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Sure enough, Noah sped almost the whole way, making me nervous but even more excited. When he parked, we all practically jumped out of the car but pretended to play it cool. No one bothered with any sort of pretense once we were inside though, and I followed Jonathan into the bedroom as Noah followed closely behind me. His hands were at my waist, pushing fabric out of the way before we were even to the bed. I stopped walking and turned, kissing him hard once I could. I needed him naked and inside me. Actually, I needed both of them that way.

After I had Noah’s shirt off, I turned and watched Jay taking his clothes off. Noah snuck up again, pressing his body against mine.

“He’s so sexy, right?” he whispered against my skin, lips touching and pulling back.


One of Noah’s hands cupped my breast, the other making its way down into my jeans. I unbuttoned my pants, giving him more room, and leaned back against his solid frame as Jay’s shirt hit the floor. Noah’s fingers teased my clit as Jay undid his jeans, slowly shimmying them down and smiling at us.

“Fuck, Olivia,” Noah said. “You’re always so hot and soft.”

Once Jay’s socks and underwear were gone, I wanted to move and touch him. I wanted to put my mouth on and around him and feel him, every part. Why didn’t I have more hands?

Noah bit at my neck then pulled his hand from where it had been teasing me. I thought he was going to walk to Jonathan, but he unzipped my jeans, pulling them down and off, along with my panties. I worked on my shirt, throwing it onto the pile where Jay’s clothes had landed. My hands moved to unclasp my bra, but Noah smacked them out of the way, taking on the task himself. Jonathan was in front of me by then, lavishing my body with attention. When he dropped to his knees and placed a kiss over the top of my pussy, I knew I couldn’t stand if he had plans to go any further. I’d no doubt fall right over and hurt myself and probably him, too.

“Bed,” I managed to eke out.

After I was lying on my back, legs spread wide, Noah between them, I had no idea what was going to happen. They were constantly throwing me off in the bedroom, which was actually a nice surprise. I was sure it would get routine and boring at some point, but the freshness that kept me guessing sparked a fire inside me. Jonathan climbed up next to me as Noah rolled a condom over himself and lined his hips up with mine. He was stroking, teasing me with his cock and fingers, and I closed my eyes and let it all soak in.

“Ready, baby?” Noah asked.

“Yeah, so ready.”

“Is she wet?” Jonathan asked.

“So wet,” Noah said, thrusting his fingers into me.

Soon enough, I was writhing beneath his touch, and he pushed inside of me. I could tell Jay was still next to me, warmth radiating from his body, and I reached out to pull him closer.

After a quick kiss, though, he moved lower.

I wasn’t quite sure what he was going to do until his hands ran along my thighs. His body settled next to mine, facing Noah. When he moved his head over to kiss my clit, I almost lost it. His lips widened, moving lower to where Noah was inside me, and I groaned. His tongue pressed against my skin and Noah’s, and the thought and sight made me even wetter. The sound of his mouth and tongue lavishing us both with attention only added to everything, and I found myself coming way faster than normal.

“Mmm,” Jay hummed against my skin. “You two taste so good.”

Noah thrust faster and harder, and Jonathan never let up once, carrying me from one orgasm through to a second several minutes later. Jonathan’s hands were touching everywhere he could reach, my skin tingling from his attention, and when Noah placed a hand on Jay’s head, I moved my own hand down to join it. There was something powerful about us guiding him together. Noah’s face contorted with bliss, his hips flexing as he continued to fuck me. Unbelievably to me, I approached a third orgasm. Never had I pushed my body so hard before, never had I indulged in such pleasure.

My head fell back, eyes closed, and Noah’s hand gripped my hip for what felt like dear life as his rhythm faltered. My whole body contracted, muscles tightening and pleasure rolling through. I had no idea how long it lasted, just that when I finally realized it was over, I was lying in the middle of the bed, repositioned between both of them, and still barely capable of thought.

“I love your curves,” Jay whispered, kissing my temple.

“She does have an amazing body,” Noah agreed.

I kept my eyes closed for another brief moment, but I couldn’t hold back a small smile at their words.

“You okay?” Noah asked. “Did we fuck you unconscious?”


Jay laughed. “Yes, you’re okay, or yes, we fucked you unconscious?”


Truly, my brain couldn’t function beyond one-word answers. When I was somewhat back to normal, I let out a hum and stretched like a cat.

“Holy shit,” I breathed.

“I know, right?” Jay said.

“I have to get up to pee, but I’m not sure my legs can hold me yet.”

I attempted to stand, and after one wobble, found my balance. I laughed all the way to the bathroom. And back. I climbed up onto the bed and giggled. Well, I giggled until I noticed what they were doing. Noah had settled between Jonathan’s legs, and he was kissing him in the sloppiest, wettest way.

Noah pulled back, looking almost intoxicated. “He tastes like us,” he said then moaned as he went back to kissing Jay.

I’d never had a desire to taste myself before, but something about the way Noah looked and the idea that it wasn’t just me drew me to them. I licked the corner of Jonathan’s mouth then pressed my lips into both of theirs. It was so fucking sexy kissing them together, and Noah had been right—I could taste both of us, and it turned me on.

Noah slid lower, and I tilted my head to watch him trail kisses until he was above Jay’s dick. I didn’t want to stop kissing Jay, but watching was too tempting, so I slid to the side and used my fingers to tease all over his upper body.

“God, it’s beautiful watching him do that to you,” I whispered.

“What’s he doing?” Jay asked, prodding me since he could very well see, just like I could. Well, and he could feel it, too.

“He’s licking all around the head of your cock,” I said, summoning my inner dirty-talker. “I wonder how long he’s going to tease you before he slides you into his mouth and down his throat. Does he deep-throat you, baby? Do you like it better when he’s licking your cock like a lollipop or sucking you?”

“Jesus.” He closed his eyes.

“No, baby, open your eyes,” I said. “It’s too gorgeous not to watch you two together.”

Jonathan grunted, opening his eyes and moving his hands down to Noah’s hair. As he held on to Noah’s dark curls, he pushed his hips up. I’d always been afraid a guy would do that while I was sucking him, but it seemed to turn them on even more. Maybe it wasn’t as bad as I imagined.

Moving my hands across Jay’s chest, I circled then pinched one of his nipples. “I can’t wait to watch you come in his mouth.”

Apparently that was all it took; his whole body froze and his face contorted with bliss. Every muscle in his body was strained, and Noah looked up, making eye contact with me. I marveled at how involved I was, yet again, even when I wasn’t directly experiencing or providing an orgasm.

Jonathan slowly came back to us, and Noah slid up the bed into his embrace. We were surrounding him, and it was wonderful. We fell asleep like that, wrapped in each other, and, at least for me, feeling more at peace, loved, and relaxed than I had in a very long time.


When we woke up the next day, we lounged in bed for a bit talking quietly, then showered together. It was the kind of lazy Sunday morning everyone should have at least once a month. The day seemed as if it elapsed in slow motion, and I appreciated taking my time with everything from getting clean to driving to brunch.

“Busy week ahead?” Jay asked, spearing a bite of my French toast and putting it in his mouth before I could object.

“Yeah,” I said. “Good busy, though, not soul-sucking busy. You?”

“Soul-sucking busy,” he repeated, rolling his eyes and laughing.

“And you?” I asked, nudging Noah with my elbow.

“Good busy. Very good busy.”

Quiet settled over the table, and I remembered I’d soon be leaving them. A frown pushed itself onto my face, and I stared down at my bacon.

“You coming over for Wednesday dinner?” Noah asked.

“Is that a thing now?”

“It is if you want it to be,” Jay said. “We want it to be.”

“I want it to be, too,” I whispered. I was afraid to say the words out loud. Afraid to admit them even to myself.

In the last few days, I’d realized just how much I wanted this. I wanted it all, every little bit of it, even when it would get difficult, which I knew it would. It couldn’t be all hot sex and amazing food, right?

“Good,” Noah said, grabbing my hand. “I don’t want to go five days without seeing you again.”

“Well, that assumes I’m coming over next Friday.”

I was half-joking but half-serious. I couldn’t help but wonder if it was smart to just let things drive toward me practically living with them on the weekends. I mean, didn’t we need more getting-to-know-you time? Wasn’t that what normal people did?

Jay rolled his eyes. “You know you’re coming over Friday.” There was a pause as they exchanged a nervous glance. “Right?”

“I don’t know,” I said. “I mean, don’t you guys think we should slow down?”

“For fuck’s sake, Olivia, stop thinking so much.” Noah’s voice was laced with frustration. “You overthink everything. Has everything we’ve done felt good?”

“Yeah, of course,” I said.

“Has it made you happy?”


“Fulfilled?” he asked.

I wasn’t sure what to say to that; did anything in life really make me feel entirely fulfilled? “Sure,” I said with slight hesitation.


That one was easy. I smiled. “Absolutely.”

“Then why are you questioning anything? Do you
to plan to spend next weekend with us? Don’t we have movie trade-off plans?”

“You’re right,” I said, sighing. “I just… I feel like it’s too good to be true. I don’t want to jinx it.” I dropped my gaze to the table, lowering my voice. “I don’t want you to get sick of me too fast.”

Noah let out an exasperated sigh. “Why don’t you let us decide when we’re sick of you, instead of anticipating that it’ll suddenly happen at any moment?”

“You’re right, Noah, I just…”

“I love that you’re so smart,” Jay said, squeezing my hand in his. “But sometimes, what goes on inside that head is a complete mystery to me. Relax, baby. Just relax.”

I took a deep breath and let it back out slowly. What was the worst that could happen, anyway?

Oh, right, my heart could get smashed to bits. I’d been there, done that enough times to recognize the signs that my heart was getting away from my head. I was fighting to stay in control of myself; that was the only way I’d learned not to get hurt. I wanted to trust and enjoy what we had going, but it was an almost-constant internal battle.

“Well, I’d hate to cancel our movie date.” I looked over at Noah and smiled. “It’s a documentary, after all. And I’ll get another opportunity to mock old-man snack foods.”

“So glad you see it our way,” Jonathan said, smiling at me.

After the bill was paid, we went back to their house. I rolled my eyes at myself as I picked a bra up off the corner of one of their nightstands. How could I be so confident and at ease with them when it came to getting naked, but so self-doubting when it came to the rest of our relationship?

“You can’t stay for dinner?” Noah asked, finding me in the bedroom where I’d snuck away to pack my bag.

“No. I need to get some things ready to drop off at the dry cleaner in the morning, and I can’t be late. You boys are too much fun to resist, and I know dinner will turn into dessert, which will turn into staying the night. I don’t quite think you’re ready to have me be a jobless freeloader, and I happen to love my job.”

He flopped onto the bed and opened his arms. “Come lie down with me.”

I kicked off my shoes and got on the bed beside him. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me closer, my back resting solidly against his chest.

“You know you’ve made things so different,” he said.

I had? “How? Good different or bad different?”

“It was already so good, but having you here is something special for both of us. I can’t explain it. It made sense before—it fit and it worked. But now, it’s…indefinable.”

I didn’t really know what to say to that, so I hummed and closed my eyes. I wasn’t tired; I just couldn’t stand to take in any more information, not through words or sight.

I lay with Noah for several minutes before I heard someone enter the room.

“There you guys are,” Jay said, his tone light and easy. “Scoot over.”

I wanted him to crawl next to me, to have them both surrounding me and holding me together, but he moved behind Noah. I was glad when his arms wrapped around both of our bodies. Noah’s arms mirrored Jonathan’s, and even though it wasn’t how I imagined needing it, they held me together in their own way, supporting me.

“Any special requests for Wednesday?” Jay asked.

I thought about it for a few minutes before answering. “No, whatever you make will be delicious. Honestly, it’ll just be nice to have a home-cooked meal. I get so sick of frozen shit from the microwave. Plus, the company will be amazing, too. Perfect.”

“The company is always the best,” Noah said.

I smiled, even though I was the only one who knew about it. I was a seriously lucky girl.

BOOK: Something More
3.44Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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