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Made in Detroit

BOOK: Made in Detroit
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Piercy, Marge.
[Poems. Selections]
Made in Detroit : poems / Marge Piercy. — First edition.
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Made in Detroit
Made in Detroit

My first lessons were kisses and a hammer.

I was fed with mother’s milk and rat poison.

I learned to walk on a tightrope over a pit

where snakes’ warnings were my rattles.

The night I was born the sky burned red

over Detroit and sirens sharpened their knives.

The elms made tents of solace over grimy

streets and alley cats purred me to sleep.

I dived into books and their fables

closed over my head and hid me.

Libraries were my cathedrals. Librarians

my priests promising salvation.

I was formed by beating like a black

smith’s sword, and my edge is still

sharp enough to cut both you and me.

I sought love in dark and dusty corners

and sometimes I even found it

however briefly. Every harsh, every

tender word entered my flesh and lives

there still, bacteria inside my gut.

I suckled Detroit’s steel tits. When

I escaped to college I carried it with

me, shadow and voice, pressure

that hardened me to coal and flame.

The frontroom

In the tiny livingroom of my parents’ house

that my mother, brought up in tenements

always called the frontroom, stood

a maroon couch with rough itchy

upholstery that marked my tender

thighs if ever I sat on it.

On every surface, wooden shoes,

Eiffel tower, leather teepee,

ceramic dolls in costume—

souvenirs of places they had

gone or she wished she had.

She hated an empty space.

Emptiness meant poverty. With

money she would have collected

paintings, objets d’art which these

were to her, emblems of times away

from our asbestos shack where she

imagined a richer life. Out of library

BOOK: Made in Detroit
6.36Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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