Melody Anne's Billionaire Universe: Going to the Chapel (Kindle Worlds Novella) (The Colter Family Book 1) (6 page)

BOOK: Melody Anne's Billionaire Universe: Going to the Chapel (Kindle Worlds Novella) (The Colter Family Book 1)
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Chapter 9


“Wow,” Robin exclaimed as the car drove up to their new home. In the affluent part of Las Vegas, far from the bright lights and noise of the strip, her parents had actually found her a dream home. This was more mansion, than home, but not in an obtrusive way. The white abode was two floors, with a wraparound porch, much like the southern home her mother had grown up in. Black iron wound around the flower beds of the second floor. Robin shoved the sunglasses up on top of her head and looked over at Justin. He smiled, coming around to her.
“This is nice.” He scooped Robin up, her laughter warming his heart. She wrapped her arms around his neck, as he walked to the door.
“Can you, um,” he stuttered, shifting her in his arms. “I can’t unlock the door too,” he chuckled. Robin pulled the keys from her pocket, leaning over to unlock the door. As she twisted the handle to open it, Justin nudged with his foot, carrying his new bride over the threshold. The house was fully furnished, with a warm and inviting feel to it. She had to admit that her parents did good. To the left, they could see a living room, warm beige furniture and sage colored walls pulled the room together well. In front of them was a large white staircase that divided, going to the left and right. Pictures of her family were on one side of the upper hallway, and surprisingly, pictures of Justin’s were on the other side.
“How did..?” Justin didn’t finish his thought. Robin shook her head. Her mother was a scheming old woman. God help her brothers when her mom turned her gaze to them.
“I guess we should have the family talk huh? I didn’t realize you had siblings,” Robin said to her husband. She was shocked at the thought her parents put into this home for them, they got it almost right. All of it was so much like what she dreamed of having for her own one day. Someone cleared their throat.


“I’m sorry Miss.” Robin looked over Justin’s shoulder before he turned to face the hallway behind him. In the doorway stood a well put together woman, with an apron on. Justin put Robin down on her feet, looking at the stranger in their home. Raising his eyebrows, he approached her.
“Justin Maddigan, you are?” She shook his hand, smiling.
“Yes, Mr. Maddigan. I’m Jerri. Mrs. Colter hired me to keep the household running while you and Mrs. Maddigan are on the campaign trail. I’ll handle the cooking, cleaning and scheduling. Mrs. Maddigan, I’ve worked for the Mayor in Greensville, South Carolina for twenty years until he and his wife retired to a smaller home and I wasn’t needed. I’ll be here to help guide you, as you’ll be hosting political parties, gatherings and dinners. Please, let me know what types of foods you do and don’t like and we’ll go from there. I look forward to working for such a lovely young couple.” Robin couldn’t help but fall in love with her immediately. She reminded her so much of her mother, that it made her feel more at ease in this new city.

“Ma’am, if you’ll come this way, I’ll show you to your office.” Jerri pointed towards a door to the right of the staircase, “Mr. Maddigan, yours is there. You can have your campaign manager work from there while you’re at the casino if need be. Mrs. Maddigan, yours is upstairs.” Jerri led Robin up the staircase. She grinned as she ran her fingers along the golden frames of her family portraits. Pausing at the end of the hallway, she stared at her big brother, Grayson. She couldn’t contain the giggle building in her throat. Jerri stopped to look at her.
“Are you ok ma’am?” Jerri paused outside of the only door on this side of the floor.
“Yes, Jerri,” she laughed. “I’m great.”
And soon, Char and Grayson will be great too. Payback is a bitch, my friend.
She grinned to herself. Robin couldn’t wait to come up with a plan for her best friend. She knew Char harbored a crush on Grayson their whole life, now was the time to get her back for this weekend. Not that Robin was mad, in fact, she couldn’t remember a time she was happier. Full of joy, Robin bounced down the rest of the hallway to finish the tour of her new home, her new life.



Three months later


“I want to thank the city of Las Vegas for electing me your next mayor. I promise to do everything in my power to make this our city again. Yes, we love the tourism and it’s great for our city, but it seems my predecessor forgot about those of us who make Vegas, Vegas. I also wanted to make a special announcement. My wife, Robin, and I would like to announce the expectation of our first child. This is going to be one special year!” The crowd cheered as cameras flashed, taking pictures of the happy couple. “I also want to announce that the position of Deputy Mayor has been given to my brother in law. Seth Colter. He worked for the ADA office in Seattle and comes highly recommended from political officials there. I hope together we can help turn things around in this city and bring a brighter future to us all.” Turning to his wife, he kissed her, his hand resting on her baby bump.
“My beautiful bird,” he whispered in her ear. She grinned at him, looking happier than any newlywed could.
“I love you Mr. Maddigan.”
“I love you too, Mrs. Maddigan.”

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BOOK: Melody Anne's Billionaire Universe: Going to the Chapel (Kindle Worlds Novella) (The Colter Family Book 1)
11.31Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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