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Authors: Nameless

Tags: #angels, #adventure, #action, #guns, #fantasy, #magic, #dark, #demons, #sword, #mythical

Azazel (4 page)

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Hey elder Az can I borrow that switch sword of yours?” I asked
nicely so he couldn’t complain.

Hmm… You should be learning to fight without weapons. Then
again you are heavily reliant on weapons and the sword technically
is yours.” Elder Azazel spoke softly unfolding his arms and doing a
weird hand gesture.

Clearly some kind of summoning trick as just like magic the
blade appeared in elder Azazel’s right hand.

Jumping around like a flea as I dodged this moronic overgrown
mutts snapping attacks I began to wonder what elder Az meant. He
said the sword was practically mine, either way I was not going to
defeat the enemy in front of me or the hidden enemy without a
weapon. God! What I would not give to have my guns. They would turn
this lard ass dog into Swiss cheese.

Blade landing in the sand behind me I leapt backwards to
reclaim it as the lizard dog launched yet another attempt on my
life. Clearly frustrated that it had yet to devour me it was having
some kind of tantrum as it stomped around shaking its head. As it
stomped the ground shook violently. Steam oozed out of its pores as
it changed colour, from green to red. Perhaps this was what elder
Az meant by not pissing it off. According to him I stood little
chance of winning when it was angry. I could hardly see how letting
off steam and changing colour made you into a better killing
machine but since I had this blade gripped within my right hand it
was time to unleash hell and have some wild, crazy fun.

Before I could even make a move towards the hound elder Azazel
saw fit to shout across to me in another polite tone.

Sorry to interrupt but I forgot to mention that the sword is
now officially yours. Call it a present from me. I made it from
smelting down your gun collection in the real world. I thought you
would appreciate the kind gesture.”

You fucking did what?! I will clip your motherfucking wings
you cunt!” I raged and as I did the lightning enveloping my body

No wonder I felt attached to the stupid sword. Wait a damn
moment… The handle is made from my shotgun handle. Oh that bastard
is so going to regret this, I will make you regret that decision
you piece of bird shit. My precious guns! Soon as this Snagler
drops dead I’m coming for you!

Chapter seven: Child therapy

Angrier than I had ever been in my life hearing that my
precious guns were smelted down it seriously pissed me off.
Bellowing into the fiery whirling skies above as rage filled me
elder Az was practically laughing his damn ass off. He intended to
piss me off. Bad mistake you winged fucker!

Steam still oozing from the now red Snagler it began to form a
deep mist across the sandy dunes. It had succeeded in turning the
already frightfully hot desert into a damn sauna. Who the fuck
wants to warm up an already sweltering hot place? This beast must
have had an even worse IQ level than my own, which was shocking by
the way.

Mist filling rapidly around me that Snagler proceeded to
tantrum as it raged, smashing its giant sized legs off the sand as
it jumped around. And I thought I was pissed off? After a mere
moment it all fell silent as the Snagler pounded the sand
incredibly hard sending me flying into the air.

You’re seriously fucking me off too! All I wanted to do was
investigate those ruins!” I screamed at the Snagler whilst gripping
the sword tightly.

Within that exact same moment I failed to realise or notice
that something else had slipped deep within the mist. Crawling
around in the cover of mist so dense it was like being in a stinky
hot cloud that just continued to linger. Quickly falling back to
the sandy depths my rage continued to fill, boiling over so much
that my body was producing some serious voltage as huge sparks
danced around playfully. Stood for not even a second the growing
need to discharge this abundance of electricity became a sudden
goal of mine. Like my brain had twigged something was not right.
Picturing myself firing one of my beloved guns that that prick
melted I became enthralled as to what happened next, it was just

Vast amounts of electricity began to converge into the sword,
leaving my outer body before it then exploded forth, firing like a
small condensed bolt of lightning. The screech of the bolt rang
deafeningly through my ears. Holy crap I thought as the beam of
lightning whizzed through the gapping mouth of the

What I witnessed was amazing, hilarious even. The Snagler’s
head literally exploded like a bomb sending meaty chunks of brain
matter high into the sky. Did I really do that? God damn this power
is amazing, but also taxing on my new body as I suddenly felt as
weak as a kitten.

Good job younger Azazel. Now you need to finish the Rambler.
Word of caution. Do not get close unless you insist on being
melted. Also…”

Fuck you prick and stick your patronising words up your ass
you tosser!” I screamed at elder Azazel whilst falling onto the
sandy floor with a great thud. Knee’s buckling.

Obviously not ecstatic that I used vulgar words towards him
elder Az folded his arms as wings sprouted from his back. Oh fuck!
Forget about the Rambler, my ass was literally on fire as the
winged asshole appeared in front of me and flew me into the air.
Bending me over his knee he continued to smack my ass like he was
disciplining a child.

Ten times he hit me and I could swear he slapped the actual
arse cheeks off my body. All I knew was that I sure as hell wasn’t
sitting down for a week, a month, maybe even a year.

You wish to be vulgar and show you mentor no respect? Then I
shall treat you like a child since you persist on acting like one.
Now wash your mouth out with some sand.” Said elder Azazel calmly
as he callously flung me head first towards the sands of

No matter how angry I was with that winged prick for smelting
down my treasures, there was nothing I could physically do to get
revenge. We were miles apart in strength, speed, agility, power and
skill. Hurtling towards the sandy floor with very little
electricity flowing around my being I knew immediately that this
was going to hurt, and oh boy did it.

Several broken fingers, my nose bust once more and possibly
several fractured ribs I began cursing elder Azazel through the
dense shit smelling mist.

Did I perhaps hear more vulgar words towards me?” Said elder
Azazel as he floated in the air beating his magnificent

No fucking way he heard me, I was muttering them under my

No sir! Didn’t hear anything Vulgar from me sir.” I said
shakenly whilst snapping my fingers painfully back into place.
Tears forming in my eyes.

You are a pathetic liar young Azazel. I shall punish you after
your fight.”

I gulped at the thought. What was he going to slap off my body
next. Even with fingers breaking my arse was still the most painful
part of my body.

Clutching the sword handle that had buried within the sand
after I got flung the ground around me began to shake, bubbling
even until the Rambler came crashing through, almost devouring me.
If I had been a fraction to late in rolling out of the way I would
have been worm meat.

The Rambler was some kind of giant molten rock worm, just as
large as the Snagler. All over its worm like shape were floating
pieces of rock. In-between them must have been larva. Unlike a
normal worm which had no eyes, this thing had plenty. Twenty of
them scattered over its body, all glaring at me. It’s huge mouth
always open had whirling rows of serrated teeth, as they moved
around they sounded like a dentist drill. This beast looked
incredibly deadly.

Still greatly weakened from using that lightning discharge
technique what was I meant to do this time? It made sense not to
get close to it as the heat radiating from its body was staggering.
I needed to use range attacks but with no ranged weapons thanks to
some asshole I was screwed. No time left to think, the Rambler
hurtled towards me at terrifying speeds.

Chapter eight: Revenge served scythe cold

Running for my life with a giant worm on my heels was not a
great start to my day. Needing to think of something quickly it was
hard to come upon within anything on the spot. Drained of energy
from using the lightning bolt previously it was a miracle I could
stand let alone run. Adrenaline was the only friend I had now since
that cruel winged git wasn’t helping. Too busy rolling around in
the sky laughing his arse off.

Try as I possible could no more electricity would build within
the sword or me for that matter. Racing up sandy blue dunes, almost
losing footing, the worm just zigzagged through like it was an
Olympic swimmer. Not a chance in Limbo I was asking a certain knob
head for help, thought it seemed I didn’t need to as help went
whizzing past my head, almost taking it off.

Flying past me I hurried desperately towards it, no idea why
since the scythe wasn’t even a ranged weapon. Stuck firmly within
the soft sand a few feet ahead from me a thick metal chain coiled
around the two meter long weapon. Finally a fucking light-bulb
pinged in my retarded brain.

Grabbing hold of the scythe as I hurtled by I immediately span
around throwing the weapon at the worm, still in pursuit of me.
With twenty blood shot eyes glaring at the Reaper weapon the worm
dodged with such ease.

Just what I wanted you to do.” I said smugly before yanking
the metal chain towards me.

Longer than it looked the chain was a good twenty of so meters
in length, it was fascinatingly long. Quickly thinking on the spot
when I grabbed the weapon I coiled some of the chain around my hand
before flinging the weapon. Predicting that the worm would dodge it
then surely it wouldn’t have the chance or time to react to a
weapon hurtling back like a boomerang and I was right, it didn’t.
The scythe sliced it open like it was made from paper, insides
spilling onto the desert sands I found myself becoming smugger than

Weapons at hand I watched in delight as the worm wiggled and
thrashed in the red sand, its bodily organs and fluids streaming
out of it. For all the torment it had put me through I was going to
relish every moment of its death. Assuming it would just die if
left alone I did exactly that. Left it to wriggle in anguish and
pain with guts and organs spilling forth.

Wide grin across my face it began to grow even wider as for
some unknown reason elder Az lost his black magnificent wings and
plummeted to the sandy floor with a huge thud. Rushing over as fast
as I could I stood still watching as he, just like the worm
wriggled around in agony, only he was clutching at his

This was finally my chance to get revenge on the bastard for
everything. Oh how cruel fate must be to deliver you to me in such
weakened conditions. Clutching both sword and scythe in my hands I
walked over to elder Azazel, evil intentions running rampant
through my mind. Kicking him onto his back I could see that he was
clutching at his airways. He was gasping desperately for air, a
problem with his lungs perhaps?

Well this is a lucky turn of events for me. Do you remember my
precious gun collection you fucking asshole?” I continued to scream
as many vulgar words as I could at him but in all honesty what
should I do? Kill him or try and save him?

Sword in one hand and scythe in the other, one offers life the
other death. I was growing conflicted, the furiously deafening
screeches of the Rumbler had all but died down, me presuming it was
dead. As elder Azazel reached out and grabbed a hold of my right
ankle he looked up at me.

Help… Me… Please.” He gasped as his face began to turn a light
shade of blue.

Kicking away his hand I smiled sadistically before then
swinging down the weapon carving him into two. Black blood spurted
high into the air splattering across my face and clothing. But I
had done it. I did what I thought I had to do.

Chapter nine: Angel string

Blood soaking into my skin and my clothes I looked down at the
mangled mess I had created. Elder Azazel’s body was cut down the
front into two with the Reaper scythe. I stood motionless,
bewildered at what was inside him. Able to immediately see what was
causing him such distress and insufferable pain. From throat to
stomach I had sliced him like an apple, just as he did for me to
remove that repentance snake like object.

Sure I was ready for killing the prick for what he had done to
my guns but he wasn’t a bad guy. Now I needed to save him from the
thin golden string weaving around all of his organs, bones and
muscles. It was like a fishing line but gold in colour. What the
fuck was it? Was it alive?

Bending down to inspect the foreign element it was clear to
see from my eyes that it was constricting around his muscles and
several organs, mainly around his lungs. Still alive he was close
to passing out, how he was even conscious was a fucking miracle.
How much pain could this man tolerate? He had had this in his
entire body the whole time he beat the shit out of me.

Don’t die on me you fucking prick! Don’t you dare fucking die!
How am I meant to sow you back up without your flame powers? Let me
see if I can get this string out of you.”

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