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Authors: Nameless

Tags: #angels, #adventure, #action, #guns, #fantasy, #magic, #dark, #demons, #sword, #mythical

Azazel (3 page)

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Calm yourself young Azazel. Before it got to severe I lopped
off his head and fed his body to a Hellhound. You should thank him
to be honest, he gave you incredibly gifts whilst you were alive
which have now multiplied being dead. Quite a strange turn of
events. So it seems you’re determined to stay trapped within Limbo.
I guess now I have work to do before I perish into ash. Forgive me
Young Azazel.”

Forgive you for what? What are you going to do to me you
bastard?” No sooner than those words left my mouth those gaudy
metal chains that felt the need to cling to my body for half the
journey down to Limbo had returned.

Spurting forth from the sand like giant rusty metal snakes the
spikes once more tore into my flesh, my electrified body trying to
repel them yet it was no good as they snaked around me, the spikes
cutting through my soft flesh like paper.

You fucking prick!” I spluttered as blood flew from my

So because I chose not to repent for my sins death was the
only option left. Intolerable pain soaring all over my body as I
bled elder Azazel stood up, holding out his right hand he made some
kind of gesture before a scythe suddenly appeared at the side of
him. The only way to describe it was that it looked the spitting
image of a grim reapers scythe, all black and shiny, covered in
bones and metal chains, wait a moment. That was the same fucking
scythe from the shop, the one that snagged me.

Sorry I have to do this to you young Azazel but for the crimes
of murdering two hundred and seventy eight humans. Lying a grand
total of seven thousand nine hundred and twenty three times and
stealing a total of six hundred and forty nine times I Azazel am
here to reap your soul.”

They were the very last words I heard before elder Azazel
swung his scythe with malice, cleaving apart my flesh with such
ease. Nothing I could do, not like a miracle was going to save me a
second time from being killed by him was it.

Chapter five: Doctor Death

Hacked to pieces I regained consciousness although my vision
was hazy at best. Blood was everywhere. Hardly called living
anymore, my guts were hanging out, splattered on the sandy floor.
Elder Azazel had peeled back a vast majority of my skin. At first
there was tremendous pain. Now there was nothing. Whether it was
shock or my brain overloaded so much so that it just refused to
recognise pain I was sort of thankful.

I know this is not easy younger Azazel but please do forgive
me for the untold torture I am inflicting upon you. I must rid your
body quickly of the spirit chains that tie you to heaven or else
you will evaporate into nothingness. There is a reason I brought
you into Limbo and not directly to Hell. You chose Hell over
Heaven. You may not realise this but out of millions if not
billions of souls that have come down to Limbo they all vanish into
dust, this sand that we stand upon is the remains of those that
wished to be cleansed of sins and enter the garden of

You alone chose Hell when no one in their right mind would and
that makes this worth doing.”

No idea what the fuck elder Azazel was talking about I watched
as he reached deep inside my stomach, incredible pain returning

Would I survive such inhumane torture? Falling several
thousand miles from the real would, survived that bullshit. Getting
thunder zapped into oblivion to the point I am sure my asshole
cooked inside, survived that. Sort of surviving the twisted demonic
crap this winged bastard was putting me through.

Am… I immortal?” I asked, almost choking on my own blood
whilst that fucker continued to route around inside my

With no idea what the winged one found within me it felt like
he was tugging on rope deep inside me, every single tug felt more
wrenching and painful than any previous torture I had

No. You are not immortal Azazel and neither am I. You only age
in Hell when you want to age that is unless you happen to be born
there; I personally preferred a more manly appeal. It goes down
smother when I have to visit the world of the living. You have so
many questions, quite understandably. Answers shall be given but
the reason you are alive right now is not because you are immortal.
The scythe I wield can only harm, not kill. Only exceptional demons
within Hell have one of these although they quite possibly fashion
it into another tool. If this was to slice your head off or cut you
into very tiny pieces it would not kill you. I could simply
reassemble you like a puzzle and you would be good as

Elder Az stopped speaking as he yanked again, ripping
something out of my body. It was like a silky white rope.
Glistening like diamonds it looked pretty.

This younger Azazel is what is known as your soul’s
repentance. With this still trapped inside your new body you would
physically not be able to survive Limbo. It was me who ensured that
you came to Limbo because I need a favour, a quest that you will
very much like.”

You… Want me… To help you? Go fuck… Yourself!” I spat on the
man but he paid no attention as he began sticking bits and pieces
back inside me.

Watching elder Azazel toss my soul’s repentance aside it
squirmed on the melting hot sand before turning into a small
smouldering pile of ash. No sooner than it evaporated it was like a
vast weight had been removed off of my shoulders. Since entering
the sordid place I had struggled to breathe and walk. Now it felt
like a hot day, still too hot to be dressed in full on black

That should do it. Liver, kidneys, intestines, bladder and
stomach all in their right place. Now to sow you up and replenish
your blood.”

Utterly exhausted from this whole ordeal that had nary lasted
twenty minutes I stood upright observing elder Azazel as he turned
his index finger to flame and began searing the wound that ran from
the bottom of my neck to my pelvis.

Not long passed before I was fully patched up or so he called
it. Elder Azazel dismissed the chains back to the sandy depths and
I flopped forward, body too weak to hold my weight. Almost face
planting the hot sand Elder Az caught me.

Rest now young one. The trial is done with and all that awaits
you now is a world filled with tremendous amounts of fun for people
like me and you. We have a lot to do within the next two years so
do not sleep too long now.” Said Elder Az softly as he looked down
upon my blooded battered body.

What do you mean the next two years you…?” I couldn’t say
another word because that damn bastard punched me clean in the
face, knocking me out and more than likely breaking my damn

What did this man want with me? What did he have planned for
my future? Like fuck I was going to obey this deranged bastard, but
he did mention fun. Something that I would enjoy. Maybe, just maybe
it was worth hearing him out. But should I listen to a guy that
dragged me from the real world, shoved me in Limbo, beat the crap
out of me, sliced me open like a cake and broke my fucking

Meh! What’s the worst that could happen?

Chapter six: Desert beasts

Awaking with a shattered, bruised nose I felt physically okay,
everywhere apart from my nose was in perfect condition or so I
assumed. Nose still hurt like a bitch but it was hardly comparable
to what I had undergone recently all thanks to that winged

Slightly groggy I began to sit up on the dark blue sand;
barely warm it seemed my body had grown accustomed to Limbo after
having that worm like repentance thing ripped from the bowls of my

Sat still as I tried to shake the haze the first thing I
happened to notice was that I had been clothed. Dressed in red
baggy trousers, black heavily laced military style boots, a white
t-shirt and a black unzipped jacket. The red trousers matched my
new hair that still pissed me off, however I didn’t care for
fashion or style, only fighting and my precious guns. Basically I
had to be thankful that I wasn’t dressed in my own blood. What I
wanted to know was were the other Azazel had procured these
garments, after all he wasn’t carrying anything and I doubt he
plucked them from thin air.

Gazing across the sandy dunes elder Azazel was sat atop
another mound of coloured sand with legs folded. It seemed like he
was meditating. Unsure at first glance but I could swear we were
not in the same place, the place I had entered into Limbo. Ahead of
me was elder Azazel sat atop a mound of sand, what a knob. To the
left and the right were endless reaches of desert, although they
were not entirely sand. Gigantic bones stuck out from the sandy
depths, soaring in the air these were much larger than whale

What actually lived in Limbo or rather died in Limbo to
produce such bones? Fair enough I knew snakes along with other
reptiles could survive desert climates on Earth but an animal of
that size in the scorching, ruthless climate of Limbo was taking
the piss right?

Stood still I pondered for a moment as a gentle breeze swept
past me from behind. It was gentle and revitalising, almost
relaxing as the rhythm of the breeze was like something inhaling
and exhaling. Hold on a moment I thought. That didn’t sound right.
This calm gentle breeze felt like I was being breathed on from
behind but what could produce a breeze as strong as

Anxious to find out I span around, eyes almost leaving my
skull as I found myself in awe. What the holy fuck was that thing
staring at me as if I was dinner?

Absolutely colossal in size Azazel had had his very first
encounter with a monster that dwelled within Limbo. Towering at
fifteen meters high it was a thick scaled reptilian beast on four
legs. Unbeknown to young Azazel the beast glaring at him with dark
red cat like eyes was called a Snagler. Utterly gigantic in size
its behaviour was somewhat similar to that of a vulture. It prayed
on weak, smaller pray or dead creatures. Very rare did it venture
from its lair to hunt like it was doing now.

Stood on four green scaly legs the Snagler had enormous flat
teeth, much like a herbivore, though clear it wanted to eat Azazel
as its purple tongue swished around its mouth. Breath so foul it
was amazing that Azazel was able to stand facing the beast. Covered
from head to toe in thick green scales and defensive spiked horns
it was relatively weak unless angered.

Behind the monster was ruins of a small village, time had done
it no pleasantries as most of it was buried in a wide array of
coloured sand. To an untrained eye it would appear the destroyed
village was made from stone but was actually made from demon bones,
plucked from the very desert of Limbo. Stylish bone pillars were
left shattered throughout the village some collapsed through house
roofs. Azazel could smell adventure, only one problem. A humungous

Pools of purple drool dropping to the sand in front of my feet
I looked up at the monster that stood between me and the village
before shouting across to elder Azazel.

Hey knob-head! What the fuck is this thing? It looks like it
wants to eat me. Can I kill it? I really want to investigate those

No sooner than I spoke the beast launched at me, trying to
gulp me down in one.

It was slow, much slower than I was as I bounced back
defensively. With its hulking great mass of fat it was no wonder it
was slow but how was I meant to kill the thing? Maybe I could tame
it and ride it like a horse? Perhaps I should just slay the damn
thing seeing as it clearly wants to end my life.

Who are you calling Knob-head you vulgar brat?” Shouted elder
Azazel as he appeared some distance behind me, arms crossed like he
was seriously pissed at me for using bad language.

Can you believe the cheek of that damn elder Az? He wouldn’t
even let me reply to his damn question. Instead he continued to
mutter on regardless of what I had to say to the prick.

This should prove a worthy test for you. A juvenile Snagler
and judging by the smell of its breath it too has a foul mouth.
Well it was bound to come eventually since I did smear your blood
in its nesting ground. Take care younger Azazel it transforms when
angry, you will not want to make it angry, not with your current

Die in Limbo or in Hell and there is practically no way to
return. You will disperse into energy leaving a crystalized outline
of your soul behind. Basically a small coin that can be used as
currency in Hell, we call it ‘Ash’ money. Will save the explanation
about economics until later, Oh here comes a Rumbler.”

Elder Azazel seemed delighted about the possible fact I may
die, maybe it was because I called him a knob-head. I only spoke
the truth.

Clearly he was not going to offer any assistance, then again
it was my fight, like fuck I wanted him involved. This was my fun
to be had so he can just stand there on the sandy dune and observe
me kill this Snagler beast. He also mentioned that a Rumbler was on
its way yet I couldn’t see anything else within my sight. It wasn’t
exactly helping that I was dodging this Snagler as it constantly
launched attacks at me with its mouth.

Once more my body had become wrapped in a thin veil of
electricity. Not as prominent as before. Unsure whether it was a
defence mechanism my new body had learnt for when I encountered
danger or an actual ability I could call forth and use. All I knew
was that with that blade elder Azazel nearly lopped my head off
with it seemed to make my body respond quicker, causing the weird
electricity to grow. Perhaps it was just my own imagination; I
wasn’t exactly the brightest bulb in the lighthouse, if you get my

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