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Chapter 7


Robin fidgeted at the pearl necklace she had on. Her peach dress and white sweater were supposed to look polished and opulent. Justin’s black suit was perfectly pressed with a US flag pin on the lapel. The setting sun shone brightly even with her large sunglasses. Her long dark hair was pulled tightly into a bun. Justin’s campaign manager brought in a stylist to help them look the part. The happy political couple. Justin leaned into the microphones on the podium.
“Thank you for being here today. First off, I’d like to officially introduce my wife, Mrs. Robin Maddigan. Now, let’s get on with the real reason we’re here today,” he sounded intelligent, capable and like a leader. Robin smiled and it actually wasn’t forced. She could appreciate the passion he had for his stance on the main topics. Justin wanted to help convert the outer parts of the city, the areas that were forgotten past the strip. He wanted the year round residents to love their city again, not feel disdain towards the tourist trap. She respected that. As Justin finished his speech, the applause was almost deafening. The crowd loved him. As she moved to his side, he wrapped an arm around her waist, while waving to the crowd. She felt the heat between their bodies. Since waking up that morning, and deciding to do this, they had been whisked through outfit decisions, meeting with the stylist and campaign manager, as well as teaching Robin how to act and answer questions from the press if she was caught alone. She hadn’t even had a chance to yell at Char yet for her part in all of this. There was a text from her mother though, congratulating her and asking when she would meet her new son. Robin of course ignored it. Anger had flared through her at the words, but deep down she still loved her mother and knew she only meant the best for her.


Justin led Robin back inside the casino. Some of the paparazzi followed them, so they paused, kissing for the cameras. Though she knew in her heart he was only pretending, Robin couldn’t fight the feeling she got from his lips pressed against hers. The heat spread through her whole body, as she wrapped her arms around him, feeling his hardened muscles beneath the suit jacket. People in the lobby stopped to aww, cooing at the loving couple.
“Oh my, you two certainly are an attractive couple. Next stop the White House?” Char ambled up to them in her bikini with a towel in her hand. Justin said goodbye to the press, wrapping an arm around her shoulders tightly and practically dragging both women to the elevator.
“Let’s go darling, I think we need to have lunch with your best friend here and get you set up in my room, since you’ll be moving in.” Justin clenched his teeth as he spoke. Charlene laughed loudly, ignoring the fact that her friend was angry and Justin was on the verge of exploding.
“This isn’t funny Char. Do you have any idea what this stupid idea you and my mother cooked up has done? You almost ruined Justin’s mayoral campaign. And now, I have to live in a hotel. Both of our lives are in turmoil and you think it’s funny,” Robin’s voice rose with each word and Justin jabbed the elevator button over and over with his finger, as if it would make the doors close any faster.


The ride up to the penthouse was silent. Robin tapped her toes in frustration. Char checked her phone, smiling to herself and Justin stood in the middle, arms crossed over his chest and his face blank in frustration. The doors slid open for the suite and he gently shoved both women out of the elevator.
“Let’s go sit, we need to talk.” Picking up the phone, he ordered a bottle of scotch, some coffee and wine sent up. Robin collapsed on the couch, exhausted from her morning. She had only a small lunch but couldn’t possibly think of eating right now. That wine sure sounded good, except that at the thought of drinking alcohol after last night, had her feeling weak and dizzy. She grabbed her head, moaning, leaning back. Kicking off the heels, she curled up on the couch. Justin sat down next to her and pulled her so she could lay her head on his lap. Char looked at the both of them and grinned.
“What now Charlene?” He asked grumpily.
“You two are just so cute. Oh, and I’d love to know what stylist you use, because I know the day after I take a few ecstasy pills, I can’t manage to look that glowing and awake!”
“What?” Robin sat up quickly and the dizziness wavered her sight, casting darkness in her vision. “You drugged us? Not those guys?”
“I don’t do drugs, you kidding me?” Justin shouted at her. “Do you not think before acting? I can lose everything from the stunts you have pulled.”
“But you guys are perfect for each other. So, anyways. I have a flight in a few hours. I really need to get out of here. Oh, and your mom sent a wedding present.”  She pointed towards the bar and wandered off to her room right as the elevator opened. The man wheeled in the cart of drinks in. Justin went to handle it as Robin slid over to the bar. She picked up the padded envelope and a set of keys clattered on the marble.


“What’s that? What did your mother dearest give us that could possibly make this ok?”
“Cut the sarcasm. You’re not making this any easier.” Robin looked inside of the envelope, pulling out a piece of paper.

Darling Robin,

I’m so elated that you found yourself an amazing young man such as Justin. I hope the two of you are happy and your father and I can’t wait to meet him!

Enjoy your new home. I hope you like the décor.



“What?” Justin asked incredulously. “They bought us a house. In Vegas. Just this morning? When did you leave Seattle?” He looked serious, so Robin sat down on the stool, thinking hard.
“I called my mom at like seven. In the morning after I took a red eye home.” Her eyes widened and she finally realized that this entire thing, the trip, Char, everything was a set up.
“I’m gonna kill them,” she growled, launching herself from the stool. Justin caught her as she tried to fly by him. Tumbling to the floor, he held her tight as she moved against him. She tried to get away, to go after her friend, but Justin held her to the white shaggy carpet that covered the floor under the couch.
“I can’t believe they did this to us.” Robin fought like a trapped animal. Justin tried to not laugh. He rolled their bodies so that hers was pressed under his. He maneuvered his arms up, holding her head in place. Looking into her crystal blue eyes, he leaned in to kiss her, shutting down any complaints she had left. Robin’s body went from rigid to relaxed immediately. Her mouth moved with his, her tongue moving into his mouth, tasting him. She tried to move her arms from between them, to grasp at her new husband, but Justin grabbed her wrists, pinning them to the floor. He shifted his body, straddling her. With one hand, he held her wrists, the other, he moved up the peach dress that had drove him insane during his speech. The material had hugged each curve of her body. His fingers moved up, bunching the material at her chest. He leaned down, latching his lips to her breast as he tugged her bra down. Her milky breast called to the hunger as she ground her hips into his pelvis. Justin’s erection hardened and he rubbed it against her body. Small moans escaped her mouth as she closed her eyes, tossing her head back into the carpet. Her fingers clawed at his hand while he kept them in place. His fingers yanked aside the panties she wore as he circled her clit. He wiggled them inside of her, teasing and playing with her body.
“Please,” she whispered against his lips. Her warm breath heating his cool skin. “Let me touch you,” she cried out, moving herself against the palm of his hand. Ignoring her pleas, Justin continued his assault on her, feeling her muscles tighten as her excitement grew.
“Come for me, wife,” Justin said, his voice low and husky. As if following his command, she screamed out her climax, bucking her hips harshly on his hand. As she shuddered, riding the wave of pleasure, Justin sat up, undoing his pants. He threw off his suit jacket, pulling himself from the pants. Robin finally came through the haze of her ecstasy, she took advantage of not being pinned down anymore, reaching up and ripping his dress shirt open. Buttons flew across the room, scattering on the floor. Justin held himself up against her opening. He sucked air through his clenched teeth at the feel of the moistness coming from her. He thrust himself in deep, holding himself as tight against her body as he could. She moaned, writhing beneath him. Her soaking channel milked him, begged him for more. He pulled himself out, thrusting back in hard, enjoying the mews from her mouth.


Justin leaned in, kissing her lips. Nipping at them, he pulled and tasted, as he attacked her core. Her legs wrapped around his waist as he plunged as deep as he could into her body until he felt her muscles go rigid, the noises getting louder. A low growl in her throat before she screamed out in pleasure sent him over the edge as he pumped his seed into her. Panting, they lay together as one, hearts pounding in unison. Robin giggled breathlessly.
“You’re crushing me, not that it doesn’t feel good to have you inside of me.” Justin shifted to his side, pulling himself out of her.
“Seriously? I get newlywed bliss, but you two couldn’t even get to the bedroom?” Char’s voice was full of humor and managed to pull them from their own world. Robin yanked her dress down from her shoulders, covering herself back up. She looked up from the floor into the face of the girl who was supposed to be her best friend. Justin scrambled to shove himself back into his pants and do them up while kneeling behind the couch.
“You,” Robin screamed, pointing at the girl. “You and mom had this planned since I called you? Right? How the hell did you two get this all done in the time it took me to get to the airport? You’re both dead.” Robin turned to push up onto her knees.
“We just want you to be happy. We love you.” Char turned and ran to the elevator before Robin could get off the floor. She snickered as the elevator doors shut, taking her with them. Justin just shook his head and laughed.
“Seems we fell right into the plan those two conniving women came up with. If you’re being honest and didn’t plan this with them, then they put together one hell of a plan quite quickly.”
“I had nothing to do with this. I came here fo-“ Justin cut her off by pulling her head to his and kissing her.
“We’ll figure it out. We play happy couple for my campaign and then decide from there.”
“So now what?” Robin inquired, getting to her feet. She wobbled slightly and Justin grabbed her waist to steady her.
“I don’t know about you, but I’m exhausted from this day and still not one hundred percent from whatever it is she gave us. Want to get some sleep?” His lids were half closed, making him look brooding and sexy. Robin licked her lips and nodded. He grabbed her hand, leading her to the bedroom. He couldn’t help but notice how her hair had come undone from the perfectly tight bun the stylist did. Her locks flowed around her shoulders, making her look beautiful and innocent. Something inside of Justin’s chest stirred. This woman had agreed to give up her life to save his campaign. What had he really sacrificed? Nothing, and he wondered about after the election.
Would he be able to let her walk away or could make this something real?


The couple made their way silently to Robin’s bed, Justin letting go of her hand to strip. He watched her pale face redden and he could feel her eyes rake over his body.
“Really? Are you embarrassed? We have had sex twice and we’re married. You have a beautiful body that should be worshiped. I can’t understand why that creep you were with, cheated.” He crawled into the bed, covering himself with the blanket as she undressed. Her clothes cascaded to the floor and for the first time, he got a full view of her body. Though they have been intimate, both times, they were still dressed. She deserved more. As his eyes drank in the sight of her ivory mounds and mouthwatering curves, her long hair added to the effect. An innocent seductress. That’s what she was. She nervously got into bed, and he felt himself come alive, ready to go again. But he didn’t want to push her or scare her. He wasn’t sure she was ready for more. He turned off the bedside lamp, turning towards her. Robin moved closer, the heat from her body driving him insane. Justin reached out, pulling her to him, spooning her. She sighed, moving her behind against his erection.
“Justin,” she whispered.
“Yes, beautiful?” he nuzzled her ear, kissing her neck in the dark.
“Make love to me,” she demanded so quietly he wasn’t sure he heard her right.
“As you wish,” he said as he positioned her hips to shove into her from behind. They made love, his hands finally freely roaming her body. As they lay spent, the two talked into the night. About exes, their work, until finally both succumbed to the blackness of sleep.

Chapter 8

Awaking to the sun shine, Robin stirred, yearning to stretch. The heavy arm across her waist prevented her from moving far. It took her a moment to remember everything that had happened. She was married! She had a husband. Whom she barely knew. Though they talked last night, it was more first date discussions. Work, the ex, mundane things. She didn’t know what he liked to eat, listen to, watch, read, who he was. But yet, she was willing to move herself here to help him. Of course she agreed, it was partially her fault they were in this position. He was an innocent bystander in some crazy scheme between her mother and best friend. She couldn’t believe they had done this. It was so outside the realm of who she thought her mother was. Robin knew the woman was desperate for grand kids, going crazy in her big empty home now that her kids were all grown up. But this, had to be influenced by the Andersons. She knew Katherine Anderson was her mom’s best friend. This plan though, was just something she would have never expected from the woman who raised her. Robin picked up Justin’s arm, turning to lay on her other side. She looked at him, so peaceful in his sleep, not uptight like he had seemed when they first met. It was refreshing to see. Stretching, she moved to get up.
“Did you sleep well?” She heard his groggy voice. Looking over her shoulder, she smiled as he yawned, the blanket shifting so she could see his whole body.
What if this was real?
She wondered. Shaking her head, she smiled at Justin, her pretend husband.
“Yes, thank you. I can’t tell you how long it’s been since I’ve actually been held all night. Plus, after the day we had, I think I slept like a rock.”


After Robin emerged from the bathroom, Justin was getting dressed.
“I need to get to my room and shower, put on some clean clothes. Do you want to do something today?” he asked her.
“Like what?” She searched her carry on from her trip. Everything was dirty and all she had, other than clean underclothes from the shopper, was the dress that she apparently got married in, and the dress from the press conference.
“Call Susie, tell her you need jeans and a sweater.”
“Sweater? It’s Vegas. Isn’t it hot here?” she joked.
“It’s winter everywhere my beautiful bird. You can wear a tank top under, but I’m thinking of doing something outside and you may get chilled. Better to be safe than not.” He stepped towards her, placing a kiss on her forehead. Looking down, he closed his eyes, trying to force himself to leave her glorious naked body. When he opened them, she was blushing again. He noticed her fingers fidgeting, as if she wanted to cover herself. He took her hand and looked into her deep ocean eyes.
“Call Susie, get dressed, pack your items and leave them on the bar. Bring those keys, and address. And then come to the second floor. Back to my office. The elevator access code is 3524.” He kissed her forehead again and strode out the door.


Robin pulled on her jeans and blouse from the day before and went to the living room. She picked Susie’s card up and called her. After telling her what she needed, she called her mother.
“Good morning my baby bird.”
“Mom, I’m not a baby anymore and I’m mad at you.” Her mother tittered, as if shocked. “Stop it mom. I didn’t call to be mad at you. Ok, what’s done is done and now I have to live with the consequences for now. Could you please arrange to have my apartment packed up and shipped to the house you and dad got us?”
“Oh, I’m so happy you’re staying. Dad and I will arrange to come out with your belongings. We can’t wait to meet our son in law.”
“Mom, please, just send my stuff and give us a few weeks. We don’t even know each other. Give us time before I overload him with our family. Besides, we have a lot of work to do, to save his campaign that you and Char almost ruined with your little charade. He is running for Mayor. You could have ruined everything.”
“Oh dear,” she could picture her mother covering her mouth and fanning herself like any good shocked southern woman would do. “I didn’t realize. She never said,” her mother spoke, mostly to herself. Robin just sat there. “Yes darling, I’ll just make the arrangements and you make sure you let me know when you’re ready for us. I love you, I only want what is best for you, and your happiness.” Robin felt tears pool in her eyes. She knew, her mother only wanted her happy. If she were honest, she actually was. Excitement about a new city, new surroundings, and a man who made her body hum with just a look, she was happy. Who would have figured?


After speaking to her mom a bit, she answered some work emails. By the time Susie got there, she had her belongings gathered and ready to be moved to wherever they were going. The new house, Justin’s room here, she didn’t care. In her time alone, Robin had decided to make this work. To make Justin fall so in love with her that he didn’t want her to leave. He was a good man, and there was already a spark there. Maybe there could be more. Susie was awesome. With the same perkiness of the first day, she showed Robin an outfit that was just perfect. Tight straight leg jeans, with a pale blue sweater that hung off her shoulders, bunching at the waist. It went perfect with her beige flats that she arrived in.
“Oh,” Susie said over her shoulder as she waited for the elevator, “Congratulations. You two are just so adorable together.” Robin just nodded her thanks, moving off to the bedroom to change.


Within the hour, she was freshly showered and heading down to Justin’s office. As she approached, she heard voices. Robin listened closely as she approached the cracked door.
“Justin baby, I miss you. It’s not about Wendell. We both agreed we were done. He didn’t dump me. You’ve missed me, right?” Robin rolled her eyes at the whiny voice.
“Sara, you need to leave. I didn’t respond to your email for a reason.” This must be the gold digger ex he told her about.” Robin straightened her back, pushing her shoulders up. She held her head high as she pushed through the doors. Conversation stopped and the tall stick thin blonde beside Justin turned her way. The girl couldn’t be any older than he was, but her over worked, pinched face and fake chest made her seem much older. Her obvious try at seduction made her look trashy instead. The tight sequined blue dress barely covered her privates. It certainly didn’t contain the massive breasts. Her talon like red nails pulled at a strand of hair.
“He’s in a private meeting, come back later with whatever work issue you have honey,” the woman waved at her dismissively. Robin ignored her and continued until she was at Justin’s side. She stood on her toes, pushing up to kiss his lips. If looks could kill, Robin would be mauled and a bloody heap right now.
“Sara, meet my wife.” Justin placed an arm around Robin’s waist.
“I thought that was just a publicity stunt.” She took a step back as if slapped in the face.
“If you have nothing else to say, I’m going to take my wife out for the day.” He turned his back to her, leading Robin to towards his desk.
“He’ll get tired of you, and I’ll be there waiting.” The woman huffed out, almost tripping on her sky high heels. She slammed the office door behind her. As if it would matter to them that she threw a fit.

“So, what are we doing today?” Robin asked as soon as they were alone.
“A picnic in City View Park. By the pond. I’m going to show you the city you’re going to live in. Plus, we can check out our new house. No more living in a hotel for either of us.” He grinned, pulling a basket from behind his desk. Robin was elated. It was sweet of him, and somewhat romantic. He took her arm and lead her to the elevator. Robin couldn’t help scanning the office floor for Sara, but thankfully she was gone. She smiled, and couldn’t help but think how right this felt. Her elation continued down to the lobby and into the waiting town car. The drive to the park was quick and it felt great to be out in the sun shine. Robin drew her sunglasses down onto her face, turning up towards the light. It warmed her inside and out. After a crazy couple of days, it felt nice to relax, unwind and maybe finally get to know her husband. It still felt weird to say that word. Justin laid out a blanket he had in the car, spreading out their lunch. She had to admit, she was shocked. Having been used to men with money her whole life, she expected caviar and champagne. Instead, their meal looked like deli sandwiches and potato salad, with fresh bread and iced tea. Justin looked up at her as she still stood over him.
“I went a little overboard,” he chuckled as he pulled out six different sandwiches. “Sit down, you already know I won’t bite, hard.” She kneeled onto the blanket and looked at him, suddenly feeling nervous. For the first time, they were alone, awake and not being pulled in different directions, no drama and no sex.
“So,” Robin asked as she picked up a turkey sandwich and began to eat. “What do you enjoy outside of work?” They sat and chatted, eating and enjoying the day. They watched the birds on the pond, fed them some of the bread and walked around, holding hands. Robin caught some paparazzi here and there, snapping photos and realized that her life was now thrust into the limelight. Her actions and behavior were now a reflection on her new husband.


“Ready to go see our new home?” Justin asked her as they approached the car.
“Sure,” She said weakly. Coming to open her door, Justin cupped her face.
“What’s wrong? Are you not having fun?”
“I am. Honestly, this doesn’t feel fake anymore. I really, I don’t know. I just,” Justin cut her off with a kiss. “I feel like I’ve already fallen in love with you. But that’s stupid, right? We met two days ago.”
“I know the feeling. It’s not stupid at all. There were sparks when we met, but I figured it was just lust. Now, I feel like it’s a burning flame and I love how it feels. Maybe we can do this for real. What do you say?”
“I’m scared though. Your life is in the limelight. I mean, we couldn’t even picnic in the park without people taking photos. What if something from my family or past, or my ex comes up and embarrasses you or ruins your chances?” He shook his head.
“There’s nothing that we can’t figure out together. Right? I mean, we turned a drunken video into a plus. Why can’t we turn a fake marriage into a real one? Win or lose the election, it doesn’t matter. If you’re by my side. You’re unlike other girls I’ve met. You don’t care about my money or what I can do for you. You agreed to move your life here, to help me save my campaign when you barely knew me. Waking up next to you this morning, was one of the best mornings ever, and I want that every morning, my beautiful bird.” He kissed her again and she smiled. Sitting in the car, she looked out the window with a recharged elation at the future. She was going to see her new house, with her new husband and a happiness she hadn’t ever felt.

BOOK: Melody Anne's Billionaire Universe: Going to the Chapel (Kindle Worlds Novella) (The Colter Family Book 1)
7.48Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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