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BOOK: 8 Oral Sex Games For Ultimate Fun & Pleasure
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In 1653, Pieter van Foreest published a medical compendium for an affliction called hysteria (literally, “womb disease”), which was used to describe a woman’s display of mental or emotional distress. The medical treatment for hysteria was to bring the female to orgasm. Not surprisingly, hysterical women made up approximately three-fourths of the doctor’s practice.

The Sexpert Says

You never have to fear being replaced by a sex toy. There is nothing that can replace the human touch, the warmth of your mouth, and the slickness of your tongue. If you are in a relationship, it should be clear that a vibrator or any other sex toy wouldn’t be able to replace either person.


Do you remember that classic childhood game of Truth or Dare, the one that Madonna made famous in a documentary film about her life on the concert road? We can learn a lot from one another by playing this little game. Sharing truths deepens your intimate connection. For many women, intimate communication in itself is a form of foreplay, increasing arousal.

Cunnilingus is her just reward for telling her truth or discovering yours.

Perfect the Move

• Give a little thought to the questions you will ask her. Fantasy questions should be on the list. You want to open it up from strictly what she (and you) has done to what secretly turns her (and you) on.

The Truth or Dare Scenario

The candles are flickering and the chocolates are laid out. (And there should be chocolates. Women love chocolate.) When it is your turn to ask the truth or assign the dare, you start off small and comfortable, working your way up. The timing is perfect when you dare her to share a sex fantasy as she pleasures herself to orgasm. (That may technically add up as two dares, but who’s counting?)

Last-Minute Preparations

Have dildos and vibrators easily accessible, so her fantasy is not interrupted.

Be prepared with extra questions, follow-ups, and dares. Being naked and highly aroused is often when we lose our capacity to think.

When you get her to take the dare—masturbating as she shares a fantasy—pay close attention. Notice the pressure of her strokes, the pace of her movements, and the thoughts that make her moan. How is she positioned?

The Truth or Dare Technique

• When she is highly aroused, gently push her vibe to the side and replace it with your tongue.
• Suck. Then flick the tip of your tongue rapidly across the tip of her clit. Run that tongue just as fast up and down the shaft. Circle the clit. Repeat, repeat, repeat.
• Give gentle jabs to the clitoris as she rides the wave of her orgasm.

The Sexpert Says

A fantasy does not actually mean that someone wants to engage in that act. Many women have BDSM fantasies but are quite satisfied with no more than the occasional slap to the ass during intercourse or maybe a little nipple clamp play. If her fantasy includes, for example, a threesome, you may want to ask her whether she actually wants to live out that fantasy before sending the invites.


Men still initiate sex more often than women do, and women like it that way.


Have you ever wished that you could talk about sexual likes and dislikes with the same ease as you talk about your other favorite activities, such as sports, movies, or travel? If so, don’t waste any time. This game is as much fun for couples who’ve been together for years as it is for new lovers. You each go through a list of sex activities and rank them yes, no, or maybe.

No matter how long you’ve been together, you are sure to learn something new about one another in this game.

Perfect the Move

• As an exercise, practice
the next time you are in a conversation. Most people think they’re listening, but they’re really waiting for their turn to speak. Be prepared to be nonjudgmental. Are you ready to hear what is on her list?

The Yes, No, or Maybe Scenario

You have had lots of great experiences with your lover, but you still haven’t touched the iceberg of what is possible between you, let alone talk about it. You know that there is no greater time to than the present to talk about sex, so you turn on the heart-opening music, clear your schedule, and bring out the paper and pencils.

Last-Minute Preparations

Label the first column “Activity,” the second column “Yes,” the third column “No,” and the fourth column “Maybe.”

Together, write down the activities, or use the checklists on
page 146
. Here are a few to start:

• Food play on body
• Sensual massage (with oils, lotions, etc.)
• Kissing and hugging
• Groping and fondling
• Tickling
• Oral sex
• Rimming
• Probing, fingering
• Rubbing
• Masturbating: self or mutual
• Sucking, licking, biting, hickies
• Sex toys: anal beads, vibrators, dildos
• Watching porn together
• Role-playing (specify)
• Spanking
• Teasing using blindfolds, feathers, handcuffs, silk ties, etc.
• Dry humping, grinding
• Candles, hot wax
• Sex with more than one person
• Sex with the same gender
• Ice
• Anal sex
• Stripping/exotic dancing/lap dances
• Phone sex/cybersex
• Showering/bathing together
• Naked Twister
• Body painting

Set a timer for five minutes and get to writing. The reason you set the timer is that you don’t want to actually think too much about it. If you find that you are thinking, it is a likely “maybe.”

Go through a few of the activities on your list.

Then tell her: “I’ll go down on you while you read your answers to me” until further notice.

The Yes, No, or Maybe Technique

• Begin slowly by licking her labia lips, lifting your head to comment on her answers, returning to her pussy, licking up from her perineum to the hood of her clitoris, and pausing to comment on her answers again.
• Move to her clit, and just as slowly, lick it up and down and all around like a lollipop.
• Go back to licking her clit like a little lollipop, but pick up the pace.
• Pay attention to her responses. As her voice quivers with excitement and her pussy swells and lubricates more heavily, flick the tip of your tongue across the tip of her clit, rapidly but lightly, like a butterfly.
BOOK: 8 Oral Sex Games For Ultimate Fun & Pleasure
6.56Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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