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BOOK: 8 Oral Sex Games For Ultimate Fun & Pleasure
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Most men have “tricks” for prolonging intercourse. Tonguing the ABCs is a good break if you want to delay your orgasm. Taking the focus off you and putting it onto her always helps sustain erection longer. Tonguing the ABCs is more fun, especially for her, than thinking about baseball statistics to keep your mind off ejaculation.

The Sexpert Says

The quickest way to revive your sex life is to remove the television from the bedroom. Save the bedroom as a place where you sleep, connect, and have sex. If you can’t bear to do that, make an agreement that either one of you can turn off the set and cover it with a piece of attractive fabric: the signal for erotic play.


Toys accessorize sex play. They are not the whole enchilada, but they definitely add novelty. Sometimes toys are just what the sex doc ordered to put a little excitement into your sex life.

I’ve encouraged you to add vibes to other scenarios in this book, but this game is a little different. It’s like a multi-course meal with your delighted lover experiencing toy after toy after toy—ending in perfect cunnilingus.

Perfect the Move

• Go to your local sex store or go online and search the different sex toys. There are new designs out on the market every day. High-end vibes are a little expensive, but you can buy one (or two, if the budget allows) and fill in with less expensive gadgets.
• Put together an orgasm box of toys. Some suggestions:
• Scented candles
• Edible massage oil
• Feather
• Sexy music
• Erotic videos
• Erotic stories
• Vibrating bullet: Can be used externally on the clit, vulva, or nipples, and internally with a condom on the G-spot or anus. If the bullet is used internally, always pull on the condom, NOT the cord, to remove the bullet.
• Flavored condoms
• Plastic wrap: For safer mouth to vulva sex and analingus
• Handcuffs
• Blindfold
• Water-based lube (to be used with condoms)
• Flavored lube
• Sensual fabrics
• Sexy clothing
• Waterproof silicone lube
• Edible sensitizing cream
• Nipple nibblers
• Mints

The Cunnilingus Sex Toy Game Scenario

You purchase some new sex toys, wrap them up prettily and individually, and leave them in a big pink box on the table for her to unwrap when she gets home. You’ve prepared the bedroom, and the fun can begin.

Last-Minute Preparations

One by one, take out the wrapped toys as if presenting courses to her meal, starting with the blindfold.

Light the candles.

Play her favorite erotic story or the music that helps her to feel her most sexy.

The Cunnilingus Sex Toy Game Technique

• Lotions, massage oils, and stimulating gels are the best sellers at toy parties.
• Give her the first course by soothing her with the scent of candles.
• Tickle her with the feather, starting at her toes and slowly working your way up, visiting all her erogenous zones.
• Tell her how beautiful she is and all you love about her. Notice this is part of the technique, not the warm up.
• Start with the edible treats and then the warming gels.
• Put a little dab of the edible warming gel on her clitoris, give her a few nibbles, and then allow the warming gel to do its thing.
• Ease your way into massage. Warm up the massage oils in your hand before applying.
• With all this teasing and titillating, it likely won’t be long. Put your mouth to her clitoris and give her what she loves.

The Sexpert Says

In my coaching, I often suggest that people create a box filled with toys, music, fabrics, lotions, lubes, and whatever else helps them get into the mood and reach orgasm. With a toy box, the next time you want to reach orgasm with a lover or on your own, you have everything ready in one place. No sexual energy is lost trying to gather resources.


If you thought Level 1 was exhilarating, wait until you try some of these more advanced toys. Level 2 is not for the faint of heart. Playing with these toys could be a chance to get out of your comfort zone and share a new experience.

Perfect the Move

Search online for the level 2 toys.

For now, you probably don’t need all top-shelf items. In fact, you can make your own. For example, instead of nipple clips, try clothespins.

If you are looking for a dildo and not sure which size is best for you, use organic produce, such as carrots, zucchini, and cucumbers, to experiment with different dimensions. Even though they are organic, you still want to put a condom on them.

Read the manufacture’s suggestions on how to clean your toys, and never share or double dip your toys from anus to vagina.

Here are some possibilities:

• Hitachi Magic Wand: Plugs into the wall; will last forever and never needs new batteries
• Waterproof Pearl Rabbit: An all-in-one clit and vagina stimulator
• Cock ring
• Nipple clamps
• Butt plug
• Strap-on harness
• Door Jam Sex Swing
• Tongue Vibe
• Dildos
• Rabbit Vibe
• Sleeve (for him)
• Silicone dildo
• Remote control vibe: Play with this instead of the television; is great fun for housework or errands

The Cunnilingus Sex Toy Scenario

You did Level 1 of the sex toy game, and your girl was asking for more. You up the fun and the sexual tension by incorporating some more of the advanced toys into your play. The anticipation of sharing the experience is making you increasingly hot, hot, hot.

Last-Minute Preparations

Text her at work and let her know that the sequel is waiting for her when she gets home.

When she gets in the house, undress her and lay her on the bed.

Put the toys in the bathroom or large closet. Walk out and make your display one by one with toy in hand.

Use the Hitachi massager to massage her major muscles starting with her legs and butt.

The Cunnilingus Sex Toy Technique

• Start with the lubrication. Go down and run your tongue up through all the folds of her labia.
• Pull lightly on the nipple chain as you are licking her clitoris.
• Tickle her with external vibrations on her clitoris and anus. This vibration will be felt throughout her entire clitoral network.
• Bring out the big guns: the dildo, G-spot stimulator, and butt plugs.
• When she is on the verge of orgasm, turn off the toys and finish her with a combination of the cunnilingus strokes that work most effectively for her.


BOOK: 8 Oral Sex Games For Ultimate Fun & Pleasure
2.65Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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