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What was he doing?

Everyone in the building turned to look at her. She was nervous as she walked towards him on shaking legs. As she approached, she heard whispers around the club, she could feel Money Bags drilling a hole in her back with his eyes. However, she couldn’t stop her feet from taking her to Jagger.

“Hey.” He gifted her with a smile when she got close enough.

“What are you doing?” she asked him quietly.

“What I shoulda done a long damn time ago. I’m not messing around with this, and I know you’re not either. I didn’t lie to you before when you asked me if I love you, but I was scared to be honest. I’m not anymore. I don’t want you to be scared to come to me with
bothering you. I just want to put this out there in case anyone was wondering.”

His hands found the chords on his guitar, and he played a familiar tune to her. One about love and not meaning to put your heart on the line, but the protagonist in the song did and they lived happily ever after. It was as if they were the only two people in the room. Her green eyes met his blue ones, and the feelings she saw there were enough to cause her breath to hitch in her chest.

She couldn’t believe he was doing this in front of all these people. He loved her, really loved her and wasn’t afraid to say it. Unexpected tears pooled in her eyes, and she wiped at them with tips of shaking fingers. All too soon the song was finished, and in the room a pin drop could have been heard.

Jagger carefully sat the guitar to the side and leaned down, putting his hands on Bianca’s cheeks, framing them as he wiped at the remnants of the tears.

“You really mean that?” she whispered.

He nodded and she stood on her tiptoes, leaning in for a heart stopping kiss. The room that had been so quiet erupted in screams and applause. If someone didn’t know what was happening, they would assume the two of them had just gotten engaged. She blushed, leaning her head into his shoulder.

“Let’s get away from all these people,” he whispered.

They waved at the people as they tried to escape. There was only one place to go to be alone in
Wet Wanda’s,
and Bianca had never been back to one of these rooms with anyone before.

“Where you taking me?” he asked as they turned down a hallway with many doors.

“To a private room.” She smiled at him behind her.

Jagger groaned. He’d never been in one of these rooms with another woman before. He had come back here to take care of the asshole who had given her a hard time before, but he had a feeling this time would be a lot more enjoyable. She dragged him to the very last room and opened the door, pulling him inside.

He closed the door with the heel of his boot and planted himself against it, pulling her flush with his body. She was shorter than him, even wearing the heels she did at work. Her hair had been curled tonight and he pushed it away from the side of her neck, burying his lips there. “Nobody is ever gonna hurt you, Bianca,” he whispered to her.

She wondered what he was talking about, how he knew about Money Bags. But right now it didn’t matter as his hands traveled down her body. They went down her shoulders, past her breasts, past her belly, down to where her skirt ended a few inches above her knee. There his hands went under the material, pulling her back hard against the evidence of his desire.

“You sounded amazing up there,” she told him, putting her hands over his.

She brought his hands out from under her skirt and directed them under the hem of her shirt, bringing them up to cup her lace-encased breasts. He growled in her ear as she forced his thumbs to caress the nipples that had tightened against his touch. Using his strength to turn her around, he pressed her hard against the door.

“There’s that smile,” he told her, caressing her face as she smirked at him.

“What smile?” she asked, eyes clouded with her desire for him.

“The one that says we’re about to have a good time.”

He blocked her in, slapping one hand beside her hip and the other at the side of her head. “You think we’re about to have a good time?” She licked her lips, her gaze traveling down his body, stopping when she spotted the bulge at his zipper.

“Yeah, I think it’s gonna be a
good time.”

Reaching between their bodies, she put her hands at the buckle of his belt and felt around until she undid the hook and separated it. Even the sound of the metal coming apart made her body tingle. Without waiting, her fingers went to the button and loosened it before unzipping the pants, freeing him from the tight confines. Her small hand then cupped him, running along the prominent ridge in his boxer briefs. He hissed, throwing his head back as he thrust harder into her touch.

His hands left the door and went to her shirt, lifting it up and over her body, leaving her there in just her skirt and bra.

“Take off your panties,” he told her as he leaned down and lifted one breast out of the cup of her bra. One stayed encased while the nipple of the other went directly into his mouth. The difference in temperatures caused her breath to hitch. As she lifted her skirt and hooked the edges of her panties with her thumbs, she groaned.

“Is it always gonna be like this?” she whimpered.

“Out of control?” he asked, hooking his hands around her hips and pushing her against the cool door.

She nodded. “It’s always like we can’t get there fast enough.” She breathed deeply as he pushed inside her.

“One day we’ll slow down,” he promised, leaning his head against her shoulder.

The scrape of his beard against her shoulder felt good as one of his hands went back to the nipple he had wetted with his tongue and tweaked it. His fingers did amazing things as she ground her body against his.

“I don’t know if I wanna slow down,” she admitted, digging her heels against his back.

He lifted his head from her shoulder, his face dark with a mask of pleasure. “It’ll burn itself out sooner or later, baby. You’re gonna kill me if we go at it like this every time,” he admitted, snapping his hips into her.

Bianca knew that he was right. This kind of passion did burn itself out, but what was left was such an amazing feeling. Passion like this didn’t come along every day and they were old enough to know that, young enough to enjoy that they had it.

“There’s no better way to go than if I’m with you.”

He growled, burying himself deeper into her core, wishing he could stay there forever. Wishing he could keep up this pace, but he had too many feelings. He was being bombarded with too many things he wasn’t used to. This girl evoked things he had always wanted and things he’d never even thought of. Never had this much adoration been thrown at him from one person. He was used to it on stage but not off.

“You fit me like a glove.” He gripped her hips tightly in his fingers, hoping that he caused a bruise. He wanted something there to prove she was his.

She threw her head back against the door, arching her body into his. The angle that she got when she did broke something inside her. For just a minute he was alarmed as he saw tears start streaming down her face.

“B, am I hurtin’ you?” He moved his other hand to her cheek.

“No, it’s just so much,” she broke off.

He knew exactly what she meant. It was all so much, too much, but just enough at the same time.

“I know, baby,” he told her trying to slow down, to help her deal with the overwhelming feelings.

Using her own hands, she buried them in her hair, pulling on the long blonde tresses. “No, don’t slow down, I’m almost there,” she whined.

He was too. Just the sight of her against the door, looking at him the way she was. It was enough to end this all right here, right now. “What do you need?” he asked her. He would do whatever she needed.

“Nothing, just keep going.”

Their breath was loud and heavy in the quiet room. The only sound that of their coupling. Just when he thought he was going to die from holding back, he felt her body squeeze his and heard the sharp intake of breath from her mouth.

“Jagger,” she cooed.

“I know, I know,” he told her, burying his face in her neck, holding her tight against him, thrusting into her, even as he finished.

His hand went around her neck, lifting up the weight of her hair and pulled her face into his neck. Together they stood there for long minutes. If anyone wondered who Bianca Hawks belonged to, they had no doubt now.

Chapter Twenty-Seven

ou want to come home with me?” Jagger asked, his lips next to her ear.

They had been wrapped up in one another for a long time, she wasn’t sure how long really.

“Sounds good to me.” She stretched her arms up, encircling them around his neck, and pulled him down, kissing him softly on the lips.

“Do I need to follow you back to your apartment to get your clothes?”

She shook her head. “Nah, I did laundry today so all my clothes are in my car.”

He squeezed her around the waist tightly, her feet coming off the floor briefly before setting her down again. “Good, I’ll follow you to the clubhouse then.”

“I need to tip out and stuff. You can go before me,” she offered, reaching down to pull her underwear back up around her waist.

“No.” His eyes hardened. “Is that asshole here tonight?”

Bianca didn’t know who had tipped him off to Money Bags, but she really wished they hadn’t. “He’s not causing me that much of an issue, but he is here.”

“Any issue is enough for me to be worried.” He cupped her neck with his hand and forced her to meet his eyes. “There’s no reason this guy should be messing with you, and he’s not going to if I have anything to say about it.”

“Please,” she begged. “Don’t do anything unless you have to,” she pleaded, her fingers grasping his. “It doesn’t bother me.”

“It bothers me.”

She kicked her hip out. “Jagger, seriously…if you love me, love me enough to let me tell you when I need help.”

That was the bitch of this love thing wasn’t it? Trust was also attached, and Jagger had always been very careful in whom he trusted. He didn’t trust easily, and her asking him to do this was going against everything he’d been taught in the past.

“If I trust you, B, for the love of God, don’t burn me.” His voice was hoarse and harsh, showing just how much the sentiment cost him.

“I can’t promise that I won’t ever, but I’ll never do it on purpose.”

“That’s all I can ask,” he told her.

“But,” she interrupted. “Someday you have to tell me why you have these trust issues. I know it’s because of your childhood, but you can’t expect me to be so forthcoming when you aren’t. That’s part of a relationship. That’s part of love.”

He knew she was telling the truth. A relationship meant mutual give and take. He couldn’t keep demanding she take and not give her something in return. “I’ll tell you soon, I don’t want to spoil this.”

“I’m counting on
to be honest with me too. If we’re honest with each other, nobody can come between this.” She lifted their clasped hands up.

A smile tilted the corner of his mouth. “C’mon, let’s get out of here.”

She turned around and went out the door, squealing as his hand went up the back of her skirt and cupped the flesh there. “Stop!”

He laughed right along with her as he put his arm around her neck and pulled her to his side. They walked down the hallway together, emerging from behind the door.

“What time is it?” she asked Jagger as she had a look around the room. It was decidedly much less busy than it had been when they had escaped to that room.

“Oh damn,” he chuckled. “It’s almost midnight.”

She grinned, laughing right along with him, burying her head in his shoulder.

“It’s about time the two of y’all came out from back there,” Layne said as he got up from the bar.

“Did the other guys leave you?” Jagger asked, not seeing any of the other members of Heaven Hill.

He held up a toothpick. “I drew the motherfucking short straw.”

“I’m sorry, Layne,” she told him. “You want me to get you a free lap dance next time you’re here?”

“Ha, fucking, ha, ha. The two of you are hilarious. I’m ready to head home so do what you gotta do so we can get the hell outta here.” The brightness of his eyes softened the tone of his words.

BOOK: Losing Control
9.78Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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