have enough of her.                

She’d said it would get complicated and he knew it was true, her career meant everything, he’d have to convince her to make room for him in her life.

Her breathing was ragged, but she unwrapped herself from his body and moved to the side of the bed. She stood up before he could grab her and pull her back.

“Where are you going?” he asked. “We’re nowhere near finished.”

Her face was flushed but serious, she said, “I don’t think I need to tell you how much I needed that, Bly. It was, excuse the pun
, fucking amazing
. I’d like to use the restroom then you can show me to my room.”

He stood up and his cock hung down his leg, still glistening with the evidence of their love making.

“You’re a brilliant lawyer, Charlotte, but you don’t know Jack-shit about men. This is your room, here with me and don’t start in with your ‘
closing argument’
bullshit, it won’t do you any good. We’re miles from land and out here you’re mine, besides, why should I be satisfied to cum in you only once? I believe you’re a few orgasms ahead of me and I want to taste that mind blowing pussy of yours.”

He could see the emotions play across her face, anger, confusion, lust as she glanced at his naked body.

“The bathroom’s in here,” he said and she followed him into a room swathed in marble.

There was a huge shower with multiple shower heads, a big, deep tub and a door leading to a sauna. Floor to ceiling mirrors covered one wall and he stood behind her and turned her to face them.

“Look how beautiful you are, Charlotte. Your creamy skin, your hair and eyes, your mouth drives me crazy. Your body makes me think of Venus rising from the sea. Do you see what being near you does to me?”

His cock was hard again as she looked at their images in the mirror, her nipples hardened at she thought of him filling her so completely.
She had to get hold of herself
. Get him out of her system. Make good use of his unbelievable cock and then get back to her real life before he consumed her in his.

He removed a robe from a hook and draped it around her. “Where’s your robe?” she asked.

“This is my robe,” he said.

“On a boat like this you only have one robe?”

“I told you, I’ve never shared this room with anyone. I’ll have the maid bring an extra robe.” He laughed and said, “I guess we just christened my bed.”

She dropped the robe and pressed against him, “shower or bath?”

They stepped into the shower and their hands wandered slowly over each other’s bodies, savoring every curve and contour.

His cock was full immediately as she washed it, running her hands along the length of it, caressing the sensitive head. He washed her, too, and she winced as he touched the swollen lips of her sex, so he was as gentle as could be. But he needed to bury himself in her again, he hated to hurt her and he could tell she was sore. He was going to take her anyway, over and over, until she was ruined for anyone but him.

He could tell she loved his cock, loved the look and feel of it in her hands. Now he’d more than filled her divine little pussy once and he knew she was ready for it again. The feel and smell of her made him weak, something he’d never felt before. Women had worshipped his status and his cock, but the way it affected her had nothing to do with his power or his money. It wounded him that she simply wanted his body like a lioness wanted a lion. She loved what his sex could do for her and cared nothing for him.

That was definitely new, and he was determined to change her mind, make her not only crave what he could do to her body but to her heart, as well.

She’d turned off the water and still holding his cock, sank to her knees and licked the tip of it.

His voice caught in his throat as he tried to speak.

“Shhh,” she told him, “I’m not any good at this but I want to try.”

She took the big, silky head in her mouth, stretching her lips around it.

“Fuck!” he cried out and twined his hands in her hair.

She licked and sucked and worked the shaft with her hands at the same time.

His hips thrust forward although he tried not to move, he could feel himself hit the back of her throat. He pulled back, and said, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” but he couldn’t stay still, she was driving him insane.

Her tongue licked hard against the veins in his cock, then darted to tease the tender indentation under the head.

“Jesus, Charlotte, stop, I can’t hold back,” he begged.

She continued sucking and moved a hand to his heavy balls.

He shouted then, holding her head and pounding into her mouth.

She felt the hot, spicy cum hit the back of her throat and she wasn’t sure what to do as she looked up at him. She swallowed as she watched the look of ecstasy on his face.

BOOK: Legal Action (Surrendering Charlotte Chronicles)
5.55Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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