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Mason topped off the pack with a flashlight and spare batteries, some paracord, a roll of duct tape, a multitool, plastic sheeting, a pair of leather gloves, a permanent marker, a couple of chemlights, a windproof lighter, some spare clothes, and a few basic toiletries. It was enough to get him and Bowie through a few days without hardship. Much longer than that and things would get interesting.

Bowie ambled around to the side of the truck and stared off toward the huge mushroom cloud that was slowly dissipating into the atmosphere. Mason followed his gaze and realized that their path was now set. First thing in the morning, they would go into what remained of the city to find out whether Lenny was still alive. The level of devastation that awaited them would likely be worse than anything Mason had witnessed in war. This would be apocalyptic in every sense of the word.

With the decision now made, Mason pressed his lips together and nodded thoughtfully. He would make the journey into hell, not for the Marshals or even Ava. This was about something bigger now. This was about finding a way to punish those responsible for madness.



The adventure continues in
Battle Lines
, the fourth book in the Survivalist series - coming December 2014.
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BOOK: Madness Rules - 04
5.71Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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