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“Do you like being my toy?” he asked, running his hand down to her
mound. She was neatly trimmed. He wondered if she went bare at any time.

“Providing you give me what I want, I don’t care what you do,” she said.

Her eyes closed when he eased a finger between her glistening pussy
lips. She was soft to the touch. Dripping wet from her orgasm. He wondered how
she’d look with his seed mixed in with her own release.

“We’re strangers, Simone. No one will ever know what happened here.”

“I know.” She opened her legs wider. The heels she wore made it easier
for her to open. He watched in the reflection as he teased her clit. The little
nub looked swollen with need. The drink in his hand was hindering his play

“Hold this,” he said, handing her the glass.

Simone took the glass from him.
the lips of her pussy, taking a good look at her reflection. He wanted his
tongue inside her and to taste all that warm cream he saw coming from her.

moved further down pressing the
tips of two fingers inside her cunt. Her moan echoed off the walls. Once she
had two fingers inside her, he added a third, watching her take all of him. His
cock thickened inside his pants.

He took the glasses from her
hands then placed them on the floor.

Next, he removed his own pants until he stood behind her naked. Grabbing
another condom, he placed it over his stiff cock. He pressed on Simone’s back,
making her ease forward against the glass. Her ass was in the air with her cunt
on display.
eased the tip of his dick along
her slit, feeling her shiver with each move. When he bumped her clit, she cried
out in pleasure.

In one single thrust, he pressed inside her tight cunt, feeling her
walls grip him like a fist. With her hands against the glass of the window, he
pressed his length inside her cunt. Holding her hips, he pulled out then
slammed inside.

“I want to hear your screams, Simone. I want to hear you beg for my

pounded inside her sweetness
without letting her breathe. It was hard and exactly what he needed.


Cole sat at the computer. He heard the moans and screams coming from his
friend’s room. Earlier in the day, Cole had logged into the hotel’s security
footage. He loved his friend like a brother and would do everything he could to
protect him. The money leaving
bank account
along with the few threats he’d received left Cole with an uncomfortable
feeling in the pit of his stomach.

He’d seen
get into the elevator with
the black-haired woman. He’d also seen the show he’d put on for him. Did
know he’d be watching from the security cameras?
Cole had sound to go with the images. When he heard what he’d said to the
woman, he’d known
was aware he’d be watching.
What was his friend trying to do? Set him up. They had shared women in the past,
but that was years ago.

Cole knew he wasn’t ready for a relationship. He was too fucked up in
the head, and he still had nightmares that kept him awake at night.

The woman captured his attention. She was absolutely beautiful. He loved
women with a fuller figure. The only problem he found with fuller figured women
was they had a lot of insecurity, which made them hard work.

He closed the computer and sat back listening to the moans coming from
the door opposite. His other computer in the office was going through the
background check of the employees at the marketing firm.

Running his fingers through his short hair, he wondered if
guest would be joining them for breakfast. From
the sound of the action next door he could only imagine how exhausted she’d be.

was known for going hours with a
woman. Cole knew the desires his friend had. There was such rampant need in his
friend. All the women
had dated and fucked had
never been able to keep up with him.

Listening to them go at it next door, he wondered how long the mystery
woman would hold up. He sure wasn’t waiting around to hold her hand.



Chapter Three


Simone opened her eyes and stared at
the man by her side. The events of the night before came back to her in a blur of
images and sex. Looking past his shoulder she saw that it was seven in the
morning. She knew it was Saturday, and she wouldn’t have to go in to work.
Slowly, trying not to wake him, she climbed out of the bed. Staring down at him
for a few seconds, Simone resisted the urge to wake him up.

He’d been everything she’d dreamed
about last night. They’d both collapsed on the bed at around three in the
morning, sated and exhausted. She’d lost count of the number of orgasms he’d
given her. Simone smelt the sex on her. They had done everything he’d described
and then some more.

Her body was sore but relaxed.
Moving out of his apartment, she grabbed her dress, then her shoes. She left
her bra, figuring he could keep it as a memento. Simone took her purse and coat
then left the apartment. There was a man coming up the hallway toward the door
next to
room. He smiled at her. She held her
heels over one shoulder. The walk of shame had never felt so good.

“Good morning,” he said.

“That it certainly is.” She smiled
at him and continued on to the elevator. When she was down at the ground floor,
she asked the reception to call her a cab. Simone decided to wait outside for
her ride. She didn’t want to have any morning after encounters. If she never
saw him again she’d be happy.
with no last
name had lived up to all expectations and had blown some of her own beliefs out
of the sky. That man knew how to take a woman. Her body melted at the thought
of him taking her once again.

She stood at the curb waiting for
her cab, thinking about the night before.
taken complete control. He didn’t ask her if she liked what he was doing. There
was no nervousness about him. He’d done what he wanted without waiting. She’d
loved every second of his commanding presence.

The cab pulled up, and she got in and
gave him her address. She didn’t look up to see if
was watching from his room. The less she knew about the man the better she’d

Within an hour the cab pulled up
outside her apartment. She paid the fare then got out. The doorman opened the door
for her. “Good morning, Miss

“And to you,
How are the wife and kids?” she asked.

“Brilliant as

She smiled going up to the main
desk. Simone was about to ask for her mail when the man at the desk turned
around to greet her.

“Daddy,” she said.

stood over her. At twenty-five years old she still felt like a young girl
waiting to be told off.

“Simone, I’ve been waiting for you.”

Her walk of shame was now complete.
She knew her father would know her walk of shame. He’d made plenty of women do
it in the past.

“Yeah, what
She took
the mail from the reception lady then began walking up the steps. Her father
hated taking the stairs. He thought they were for smaller people. She hated
where she grew up. Her father was a wealthy man. He owned a fleet of boats or
something. She’d never spent the time getting to know him. All she needed to
know was that her mother had been the cleaning lady who he’d knocked up. They’d
ended up married because her mother had gotten pregnant. Her older brother, Daniel,
would be the man to take over the family business.

Her family life was a little fucked
up. After her parents’ divorce her mother had put Simone into public school so
that she’d learn to stick up for herself. Simone didn’t regret her life. She’d
grown up a fighter. Her father wanted nothing to do with his daughter or the
mother who raised her. He was far more interested in making plenty of money and
sleeping with numerous women.

Her lack of caring about him was why
she didn’t know a great deal about him.

Malcolm followed her up the stairs.

“Your mother is concerned about
you,” he said.

“Really, she could have called me.
I’d be more than happy to talk to her.” This was the first visit her father had
given her. “How did you know where I live?” she asked.

“Who do you think pays for this

She was at the door to her room.
Simone turned round to look at her father. “What?”

“I pay for your apartment, Simone. I
pay for a great deal.”

“My mother said that allowance was
from a family relative,” she said, feeling sick. Simone hated her father. She
knew he was wealthy, but the last thing she wanted was to owe him for anything.

“You really think your mother could
afford anything without me?” he said.

Her anger rose. She knew her anger
came from him. “Don’t even think of talking trash about her, Malcolm. You may
have used her, but she’s still my mom.”

She walked through her apartment
going toward the kitchen. He made her so mad. The door to her apartment closed
letting her know he’d joined her. She unbuckled her jacket then threw her shoes
in a corner.

“You’re working for a marketing
firm,” he said.

She turned to face the man she
barely knew.

“I don’t like you working, Simone.
You should be settled down with a man.”

She shook her head, annoyed with him
for invading her life. “I’m twenty-five years old. You’ve never given a shit
about me. Why are you caring now?”

“Because you’re
still my daughter.”

“What the fuck is that supposed to
mean? I don’t know why you’re here, and to be honest, I don’t want to know. If
you want me out of this apartment, let me know.” She moved toward the door
wanting him out of her life.

“It is not safe for you, Simone,” he

“You gave up all right to me when
you walked out on my mother for a tramp.”

She slammed the door feeling a tiny
bit scared. Her father coming to call was not good. She sat down on the sofa,
grabbing her phone. Simone dialled her mother’s number.

Helen answered on the third ring.

“Why is my father coming to my
apartment?” Simone asked. Her anger was rising. It was too much. He’d not been
in her life in so long that seeing him had put her on edge.

“Hello, Simone. How are you?”

“Mom, please, why is he calling
after all this time?”

Her mother sighed over the line. “I
don’t know, darling. No one ever knows what your father is thinking until he
wants you to know.”


woke up to the sunlight shining
over him. He’d forgotten to draw the blind when going to bed. Groaning, he
reached out for Simone only to find the bed empty. Opening his eyes, he stared
around the room. There was no sign of her. Getting up from bed, he padded
across the floor to grab a robe. There was no shower running. He walked through
the connecting door to Cole’s room wondering if his friend had invited her for
breakfast. Cole sat reading a paper.

“You’re finally awake?” Cole said.

Where is Simone?” he asked, taking
a seat at the table.

“Simone is her name, huh. Your woman
took the walk of shame early this morning. She looked rather happy as well. I’d
say it was a job well done.”

said the right word, but he was a little pissed. Why hadn’t she stayed for

“She didn’t beg you to stop or to
slow down?” Cole asked.

She’d been a walking, talking
dream. Her passions had matched his own. He’d never known a woman to give
herself so completely.

“I heard you two going at it for
most of the night. Don’t you ever get tired?”

“This is coming from a man who can
do the exact same as me,”

Cole chuckled, picking up a coffee

“What is on the agenda for today?”

“I have some interesting news for you, my friend.” Cole took a bite out
of a piece of toast. He sat waiting for his friend to give him the good news.

watched him pick up a file then
slide it across the table. He picked it up and opened the page. Simone’s
picture was on the page at the top right hand corner.

“She works for the marketing firm?”

BOOK: Time to Play
3.56Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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