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              They both threw themselves into their work the next week, making a concentrated effort to give her bruised and swollen parts a chance to recover.

She tied up loose ends on various cases, dealt with the mountain of paperwork on her desk and sat in on office conferences.

He kept her office and her loft filled with white roses, white, he said, like their white-hot need of each other. He wanted to be with her, it had been three days and he was at his breaking point.

Not yet, she said, and no matter how badly her pussy ached it mostly ached for him.

On Thursday, she was called in for an impromptu conference in the board room. Sheppard and Sheridan were there along with two legal assistants, an intern, and Alexander Bly.

“Come in, Charlotte,” Billy Sheridan said, “there have been some developments with Mr. Bly’s lawsuit.”

She sat at the far end of the mahogany table from him, if it was really about the case she didn’t need to be near him.

His wide, blue-green eyes searched her face and then he smiled as he saw her shift in her chair trying to get comfortable. He knew she was already wet just seeing him, knowing what he could do to her body.

“So what do you think, Charlotte? Ask for a change of venue? Keep it local where we can control things?”

Jack Sheridan was speaking to her but she hadn’t heard a word he’d said, she’d been imagining the feel of Bly’s mouth and body.

              She reached for the notes one of the legal assistants had written, gave it a quick glance and began to speak.

“We’ll be fine trying the case in L.A. if that’s what the plaintiffs are screaming for. Bly International has its foreign headquarters there so we’re positioned well to insure that the case lands in the most advantageous courtroom. I recommend we insist on a bench trial and see to it that we secure a sympathetic judge, I feel certain that won’t present a problem. Let me set up a preliminary hearing and then we’ll see to it that,” she looked at the note pad again, “Huang Worldwide will rack up a lot of air miles between Hong Kong and Los Angeles in the months ahead.”

“What do you think, Alex?” Jack was asking Bly, “I think she has it under control are you comfortable letting her handle things for you?”

Bly couldn’t help but smile at that, she could handle him anytime. The thought of her soft, bold mouth on his cock in the shower caused him to look away from the faces watching him. He heard her laugh softly and when he looked in her eyes he knew she’d somehow read his thoughts.

She spoke to the intern, “would you get me some ice water? I’m dying of the thirst, and a straw, please.”

“Yes,” Bly said, “I’m certain that she’s not only completely capable of handling things, I believe she’ll win.”


              She knew it was no use fighting him, he wasn’t going to take no for an answer. She made her excuses at the office, said she would take Alexander Bly to lunch and let him fill her in on the background of the case. She insisted on taking her own car and he got in with her.

“As someone said before, Charlotte, you call the shots,” he said, getting in to her little Mercedes.

In the car his mouth was on hers immediately, hot and searching, his tongue pushing into her mouth. After a few moments, he pulled away, leaving her rattled and said, “that was a nice trick sucking on the straw. I guess we can add full-fledged prick teaser to your resume.”

“So, you’re saying you like to watch me suck?” She asked, returning to his gorgeous mouth, sucking his bottom lip.

“Drive,” he said “or I’ll fuck you now and I’m sure this parking garage has security cameras.”

She wanted him to squirm a little, payback for just showing up unannounced in the conference room. “Maybe it’s time for my partners to realize there’s more to me than a lawyer who works ninety hours a week. I could just put the top down and crawl on your lap. You’d have to be careful, though, not to go to deep. You know I tend to lose control, I can’t be trusted not to bite and scream.”

He looked miserable, worked to adjust his growing cock. “Let’s go,” he said, “it’s time for you to spend some time at my house.”

They drove toward the ocean, through canyons and up winding hills, along roads that twisted and narrowed.             

She drove fast, taking the curves without slowing down.

“Great car, you might want to slow down a bit,” he said. “I never imagined you as reckless, but the E550 V8 has a lot of power and you handle it well.”

“I work hard and forgo a lot of pleasures; driving fast gives me some release.”

              He directed her to a wide street shaded by ancient palm trees and lined with impressive estates.

She could smell and hear the ocean crashing nearby, salty and untamed.              

They approached an ornate security gate and he gave her a code to punch in. The house was a turn of the century Mediterranean mansion sitting high on a bluff. It was an American palace, fit for the man who controlled most of the printed words that were read around the globe.

West stood on the front steps and greeted her coolly as they approached.

“Cozy little house,” she said, as she walked through a dozen magnificent rooms. “Your head of security’s not the warm and fuzzy type, is he?”

“He’s not meant to be, I pay him well to be hyper-vigilant.”

He pulled her against him and kissed her face and neck, placed her hand on his rock-hard cock. He found her lips and their tongues moved together, twisting and sucking before he tore away from her and led her up the wide, ornate staircase. In his bedroom he kicked the door shut and was on his knees before her. He pushed up her short, silk skirt and buried his face against her crotch as his fingers went to her panties.

“Always so wet and ready for me, fuck! You’re in my head nonstop, I’m like a teenage boy, my cock stays hard all the time.”

She moaned as she listened to him and he stripped her panties down as his tongue licked and prodded her soft folds.

With one hand he held her firmly against his probing tongue while the other removed her shoes. His hand struggled with her tiny panties and she groaned and stepped out of them.

She was breathing hard, her hands in his hair, her hips thrust forward.

His full mouth devoured her, his tongue found her clit, sucking, driving her to the brink of madness. His finger worked to open her, “spread your legs, Charlotte,” he said, his voice raspy.

She trembled as she did and looking down at him her heart beat wildly as she closed her eyes and pushed against his fingers.

He slid one into her and looked up at her, a smile of triumph in his eyes. “Good, baby. We’re so good together.”

She was overcome then, looking into his eyes as he worked a second finger into her. She loved the sound of his deep, confident voice. She began to shudder and she felt her pussy squeeze around his fingers then flood them with wetness. The intensity of the orgasm rocked her over and over and she cried his name as he held her steady while he sucked her clit and fucked her with his fingers.

              At last he removed them and pulled her down to him and unzipped his pants.

She pushed his pants down past his hips, then she lay on the Oriental rug and pulled him on top of her.

“Hurry,” she whispered urgently, as she wrapped her legs around him.

“The bed,” he started, but she was already working the head of his cock into her. His eyes held hers and he plunged into her and they both cried out as they fucked on the floor. He watched her cum again quickly and still he pumped into her until she fell over the edge once more and he fell with her.

Eventually, they climbed into his bed, beneath the cool, smooth sheets with the setting sun pouring in through the tall, arched windows. There was a perfect view of the ocean below his bedroom and they watched the sun sink into the horizon and he drifted to sleep against her rounded breast like a baby.

He’d apologized that he couldn’t keep his eyes open. He’d barely had any sleep all week, thinking of her. He was embarrassed to admit it, but it was true.

She studied his, fine, masculine, face as he slept. She ran her fingertips over the high cheekbones and was filled with wonder at his wide eyes with their thick, dark lashes. His chin was square and strong with a deep dimple that drove her mad, it was
fucking sexy
. His mouth looked innocent in sleep and she kissed his lips and tasted herself there.

He kissed her back, his hand in her hair, his tongue finding hers. He hugged her to him and she moved on top of him, his eyes were still closed but his cock was full again.

She mounted it and his eyes opened and watched her ease herself down on him slowly, working to fit him in.  His breathing was tortured and his hands went to her hips, holding her up, not wanting to push in too far. She raised and lowered herself slowly and he struggled not to move, to let her use him as she pleased. Her head went back and her long hair swept his thighs, she moaned and moved to her own rhythm. She rocked against him using only part of his cock, he felt her little pussy tensing and pulsing around him and the sensation was his undoing.

He thrust hard into her, she had been in such a reverie that she gasped and opened her eyes. His face was wild and anguished. “I’m sorry,” he said, “I’m sorry, baby.” He said it over and over as he plunged his cock deep into her. He was lost in sensation as her pussy trembled and clinched down on him and she cried, “Don’t stop, don’t stop.” He fucked her and watched her cum again and again as he punished that far spot within her, and he never wanted to stop.

Afterward, they lay panting and exhausted and satisfied. They had ‘room service’ dinner that his chef prepared and two maids arranged on the balcony. The table was set with china, crystal, linens and fresh flowers and Charlotte marveled that Bly simply made a call to his staff and such luxury magically appeared.

“Dinner for two in your bedroom, obviously your staff is used to that,” she said, trying to sound like she didn’t care.

“I won’t lie and say it hasn’t happened before, you know I’ve had plenty of women,” he said. “That brings up a subject I’d like to ask you about without you going off the deep end.”

He took her silence as his cue to go on.

“My jealousy over what you do when you’re not with me is ridiculous, I know that. It disgusts me, but, there it is. You know I’ve found out everything I can about you and not because of trust issues. I want to know everything and I’m impatient when it comes to you. You said I’m a man who’s used to having what he wants and that’s true. It’s caught me completely off guard that the one thing I most want, have wanted for years, is you, and it’s not within my power to make you want me. You’ll make that decision yourself and I realize I haven’t ever been afraid of anything until now. What if you walk away from me, do I still have everything a man could want or do I simply have things? So, I’m taking the long way around the subject and maybe I’m showing my hand too soon. I want to know about your former lovers, Charlotte, because it can’t be possible that you’ve had only one other man, but that’s what all my well researched information tells me.”

              She closed her eyes and sighed, she knew he was waiting for her to explode, to come undone. “I want to be mad at you right now, I want to get belligerent and ask what right you have to pry into my life. I should call you a crazy son-of-a-bitch for wanting to know who I’ve fucked. But, in some weird way, I understand. I can only imagine how many nubile bodies you’ve pleased with that wicked cock of yours in this very room. I’m a lawyer, your lawyer, in fact and I do understand the concept of facts and “discovery,” as the law calls it. So, it’s your prerogative, to find out what you need to know and I have nothing to hide. I happen to know that you probably don’t have an accountant who can count high enough to tally up all the women you’ve fucked in your life, but that, too, is just a fact. I’ve slept with two men, other than you. A grand total of three, and honestly, it kind of sucks, but as you might have noticed, I have a hard time letting a man have control. I was just young enough and Southern Bible belt, stupid enough to think I had to marry the first man I had sex with. Jorgen, as you well know. Jorgen was just old-school, European enough to think that a woman belongs in the bed or the kitchen and had no business being a lawyer. We went our separate ways with no hard feelings, I’m happy to report. The second man is none of your business, period. It lasted a while, it should never have happened. I don’t want to talk about it and if you try to pry into it I will be beyond pissed. That subject is not open for discussion.”

BOOK: Legal Action (Surrendering Charlotte Chronicles)
7.06Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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