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his bottle against hers. “I guess
you dressed up like that for him as well.
A surprise fuck

knew he’d startled her. He hadn’t
been born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Everything he’d earned had come out
of years of blood, sweat, and tears.

“Wow, you’ve got a little bite inside you. I’d say your name, but I
don’t know it,” she said. He saw the smile playing along her lips.


“Simone.” She held her hand out toward him.

He took the hand, kissing her knuckles. “My balls have survived intact.”

. You’ve won round one
of this battle. What do you intend to do next?” she asked.

She was teasing him. He knew she was waiting for him to fall. Throughout
his life he’d overcome every single challenge thrown at him. This woman was a
piece of cake.

“Well, from the looks of the way you were dressed, I’d say you wanted a
good old-fashioned fuck.” He ran his hand up and down her leg. They were
covered by the bar. He’d never let any woman feel cheap on his watch.

Her lips had parted. Her tongue peeked out leaving a trail of moisture
along the way.
saw her eyes were dilated and
her nipples were pressed against the fabric of her black dress. He wanted to
tear the dress from her body and fuck her every which way there was. “I think
your pussy is dripping wet with the need of a hard cock.”

“Are you an escort?” she asked.

“No, just a man looking for a warm woman.”
His hand went underneath her dress
teasing the top of her thigh. Her legs fell open as she gasped. There was the
warmth he’d spotted inside her. “I want to take you to my room and fuck you
hard. I want to give you what you want, Simone, and when you go home, you’d
leave a happy woman.”

“No commitment, just a hard, quick fuck.” She moaned as he pressed his
palm to her wet slit.

She wasn’t wearing any panties.
The dirty bitch.
His cock thickened further.
wanted her
desperately. A fire had begun in his veins sending all rational thought to his

“I don’t do commitment, but I do fucking.”
grazed her clit. Her pelvis pressed up to meet him.

He pulled his hand away, sucking the moisture from her pussy off his
fingers. “What do you say?” he asked.

She tasted like warm vanilla on a
cold day. Her scent teased the air between them. Simone was such a pretty name.
The burning passion beneath her was something else entirely. He’d never met a
woman who could keep up with him in the bedroom. The women he’d dated always
complained that he used them for his own pleasure. He gave as much as he took.

For as long as he could remember
he’d had a high sex drive. On the last count he’d
six times over an eight hour period. He’d kept count.

He stroked her leg feeling his own
arousal building.

“What do you say, Simone? Spend this
Valentine’s on your back with a complete stranger, and come tomorrow you’ll
never have to see me again.”

She grabbed her purse throwing down
some money. “Let’s go.”


Chapter Two


Simone stood up from the bar. Her
pulse was pounding once again, only this time it was with arousal and not
anger. This man had better live up to his word. She’d never known anyone like
him. He’d come to her without snivelling or waiting for her to allow him to sit
with her.
had simply sat down and waited.

He placed a hand at her back as they
moved over to the elevators. There was no one inside for company. He pressed
the button taking him to the top floor. She stood with her bag in her hands and
her coat hanging over her arms.

grabbed her arm and thrust her
against the corner of the elevator stall.

“I can’t wait to fucking taste you,”
he said, slamming his lips down on hers. He was so much taller than she, even
with the killer heels she wore. Her coat landed on the floor followed by her
purse. She sank her fingers into the length of his brown hair. He wore it down
to his shoulders. The style should have been messy and out of place in an
upscale hotel. He made it work. Everything about him was larger and far more
powerful than anything she could have imagined. She didn’t know his last name
or what he did for a living. She didn’t care.

Her pussy was ablaze with what he
was doing. So many men always asked if it was okay for them to touch her. She
wanted a man to simply take her without waiting for approval. Had Cupid been
looking down at her and finally granting her wish? She damn well hoped so. She
wanted this so badly. She needed it.

He lifted her thigh over his hip
pressing his hard arousal against her centre. She cried out. He was huge,
larger than any cock she’d ever been with before. He grabbed her hands in one
of his pressing them against the wall of the stall. Without waiting, with his
free hand he pulled the plunging dress down revealing one of her breasts. He
growled then took the nipple between his teeth.

She moaned at the exquisite torture
he performed on her body.

He let her breast go then kissed a path up to her ear.

“This stall has a camera. The security men can see you, Simone. Does
that make you hot?”

Yes, goddamn her, it did.

Simone pressed against him wanting more.

She liked the thought of people watching. Of knowing they were watching
her being taken and getting turned on by it. Simone pressed closer wanting
more. He pushed his cock against her core. She knew her juice would leave a wet
patch on his pants.

All too soon he pulled away, putting the dress back in place. Seconds
later the door pinged open. There was a couple waiting to get on the elevator.
bent down picking up her purse and coat. He took her
hand, acknowledging the couple then made his way into the room at the end of
the hall.

Simone stood by his side, her whole body in need of release. He was
building her up and wasn’t giving her the orgasm she craved. How was she going
to last?

“Come in to my place, at least for a few weeks.” He opened the door. She
didn’t like the fact he looked unaffected by their encounter. The only tell-tale
sign was the bulge in his pants. She couldn’t wait to get a look at him.

He placed her coat and purse on the table next to her door.

“Business or pleasure,” she asked.

“Both.” He threw the key card down on the tray then pulled her into his
arms. “I don’t want to waste a moment.”
grabbed her hand pressing her against the wall. She sank her fingers into his
hair as he once again took her lips.

Simone moaned when he pushed the dress to the floor exposing her. The
bra she wore was removed next. She stood before him naked except for the pair
of heels she wore. His hands were all over her body.

Unable to think, her fingers shook as she began to open the buttons of
his shirt. Her hands were all over the place. Giving up she tore the shirt open
revealing his hard muscled chest. Simone couldn’t get over how much bigger he
was than every other man she knew.

Was he some special super hero or something? Maybe she’d wake up from a
cruel dream to discover herself riding a pillow. God, she hoped not.

She wanted to be fucked hard, fast, and finally leave his room sated.

His shirt fell to the floor. Next she tore at the belt.
pushed her hands out of the way and grabbed a condom
from close by. She watched as he pulled his cock out of his open zipper, put
the condom in place then he lifted her up in his arms.

Before she had chance to protest, he pressed the head of his cock at her
entrance and thrust home.

She screamed from the glorious width of him. He was large and thick,
scraping along her inner walls.
forged his way
inside her.

“Fuck, you’re tight.” He pulled out then rammed his length back inside
her. She whimpered holding onto him. The strength in his muscles held her
against the wall as he fucked her.

“Your cunt is so wet,” he said.

“Do you like talking?” she asked.


He didn’t ask if she liked him talking.
was unlike any man she knew. Who was he? “This is just the beginning, babe.
When I’ve come inside you, I’m going to lick every inch of your body.”

She cried out when he swivelled his hips hitting each wall inside her.

“Then you’re going to go on your knees and suck my cock until I come down
your throat.”

Again, she moaned at the visual he created.

Simone held on when his thrusts grew stronger. He held her hips then
pounded inside her. She gazed down their bodies to see his slick prick glide
inside her pussy.

“Do you like to watch?” he asked.

She nodded her head unable to look away. “You’re in for a real treat,”
he said, taking her lips in a searing kiss.

pushed against her. The press of
his flesh touched her clit, rubbing her as he fucked her at the same time.
“Give me those lips,” he said.

She kissed as he fucked her hard against the wall. Her back hit the hard
panes of wood. She didn’t care.

He fucked her hard, and her clit pulsed.
was building the orgasm inside her with each of his thrusts and rubs. She
couldn’t think.

One moment she was being fucked against a wall, and in the next she
heard his growl and was catapulted into bliss.


watched her come apart. There was
nothing rehearsed or fake in the way she gave herself over to the pleasure. She
looked so fucking hot. His cock pulsed inside the condom. He could already feel
himself getting ready for round two.

She took some deep breaths then opened her eyes.

He felt a little sad when he didn’t see any other reaction than satiety.
She cupped his cheek then pressed her lips to his ear. “Is that all you’ve
got?” she asked.

Smiling, he let her down gently. She still wore those killer heels.

“Keep them on,” he said, when she went to remove them. He wondered if
she’d refuse his request. She kept them on.
removed the condom, wrapping it up and throwing it in the trash. His cock lay
between his thighs, flaccid for now.
his cock back into his pants. He liked her being naked while he was still
dressed. He knew it wouldn’t be long before he was ready once again.

“Do you want a drink?” he asked, moving his way toward the bar.

“Water, if you have it.” She went toward the window overlooking the
city. They were too far up for anyone to see her naked.

“Do you miss your boyfriend?” he asked.

I don’t believe in cheating.”

He came back to her carrying a glass of plain water. In his own glass
was beer with lemonade added.

She didn’t say anything else. Her gaze was cast over the city.

“You’re not impressed by my room?” he asked.

“I don’t care about your room,
. I’m
here for the sex.” She sipped her drink without looking at him.

took the time to look at her. Most
women would try to find some attachment between them. They were both free souls
coming together. Simone wasn’t doing anything but drinking her water and
waiting. He moved behind her, trapping her against the glass and his hard body.

“Do you see anything you like?” he asked. He ran a hand down her raven
hair. The length was silky. The clip she’d had in her hair had fallen out
during their fuck against the wall. The length fell to the curve of her ass. He
licked his lips wondering what it would be like to have that length wrapped
around his fist as he fucked her from behind.
Or to sink his
fingers into the length as she sucked his cock.
There were so many
options and so little time.

“This is just a city,
Nothing special about a city.”

He ran a finger down her arm watching her nipples harden in their
reflections. Her body caught his attention. She had a nice rounded stomach and
ass. She was not self conscious. She
wasn’t trying to cover her body from his view. Simone was happy in her skin,
and he found it a turn-on to finally see a woman happy with herself.

Moving his hand around her body, he cupped one of her tits in his hand.
The weight filled his hand. She looked sexy as her head fell back onto his
shoulder. One of his hands had his drink. He used the other to play with her

BOOK: Time to Play
8.06Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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