Melody Anne's Billionaire Universe: Going to the Chapel (Kindle Worlds Novella) (The Colter Family Book 1) (2 page)

BOOK: Melody Anne's Billionaire Universe: Going to the Chapel (Kindle Worlds Novella) (The Colter Family Book 1)
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“I was just letting you know that the folder on the bar over there has your reservation, line of credit information and room keys, along with my cell phone number. If you need anything at all, please, let me know. You’ll need your room keys to access this floor via the elevator. To get to dinner, you would take the elevator to the 2
floor and the restaurant is right there when the doors open.”
“Thank you Jolene. You’ve been extremely helpful. You too Susie,” Robin told them, turning towards what would be her room.
“Oh,” Susie called out, pausing on her way out, “There are under clothes for both of you in your rooms. You’re the same size right? That’s what your mom said. You’re stocked with personal items as well. And if you need anything, my booklet is on the counter as well, right with your other information. Enjoy your stay.” Susie bounced into the elevator and Robin watched as the doors slide closed on the women. Looking at her watch, she sighed. The diamond and silver item was a gift from Darren. She clawed at it yanking it from her wrist, the clasp snapped in the process. She laid it on the counter in passing and headed to her room. There was still time before dinner. With the way this room looked, she just knew there had to be one hell of a tub in there and it was calling her name.

Chapter 2

“Damn it Mara, I thought we banned this guy? Wasn’t our security staff forced to memorize his picture? How does he keep getting in? Can someone, anyone answer that for me?” Justin Maddigan looked around his board room. It was 6:45. He had 15 minutes until his dinner reservation with some rich, spoiled little brat whose mommy wanted him to babysit. Of course, he told Julie he would do it. He would do anything for the woman who helped raise him as his nanny. Now, to add to his stress, a man who has been bilking his new casino for hundreds of thousands of dollars, had somehow gotten back into his establishment. Slamming his fist on the table, he stood, adjusting the buttons on his suit jacket. Smoothing down the wrinkles and adjusting his tie, Justin looked around the table.
“I want him arrested this time for trespassing. Get Sheriff Marks on the phone and let him know that we’ve kicked this Jackson guy out twice and asked him to not come back. His picture is to be put up on the wall in the security office. Mara, schedule an all hands on deck staff meeting tomorrow morning at ten. I want copies of that man’s photo. Apparently I need to retrain everyone on how to keep people like that out of here. Now, I have dinner plans. Please make sure that our VIP’s from DC are taken care and set up a meeting for lunch with my campaign manager. If we’re going to win this Mayoral election, we need someone with experience. I don’t want any problems with this race. Thank you everyone.” Justin walked out of the conference room.


He glanced at his watch, he had ten minutes.
“Put this on my desk please,” he handed his folder off to Mara, his assistant who was running to keep up with him. The tall red head had started as a temp last year, but proved herself handy and became his permanent assistant. She was mousy but smart, which worked for him. Not being attracted to her made it easier on him to get work done. Groaning, he rushed to the elevator.
Time to go babysit.
“Mr. Maddigan, please,” Mara called out, still trying to keep up. Justin jabbed the button for the elevator and turned back to his assistant.
“Yes, Mara. What is it?”
“I just,” she stammered, struck by his aggressive attitude. “I just needed to let you know that we can’t have the staff meeting in the morning, we need to push it to tomorrow afternoon. The gaming commission will be here in the morning and you need to handle that.” Justin ran a hand through his short brown hair, closing his eyes for a moment.
“Right, thank you, please handle it and let me know.” The doors dinged open and Justin hit the number 2 for the restaurant. Mara had already turned to head back to his office. Thankfully right now, things are slow. Once his Mayoral campaign was in full swing, things wouldn’t slow back down until after the election. Looking down at the flag pin on his lapel, he couldn’t help but smile to himself. The next mayor of Las Vegas. He had big aspirations for this his life, for this town. Getting to strike out on his own, and make his own way, without his father’s name, meant something to him. It mattered. The ride down to the second floor seemed to take forever. Justin checked some of his emails, tapping his foot impatiently.


Scrolling through the work that could wait until after dinner, he opened the email from Sara. She was his high school girlfriend, the college girlfriend, the one who broke his heart. In college when things got serious and she wanted to keep partying, she left him. Her words were that he had been too old for his age. He hadn’t heard from her in five years. After he graduated, he had heard she found some old guy who had more money than his own family, and went off with him. Sara came from a family that didn’t have money. That had never bothered Justin until he came to realize she was only with him because he had what she didn’t. When the partying and spending ended, she dropped him like a bad habit. Grinding his teeth, his finger hovered over the email. What could she want after all this time? He still harbored pain from the ending of that relationship. He always thought they would get married after college. Justin had already picked out the ring, it still sat in his bedroom to this day. That diamond served to remind him why he wouldn’t get married. Why he didn’t even date. The women he chose to spend time with knew the score. They weren’t getting money or special treatment. His dining and occasional gifts were enough. They didn’t ask for more and they knew not to open their mouth. In fact, they had non-disclosure agreements to that effect. If they did talk, he could ruin them. Not that he looked forward to ruining anyone, but he had an image to protect. Running for mayor, he couldn’t allow any scandal to ruin his campaign. His opponent was going to have a difficult run against him since he was so squeaky clean. Justin had always lived a clean life, never getting in trouble, always working hard. He took his trust fund and turned his father’s failing casino around, making it highly profitable.


As the doors opened, laughter and chatting from the restaurant pulled Justin from his thoughts. Striding to the hostess stand, he just nodded as she scrambled for menus as if unprepared.
“Right this way Mr. Maddigan.” She winked, trying to sway her hips as she led him to his booth. Shaking his head, he looked around at the packed restaurant. Justin couldn’t help but smile at the success he’d found here. It felt good to know what he had achieved. Sliding into the private booth near the lone piano player, he nodded at the hostess in dismissal. She scoffed as she headed away. The only problem with Vegas or anywhere he was, women looked at him like he was a meal ticket, and never saw the man he really was. Pulling his email back up, he clicked on Sara’s message. The music from the piano drifted over him in some sort of haze, bringing back old memories he thought were long forgotten.


Dearest Justin,

I’ve done a lot of thinking lately. I heard you were doing well in Vegas! I’m actually considering a weekend getaway there. I thought maybe my old lover could hook me up with some great amenities.

I’d love to let you take me to dinner, maybe do something fun, while I’m in town. Maybe rehash some good old memories? *wink*

Can’t wait to see you handsome.



Rehash good memories? Yea. Quickly Justin scrolled through google and saw articles of how her sugar daddy had dumped her when he met someone else, whom he married. He imagined Sara’s intentions of “looking him up” were more than just a friendly catch up. Especially since she was already thinking he would give her a free room or hook her up with meals and comps. How ridiculous, but then again, just like her. Should he have expected anything different? She had said he was too serious. Would it kill him to let loose once in a while? Maybe have fun? The problem with that was tarnishing his reputation. This election meant a lot to him. Deleting her email, he placed his phone down and looked up at the waiter who approached.
“Sir, can I get you a wine list while you wait on your guests?”
“Thanks, I think I’m well versed in what we serve though,” Justin chuckled with the young man. He kept a hand in all aspects of his business. “I’ll have a glass of whiskey, and a bottle of the 2001 Merlot. Thank you.” The young man stepped away to fill his order as Justin spied the hostess returning. As she stepped aside, he caught sight of the two young ladies he was set to babysit. Heat flared in his groin, causing a reaction he hadn’t felt to a woman in a long time. The brown haired woman sauntered towards him, smiling at her friend. The short golden dress hugged her curves like a second skin, without looking trashy. With each movement of her body, it shined in the light, drawing a man’s attention to everything. Her sparkly shoes set off the look but Justin couldn’t pull his eyes away from the way her long neck was graced by a few curls and diamonds. This wasn’t a young girl; this was a woman. All woman. Hell, she didn’t need babysitting or protection, but the way Justin’s body was reacting, he may be the one needing to be protected. Standing, he extended his hand.
“Justin Maddigan. You must be Robin.” The hostess gave the girls an evil eye and stalked away. Justin made a mental note to have her spoken too, possibly fired. His casino wasn’t the place for a gold digger to be looking for ways to move up in life.

Robin’s soft hand pressed into his and he squeezed, not wanting to let go. As he drew her closer, he was wrapped in her sweet jasmine scent. Her blue eyes sparkled almost as much as her jewelry.
“Thank you so much, for your help with our trip. I’m so sorry my mother even asked. I feel like a child.”
Robin, like the beautiful bird. His beautiful bird. Where had that thought come from? She wasn’t his. Although maybe
, he squashed that train of thought.
“Trust me, you look nothing like a child. And really,” Justin murmured, “It was no problem at all.” Their hands remained clasped together as Char stood quietly next to her friend, eyes twinkling as she watched sparks fly between the two. Her mind began reeling. He was cute, not the older man she had expected when told he owned the casino.
“I’m Charlene,” she interjected, breaking the stare between the two.
“I’m so sorry, nice to meet you,” Justin looked at her, still not releasing Robin’s hand.
“So, should we sit?” Char urged. Robin finally broke her gaze from Justin and nodded, her cheeks flushing. The two finally pulled apart, sliding into their seats.
“Yes, please, I’m starving. I’m sure you’re very busy, running this place. I can’t imagine you were excited to have to drop your plans to meet with us. But it’s very beautiful here.”
“It was no problem. A man has to eat, right?” The waiter placed the bottle of wine next to Justin for his approval. As he nodded, the waiter began to pour their glasses.
“So what’s good to eat here?” Charlene asked.
“Everything,” Justin answered. “You should try the grilled salmon. It’s slow roasted with a honey glaze.” The girls perused the menu, finally placing an order. Robin slowly sipped her wine, the red liquid glistening on her lips. Justin stirred in his seat. Having never been a man who got nervous or felt uncomfortable, he didn’t know how to proceed in this situation. He went from being angry about babysitting this girl, to wondering if he could get her in bed without causing a scandal.


“So, what do you ladies have planned while you’re in town? I can help with tickets to a show if you want,” Justin offered.
“Drinks, pool, shopping,” Char offered, giggling as she looked at her friend. Justin could tell the difference between the two girls. Charlene seemed to be the partier and Robin came across as more laid back, easy going.
“I’m looking forward to relaxing in the sun. But I work hard growing my business, so I think I could use some letting loose tonight. The bar in the lobby looked fun. Unless there’s a different club you can suggest.” Justin clenched his hand in his lap. Of course he wouldn’t recommend they go elsewhere. At least in his bar, there was a chance he could keep an eye on her and keep these girls from getting roofied or something.
“Our bar here has the best DJ money can hire. According to the travel commission, it’s the best club in Vegas. After dinner, I have a few calls to make, but if that’s where you’re headed, I’ll set you up in the VIP and meet you for a drink after?” He raised his eyebrows, trying to shift attention between both girls, so as not to alienate Charlene.
“That would be awesome,” Char’s excitement bled through into every word. As she started chattering non-stop, Justin took the time to look over Robin more closely. She looked mature, acted mature, certainly she could handle one night with him and not run to the tabloids, right?
“So, Robin, what do you do?” They shared obligatory small talk about her business, his casino, running for Mayor. Char was on her phone most of the time, but Robin didn’t mind for once. She was enjoying her conversation with Justin. He was smart, pleasant and had a great head on his shoulders. She could appreciate that about him.


“Mr. Maddigan,” Robin said, as he watched her glossy lips.
“I’m sorry, what? Justin, please, Mr. Maddigan is my father.”
“Oh, right, I just,” she stammered slightly. “I just wanted to thank you again for all you’ve done. We don’t want to impose. We’re fine just going to the bar, you don’t need to do anything more for us. I would hate to put you out.” Justin couldn’t help laughing. This was so different than any other woman he had ever met. Women usually would fall all over themselves to get something from him. Especially if it was free. He almost didn’t know how to react.
“No, it’s no trouble at all. Trust me. Do you know how much we comp for our high rollers? A VIP table to keep a couple of friend’s safe is nothing. Besides, maybe you and I can finish out the night on a high note, maybe a win in the casino?” Robin rolled her eyes slightly and he wondered where he went wrong.
“Thank you, but it’s really fine. We can handle ourselves. We don’t need you to comp us or take care of us. I’m sure my mother asked you to look out for us, but we’re actually grown women who can make our own decisions. And I certainly don’t expect to be winning at the casino. That’s not what I’m here for. I just want to have fun.” Her tone had turned icy. Confused, Justin just leaned back as their first course was served.
“Did I say something wrong?” Justin asked.
“I’m just sick of being told what to do and how to live my life. I’m an adult. I certainly don’t need a babysitter. And I have my own money, I’m rather uncomfortable with the idea of you comping things. I appreciate the offer, but I’ve worked hard for what I have. I also just got cheated on by my fiancé, so your little wink and nod there about us ending the night on a high note is ridiculous. I’m not here for a one-night stand.” Maybe he was wrong about being able to pull a scandal free one night with her. Hell, this is just another reason he didn’t want to ever marry. Women were so moody and unpredictable. Their moods always changing. Even her friend seemed shocked, looking at Robin as if wondering what was going on. Justin ate and tried to keep conversation simple throughout the rest of the meal. At the end, he signed off on the bill and stood, holding his hand out for the ladies.
“Well, sorry you took my intentions to mean something other than the goodhearted offer it was. Girls, it was great dining with you. I hope you enjoy your stay and have fun at the club tonight.” With that he stalked away, fuming at the confusing dismissive tone he had gotten from Robin out of nowhere. Who did she think he was? Sure, it was nice she wanted to be independent, but she didn’t have to be rude about it. And who the hell was she to turn him down? No one turned down Justin Maddigan. He was certainly selective about who he wanted to be with, but when he chose, women bent to his will. Well he damn sure wasn’t going to waste any more thought on a bratty little girl. Too bad he couldn’t think of anything but her silky looking legs and curvy form under that sparkling outfit.

BOOK: Melody Anne's Billionaire Universe: Going to the Chapel (Kindle Worlds Novella) (The Colter Family Book 1)
2.44Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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