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Authors: Nameless

Tags: #angels, #adventure, #action, #guns, #fantasy, #magic, #dark, #demons, #sword, #mythical

Azazel (5 page)

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Moving my hands closer to the string as I dropped both weapons
elder Azazel grabbed my right hand tightly before

Don’t… Touch it! You will get… Infected too… You have already
saved me… The Angel string shall… Stop constricting me shortly. Use
your… Electric demon… Ability to sow me up.” Elder Az shortly
passed out after saying such a long speech for someone with
breathing difficulties.

The electric bouncing around my body was barely strong enough
to light a smoke. How was I meant to patch him up and without
touching the Angel string? At least now I knew why demon weapons
could not kill demons or people from Hell. Demon weapons clearly
caused pain but they kept muscles, blood and cells in some kind of
suspended animation, it was darn freaky. The black blood to spill
from Azazel must have been something unnatural to his body because
after a while it stopped spilling forth. Maybe the Angel string had
something to do with the black blood.

Ok now to try sowing this bitch up. Gah! This was frustrating
as fuck! From what I had deduced was that the demon ability that I
now possessed grew whenever I was pissed off, however I was still
utterly exhausted from a while ago.

Only one thing got me riled up and that was still the fact
this cunt smelted my guns. Keeping my mind on that subject alone
the electricity surrounding me grew ever so slightly. Gently
pulling elder Az’s blooded skin together I tried to sear the grisly
wound closed, noticing that he had several tattoos across his body,
one more prominent than the rest as it was almost the size of his
chest. It was some kind of blood skull drenched in black fire, a
banner underneath reading Blood knight king. Whatever the fuck that
meant. Looked cool though.

Try as I may to sear the skin back together even if the
muscles and veins were snapping back into place like some kind of
weird Lego game it was going to take time as the electric was
barely strong enough to sear the skin, but it was working so hope
wasn’t lost.

Not realising it yet but younger Azazel was in serious trouble
as the Rambler he assumed dead was in fact alive, or somewhat
alive. In the forty or so minutes that Azazel had been trying his
very best to save the fallen angel something alive had spilled out
of the Rambler, or rather many of them.

Younger Azazel had not just sliced the giant worm open he had
also sliced open some kind of egg sac. Lucky for him the monster
wasn’t a demon or the scythe would have had little effect. The
young worms of parasite nature had caught the scent of the dead
Snagler nearby, all twelve of the green larva coloured worms needed
a warm home to hibernate in until they were strong enough to fend
for themselves so swishing across the sand they swam towards the

Rows upon rows of razor sharp teeth the worms like a pack of
hungry piranha began to tear at the underbelly of the Snagler.
Burying themselves deep within the already rotting corpse they
began to band together, combining into some kind of hive mind.
Moments later the once dead Snagler rose from the sandy grave of
Limbo, the worms in full control.

Clearly smart the young parasite Ramblers realised that the
Snagler was so heavy it took it some effort to move so they took a
truly grotesque option. They decided to make the Snagler tear off
all its fat surrounding its body, and it did, in a bloody

Finally I succeeded in closing elder Azazel’s torn chest and
to say I was utterly exhausted was a damn understatement, I was
fuckerd. No sooner than I burnt the last few pieces of flesh
together I fell back on the sand. Unable to move a muscle or a
weapon as they lay at either side of me.

Breathing had once more become hard. All electricity had
vanished from my body. It now felt as though my entire being had
pins and needles. What an awful first fucking day. Maybe tomorrow I
could mess around in those ruins that looked like so much fun.
There might be even more interesting stuff in Limbo too if I looked
around. Guess I would have to find out later as my eyes grew heavy.
Too darn tired to do anything.

Slowly but surely I began to drift off until my body began
bouncing ever so slightly off the sand and into the air. Something
was behind me with the gargantuan strength of a Snagler. Fuck! I
couldn’t even move my damn head to see. All I could see was that
shithead Az.

He looked to peaceful as he lay unconscious on the black blood
soaked sand. I could smell the stench of foul blood as a gentle
breeze passed over me. It had to be the Snagler. The only beast
with enough mass to cause a huge gust of wind, but I had shot that
fucking thing in the head and blew it apart into meaty chunks. How
was it moving?

Then again it didn’t matter how it was moving, both me and
elder Az were down and out. Or so I believed as I witnessed that
terrifying bastard sit up, eyes rolled into the back of his head.
He literally mimicked a certain wrestler from a certain show. Fuck
my eyes might as well have popped out my head from fear alone. It
was so fucking freaky, my heart almost gave and my trousers nearly
filled as he sort of looked down on me, his eyes rolling

Hey young Az. Look we have a matching wound now.” He laughed
as I replied.

That’s all you can say!”

Mind if I borrow your sword? Need to deal with the infected
Snagler.” He said like he wasn’t even near deaths door.

You scared me to death you prick! Who the fuck wakes up like
that and admires their new scar? Shouldn’t you be out cold?” I said
with heavy breathing as elder Az hopped to his feet.

I feel good as new. Well I’m still a miniscule fraction of my
original strength. Wait a moment… You used vulgar language

Oh son of a bitch, the only words my mind produced as that
bastard smashed his fist into my face again. That was the fucking
thanks I received for saving his winged ass. Another busted fucking
nose that knocked me clean out.

Chapter ten: Fraction of power

Whilst younger Azazel lay motionless yet again on the sands of
Limbo elder Azazel prepared himself to fight the now grotesque
monster that towered above him. Fleshless, the Snagler was a
dripping mess of steadily rotting organs and blood. Muscle barely
clung to its overwhelming body but the parasitic worms had
succeeded in making the monstrosity faster.

Eyes as white as snow, mouth as dry as the very desert it
stood on the Snagler launched at elder Azazel, teeth on show as it
tried to snap at him. Not one ounce of fear showed in Azazel’s face
as he held out a single finger, to be precise it was his right
hand’s index finger.

As the infected beast launched into the air coming down on
Azazel he stood there with one finger resting on the front tooth of
the beast. One finger was all it took to hold the behemoth in the
air like it was a still picture.

Guess I did not need to borrow the sword. Forgive me for I
have lost well over ninety nine percent of my power yet still a
single finger is overkill. However, you shall make a fine meal for
when the boy awakes now burn and be gone from my sight.” Said elder
Azazel like he was cool.

Index finger igniting like a space rocket was launching into
outer orbit it roasted the gross Snagler. Completely fried Azazel
tossed it to one side as if it weighed nothing.

Damn I have lost so much strength and power. Wonder how much
time I have left before this Angel string kills me. On my death if
need be, I swear I will have your head and spline Raphael.” Said
elder Azazel loudly.

Waltzing over to the young Azazel he booted him awake or tried
too. Thinking to himself that he may have hit young Azazel too hard
he sat down at the side of him whilst the charred smell of Snagler
wafted through the desert air.

Oh what a delightful smell. What was elder Az cooking? Then
again how could I smell with so much dried blood in my nose and
with it in such a sorry state? All I knew was that I was

Waking steadily I looked at that prick Az sat next to me
before using my broken nose to sniff the air. It really was a
wonderful smell but what it was coming from was repulsive. A
crisped fleshy body of a Snagler with worms roasted through it as
they had tried to escape.

Just what did elder Az do whilst I was temporally knocked out
for like the millionth fucking time?!

Erm… Can I eat that? As gross as it sounds.” I said to winged
Az whilst pointing at the fried mountain of hideous

Sure, go ahead, it will not poison you. After all the only way
to regain your soul strength in Hell, Limbo or Heaven is to eat and
rest. Just like in the real world you exhaust yourself with
activities and grow sleepy. Here it is much more dangerous, if you
fail to eat or rest properly, even fail to tend to wounds and it
all has a massive impact upon your soul. In order to grow in
strength, power and speed you need to increase the capacity of your
soul to store more energy. Without soul energy you will die. I’d
say your nearing that by now so I would eat, it will make you feel

Ugh! One long ass lecture, I barely heard any of it other than
sure go eat. You need to eat. Barely able to stand I was walking
like a zombie towards the pile of cooked meat on the bone and it
seemed elder Azazel wanted to fill my exhausted mind with more
question and information. Fucking kill me now please!

Six months is maybe my maximum limit on training you young
Azazel. I doubt my body will surpass its time limit. Unfortunately
I’ve lost nearly all my power, strength and speed. Barely a shell
of my former self, oh if my Warlords could only see me now, they
would panic.

Over the course of the next six months I shall teach you bits
about Hell. How to use that sword and the very basics of using your
electric demon ability that I bestowed upon you. Are you even
listening?... What the actual!”

Truthfully I wasn’t listening. I had not heard a single word
he had said, too busy gorging on the roasted Snagler which I had
managed to eat several tons of. No idea how my stomach was holding
it but fuck I was still hungry, I had almost stripped the beast
clean within moments, energy rapidly returning to me. Elder Azazel
stunned by my enormous appetite just coughed it off as unusual. He
knew I was vaguely listening at best yet he continued to lecture
me, this time I had to listen as he had a clenched fist. My nose
couldn’t take any more attacks from that bastard.

Elder Az explained to me that in Hell there was eleven floor
just like Heaven, in Hell they descended whilst in Heaven they
ascended. Per level of Hell it was more violent, destructive and
deadly. Floor one being somewhat peaceful. According to elder Az no
one had reached floor eleven, this piqued my interest. In order to
get to floor eleven you would have to defeat the demon Emperor and
his mighty Warlords, he was basically the alpha outlaw of all Hell;
there was also the demon council. This in turn would create a great
disturbance in balance in both Heaven and Hell since the Demon
emperor was on side with the Angels using them to gain more power;
this made it harder for people to oppose him especially the gods of

Az told me that in floor ten there were grand scale wars
between many legions, angels and demon kings all fighting to be the
next emperor so that they could take their turn at trying to unlock
the eleventh floor. Sounded like heaps of fun to me.

Still continuing to lecture me Az told me that once I got free
of Limbo that I would need my own Warlords, basically powerful and
loyal companions. Then I could fight my way down the levels of
Hell. Being a demon king or Emperor sounded great but I wanted that
elusive floor eleven.

Chapter eleven: Two years later

Nearly six months slipped by and true to his word elder Az so
called trained me. His training just meant beating the living shit
out of me daily for six months. Technically I was on my own for
twelve hours of the day. Free to explore Limbo I was to be hunted
ruthlessly by winged Azazel every day, not to mention hunted by any
of the other monsters that seemed to think I was a fucking

No matter where I hid, whether it was in the deep recesses of
a sandy cave or in the ruins of someone’s home, elder Az would find
me ever so easily. If I didn’t know any better I would say he had
some kind of tracking device on me.

With every single beat down, with every single drop of my
blood spilt it did feel as if I was getting stronger. Either that
or I was becoming a world class punching bag. There were days that
I didn’t get my ass kicked by elder Az and instead he desperately
tried to teach me about the basics of surviving Hell.

I once asked him how long it would take for me to get out of
Limbo. He laughed his ass off more than usual. Told me that for a
normal person it would take eight months but for me it would take
just shy of two years. Oh and for the very first time he actually
sort of swore.

What do you mean a normal person would take eight months, yet
I would take two years?” I said carefully making sure none of my
words were vulgar. Checking them I sighed relief before glaring
across the camp fire that was spit roasting some demonic boar
covered in tough spikey skin.

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