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Authors: Nameless

Tags: #angels, #adventure, #action, #guns, #fantasy, #magic, #dark, #demons, #sword, #mythical

Azazel (8 page)

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Stood outside Azazel’s prison cell was an incredibly tall man
known as Archangel Raphael. Ten feet tall he was a slender black
man. With a bald head he had menacing brown eyes and some kind of
goatee going on. He always dressed in eccentric suits, colours
never matching; he was a peculiar odd ball. Better referred to as
the ‘Doll maker’ for his insane obsession. Dressed in purple with
red poke dots Azazel almost cried with laughter.

Hands behind his back I decided to let that arrogant fool
speak first.

So then Azazel today is the day you die. Unfortunately you
will not be going to trial square. I am here to finish your
sentence. My angel string ability has almost killed you anyway.
You’re one tough bastard though. Seven years it has taken to drain
all your power. You ever wonder where it went?” Said Raphael

Hmm, I did actually wonder where it went seeing as it did
never return to me. At first I assumed it was due to being beaten
so badly by Michael but I guess not. Guess I shall

Enlighten me then Polly.”

Just calling Raphael Polly got him riled, he hated being
referred to as Polly dolly.

You little prick!” He screamed as his fingers started to move
like a puppeteer.

String tightening in my chest I dropped to the floor as blood
spurted from my mouth.

Don’t like that do you Azazel? Let me ‘enlighten’ your little
brain. Why do you think I am here? Certainly isn’t too wish you
luck dying. I pleaded with one of the gods to let me add you to my
puppet collection and after a conference they all decided to give
the go ahead. You’re going to be my new toy!”

Oh hell no! That shouldn’t even have been a viable option.
What was the gods even thinking? Was the war with the demons kings
and council proving so dire that they were willing to give this
idiot control of all my abilities. Now I knew where my power was
going, he was collecting it. Soon as I die he makes me into a demon
puppet and inserts all my power back inside. Damn! Raphael will
have such an advantage against others in Hell and Heaven, he is
already unhinged. That bastard already made my wife into a fucking
puppet! Ugh… Ironic that within my last words I sound so much like
my son.

My only hope is for you to find a way to kill the gods and
angels. Not all are bad but there are more sinners in Heaven than
Hell. Please Azazel, lead a good life and make me proud. If my plan
works we will meet once more, maybe even stand side by side as
equals and fight the real threat. All I can do now is say goodbye,
so goodbye son and good luck.

Special thanks

I would like to use this very last page within my short story
‘Azazel’ to express nothing but gratitude to you the reader for
making it this far. Thank you for reading my work to the very end
and I sincerely hoped that you enjoyed it and felt it was
entertaining enough to distract you from the everyday boredoms that
surround us.

My writing can be much improved and I am well aware of that
which is why any profit made from this book will be spent on
sending me onto a literacy course to better myself for any future
work I may release. Please forgive any typos or grammatical errors
within my work that may or may not hinder the story. Unfortunately
I do not have funds for a world class editor or even an editor for
that matter, nor do I have the funding for a simple proof

Currently I am searching for an agent and a publisher, I would
prefer an agent first that understands me and my work. I would also
like for people to leave a review, especially if you enjoyed it,
this can be asking a lot to many people so I can only apologise by

For any enquires regarding my work please do not hesitate to
contact me on this email address ‘[email protected]’ it
shall be checked weekly and once more except my humblest

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