Melody Anne's Billionaire Universe: Going to the Chapel (Kindle Worlds Novella) (The Colter Family Book 1) (3 page)

BOOK: Melody Anne's Billionaire Universe: Going to the Chapel (Kindle Worlds Novella) (The Colter Family Book 1)
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Chapter 3


“Wow, this is hot,” Char said as she led Robin into the Time Traveler club. The music pumping was an 80’s song and yet, all the young people were dancing and enjoying themselves. The neon lights looked like they were straight out of the 80’s as well. The tables all had LED lights and the whole room though dark, still looked brightly lit. Robin smirked, making a beeline for the bar. She ordered a vodka and water, chugging it down quickly and ordering a second one. Charlene moved up next to her friend, ordering a martini.
“Are you okay honey? I’m just wondering why all of a sudden you got icy with Justin. Now you’re chugging down drinks?”
“I just hate how men with money like to flash it around. As if I don’t have my own, or they are using me for mine. Money. It always comes down to money. Oh and sex. Because apparently I should be grateful that he took time out of his so busy schedule to babysit us, so we should have sex.”
“Rob, darling, Justin was just trying to be nice. He wasn’t flashing anything around. You’re being unreasonable. Seriously. He was hot, and nice and it looked like he was into you. Hello, what was that five-minute stare down when you shook hands? Just because Darren is a douchebag, doesn’t mean every man is. Did you not say you want to be more like me this weekend? Hell, I’d have slept with him.”
“Let’s just dance. I really want to be more like you on this trip. I want to have fun and not worry about what people think or how I look or anything else. I want to experience some real fun, just like you.” Char smiled at Robin.
“You got it girl. First lesson then, don’t worry so much. Let men pay for things, let them beg for your attention.” She turned to the bartender. “Two shots of Patron please.” The shots of tequila were placed on the bar and the girls tossed them back. Char took Robin’s hand, leading her to the dance floor as the alcohol warmed Robin’s belly. She wasn’t much of a drinker, but tonight that was changing.


After dancing until they were sweaty, Robin moved towards one of the tall, lit up tables in the center of the room. She fanned herself, panting for breath.
“I need a drink, but I have to sit really quick. My heels are hurting already.”
“Well you’ve been dancing like a mad woman! I know you said you wanted to let loose, but damn, slow down. It’s not a race Rob, we have a whole weekend.” Robin just giggled, looking past Char.
“Oooh, look there, those guys are cute,” she indicated to the group of guys at the bar behind Char. Her friend slowly turned around, scoping out the eye candy. Though they looked young enough to be frat boys, they were adorable and eyeing the girls up.
“I wonder if I can snag some drinks,” Char smiled and winked at the guys, biting her lip to keep from laughing, like she was keeping a secret. The girls kept swaying their hips to the Madonna song playing throughout the club.
“I got this,” Robin said, standing and pushing past her friend. She sidled up next to one of the boys, a stocky blonde. She slid her hand up his shoulder, grinning.
“Hey there,” she whispered into his ear, to be heard over the music.
“Damn, you and your friend have got to be the hottest girls in this club.” He sounded cocky and the weak pick up line would normally have caused Robin to roll her eyes. But after having a few drinks, she just laughed, shifting her hips so that her body pressed against his.
“Well then, why don’t you and your friends grab us some drinks and come join us,” she winked, moving back towards Char.


The boys scrambled, getting a tray full of shots and moving towards the girls. As they set the drinks down, the blonde wrapped his arm around Robin’s shoulders.
“So ladies, let’s do some shots and get to know each other.” As he handed Robin a shot glass full of cloudy liquid, a hand covered the glass, pulling it from her hand.
“Excuse me,” she said indignantly. Looking up, she stared right into the chocolate brown eyes of Justin. “That’s my shot. Why don’t you go get your own?” She said.
“Robin, let’s go. I think it’s time you and Char headed back to your suite.” She tried to take the shot back from him and he moved away.
“I think the lady said she isn’t interested,” the blonde kid stood, trying to push between Justin and Robin. “Why not return that shot I bought her, and head on your way.” He shoved his hand against Justin’s chest. Robin rolled her eyes. She couldn’t believe this man. She had just met him and he acted as if he had some sort of possession over her. Why didn’t he just piss on her leg to mark his territory then?
“Kid, you need to back up before I have you removed from my bar.” Justin threw back the shot, shaking as the liquid burned down his throat. He moved closer to the women again, pulling another shot off the tray. As he looked into the guy’s eyes, he tossed it back. Char gasped at the sight. Oh this was too easy.
“Justin, we’re having fun, do you mind? What happens in Vegas and all that, right?” She rubbed her hand on the kid’s shoulder as his eyes widened in shock. He nervously moved from foot to foot, glancing at his friends. They all of a sudden got shifty.
“I think, um,” he stuttered, turning and leaving the bar. His friends following quickly.
“What the hell? Why’d you scare them off?” Justin waved his hand in the air as a waitress came and removed the tray of shots. Char set hers on the bar, looking perplexed. Suddenly she smiled, sliding the shot towards Robin.


“Here hon, have mine,” before Justin could stop her, Robin downed the shot. “So, let’s go have some fun. Justin, you got a limo around here? Let’s get Jeeves to take us on a drive around Vegas. I want to see the stip at night. We can relax our feet from dancing, right Robin?” Robin just glared at Justin. He looked at Char and nodded, quickly typing a text into his phone. The girls quietly followed him from the club and into the quieter lobby of the hotel. Char noticed her friend and Justin wobble a little as they walked in front of her and laughed to herself.
Yep, this is going to be one hell of a night.
“Why do you look like the canary that ate the cat?” Robin slurred slightly. Justin turned to her.
“The cat that ate the canary,” he said indignantly, quickly turning away again, shaking his head. Robin mumbled under her breath.
“I feel like partying some more, why are we going for a ride?” Robin whined. Char loved this. She had never seen Robin like this. Whatever those guys put in the drinks sure worked quick. Char would just have to keep an eye on these to and make sure they were okay, but she sure as hell was ready for the sparks that would fly tonight.


“Come on honey, I want to see the strip, please, just do this for me? We can pull a Pretty Woman and stand up in the limo, see the sights from the sunroof.” Char tugged her friend’s hand, pulling her to the limo.
“Jeeves,” she said, nodding at the older man. He just smirked, not correcting her on his name this time.
“Thank you Turner, please just do a pass around the strip for now,” Justin instructed the driver as he climbed in behind the women. The limo pulled away as Char opened the bottle of champagne. They clinked glasses and Justin leaned back into the seat. Stoic as usual, he clenched his jaw, trying to quell his anger at the girls. Those boys could have tried drugging them. Apparently Robin didn’t care about the consequences of her behavior. No wonder her mother asked for someone to watch over her. How naive. Though he had tough security, there still was a risk of roofies and other drugs. Shifting, he pulled at his collar. The car was getting warm. Robin stood, bracing herself in the moving vehicle. She pushed a button for the sunroof, shoving her head out, her smile wide across her face. Char joined her, their bodies pressed together. Any other man would be excited over the thought of two women, but Justin only had eyes for Robin. Her long, lean legs were right in his face. Huffing, he turned his head, getting dizzy. Shit. Putting his glass down, his hand ran over his face, trying to shake the feeling coming over him. That shot. It was drugged. And Robin had taken Char’s.


Justin reached out, trying to tug on Robin to get her attention. Char peeked down, grinning.
“Don’t worry. Loosen up and have fun with us tonight. I’ll make sure you get back to the hotel safely. Just don’t drink much more and you’ll be fine. It will wear off by morning.” Her head popped back out, the wind blowing her blonde hair. She knew. Char knew they were drugged. What is she trying to pull? As the limo stopped at a light, Robin swayed, falling out of the sunroof. Her champagne spilled across the floor as her body landed in his lap. Thoughts of warning her left his head as the sensation of her warm body pressed against his lap sent his senses into overdrive. Instinctively, his arms wrapped around her. Hell, he wanted to loosen up a little, right? Have some fun? Char did say she would watch over them.
“Char,” he called out, sighing into Robin’s neck as she giggled. Char pulled herself from the sunroof, sitting next to him.
“Yes, Mr. Maddigan,” she said sarcastically, but with a smile. He ignored the use of Mr. again and tried to look serious. His body was humming, his skin tingled at the touch of Robin.
“I’m running for Mayor. Please, please, make sure I don’t do anything to cause scandal.”
“No problem, sir. Now have fun, you both need it.”
“What is she talking about?” Robin slurred.
“Nothing Rob, enjoy yourself.” Char pulled her phone out, quickly texting. The bright lights from the strip flashed through the tinted windows, casting a colorful glow around the car.


“You smell great,” Justin whispered into Robin’s ear.
“You were an ass at dinner, but damn, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of you,” she admitted as she shifted her body so she could look at him, causing a groan as her bottom rubbed against his shaft. Justin reached up, pushing back a lock of hair that had fallen in her face.
“What do you want to do then?” He asked her. Robin still looked confused at the conversation between her best friend and the man she felt sparks with earlier.  Her head felt fuzzy and she couldn’t remember how much she drank, but it couldn’t have been enough to get this drunk. Robin had started their night out, wanting to be more like Char. She felt great, amazing, her face couldn’t stop smiling.
“I want to just have fun and forget about everything. And I’m still not going to sleep with you.” She shook a finger in his face and he tried to not laugh.
Yea, we’ll see about that,
he thought. Char found the radio and cranked it up. It was an oldies station and the girls began cracking up.
“Going to the chapel and we’re,” they sang in unison.
“I want to see a chapel. I’ve never been to one. But everyone marries there, even celebs. Show me one,” Robin asked him.
“We should get married. You’re gorgeous, smart and a wife may help my campaign,” Justin said, his face looking thoughtful.
“Yea, sure,” Robin said, not meaning it. “We’re in Vegas, why not, let’s find Elvis,” she jumped up, grabbing more champagne.

“That would be awesome, best trip ever,” Char piped in. “I mean, you wouldn’t have to really get married, let’s just pretend, take some photos?”
“Right, I’m sorry, I was just thinking out loud. Of course we can’t marry, we don’t know each other. We haven’t even kissed. Wow, am I even fit to be mayor? I let loose one night and talk about jumping into marrying the first girl I meet who isn’t a gold digger like Sara?” Shaking his head, he holds out his cup for more champagne. Robin leaned in, licking her lips. Justin’s eyes were glued just like at dinner. He sucked in a breath and met her halfway, latching his mouth onto hers. His hand snaked up the back of her neck, pulling her in. Their lips danced across each other, tongues tangoing. Justin was completely overwhelmed at the satiny touch of her, all of her. Pulling away, Robin panted, trying to catch her breath.
“Wow. I will admit, if we got married by Elvis, I wouldn’t mind kissing you like that anytime I wanted,” her eyes sparked, full of humor.
“Who’s Sara?” Char asked, interrupting their moment, perking up at the thought of getting more details of who Justin was. He looked over, as if he had forgotten she was even with them. Mischief shined in her face, maybe distraction would keep them from thinking too hard about what was happening. If they weren’t looking, Char would rub her hands together like some cartoon evil villain.
“She was my college girlfriend. I was gonna marry her. She left me for some old rich guy. Who apparently has kicked her out on her ass finally and married someone else. She actually had the nerve to email me and ask about me giving her a room here, and us catching up,” he air quoted, looking disgusted. That’s part of my bad mood earlier and I apologize.
“Aw, she broke your heart huh?” Robin cooed as she leaned against his chest, rubbing his neck. He grasped hers, wrapping his fingers around her. Char shifted with glee at what she saw coming this evening. It couldn’t have been better than if she planned it herself.
“All right you two, let’s go see Elvis,” Char stated, instructing the driver where to go.



“Welcome to the Chapel of Love, how may we help you?” The woman dressed as Marilyn Monroe came from around the desk, looking at Robin and Justin. “You two are so cute together.”
“My friend here wants to marry this hunk of a man before someone else can come along and steal him.” Char took over as Justin and Robin had spent the rest of the ride here kissing more. Thankfully they hadn’t gone further. Char needed to hurry this up and get them back to the hotel.
“Great. He looks familiar. Is he an actor?” Char shook her head no, trying to distract the woman before she figured out who he was.
“Ok, we need two rings and an Elvis.” Perking at the sale she was about to make, the woman quickly moved to the other side of the room, pointing out the rings they had available. Elvis came in from the Chapel itself, looking like the chubbier, older version of the King. Char pointed out two plain gold bands, slipping a credit card to the lady.
“They just want short, simple and legal.”
“Ok, let’s go lovebirds. Do we want a bouquet? I have a pretty one that would look amazing with her dress! So beautiful, it’s like the perfect wedding dress. So shiny, like a princess,” the woman gushed over her. Robin shook her head no, finally coming up for air.
“Too much Char, come on,” but her friend interrupted her.
“This is so cute, and fun.” Char grabbed her arm, leading her and Justin into the Chapel. Elvis led the way.
“Well you two, you get to pretend to be the bride and groom. I’ve already told them we’re just playing tourist.”


Robin and Justin swayed, looking tipsy as the full effect of the drugs kicked in. Their pupils were dilated, but Char was able to persuade Elvis that they were slightly drunk. She made up a quick story about two college lovers who just caught up after a few years apart. The ceremony only lasted five minutes, with Char taking a ton of photos with her cell phone. At the end, Elvis looked at the two and told them, “I now pronounce you husband and wife.”
“You would make a beautiful bride someday,” Justin slurred.
“Hell son, she’s your bride now, kiss her.” Elvis laughed at them as they grinned from ear to ear. They kissed again, while Char quickly signed the witness spot on the marriage license. Robin strolled over, giggling.
“Here,” she struggled, trying to pull the ring off.
“Oh, no, that’s yours. It’s a souvenir. I bought it for you,” Char explained. “Sign here, so I can take a photo for our vacation album.” Robin and Justin had reached the point where they were just doing as told. Looking sleepy, Char ushered them back to the limo, advising Turner to take them back to the hotel. He winked at her as if in on a conspiracy.


Pulling around to the back entrance, Turner helped Char lead the buzzed couple into the elevator. Once in the room, they shuffled like zombies to Robin’s room, collapsing in bed. Char placed bottles of water on both sides, pulling their shoes off. She slowly backed out of the room. As she headed over to her room, she quickly dialed the phone.
“That was easier than I thought. It’s done.” She giggled then covered her mouth to quiet herself. “Yes already. Sending pictures now and I’ll save the story for later.” After hanging up, Char changed her course and headed to the elevator. It was super early and she wanted some fun of her own.

BOOK: Melody Anne's Billionaire Universe: Going to the Chapel (Kindle Worlds Novella) (The Colter Family Book 1)
11.4Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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