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He pulled her up to him and kissed her, worked his tongue into her mouth, tasted his own musk.

“I had to swallow,” she said, “you taste wonderful.”

He carried her to the bed after he’d kissed the cum from her mouth, the exotic taste making him hard yet again. He spread her legs and licked her pussy, exploring the velvety folds with his tongue as she writhed beneath him. His tongue worked mercilessly and as she exploded, she begged for his cock and then she squeezed her eyes shut and moaned against his neck as he plunged into her.             

“Open your eyes and look at me,” he demanded, “it will get easier, I promise. We’re sized a little differently but you’ll stretch enough to make it easier soon.”

He kissed her neck and breasts then pushed in deeper and deeper to the very end of her.

At first she struggled against him but as he hit that hidden spot deep inside her over and over she began to moan and claw at his chest. She seized and bucked against him so hard that his cry was a roar as they finished together. Afterword, they fell into a luxurious stupor and napped, curled together, his arm drawing her tightly to him


              “Charlotte Christiansen, this is West,” he told her. “He handles security for me.”

They were at the dining table eating dinner and the man walked up to Bly and handed him a folder.

Charlotte studied him. He was a slightly older version of JP and Finn. He was huge, at least six feet six and his muscles stood out under his black golf shirt. His neck was thick and his hair was severely cropped. It was clear that his nose had been broken more than once but he was ruggedly handsome. He had a fighter’s body and stance that reminded her of Finn, except that his face never lost its detached expression. She reached out her hand to shake his and as he accepted it, she turned his arm to reveal the Special Ops tattoo.

“Talk about a party at Quantico,” she said, and smiled at Bly.

“Nice to meet you, Ms. Christiansen,” West said and left the room. His expression never wavered.

Bly flipped through the papers in the folder, then closed it and looked at her.

“I don’t want you living with those men any longer,” he said flatly.

She could feel her face burning, “excuse me? I hope I heard you wrong, are you talking about my neighbors?”

“I didn’t mean you
with them, but I’m certain it’s not a good situation for you.”

She drained her champagne glass and said, “Bly, you’re an industrious man, you can make anything happen. So you’d better make this boat turn around and take me home, now. If that’s not possible then give me a fucking life jacket and I’ll swim.”

She stood up, knocking her chair over and started toward the door.

He grabbed her and tried to hold her against him, but she was furious and she fought him.              

“Charlotte, wait. I’m not insinuating that anything is going on between the three of you. I’m saying you don’t really know who they are.”

“Really? I lived in the same house with them through law school. We shared one bathroom, for God’s sake. I’d say I know them pretty damn well. Now we’ve shared the lofts for the last two years, we fall asleep watching TV together. They’re my family, Bly, my
family. Don’t you dare try to pervert the situation.”

“People close to me have to be checked out, Charlotte. I’m not going to apologize for who I am. There’s been more than one attempt to take me hostage in order to extort ransom. Now you could become a target, when the world sees that you’re with me. My sources say they’re supposedly “diplomatic attorneys.” But they’ve never set foot in a courtroom or even opened a legal file. They have offices they never go to. There was no other information about them. Then West saw their pictures, he’s a former SEAL team leader and he knew immediately. They’re assassins, Charlotte, covert government agents, highly trained, technically perfect, paid killers.”

Charlotte didn’t want to say that she’d always suspected it was something like that. After all, they’d walked around her half naked for the last four years and they had plenty of battle scars. They disappeared for weeks at a time and came back bandaged and bruised, but she never asked and they didn’t tell. She felt safe, just being with them. The few times men had come on to her when the three of them were out together it had only taken a few seconds and the offender was out cold on the floor.

She hadn’t grown up feeling safe. She and her mother lived off welfare. When Charlotte was thirteen, her mother died of emphysema. After that she was passed around to foster homes and she never felt safe or loved or in control during those years. She’d shunned boys and embraced what she considered ‘idiotic cheerleading’ as her way out and she’d made it. Although she’d avoided being molested, the filthy minded boys and desperate men in those foster homes had left her with a need for locked doors and the two men she knew would kill to protect her.

“You want me to gasp and act surprised? Or do you think they’ve been waiting for a billionaire to walk into my life so they could hold me hostage and threaten to kill me? I’m not surprised at what you just told me, Bly. How could I not know it was something like that? If they’re what you say they are I feel sure they only hunt enemies of the government. So drop it and leave them out of anything that has to do with us. Although at this point I’m certain there will be no

“I’m only thinking about you,” he said, “your safety.”

“Well, Mr. Bly, let me tell you about my safety. Thanks to your brilliant magazine pictorial of my nearly nude twenty one year old body, a lot of perverts came out of the woodwork. It was okay for the few months I was married to a football star, but when I left him the vultures circled. If I hadn’t met Finn and JP, I don’t know what might have happened. There were plenty of psycho, hard-dicks who stalked me until the two of them showed up. Yes, I’ve seen them knock men out with a single punch; they’ll never let anyone hurt me. I’m safe with them, not in danger.”             

She walked out onto the back deck of the boat and he followed her. She leaned against the railing and looked up at the canopy of stars, it was indescribably beautiful. The night had cooled and he pulled her against him to warm her, he tried to kiss her but she turned her face away.

“I’m not used to being jealous, Charlotte. I’m sorry. It fucking tears me up that those men are so close to you. I suppose I just needed an excuse to make them go away so I could have some peace of mind. Do I still want them the fuck away from you? You’re damn right, when I walked in last night and you were all running around half naked…”

“Bly, I have some good news and some bad news for you. I’ll let you decide what’s good and what’s bad. I’m not going to be your attorney, too many complications, as we both know. Next, I’m not going to be part of your life after tomorrow, we can shake hands if we run into one another, but that’s it. Last of all, I’m mad right now and that’s a thing with me, I’ve always wanted to fuck while I’m really mad.”

“Charlotte, I’m not letting you walk away from me tomorrow,” he said.

“Hush,’ she whispered, “Let’s go take care of the ‘mad fucking’ part right now, the rest can wait.”

They didn’t take time to remove their clothes. They simply fell onto the newly made bed.

He reached under her dress and jerked her panties down and she had to fight not to cum as she heard the hypnotic sound of his zipper opening.

She guided his cock to her and he pushed hard to open her. She was soaked and shuddering immediately and he drove into her hard as tears sprang to her eyes.

He knew he should let her get used to his size but he wanted her to remember the feel of him.              

She grasped his perfect ass and thrust her hips up. As she was wracked with spasms, her pussy released an intoxicating amount of fluid that made it easier for him to move faster and deeper.

When he felt her start to pulse around his cock again he pulled out until only the head was in her.

“You’re mine,” he said. “You know that, don’t you? Say it, Charlotte.”

She struggled against him. Her hand went to his hard cock, wet from her pulsing pussy.              

“Please, let me have you, I want you in me!” She begged.

“You do have me. Now tell me I have you. Tell me now or I’m done.”

              “Alright!” she said, her wet hand went from his cock and spread the wetness across her breasts.

He leaned down and took her wet nipple in his mouth and sucked hard.

She cried out and arched toward him, his cock moving a little farther into her quivering pussy.

“I need to hear more than that,” he said, “Right now, and I only want to hear the truth.”

              “I’m yours,” she gasped, “I’m only yours!”


              Driving away from the boat the next day they were able to talk without the distractions of a bed nearby.

He didn’t want her to rush in to Sheppard and Sheridan and refuse to represent Bly International. He would let them know he wanted the case on the back burner for a while; he’d make excuses until he and Charlotte figured things out.

“I’ll go for that,” she said, “I’d really like to represent you in court and this sex thing is sure to burn itself out soon. It’s just too white-hot to last.”

He laughed out loud at that and said not to count on it. That even if she got tired of him, he felt certain her body would still grant him conjugal visits.

She was adamant that he have his people back off from investigating Finn and JP. Whatever the specifics of their jobs, the United States government trusted them and so did she.  There were probably terrorists or drug lords itching to know their identities, it was important that they remain anonymous for their own safety.

Her cell phone had been ringing nonstop and each time it was Witt.

“I’d better face the music,” she said. She answered and Witt let her have it.

How dare she treat him that way? Did it have to be with that pompous asshole Bly? He really didn’t even think she liked men. If she thought she could just run over him in the court room and in public… and on and on he went.

She sat there listening, saying, “I’m sorry, Witt, I’m sorry.”

Bly held out his hand for the phone and she shook her head. He gave her an exasperated look and took it from her.

“Collier,” he said, “calm down and get the fuck over it, buddy. Let’s not make this a pissing match, she’s made her choice or I wouldn’t be sitting next to her now. Lose her number and no hard feelings, got it? Good.”

He’d wanted her to come to his house but she said she needed time to think. He walked her to her door and there was a note from Finn taped to it.


We’re gone for a while, my love. Don’t cheat on me, Finn

Charlotte laughed and Bly scowled. 

“He really
in love you, it’s obvious.”

              “Don’t be ridiculous,” she said, “it’s his weird British sense of humor. I love it!”

“Show me your bedroom,” he said.

“Absolutely not, I’m so swollen right now you couldn’t get that monster in me with the help of a surgeon.”

              He kissed her deeply and whispered, “I’m sorry, baby, we’ll give it a day or two.”

“It may take a little longer than that I’m afraid, and remember the card with the roses. The same rule goes for you.”

“I’ll try,” he said, “but no promises.” He pulled a pair of her panties out of his pocket and held them to his nose, he smiled and he was gone.

BOOK: Legal Action (Surrendering Charlotte Chronicles)
11.67Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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